is butch my favorite or is it him

Once again, my favorite parts of this week’s Gotham episode (3x10) were found in the small details. Despite the overall heartache these episodes have caused, there are little hints of the steps forward Ed and Oz are taking.

First, there was that phone call between Ed and Oswald. I’m not interested in the call as much as I am Ed’s reaction to it. After hanging up with Oswald, he apologized to Butch and Tabitha for Oswald’s self-centeredness. And he didn’t even sound mad.

Like, this is kind of big? Ed acknowledged Oswald’s biggest flaw and it only seems to cause him mild annoyance like it’s something he’s been aware of for a long time. (We’ve seen this before, actually. This is just the first time Ed acknowledged it out loud. Remember how Oswald made that frivolous call about the spicy mustard and Ed tossed his phone after?) Better yet, the fact that Ed apologized on Oswald’s behalf makes me think that he realizes that Oswald’s tendency to focus on himself is something he can’t help. That knowledge ought to come in handy when he’s trying to understand why Oswald would kill Isabella.

My other favorite part was when Butch said that someone would have to be crazy to love someone like Ed.

Aside from being amusingly on the nose, it also sounded like foreshadowing to me. That’s setting the stage for Ed to make that realization for himself; he can’t hope to have a stable relationship with anyone who can’t relate to the way he thinks.

Okay, one more favorite - Ed’s insistence that Oswald had nothing to do with anything which proved, as I thought, that he genuinely never suspected Oswald. I’m sure he’s going to feel betrayed, but this guy isn’t going to hold a grudge on Oswald. Ed holds grudges against the people who hurt the people who he likes. If someone he likes hurts him… That’s something different. In that case, he places himself second. (This obviously isn’t about Isabella anymore, if it ever was. Pretty sure Ed’s projecting his own feelings.) Ed has an ego, but it’s a fragile one that relies on the people who provide him with attention. Ten bucks says he still puts Oswald above himself when it comes down to it. Even if he fukkin stabs Oswald, he’s gonna regret it terribly when he finds out that Oswald loves him.

Everything about this episode left me with the feeling that they’re #married. Even amid this chaos, they continue to act super domestic. First there was Isabella and now there’s Butch and Barbara… I swear, the harder the universe tries to come between them, the stronger they’re going to end up being in the end.

Anyway, there’s still no reason to jump ship. Robin said that they would understand each other by episode 14. (Remember that?) We’ll get there even if our ship has to get riddled with cannonballs first. All the signs are there. Stay strong!

The “Straight Coach” in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Isn’t So Far-Fetched

Le Loup’s later attempts at butching up Titus are goofy and absurdist—like so much else in this charming show—but there’s a serious point behind the joke: Several actors who are openly gay or who have been cast in multiple gay or bisexual roles told me it can limit career options. […]

Similarly, openly gay Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Oswald Cobblepot on Fox’s Gotham, says he doesn’t worry about casting directors stereotyping him: “I feel like the landscape has totally changed. Regardless of sexual preference, it’s more that as a character actor, the less I reveal about myself, the better. My favorite actors are the ones I know least about.” 

❤ [x]

But seriously though “Trans man thought he was a butch lesbian which makes him an expert on how butch lesbians are misogynistic and unprogressive and he’s here to tell you a radical way to rethink your life” is my least favorite trend.

My favorite headcanon is of Rhage being an overprotective dad with a little girl while Mary shakes her head reminding him that their daughter will probably want to date before she’s 40. Rhage would simply growl at the thought, & proceed to have a tea party with his daughter along with Vishous & Butch.