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I’m sure after a gauntlet of not so official and probably a little more rought struggle matches, they’re gonna need them some bandaids.

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Everything Johnny Cade says in the book.

“Leave her alone, Dally.”

“You sure didn’t show it. Nobody talks to Dally like that.”


“How come y’all ain’t scared of us like you were Dally?”

“Dally’s okay. He’s tough, but he’s a cool old guy.”

“Hey, Two-Bit.”

“Aw, cut it out! Dally was bothering them and when he left they wanted us to sit with them to protect them. Against wisecracking greasers like you, probably.”


“There was a whole bunch of them. A blue Mustang full…I got so scared..”

“Your boyfriends?”

“Gee, I thought you and Darry and Soda got along real well…”

“It’s the truth. I don’t care.”

“It’s because we’re greasers. We could have hurt her reputation.”

“Man, that was a tuff car. Mustangs are tuff.”

“I can’t take much more. I’ll kill myself or something.”

“Well, I won’t. But I gotta do something. It seems like there’s gotta be someplace without greasers or Socs, with just people. Plain, ordinary people.”

“Ponyboy. Hey, Pony, wake up.”

“I don’t know. I went to sleep, too, listening to you rattle on and on. You’d better get home I think I’ll stay all night out here.


“Easy, Ponyboy. We’ll be okay.”

“Well, don’t be. You’re scarin’ me. What happened? I never seen you bawl like that.”

“I think I like it better when the old man’s hittin’ me. At least then I know he knows who I am. I walk in that house, and nobody says anything. I walk out, and nobody says anything. I stay away all night, and nobody notices. At least you got Soda. I ain’t got nobody.”

“It ain’t the same as having your own folks care about you. It just ain’t the same.”

“Okay. Okay.”

“Ain’t you about to freeze to death, Pony?”

“I don’t know. But I bet they’re looking for us. We picked up their girls.”

“It’s too late now. Here they come.”

“You’re outa your territory. You’d better watch it.”

“I killed him. I killed that boy.”

“Go ahead. I won’t look at you.”

“Yeah. I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. They might have killed you. And they had a blade…they were gonna be me up…”

“Yeah. Like they did before.”

“They ran when I stabbed him. They all ran.”

“Calm down, Ponyboy. Get ahold of yourself.”

“We gotta get outa here. Get somewhere. Run away. The police’ll be here soon. We’ll need money. And maybe a gun. And a plan.”

“Dally. Dally’ll get us outa here.”

“I think at Buck Merril’s place. There’s a party over there tonight. Dally said somethin’ about it this afternoon.”

“Dally! We gotta see Dally.”

“We figured you could get us out if anyone could. I’m sorry we got you away from the party.”

“Wish I had me a weed.”

“Sure, Dally, thanks.”


“The first stop’ll be Windrixville. I don’t see why he gave me this. I couldn’t shoot anybody.”

“Blast it, Ponyboy. You must have put my legs to sleep. I can’t even stand up. I barely got off that train.”

“That’s okay. I didn’t want to wake you up until I had to.”

“Go ask someone. The story won’t be in the paper yet. Make like a farm boy taking a walk or something.”

“I’ll have to stay here. You go down the road and ask the first person you see where Jay Mountain is. Then come back. And for Pete’s sake, run a comb through your hair and quit slouching down like a thug.”

“You know, you look an awful lot like Sodapop, the way you’ve got your hair and everything. I mean, except your eyes are green.”

“Shoot, you are too.”

“I swear, Ponyboy, you’re gettin’ to act more like Two-Bit every day.”

“Come on inside. Dally told us to stay inside.”

“A week’s supply of baloney, two loaves of bread, a box of matches…”

“I remembered you sayin’ something about it once. And me and you went to see that movie, ‘member? I thought you could maybe read it out loud and help kill time or something.”

“We’re gonna cut our hair, and you’re gonna bleach yours. They’ll have our descriptions in the paper. We can’t fit ‘em.”

“We’d have to anyway if we got caught. You know the first thing a judge does is make you get a haircut.”

“I don’t know either—it’s just a way of trying to break us. They can’t really do anything to guys like Curly Shepard or Tim; they’ve had about everything done to them. And they can’t take anything away from them because they don’t have anything in the first place. So they cut their hair.”

“Oh, come on, Ponyboy. It’ll grow back.”

“No. We gotta bleach it first.”

“Cut the front and thin out the rest. I’ll comb it back after I wash it.”

“Go ahead and cut it.”

“I guess—I guess we’re disguised.”

“Oh, shoot. It’s just hair.”

“Well, we got to get used to it. We’re in big trouble and it’s our looks or us.”

“I’m sorry I cut off your hair, Ponyboy.”

