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My second Bethyl pencil drawing…

“It’s me, Daryl.” 💘

bethyl fans in the summer of 2014: this is so exciting there’s so much to look forward to, can’t wait til daryl finds beth!!

bethyl fans now:

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Walking Dead deaths and how Beth Greene compares to the rest of them.

I am Team Delusional all the way.  I first got interested in this fandom after reading posts from people like @bethgreenewarriorprincess and @bethgreeneishopeunseen, who laid out the evidence and mounting pile of HUH? so well that I got sucked right in.  I got the idea for this particular post some time ago, after months of people mocking TD for our belief that Beth Greene could be alive.  It is unbelievable how many people still think Beth was shot upward through the chin and/or was buried.  It is also incredible when fans say that there are many characters who have never received closure– “they haven’t had funerals, so that must mean they all are alive too.!”  Here is a compilation TWD deaths and the main points of each.  Were they filmed with finality, as in there is no way in hell they could possibly come back, or were they filmed “open-ended”—leaving room for a possible return?  I am trying to stick to major characters, because trying to write up all characters that have perished on this show would be like writing a dissertation.  I have added in a few minor characters that were memorable.

Season 1 is hard.  To me, everyone that died was a minor character, because we hardly got to know them. But here they are:

Ed Peletier, scumbag that he was. Nope, he’s not coming back from a pickax in the head. He’s dead.

Amy, Andrea’s sister. Bit by a walker and turned; put down by Andrea. Final.

Jim was scratched by a walker and developed the fever. TF left him by a tree on their way to the CDC. He would have turned.  Nope, he’s not coming back from that.

Jackie & Jenner 

Blown up in the CDC.  Presumed dead.  Could they possibly have survived?  Anything is possible, however unlikely, after six seasons without them.

Season 2

Otis, Sophia, Jimmy, Patricia 

are minor characters, but die while at Hershel’s farm. We see Sophia already having turned into a walker, whereas Jimmy and Patricia get torn apart before our eyes.  We see Otis attacked by walkers and then he gets a very nice and very final funeral. 

Dale gets disemboweled by walkers and is then put down by Daryl.  He’s gone in a very gruesome way.


turns and then is put down by Carl.  He’s not coming back from that.  Except for Rick’s hallucination in Woodbury.

Season 3


is bit and then sacrifices himself so Carol can get away. We see him torn up pretty good.  


is killed by the Governor, turns, and then bites Andrea.

Andrea is bit by Milton and then put down by Michonne. TF is later seen bringing her body back to the prison on the truck.

.Lori dies from the shock of a c-section with no anesthesia combined with blood loss. Carl puts her down to keep her from turning. She is then totally consumed by a greedy walker.

We later see a cross for her in the prison yard.

Merle was killed by the Governor and left to turn. Daryl puts him down.

Season 4

Martinez–poor guy, just as we are starting to like him, the Governor knocks him upside the head with a golf club and drags him, while dazed, to a pit of walkers, where he is devoured.

Hershel –We all loved Hershel; his death was hard to deal with.  He was ultimately put down by Michonne.

The Governor was stabbed by Michonne and put down by Lily.

Mika is murdered by Lizzie; Lizzie is in turn killed by Carol.  Both are buried by Carol and Tyreese. Good closure there.

Season 5

Bob– I loved Bob.  I think he had one of the greatest lines and/or scenes in all of the Walking Dead, ever.  After being partially eaten by cannibals, we learn he also been bitten.  He is later put down by Tyreese.

Beth is shot in the hallway of Grady Memorial with a doctor present.  She is not shown turning or being put down by TF.  No funeral or memorial given.

Tyreese is shown being bitten at Noah’s house and subsequently trying desperately to be saved by TF.  He is finally shown being buried at the end of the episode. 

Noah is torn apart in front of our eyes.  He aint coming back from that. Probably the most gruesome scene ever. Well, at least until Negan came along.

Season 6

Deanna gets the fever and is put down by Spencer after she has turned.

