is castle gay

When June Began in the Castle of Lions
  • Keith(burst through door): SHIRO!
  • Shiro(worried): Keith! What's wrong? What's happened?
  • Everyone:
  • Keith(takes a deep breath):
  • Keith: The time has come...
  • Shiro:
  • Shiro: Shit, not again.
  • Keith(takes off shirt revealing 'PRIDE' painted on his chest and pulls out the Pride flag from his pocket and starts waving it): KEEP IT GAY! KEEP IT GAY! KEEP IT GAAAAAAY!
  • Everyone:
  • Lance(breathlessly): What the fuck?
  • Shiro:
  • Shiro:
  • Shiro(solemnly): ... It's pride month...
  • Pidge: How the hell would he know that if we're in space?
  • Everyone:
  • Everyone: His gay-dar...

“The personal scale; the intimacy of the spectacle; the surprise of steps that are always intricate, varied, musical; the lovely dynamics of pressure, speed, texture, and motion; the mutual tact in partnering; the reposeful confidence at a flying tempo; the thrilling devotion to what is beautiful in all that is seen and heard – that is the greatest love story.” – Arlene Croce’s essay on Fred and Ginger’s partnership, published in Ballet Review, Summer 1965

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Don't know if you take headcanons but imagine Gaston being alive after the fall and when Lefou finds out he brings him back to health and they're living at the castle (bc Belle offered Lefou a place) but Gaston isn't the same anymore. He's so quite and doesn't boast about himself anymore. He's really insecure (many ppl don't know this tho) and he doesn't miss the way people tense up around him. But he's dating Lefou and has a close relationship with Chip who defends him bc he looks up to him.

Okay this is the cutest 

  • Belle can’t bring herself to refuse Gaston and Lefou, partly because she has a soft spot for Lefou and also because, just like that night in the woods with Adam and the wolves, she can’t and won’t let someone suffer without trying her best to help 
  • Lefou tries to bolster Gaston’s mood when his boyfriend is feeling down or possibly having a flashback, but instead of rolling in the praise and agreeing, Gaston just gives a small smile and shrugs in on himself
  • Lefou thinks it’s really cute and honestly, it saves him a lot of ego stroking time that is now used for stroking other things 
  • Everyone around the castle is slowly accepting Gaston, even though he led a mob into their home, but he’s changed, and they’re growing fonder of him by the day
  • Chip would try to look and act just like Gaston, puffing out his chest and clomping around in boots four sizes too big
  • Gaston almost gets another broken arm when Mrs. Potts finds him off the balcony of the east wing, teaching Chip how to expectorate “like a man” 
  • All their spit from above hits Cogsworth, who is minding his own business in the gardens below, and Lumiere nearly kills himself laughing 
  • I love this verse woww

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Imagine Gaston laying in Lefou's arms bc after the fall his favorite thing to do is cuddle with Lefou. And Lefou is spooning him while nuzzling his neck. And Gaston is giggling softly bc he's ticklish and the nuzzling is unbearable but Lefou thinks it's adorable. Then Mrs. Potts comes in and brings them tea and asks them how their night was while Chip climbs onto the bed and wriggles in between bc he want to cuddle to and they laugh and cuddle while Mrs. P gently scolds him but smiles anyway.

How dare you invade my inbox with such cuteness

  • Gaston loves falling asleep and waking up in Lefou’s arms 
  • It makes him feel so much better about everything 
  • Lefou is wearing Gaston’s undershirt 
  • They exchange slow, cuddly morning kisses, until Gaston turns back over and allows Lefou to go back to nuzzling his neck 
  • “Too much?” Lefou smiles. “Never,” Gaston laughs, his boyfriend’s new moustache tickling his neck.
  • Sometimes, if Gaston is feeling particularly vulnerable, Lefou will whisper encouragements and praise into his ear from behind, and Gaston will purr and stretch like a happy cat 
  • When Mrs. Potts comes in, she always has their favorite tea, and Gaston always says thank you now, ever since Lefou reprimanded him for his lack of manners 
  • “We both had a wonderful sleep, madam, thank you.”
  • Chip comes running in, almost spilling the tea on his way, and launches himself on the bed
  • The first time he does it, Mrs. Potts is horrified, and is ready to scold Chip til the cows come home, but Gaston just sits up, pulling on a shirt, and tosses an arm around Chip. 
  • Lefou tries to hold his squeal in cause it’s really adorable and Chip is making the bed bounce because he’s excited and Gaston is doing the thing that he does where he picks Chip up on his shoulders, hoists him up and flops him down into the pillows
  • Lefou shares a secret smile with Mrs. Potts as she pours the tea, that marvels at Gaston’s soft disposition, and how much people can change for the better

So it’s officially a year since i first saw Jon’s Frank onscreen and thus started 12 months of consistently drawing him lmao…. I’ve said it a lot but I know with utter certainty NOBODY and nothing has ever inspired so much work or creativity from me like Jon/Frank.  In that inspiration for making more art he also without a doubt kept me alive, and last March 18th is still really clear in my head; drinking coffee and taking in every second of his appearance as Frank while drawing like crazy before the sun had even risen lmao.  If you look at my first drawings of him compared to my more recent ones shown above, they’re almost unrecognizable (at least to me).  Despite being so fixated on him and likely stunting myself in some ways because of it, Jon and Frank are also 100% responsible for expediting my artistic growth during 2016.  I know regardless I’d have progressed a lot, but there’s no doubt he’s part of all the larger bounds I made in my technique and style and what I was willing to learn to do.  So thank you Frank!!!!! And thank you Jon for putting so much love and life into your portrayal so that I was able to make so much work and grow while i did.