“I know. Things have been happening so fast…”

“Two-Bit shoulda been in that little one-horse store. Man, we’re in the middle of nowhere; the nearest house is two miles away. Things were layin’ out wide open, just waitin’ for somebody slick like Two-Bit to come and pick ‘em up. He coulda walked out with half the store. Good ol’ Two-Bit.”

“Stop it! Shut up about last night! I killed a kid last night. He couldn’t of been over seventeen or eighteen, and I killed him. How’d you like to live with that?”

“I didn’t mean to, but they was drownin’ you, and I was so scared…There sure is a lot of blood in people.”

“This is my fault for bringin’ a thirteen-year-old kid along. You ought to go home. You can’t get into any trouble. You didn’t kill him.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Ponyboy. Don’t cry, Pony, we’ll be okay. Don’t cry…”


“Nope. We’re all cried out now. We’re gettin’ used to the idea. We’re gonna be okay now.”

“I bet they were cool ol’ guys. They remind me of Dally.”

“Yeah…in the manners bit, and the charm, too, I guess. But one night I saw Dally gettin’ picked up by the fuzz, and he kept real cool and calm the whole time. They was gettin’ him for breakin’ out the windows in the school building, and it was Two-Bit who did that. And Dally knew it. But he just took the sentence without battin’ an eye or even denyin’ it. That’s gallant.”

“Golly. That sure is pretty.”

“The mist was what was pretty. All gold and silver.”

“Too bad it couldn’t stay like that all the time.”


“Where’d you learn that? That was what I meant.”

“You know, I never noticed colors and clouds and stuff until you kept reminding me about them. It seems like they were never there before. Your family sure is funny.”

“I didn’t mean nothing. I meant, well, Soda kinda looks like your mother did, but he acts just exactly like your father. And Darry is the spittin’ image of your father, but he ain’t wild and laughing all the time like he was. He acts like your mother. And you don’t act like either one.”

“Yeah. I guess we’re different.”

“You’re starved?”

“Yeah. Whatever gave you the idea we ain’t?”

“You sure can cuss good, Dally.”

“You’d better believe it.”

“Gee, it sure will be good to get into a car again.”

“A spy? Who?”

“Cherry? The Soc?”


“We’re goin’ back and turn ourselves in.”

“I said we’re goin’ back and turn ourselves in.”

“I got a good chance of bein’ let off easy. I ain’t got no record with the fuzz and it was self-defense. Ponyboy and Cherry can testify to that. And I don’t aim to stay in that church all my life.”

“We won’t tell that you helped us, Dally, and we’ll give you back the gun and what’s left of the money and say we hitchhiked back so you won’t get into trouble. Okay?”

“I’m sure. It ain’t fair for Ponyboy to have to stay up in that church with Darry and Soda worryin’ about him all the time. I don’t guess…I don’t guess my parents are worried about me or anything?”

“My parents, did they ask about me?”

“I was scared. I still am. I guess we ruined our hair for nothing, Ponyboy.”

“Would you rather have me living in hide-outs for the rest of my life, always on the run?”

“Hey, Ponyboy.”

“The window stopped him.”

‘Naw…Too fat.”

“Where’s the kids?”

“Shut up! We’re goin’ to get you out!”

“Get out!”

“Hey, y’all.”

“Don’t…don’t let me put enough grease on my hair. “

“He came by.”

“Came to see Dally.”

“Tuff enough.”

“The book—can you get another one?”

“Yeah, it just hurts sometimes. It usually don’t…I can’t feel anything below the middle of my back…”

“I’m pretty bad off, ain’t I, Pony?”

“I won’t be able to walk again. Not even on crutches. Busted my back.”

“You want to know something, Ponyboy? I’m scared stiff. I used to talk about killing myself…I don’t want to die now. It ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t long enough. I wouldn’t mind it so much if there wasn’t so much I ain’t done yet and so many things I ain’t seen. It’s not fair. You know what? That time we were in Windrixville was the only time I’ve been away from our neighborhood.”

“I don’t want to see her.”

“I said I don’t want to see her. She’s probably come to tell me about all the trouble I’m causing her and about how glad her and the old man’ll be when I’m dead. Well, tell her to leave me alone. For once—for once just to leave me alone.”


“Useless…fighting’s no good…”


Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.”

Just The Two Of Us

Will Smith’s “Just the Two Of Us” is such an important song for me. If you listen to the lyrics from beginning to end, it’s like he’s being a fatherly figure through his music. For his son and for listeners too.

Telling us about his experience and journey as a father. From the moment his son was born all the way to that present moment, which at that time, his son was 5. Will dishes about how his experience as a father makes him feel and what his duties and responsibilities are as a parent. Then he adds life lessons and parenting 101 in the form of lyrics as guidance.

