is better than ziam

I just want to make known that my need for a Sterek/Ziam crossover only grows stronger. I need human brothers Liam and Stiles Stilinski falling for the mysterious (not really) lycanthrope cousins Zayn Malik and Derek Hale.


Narry - better than words (dick grab😏)
Larry - 18 (y'all know why)
Ziam - you and I (these two and this song)
Nouis - Nobody compares (Louis changing lyrics to make his Nialler laugh)
Zouis - Night changes (don’t ask me why… Is just a really nice Zouis song)
Lilo - No control (WUUUUHUUU)
Lirry - Drag me down (because carpool karaoke was hilarious)
Zarry - Kiss you (All the Zarry in the music video, but idk)
Niam - ??????!! (All songs where they are standing next to each other)
Ziall - steal my girl (Niall in underpants and Zayn all giggly… Do I really need to continue)

It’s interesting reading posts from Louis stans/larries in this shitty situation. Their sentiments of believing Louis is better than the media image echoes what Zstans/Ziams said when shit was going down with Zayn. It’s a shame some of these same people were the cause of such hate towards us and shat on us. It ain’t nice to be fighting people hating on your fave when you believe different huh.