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Hello JHH! Do you have any personaly proof that David and Gillian in romantic relationship? What maked YOU believe? Can you call 5 reason to believe in more than friendly relationship

Hello anon! No I don’t have any proof. If I had one, I wouldn’t be here guessing and analyzing everything! But I can definitely call 5 reasons to believe in it. You could have asked for 50 actually. So this is going to be in no particular order, just as it crosses my mind. 

1 - I don’t know what kind of friend you are for your friends, but I don’t kiss mine on the lips (twice) and I don’t put my tongue down their throat to amuse my coworkers around me (twice) (probably more than twice). I don’t have more than an attraction for my friends. I don’t know them more than their spouse. I don’t tell them there’s no ramp required for where I want them to be. I don’t want to be buried right next to them. I don’t miss especially one of them while laying in bed. I don’t wear shirts with an arrow pointing at them saying I’m with them. I’m not moist around them. I don’t tell them “why don’t we just have sex on this table right now?” Even if the word is dying. 

2 - I haven’t even started, and it’s more than 5 reasons already.

3 - They don’t only confuse fans. They confuse their friends and coworkers for twenty five years. Chris Carter said it’s as if they share a secret. Kim Manners was amazed at how they “truly loved each other”. Joel Mchale think they should get married. Shangela wasn’t sure if she was asked about Mulder and Scully or David and Gillian being a couple. William B Davis dropped that “the rumor said that David and Gillian were getting along really well… personally” (Who say that?!!). Photographers find them flirty and their chemistry electrifying and unwordly. And don’t get me started on Mitch and Orlando Jones!

4 - They even confuse themselves. David dropping “All that’s left is the heart” between them while asked about their characters… What was that? 

5 - They ALWAYS disappear at the same time. Always. And they always resurface at the same time. It happens all the time. You just have to pay attention, but it’s always like that, and it can’t be just coincidences. 

6 - You got me started, I’m on a roll, you won’t stop me now.

7 - What kind of friends describe their friendships as adult / enjoyable friendship based on logistic? What does that even mean? Would your friend make your year by being on stage for five minutes giving you a totally unknown award? Would tearing Neil Young apart with one of your friend would be the best night of your life? Without even being drunk?

8 -  They lie to us. They do. And they’re proud of them. 5 emails a year? A confessed lie. Having “meals together when nobody’s watching”? another lie. They have breakfasts together. Do you have breakfasts with your friends? I don’t but maybe I’m missing something. They say they’ve never dated, but what were the 1997 Golden Globes? 

9 - There are too many stories. You’re free to not believe them, but I do, for most of them. 

10 - Just look at them. 

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a concept: harry walking in on you in one of his shirts (that reach your mid-thigh and make him absolutely crazy) dancing around the room lazily to 'sign of the times'; standing against the doorframe with that small fucking cocky side-grin.

imagine h coming home to you belting sign of the times off the top of your lungs. then he just sort of watches you lovingly/amusingly and you get caught off guard when he starts clapping obnoxiously. that goes to say; there’s a bit of teasing on his end but he assures you it’s nothing to be embarrassed of since he’s just so happy you love his song.. and it prompts you to ask when you’d get to have a listen at the album to where he just smiles and tells you to wait like everyone else.

my mom walked into my room and found me dancing obnoxiously to sott and it wasn’t like i was naked or anything so idk why i felt so exposed lol i could only imagine what harry would think if he caught me doing what i was doing 😪

Seems to be a popular occurrence/daydream. ;) x

Maybe you’d played it cool when he first let you have a listen. Or maybe you were so proud that was all you were able to convey – that pride – and he’d been chuffed with that but he hadn’t really been able to gauge what you thought of the song as a song. Would you listen to it on your own? Would you turn it up on the radio if it came on? Would you like it if it wasn’t his? 

So when he finds you swaying to it? Wearing one of his shirts after a long. long night between the two of you while cooking breakfast (cause maybe it came on the radio and you had, in fact, turned it up), he just… stops. He commits this moment to memory. It’s unfiltered. It’s honest. It’s a glimpse of what you’d look like if he didn’t know you, but he’s damn glad that he does, cause how could he miss out on this? 

