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Maybe you should talk about the kickstarter more, I think? like mentioning it in passing when you post your art (even if it’s not TpoH related), reblogging that kickstarter post, that sort of stuff? IDK BUT PLEASE PROMOTE YOURSELF IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE (good luck, we love you :D)

aw shucks anon thanks I’m bad at this- I don’t want to be a hassle though, and hot diggity dog look! We’re over the 10k mark with 20 days to go! You fellas are amazing, just amazing!

but yeah if you would like to help out with this kickstarter to print the second volume of my webcomic, The Property of Hate (with the potential for a rerun of the first if we hit the stretch goal), please go check this out. Every person makes it that much more possible! :D

If you have already, maybe tell that friend of yours! Or tell that friend you meant to tell to read this whacky comic to read the comic, and then tell them about it!

So do you guys remember that yaomomo+wardrobe malfunction post? I…decided to look through the tags and tally the votes for each team and

these are roughly the results as of this time the breakdown of the votes are:

  • Team A (Cover Momo) : 127
  • Team B (Destroy Camera) : 149
  • Team C (Costume Mod): 143
  • Team D (!) (Scold the Camera Men aka Team Iida): 2

I…wasn’t able to count the total number of people who reblogged + commented their teams bc I simply tallied even if some voted for 2 or all teams…. I was able to take note, however, that about ~50.6% of people voted team ABC, which is pretty cool!

Anyway I wanted to share this bc I found it pretty fascinating, haha also bc apparently i have a lot of time in my hands. Also I think it tells a lot about the temperament of the people who voted! As I was tallying there was a close fight between DestroyCamera VS, Costume Mod but the former claimed victory… haha. Very fascinating and interesting truly!

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Very original Castellanos/Ruvik. Jealousy. (Thank you for doing that thing. <3)

@subject-number-five hohoho I’m always a slut for Ruseb >:3

“Fear radiates from you,” said Stefano, and Sebastian could do nothing as the knife pierced his temple, drawing blood.  "It’s beautiful, but not quite finished.  You—"

He stopped, eyes bulging wide.  Blood welled from his lips and with a gurgle he hit the floor.  In his place stood Ruvik just as Sebastian remembered, hood and scars and pale, pale eyes.  He wanted to scream but the flash still held him captive, leaving only his heart to pound as Ruvik moved closer. He leaned in and licked the blood from Sebastian’s face.

“Don’t forget, Seb,” he said.  "You are mine.“

okay, before I burrow back into my blankets with my art equipment, I know we all crave for the CotIG fandom to be bigger, with movies, a tv show, and more fan fics, more fan art, more merch, and generally more people to understand what we’re actually talking about.

but I gotta admit a little, selfish part of me, is glad it’s not a huge fandom, and a little, selfish part of me, doesn’t mind it staying that way. don’t get me wrong, i’d absolutely eat up, be blown away by, and die in the first 5 seconds of seeing a Here There Be Dragons trailer, let alone film or t.v. series. yet there’s something so utterly magical of being in this fandom while it’s so small. we all know each other, or know of each other in any case and it’s kinda like a little family. and the people who I don’t talk to regularly are like those cool cousins you only get to see at family gatherings, but you’re kinda too shy to go say hello to. 

I dunno. Whatever the case, I love us as we are. No matter what we get, or how big the fandom grows, I want you guys to know I’m not gonna forget you main six, absolute nerds or the fun times we geeked out and yelled ‘BANGARANG’ at each other in the caps lock

So I am kinda neutral to nope about Reylo but hoooooooly shit that trailer jesus christ.

Which Reylo fan snuck into the writers’ and editors’ room, fess up.