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He played the cop called Officer Tanaka.

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this isn’t TD, but i thought i’d just show you that the actors are STILL liking and retweeting and follow up on TWD. why? if the grady story is over? hmm. I also tagged in officer Shepherd actress and the other cop Officer Licari. I hope they will too see this :). 

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TD Season 7 Mysteries & Eggs

Those of you who are feeling anxious about the finale spoilers and no mention of Beth - just repeat in your head these little mysteries that still don’t have closure: 

1. Boots has yet to be revealed on the show. This is a big one. There is no way in hell they introduced this mysterious character (in a post-credits scene no less) and kept them anonymous for 2 episodes only to have it revealed in a talk show quiz that it was a tertiary character who did not have a big reveal at all. Nope.   

2. Morgan’s emphatic line “Who’s the girl?” to Benjamin when he tells Morgan a girl helped him with the bullfighter painting.  If you aren’t going to show her, why the fuck does it matter?  Because it does…”It does matter.” Yeah I shamelessly sneaked that Beth quote in there.   : )   

3. Daryl’s ongoing wardrobe parallels. They are still doing the black/white shoe laces that call back to Beth’s converses in Grady. Now there is an empty patch over his left breast pocket (aka HEART IS MISSING). And of course…the recent knife thing, which even if it isn’t technically Beth’s knife it is a huge call back to it and perhaps a reminder that her actual knife is still hidden like its owner. 

4. Daryl’s depressed character arc. I still think they must be tying his arc to Beth’s because he has not progressed in any way since her death. Casual viewers are really starting to dislike his character and the writers because of this. So why aren’t they sucking him up already instead of beating him down with deaths and torture? If someone dies, Daryl is 90% likely to be there/be involved. His light has to come from somewhere…soon.   

5. That damn romance novel. The stock photo of the piggy back couple on the romance novel Carol was reading was a sneaky callback to Bethyl. Doesn’t matter if it was Carol that was reading it, Beth and Daryl did the piggy back and Daryl made the comment about the “damn romance novel” in connotation to Beth.  Serious piggy back indeed…serious enough for TPTB to make call backs to events 3-4 seasons ago!   

Regardless of what happens in the finale, this is not the end for TD. Plus, give yourselves a pat on the back, I have never encountered such an intelligent, creative, dedicated group of fans. At least our hobby involves critical thinking! 


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Everything Gets a Return... Daryl, Beth, Dwight & Sherry

After the finale with no Beth, I lost hope.  I was thinking too much time has gone by for it to happen.

However, this thought just came to me out of nowhere (and I am paraphrasing the dialogue so bear with me.)

First, as we all know, Daryl blames himself for Beth’s death.  He went along with Tyrese’s  peaceful Grady hostage exchange plan and ultimately lost Beth; but if he had gone with Rick’s plan to go into Grady with guns blazing, then in turn no one would have been left to shoot Beth or harm her in any way. She would have survived.

Daryl was still carrying that burden, and then he got entangled in the Dwight & Sherry storyline. The inverse parallels have been discussed between Dwight/Sherry and Daryl/Beth at length. But now Sherry is gone and Beth still hasn’t shown up.  

But I think this is where the payoff may be.

“Everything gets a return” came screaming at me because of something Dwight said last night. First, Daryl comes dangerously close to killing Dwight.  Tara is yelling for him to do it repeatedly, egging him on so to speak.  Then Dwight tells Daryl, “You’re here because of Sherry” as Sherry was the one who helped him escape from Negan.  And because of that, I think Daryl’s choice to in turn spare Dwight is going to be the “everything gets a return” moment we have been looking for.  Daryl spared Dwight’s life, because Sherry was the one to free Daryl. Because Daryl spares Dwight, Dwight is going to be there to save Beth in some way.  

Evidence That Ep 3 Scene was About Beth. Just Sayin’.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks to @wdway for noticing this.