“(Now dad this is a very sensitive subject)
From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms
I knew I’d meet death before I’d let you meet harm
Although questions arose in my mind, would I be man enough?
Against wrong, choose right and be standin’ up
From the hospital that first night
Took a hour just to get the car seat in right
People drivin’ all fast, got me kinda upset
Got you home safe, placed you in your bassinet
That night I don’t think one wink I slept
As I slipped out my bed, to your crib I crept
Touched your head gently, felt my heart melt
‘Cause I know I loved you more than life itself
Then to my knees, and I begged the Lord please
Let me be a good daddy, all he needs
Love, knowledge, discipline too
I pledge my life to you

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us (Just the two of us)
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

Five years old, bringin’ comedy
Every time I look at you I think man, a little me
Just like me
Wait an see, goin’ to be tall
Makes me laugh ‘cause you got your dads ears and all
Sometimes I wonder, what you gonna be
A general, a doctor, maybe a MC
Haha, I wanna kiss you all the time
But I will test that butt when you cut outta line, tru dat
Uh-uh-uh why you do dat?
I try to be a tough dad, but you be makin’ me laugh
Crazy joy, when I see the eyes of my baby boy
I pledge to you, I will always do
Everything I can
Show you how to be a man
Dignity, integrity, honor and
I don’t mind if you lose, long as you came with it
An you can cry, ain’t no shame it it
It didn’t work out with me an your mom
But yo, push come to shove
You was conceived in love
So if the world attacks, and you slide off track
Remember one fact, I got your back

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us (Just the two of us)
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

It’s a full-time job to be a good dad
You got so much more stuff than I had
I gotta study just to keep with the changin’ times
101 Dalmatians on your CD-ROM
See me, I’m
Tryin’ to pretend I know
On my PC where that CD go
But yo, ain’t nothin’ promised, one day I’ll be gone
Feel the strife, but trust life does go on
But just in case
It’s my place
To impart
One day some girl’s gonna break your heart
And ooh ain’t no pain like from the opposite sex
Gonna hurt bad, but don’t take it out on the next, son
Throughout life people will make you mad
Disrespect you and treat you bad
Let God deal with the things they do
'Cause hate in your heart will consume you too
Always tell the truth, say your prayers
Hold doors, pull out chairs, easy on the swears
You’re living proof that dreams come true
I love you and I’m here for you

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us (Just the two of us)
Just the two of us, building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

Just the two of us (Just the two of us)
Daddy loves you, daddy loves you
(Just the two of us)
For the rest of your life
(Just the two of us)

(This is a good song dad, how much am I gettin’ paid for this dad?)

The whole record is wrapped in love. Nothing he speaks about when it comes to teaching his son is problematic. AT ALL.
• how his son makes him feel
• being a male & it being ok to feel
• how his son should go about treating women
• how to process and deal with his OWN feelings and emotions (heartbreak, pressure, stress, rejection, ect)
• it being ok to cry
• picking yourself up and moving on
• character traits to possess (what type of person you should strive to become)
• Assuring his son he’ll always stand behind him & have the love of his father

ANOTHER IMPORTANT PART! At the time i do believe Will Smith wasn’t with his son’s mother anymore. Will wants his son to understand that their relationship is not effected by Will and her separating. Throughout the song, Will’s focus is on him and his son’s relationship hence “Just the Two Of Us”. However Will does briefly explain the separation between himself and his son’s mother by saying “It didn’t work out with me and your mom, but yo, push come to shove, you were conceived and loved.” There was no disrespect, no shade or animosity included when discussing his son’s mother.

Everything this song embodies is why it’s one of my FAVORITE songs! It’s inspiring and gives insight on the dynamics of a healthy relationship between father and son. It can definitely be used as a guide to help young and older men understand how to be a father to their sons. Will’s delivery on his fatherhood can also bring clarity and reassurance to current father’s who are already fulfilling their roles and building relationships with their sons. Hell, it can probably change some current fathers who are trash, for the better as well. But yea, I’ve loved this song since before i was a teenager. It’s so good. Thank you Will.

Ponyboy x Johnny

So this is something I wrote sometime ago basically as a deleted scene I think it’s obvious Ponyboy and Johnny where meant to be together, I mean the church scene they were basically acting like a married couple in my opinion. Anyways I thought I might share it.

‘This is my fault,’ Johnny said in a miserable voice. He had stopped crying when I started. ‘For bringin a little thirteen-year-old kid along. You ought to go home. You can’t get into any trouble. You didn’t kill him.’
‘No!’I screamed at him. ‘I’m fourteen! I’ve been fourteen for a month! And I’m in it as much as you are. I’ll stop crying in a minute… I can’t help it.’
He slumped down beside me. ‘I didn’t mean it like that, Ponyboy. Don’t cry, Pony, we’ll be okay. Don’t cry’
I leaned against him and he hugged me tight I then looked up at him and notice his scar, curious to how it feels I gently stroke his cheek his scar feels slightly bumpy,next thing I know I’m moving to his mouth I stroke his lips then with out thinking I kissed him.
‘Oh my god I don’t know what came over me, I’m sorry’ I said embarrassed.
Johnny smiled and blushed.
‘That’s the first time someone’s ever kissed me like that’, johnny said still smiling.