Jessie and Sam are ripped apart in front of our eyes.  Ron is killed by Michonne after he shoots Carl. Carol is even later shown going to Sam’s grave.

Denise is shown being shot through the eye by Dwight.  She dies within seconds and falls to the ground in front of Daryl.

With the exception of Jackie, Jenner, and Beth, every death has been final.  If get the fever, you eventually turn.  As of right now, there is no cure or halting of the fever.  If you die, you turn.  So far there is also no cure for having turned. You are forever and always a walker, unless you are stabbed/shot in the head (in the correct spot, of course.) Which is why Beth’s wound is up for debate… her gunshot is up so high on her forehead that it is questionable how much damage was actually done.  It’s not in the middle of her forehead, nor is it low like Axel’s was, which killed him instantly.  Also,  if you are buried, or have a cross put up, then all the better–you have been given closure so your family can move on and begin to heal.

What is odd is when you are never mentioned again, or mentioned in very bizarre ways… such as when Noah said, regarding Beth “Something happened after.”  Or Rick, on how going to Richmond was the only “physical way to honor Beth.”  Glenn never even mentions her when he is running down his list of dead friends in the church with Enid.  We are also never  shown this for Beth:

A quick shot of a cross with her necklace hanging on it…. would that have been so hard?  What happened?  What is going on?

Why I am 203% sure that it was Beth

I’ve noticed, whilst scrolling through tumblr after watching episode 8, that some people are still unsure whether the boots or the figure at the end were/belonged to Beth. 

But, forget about them for a second.

Remember the other two extremely obvious symbols:

1 - The middle fingers

What I mean here, is that, to my knowledge Beth was the only character to ever flip someone off on a regular basis. It became, as the crossbow is for Daryl, her signature. By putting that note along with the witty remark (remember the sign before the house, the word “asshole” was whole when Aaron gave Rick his make-shift paddle, this makes me think of Beth immediately, especially during her “fight” with Daryl back in Still.) they might as well have attached a printed photo of her face, because it was that obvious of a callback.

2- Peanut butter

The other symbol, was clearly the peanut butter that Daryl scooped out with his fingers just as he did with Beth, and then paused to get a spoon, as if he was remembering how Beth had reprimanded him about being “gross”. 

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the same brand PB as in Still. 

Side Note:

3- “He”

I don’t know if any of you found this odd, but the fact that Aaron & Rick kept repeating the word “he” whilst scavenging the old boat struck me as odd. Not only did it sound weird, but they also automatically decided the owner was a boy, when they could have just as easily call them, well they. You see, gender free. 

It’s as if we were supposed to immediately think it’s a boy, so that way, Beth was far far away in our minds. It kind of felt like a mind trick, like a Derren Brown trick, where he would ingrain a thought in your head without you ever realising.

Basically, I don’t think any of us should be worried, because that is most definitely Beth Greene. And she is coming home

Out of all the scenes they could pick to show Beth Greene in the MSF marathon promo they picked TWO and both were with Daryl. On top of that we get a scene where Beth is tracking and Daryl is barely in the shot. ON TOP OF THAT it’s the scene where Daryl says, “The signs are all there, you just gotta know how to read them”. One of the lines TD has always said was a hint to us of Beth surviving. I MEAN. JUST SAYIN.

The fact that my fiancé who reads into absolutely nothing on the show, turned to me after the boots/binocular scene and said did you see a scar on that persons forehead? CAN THIS BE PROOF ENOUGH. I MEAN. He literally wasn’t even equating it to Beth he was just like did you SEE A SCAR ON THAT PERSONS FOREHEAD.


So we all know Norman posted the bethYl picture before the mind season finale saying “let’s get the fkn band back together” then on the night of the season finale he posted the picture of him Danai and Andrew saying “band’s back together tonight mid season finale” So if you think about it TF (the band) is back together at the end butttt if this mystery person is Beth she’s in the episode but she’s not “back together with the band” yet….Which makes sense he said “ let’s get the fkn band back together”… Hmmmmmm …

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