is bringin it this year

Bringin’ in the NEW YEAR

SPN 10.11: LUCIFER MAKES SAM AN OFFER — Now that he has Sam (some Moose) in the cage with him, Lucifer (Luci!!!) blah blah blah-dy blah. Dean (dreamy!!) and Castiel (who?) look into the angel smiting that could have killed Amara 

Dean: *dialy-dial*

Dean: CAS!

Cas: Hello, Dean!

Dean: Cas, dude, I just heard you’re in EPISODE ELEVEN of SOOPER-NATCHERAL.  Where ya been????  We went to HELL, an’ met LUCY, and fought the DARKNESS, an EVERYTHING!

Cas: I’m here on the COUCH, Dean.

Dean: Wut?

Dean: ….

Dean: ….

Dean: Well, this is AWKWARD.

Cas: Yep.


Cas: All rightie.