is better than anyone


just some quick info on dialogue:

bold writing is his friends

italics is justin

normal is you

  • High key about low key touching.
  • Like his hand is always on you somewhere.
  • And yours is always resting on his.
  • His fUcking cocky smirk when you look at him across the room or hall.
  • His friends knock shoulders with him and laugh as he just stares and grins at you.
  • “Fuck you guys.” He laughs before jogging over to you.
  • You both support each other soso much. You go to every game of his and he attends everything and anything that you do too.
  • “Dude, why weren’t you at the party on Saturday?”
    “I was with Y/N. And she’s better than any party with you knobheads.”
  • He watches anyone who approaches you, just in case they get too close.
  • He understands you can handle yourself, but still likes to be overly protective.
  • Clingy af when he wants to be.
  • “Justin, what are you doing?”
    “I’m hugging you.”
    “Yeah, and you’ve been doing it for ten minutes. We need to get to class.”
    “I don’t wanna.”
    “We need to.”
    He’d sigh, pull back, and grab your hand in his before walking you to class, pouting the entire way.
  • NEck kisses!!
  • Growls and deep moans.
  • Hard thrusts.
  • Sweet nothings.
  • Waiting until you’re ready - for anything and everything.
  • “Love ya, shithead.”
  • *you stick your middle finger up at him in return*
  • Tight hugs.
  • Resting his head in your lap or on your stomach.
  • Soft moans when your play with his hair or give him back massages because he just gets so sleepy and relaxed. You just crack up laughing and he bLusHes!!
  • “Shut up.” He’d mumble in return.
  • You’re friends with Clay and so Justin tries to not be a cockhead to him.
  • He succeeds… most of the time.
  • He slings his arms over your stomach as you lay in bed, much to your dismay as his arm is heavy. But he’s tired and his hair’s fluffy and he’s just toO cUte!! so it’s okay as soon as you look down at his peaceful face!!
  • You’re there to reassure him about his home life, and let him vent about it all. He never tells you, but he honestly really appreciates it and he gets so warm and fuzzy inside because of you. He thinks you’re the most amazing thing to grace this earth - and you are.
  • He keeps you away from Bryce and Marcus as much as he can.
  • He cries about Hannah. He truly feels horrible for what has happened and what he did.
  • He loves you - wholeheartedly and unconditionally - and tells you every day.

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State of Grace

oh you mean this underrated masterpiece? 

i think this song was lyrically and musically superior to pretty much everything put out at the time like i love when taylor decides to write a song in a kind of different genre and does it better than anyone else in that genre ever could….but…alas…she and it continues to go under-appreciated 

what is taylor swift’s most well written song? let’s have a discussion

During Bellarke’s end scene, I literally turned to my roommate and said “they need Octavia”… then she rolls up on her horse half a second later. It’s lit.

Everyone’s mad that she interrupted the Bellarke scene, but like??? Her presence is pretty relevant considering they were talking about how they have no hope of winning the conclave. She is their only hope, so that scene was a perfect cue for her entrance? 

I know you all hate O here, but I love her this season. Sorry, not sorry. She’s a warrior and she embraces it. Last season, she was all high and mighty, with a bogus moral high ground. This season, she doesn’t pretend to be better than anyone else. 

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Blank space

i mean…a tour de force, A MASTERPIECE, a bop for the ages, a pop songwriting masterclass (should have won song of the year at the grammys) proof that she is completely unafraid as a songwriter and able to go anywhere and do anything better than anyone else  

what is taylor swift’s most well written song? let’s have a discussion

Evak Prompt - Protective Even

Requested by @is-there-any-name-left:

Can you do some protective Even over Isak, where he absolutely loses it infront of the girl squad and boy squad? Headcanon is that Even has a dark side (not too bad) that he only really unleashes in defence of his friends and loved ones? :)

Even has some catching up to do.

He’s pregaming with Isak’s friends in Noora’s apartment. Whenever he hangs out with them, he doesn’t get their jokes, doesn’t understand their history, doesn’t know what they let each other get away with versus what they call each other out on. Even hasn’t known that kind of friendship since he was tight with Mikael’s crew, and he misses it.

He knows Isak, though. Better than anyone else, he’s sure of it. That’s what happens when you live with someone. He knows that Isak has as much trouble sleeping through the night as he does. That he started reading the Bible just so he’ll have something to discuss with his mom. That he believes Google will answer all his questions:

How do you help someone when they’re depressed?

Studying hacks

Are you a bad person if you’re gay but used to hook-up with girls?

It’s not Even’s fault that Isak doesn’t delete his search history.

“You’re joining Pepsi Max?”

Isak’s voice brings Even back into the pregame. He vaguely knows who Pepsi Max are, but nothing about them.

“We’re not joining them,” Sana says. “We’re sharing a bus.”

“Cool Norwegian party girls,” Noora deadpans.

“You’re going to be on a bus with Ingrid and Sara?” Isak asks Eva. Even notices Jonas working hard to avoid eye contact with them. “Is that a good idea?”

“As long as there aren’t any boys around,” Vilde says. Noora rolls her eyes in way that’s meant to be noticed, but doesn’t say anything.

“Oh, we’re going to be on that bus,” Magnus says as he puts his arm around Vilde. “Right?”

“Maybe Isak’s looking for an excuse to see Sara again,” Mahdi says, nudging him. At Magnus’s confusion, he continues, “Fuck, you didn’t know? They used to date. It was hilarious.”

Even knew about that. When Isak told him, he looked the way he does now: head down, fidgety, shy.

“Honestly Isak, how did you not know you were gay?” Eva asks, giggling. She is doing more gaming than pregaming. “I mean, I knew when I saw you kiss. There was no way you were into her.”