And when your eyes finally land on him and you nearly jump three feet in the air from how badly he’d startled you, he just grins and does the laziest once-over, tilting his head a bit when his gaze lingers on the hem of his shirt. It just needs to lift the tiniest bit higher to give him quite the view, and you think he’s already constructing it in his mind. 

“Go away,” you snap. “What are you doing out of bed?”

“You were taking ages,” he says. “Guess I know why.”

You scowl even as he comes over and slides his hands over your waist and sways you gently to the bridge. 

“Think m’goin’ to have to thank Nick for playing this one this morning, don’t you?”

“I don’t like you,” you snap, feeling hot from having your own private moment intruded upon. 

“No?” His grin betrays how unwounded he is. “No’ even a bit?” He nuzzles your cheek even as you twist away from him. “Just a little?” He smiles as you squirm, whipping your head all around to keep him from being able to land a kiss.

“No,” you say firmly, employing your hand to push against his face. “Harry!” you shriek his name when he manages to kiss your cheek. 

“D’you like me yet?” he asks with his mouth still on your face as he makes a puckering sound. “At all?”

You both dissolve into laughter and he pins you to the counter and peppers kisses over your jaw and neck as the song fades out. “Turn that off, will yeh?” he says while holding your face of the radio, which has just started blaring Nick’s voice. “Can’t love on you when he’s chattering in my ear.”

My heart is aching due the recent update regarding Stefán’s health. To know that two Metastasis were found in his liver has me distraught and alarmed. I can’t believe that this is happening all over again. The fact that he was just recovering from Pancreatic cancer and is now having battle stage one cancer in another region of his body is simply heartbreaking and nerve racking. Stefán, I know you wont be able to see this but just know you’ll always my continuous love and support along with your legions of meme friends throughout these dark times. My heart is with you and your family. I love you so much, the positive impact you’ve made in my life is so immense that I couldn’t possibly thank you enough. You are a fighter Plant Dad ❤️🌱

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I am wondering how many blogs with the newfound 'honesty is the best policy' will report that Harry's stint on the LLS was a bit of a fizzle? In late night ratings, Harry's week brought slightly lower LLS ratings than the week before & had the fewest viewers in that time slot among late night shows. It also had the biggest change in viewer numbers compared to the week before. Meyers: went up to 1.43 from 1.41, Nightline went up to 1.27 from 1.23, & LLS went down to 1.22 from 1.31.

well there are certainly no false platitudes to be found here

Hello fellow meme friends and plant children! I know I haven’t been active lately due to crazy things that life throws at us but I am back and very much still here ❤ Since I’ve been gone I thought I’d the art of Photoshop way too far, but on a serious note this just had to be done  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I present to you Glanni Glaálfurinn and Íþróttæpur (this would not make any bit of sense in Icelandic but I tried) XD

What if the roles were honestly reversed ? O_o 

I remember seeing Stefan’s goofy faces on my TV as a little girl. I remember laughing at the funny things Robbie would do, and wondering why he was the way he was. Lazy Town was a huge part of my childhood. Now that I’m older, I look back on those memories with fondness and nostalgia. Stefan was always a part of my life, whether I knew it or not.

When I heard he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it filled my heart with sorrow. It also brought me joy to see everyone coming together to help save a man’s life, a life so precious and full of laughter and tenderness. Hearing the recent news about his health, I was again deeply sorrowed. Stefan is a gift to us all and he has touched all of our lives. His passion, wholeheartedness ,and pure talent had inspired me. He is still full of life and love despite all that’s he’s been through.

It’s safe to say that this man inspires me everyday. The Lazy Town family is proud to support Stefan in everything he does, and we support him fully and unapologetically. I am proud to have his back. He has brought me and countless others smiles, laughs, maybe a few tears, and fond memories. But the journey is not over yet. I believe that Stefan will pull through this and be back on his feet after a nice and easy recovery.

Stefan, I love you. I admire you greatly and maybe one day if I am lucky, I’d be able to shake your hand, give you a hug, and thank you for what you’ve done. You deserve all the love in the world. God bless you and your family.