‘Aren’t you mad?’ I asked

'Hell no pony I’ve wanted you to kiss me like that for ages, can you kiss me again?’ Johnny asked shyly.

alexlifesonofficial  asked:

Hey NP! It occurred to me that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the '97 reunion special. Have you heard any rumors that it may be rereleased on DVD/BluRay/digitally, and if not, how likely do you think the possibility might be?

Christina! This is an excellent question. Nez actually just mentioned the ‘97 special in an interview he recently did on a Monkees podcast (which you can listen to by clicking HERE). He basically says that he might release a few clips on the newly-created Videoranch Youtube channel, but that’s as far as he’s going to go with it without talking to the other Monkees. Nez actually seemed to think there wasn’t/isn’t much interest in the ‘97 special (informally known as A Lizard Sunning Itself on a Rock), so if folks perhaps make a little noise and clue him in…who knows? We can keep our fingers crossed. If nothing else, it would be nice to hear some audio commentary to explain any/all of the following…

Ethel Merman!Drag Davy

Nez and Peter frolicking on the beach with Peter wearing CUT-OFF SHORTS

Whatever the sweet hell this is


The Shack is Back!

Greetiiiiiiiiiings, everyone!  And yes, as I’ve informed Grunkle Ford very recently, kids in this dimension do say greetings, so I can say it as much as I want! Greetings, greetings, greetings!

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So y’know how it’s been nearly a year since those kiddos finished up their summer and headed back home, huh?  Well, t’celebrate the anniversary of that amazin’ last day–and kickin’ some triangle butt–we’re puttin’ a super exclusive item back on the market!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance t’grab a piece of “Gravity Falling” merchandise last year, we’re bringin’ it back for a super limited time, only available ‘til February 15th!  After that it’s gone for good, and I mean it!

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Bringin’ in the NEW YEAR

SPN 10.11: LUCIFER MAKES SAM AN OFFER — Now that he has Sam (some Moose) in the cage with him, Lucifer (Luci!!!) blah blah blah-dy blah. Dean (dreamy!!) and Castiel (who?) look into the angel smiting that could have killed Amara 

Dean: *dialy-dial*

Dean: CAS!

Cas: Hello, Dean!

Dean: Cas, dude, I just heard you’re in EPISODE ELEVEN of SOOPER-NATCHERAL.  Where ya been????  We went to HELL, an’ met LUCY, and fought the DARKNESS, an EVERYTHING!

Cas: I’m here on the COUCH, Dean.

Dean: Wut?

Dean: ….

Dean: ….

Dean: Well, this is AWKWARD.

Cas: Yep.


Cas: All rightie.

Fu Lu Shou -- The Gods of Good Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity

K, since Chinese New Year is comin’ up, Imma talk about these three dudes.

Yup, these three. And they are fu (good fortune), lu (prosperity), and shou (longevity) respectively. Of course, they all have their origin stories and shiz, but were all grouped together in the Ming dynasty ‘cause they represented the three attributes of a good life, y'all. If you have Chinese friend, you’ll see these three statues in their house (I have like, two sets of these guys, okay?). Also, you’ll see them a lot during Chinese New Year.

Annyway, before we talk 'bout them, Imma introduce you to them one by one.

1. Fu (福) 

So this guy, the first guy, was born as Yang Cheng, and was a Western Han dynasty governor of Daozhou. Apparently, he risked his life and wrote a memorial to the emperor so that he wouldn’t present dwarves as tribute (wow this is asshole-y.). After he died, peeps built a temple to remember him, and later, they imbued him with all this meaning and gave him the title of the god of good fortune.

And yes, he can be seen with a kid or be surrounded by children.

#2 Lu (禄)

This dude was believed to be Zhang Xian, and he lived durin’ the Shu dynasty. The word lu totes means prosperity, rank and influence, which is very important to Chinese peeps. This dude looks like a Chinese official – or a Mandarin – 'cause he was also the guy who helped peeps pass exams (yes kinda like Wen Chang) and get promoted in government service.

#3 Shou (壽)

This is obviously the oldest dude, and it’s pretty clear that he represents longevity. His momma carried him in her womb for almost 10 years, and when he was born, hr was already old. Errybody knows who he is, and he is easily the most recognisable dude wit’ his staff, huge forehead and peach. The fruit symbolises immortality. Sometimes, this dude carries the elixir of life.

Next: A story 'bout Fu, or rather, Yang Cheng bringin’ happiness to Daozhou.