Here is something else Even knows about Isak: he doesn’t like talking about his sexuality. Not because he’s ashamed. Because it’s confusing, occasionally messy, and fucking personal. They don’t sit around discussing when they knew they liked guys. They do, however, sit around discussing how much they like each other. It’s their second favourite pastime.

“Do you remember when we thought he was hooking up with Chris?” Eva asks Noora. “Penetrator Chris?”

“You thought that?” Isak asks, but his tone suggests what Even’s thinking: why were they thinking about that at all?

“We really did! Oh, do you remember when Eskild followed you on Instagram? Did you even know who he was then?”

“Uh, no. Not really.”

“He was trying to figure out if you were gay! Our own private investigator.”

Isak won’t look at anyone or laugh with Eva. He’s slouching, and he let go of Even’s hand. Withdrawn.

Even knows Isak, and he fucking hates when he’s like this.

“Do you guys not have your own lives?”

Everyone looks at Even because it’s the first thing he’s said other than mumbles of agreement. And it comes out kind of loud.

So, he’s got an audience. May as well make use of it. “What makes you think any of this is your business?”

“Hey, chill,” Mahdi says. “We’re just having fun.”

“Exactly. You’re treating his life like it’s fucking entertainment for you.”

Even feels something too familiar: short breath, quick pulse, some mixture of anger and fear that he knows will get him in trouble. It did with Yousef.

“Everyone gossips,” Eva says. “It’s not a big deal.”

It is though, and there’s only one way Eva can understand that. He’ll use the only ammo he has.

“Like about how you cheated on Jonas with Chris?”

It’s too far and Even knows it immediately. All he knows about Jonas and Eva is what he said, but it’s obvious there’s more to the story given the million silent conversations happening around him.

He leaves before someone has to ask him to. 

Noora’s room still feels like Isak’s room.

Sure, it smells better now, and it’s actually clean, but it’s still the place where Isak convinced Even not to worry about hurting him, to just enjoy being in love with each other.

He can’t stop other people from hurting Isak, though. And when he tries to, he just makes everything worse. Like he always fucking does.

“Why are you hiding in here?”

Isak enters his old room and closes the door.

“I made everything weird for you,” Even says.

Isak shakes his head. “It was already weird. You were the only one who acknowledged it.”

“They hate me.”

“They hate themselves for being assholes. It’s not you.”

“When I see you upset like that, I don’t know. I can’t just let it go. I need you to be ok.” Isak’s smile surprises him. “What?”

“Everyone else would rather I just let stuff go than actually be ok. This is a nice change.”

“You’re not mad?” Even’s too used to people being mad at him. He’s always doing the wrong thing. 

“Of course not. You probably shouldn’t have brought up Eva’s thing with Chris, but whatever. I appreciated it.”

Isak takes Even’s hands in his and plays with them. “Wait till you see what I’ll do if someone talks shit about you,” Isak says.

Even raises his eyebrows. “You’ll kick their ass?”

“Oh no, I’d lose in that scenario. But I will wound them with my words.”

“I’m going to start a rumour about myself just to see that.”

“Careful what you wish for. I’m brutal.”

Even kisses him and calls him on his bluff. Isak’s soft, sweet. Maybe brutally so.

So he’s going to keep protecting him.

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gave you seen that post about Bridgig mender's ready or not song being better than Taylor's whole discography lmao how dumb are people like 🤔🤔

I wholeheartedly believe that Taylor could sneeze and it’d be better than any music anyone else has ever made

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…


aight so. headcanon where lance develops a habit of going through his family’s birthdays and names so he won’t forget anything. he mumbles on the way to breakfast sometimes, or when they’re about to train. sometimes before they go to battle, even. keith hears him mumbling a lot. he doesn’t know who they are, not really. he’s smart enough to figure out that they matter to lance though, and so he listens, even if lance is just talking to himself. lance does it so often that keith memorizes it too.

one day lance is mumbling, which is fine and good, and keith knows how this goes, until lance forgets. so keith helps him out, and it’s a good moment. a nice moment. they don’t talk about it again, not really, but it gives lance some ease to know that somebody’s listening. somebody knows. somebody can remember if he forgets again.

he’s glad it’s keith.


sasaki haise in aprons ╰(▔∀▔)╯
(remake of this)


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

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Why do you hate ereri?????

there’s this ship

They met a long time ago. 

Back before the hell began. 

Even when it began, it remained. 

It was hardened by trials of fire and flame and smoke, dry and cracking burnt flesh and bone. 

But it survived. 

It survived because two beautiful souls, troubled and trying to be moral, but living in a harsh reality in which sacrifices must be made for freedom, for hope, and that includes lives and ethics 

they know one another better than anyone else. they know one another so well they cast aside any pretense of social or physical distance.

they have their own language. 

they share the same dream. 

Other people see it. 

One character himself. 

Has even commented. On the fact that they have their “own language.” 

They’ve been through a lot together. 

They love each other. They support one another. 

Their dream means something. It carries the entire manga. The ENTIRE manga is based on THIS moment 

I looked into your eyes and saw I wasn’t free.

I was born into this world. 

The world? 

Which you didn’t see until


Platonic or not. 

There is no denying there is a great love there. 

Something truly beautiful that draws on friendship and intimacy so casual, so normal that neither even thinks about it as strange. It’s as unremarkable as breathing, like sharing lungs, a heart. He inhales, the other exhales. 

A relationship you’ve seen before, but never like this. 

Not like this. 

And yet. 

The attack on titan fandom. 

In its wisdom and literary comprehension. 

Originally posted by sans-trash01

Decides this is the canon ship. 

This is the ship we should praise.

this is the relationship with the most heart, depth, and reality. 

This is our most beautiful, meaningful, and most popular relationship. 

This one. 

And this one?


Whatever, I guess.