To the Lazy Town family, you guys are the absolute best. I have never seen a fandom so strong, funny, creative, and wonderful as y'all. I am proud to be a part of it.

Remember we are number one, and to keep memeing.

Love, Mal
(I am very bad at making memes and art, but I figured I could do this and contribute. This is all for Stefan.)

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“God you can be so thick sometimes.”

They’re making out because it’s too hot to do anything else. It’s one of those humid days where the heat can’t be escaped and the constant mugginess sucks the energy from anything it comes in contact with. Robert has a hand cupping Aaron’s jaw. Aaron’s palms are pressed against Robert’s chest, his fingers making no attempt to unbutton his husband’s shirt. It’s all very chaste by their standards. They’ve been like this for twenty minutes, even though this kind of kissing will always end with red lips and beard rash. It’s worth it. It’s always worth it, just to be this close. A gentle closeness that can’t always be found in sex.

Aaron breaks the kiss with a sigh and Robert lets his lips wander to his husband’s neck. He feels the vibration of Aaron’s words beneath his mouth before he hears them.

‘I don’t get it.’

‘Don’t get what?’ Robert asks, only pulling himself away from Aaron’s skin long enough to speak.

‘How you’re attracted to me.’

Robert pulls back, staring at Aaron in disbelief. Aaron’s eyes are trained down, hidden beneath short, down-fanned lashes.

‘God, you can be so thick sometimes,’ Robert says, a laugh at the edge of his voice. ‘I love you, and I’m so, so attracted to you.’

‘How?’ Aaron asks, his voice on the edge of breaking.

Robert presses a soft kiss to his husband’s lips. ‘How couldn’t I be?’

send me a number and i’ll write a 200 word ficlet

Animal Crossing Mayor MegaAsk!

🎊- What’s your mayor’s favorite festival?
🔮 - Does your mayor believe in Katrina’s fortunes?
🎵- Does your mayor play an instrument?
🎶- Does your mayor sing?
🌟- What Zodiac sign is your mayor?
🕷- What is your mayor scared of?
👗- Does your mayor prefer Graciegrace or the Able Sisters?
🌙- What is your mayor’s favorite things to do at night?
☀️- What is your mayor’s favorite things to do during the day?
🌄- Does your mayor prefer daytime or nighttime?
☔️- How does your mayor feel about rain?
⚡️-How do they feel about thunder and lightening?
👤- Is your mayor human?
🎋- What is your mayor’s favorite festival?
☕️- How does your mayor take their coffee?
🍽- Favorite food?
🃏- Does your mayor like to play pranks?
💤- does your mayor like to take naps, and if so, how long are they?
💢- what really annoys your mayor?
📖- Does your mayor like to read?
🥄- If your mayor could have one really nice, expensive meal, what would they choose?
🍩- Favorite junk/indulgent food?
🍬- Favorite candy?
👋- Does your mayor have a lot of friends?
🗝- Is your mayor secretive?
🎨- Does your mayor like to do art?
📺- Does your mayor like to watch TV?
🕹- Does your mayor like playing video games?
🌈- Has your mayor ever seen a double rainbow?
🦋- Does your mayor like to catch bugs?
🐞- Are they good at it?
🐟- Does your mayor like fishing?
🎣- Are they good at it?
🦂- Have they ever been bitten/stung by a tarantula/scorpion?
💐- Does your mayor garden?
✉️- Does your mayor write letters often?
📦- Do they send gifts with their letters?
💰- Does your mayor save money more often or spend money more often?
🌶- Can your mayor eat spicy food?
🍒- Which of the native fruits is your mayor’s favorite?
🍑- Does your mayor have a childish sense of humor?
✂️- Does your Mayor dye their hair or is their color natural?
👕- Does your mayor make/design clothing?
🌸- How does your mayor feel about Spring?
🍁- How does your mayor feel about Autumn?
🌱- How does your mayor feel about Summer?
❄️- How does your mayor feel about Winter?
🎟- How often does your mayor visit other towns?
🛶- Does your mayor visit the island often?
⚱️- What does your mayor think/feel about the gyroids?
⚫️- Custom Question!

Of course, can be used for side characters and non-mayor characters! 🖤✨