Both episode 3x11, I Ain’t a Judas, which features Beth singing, Hold On, with the lyrics, 

“Hold on. You gotta hold on, take my hand, I’m standing right here. You gotta hold on…” 

and episode 7x03, The Cell, where Dwight plays Daryl a sad song that includes the lyrics: 

“I saw you last night…you held my hand so tight…” 

were written by Angela Kane.

Guys, this is probably the best proof we have that that song and that scene in 7x03 was about Beth for Daryl. Same writer. Near-identical lyrics.

Remember this:

He was listening and paying attention when she sang the first song, so he would have remembered and associated similar lyrics with her. Just saying.

Awesome catch, @wdway!

I absolutely cannot stand when people say Beth Greene was an insignificant/disposable character, and supporting it by calling her a “dumb young girl” or the “bland blonde”. There are so many things wrong with these statements so I’ll break down all my issues with them one by one.

One, Beth went through an incredible amount of ON SCREEN growth, if she was as disposable as people say she was they would have given her a similar fate as T-Dog, Oscar, Axel, Jessie, & characters of that nature who were undoubtably part of the show but were easier to kill off because they weren’t explored as much as other characters (no shade to any of them because I do love them all and believe they served an important purpose).
Two, there’s absolutely no reason to put down a character just because they aren’t your cup of tea. You don’t have to love a character for them to be important or critical to the show. How you view them personally has nothing to do with their purpose, so just because you think someone is “bland” doesn’t mean they’re insignificant.
Three, calling Beth dumb DOES NOT make any logical sense at all. She’s not only skilled, but incredibly smart and an asset to those she surrounds herself with. A character doesn’t need to be the most advanced at killing to be important to a group dynamic.
Four, reducing Beth to being a “dumb young girl” is not only sexist – but is actually incorrect. She is a woman and for people to call her a “young girl” is them trying to minimize her because they think her gender and youth are offensive and make her less than. If you think Beth is weak, insignificant, or disposable for those reasons, that says more about you than it does about her.

And I’ll leave that there for now 😊

The Finale is tonight! What better way but to share a Beth poster. Happy Walking Dead Day and here’s to us Beth fans.

“She’ll get here, when she get’s here.”


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Emily’s Tunnel Photoshoot

Hey lovelies! Most of you have probably seen the recent photo shoot Emily did with Peter E. Price (X). If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, no worries! Here they are:

I couldn’t help but notice that Emily is in a tunnel in these photos. Why does that matter? Because of TD’s long going tunnel theory relating to Beth Greene and her return. If you want more specific details about the tunnel theories you can read them here (X) and on @bethgreeneishopeunseen blog here (X).

I’ll give you some details, but basically Beth is tied to tunnels, and tunnel imagery. Emily’s name in the opening credits first and last appeared in a tunnel. The tunnel photo appeared when Emily was promoted to main cast member.

Also Norman, when referring to what Beth Greene was to D@ryl, said she was his “light at the end of the tunnel”. He has said this in more then one interview, and recently as well. In my opinion, it looks like in these photos Emily is looking at the light at the end of the tunnel.

I think it is really interesting that Emily has done a photo shoot in a tunnel a few weeks before the Season 7 finale. The photographer also tagged the photos The W@lking Dead, but that could be to get more views on his photos. Emily is also dressed casual, not wearing a lot of makeup, and her hair is natural like she would be in the zombie apocalypse.

Let me know what you all think, thanks for reading! xo

TWD S7 - missing trailer footage?!

so about a few weeks ago I looked back at the season 7 trailer and noticed that there was a scene that we have yet to see. Now I was expecting to see this scene in the MSP because of Rick and TF on the highway grabbing the explosives. But no. We didn’t see it and still haven’t seen it. Sure this scene might come into play in the finale, but if not…it will go along many other missing spoilers :) 

So i took screencaps of what I’m talking about 

Now. Sure, this could be in the finale like i said. But why show it in the trailer at all for it to be in the final episode of this season? Usually when we get walking dead trailers it’s only the first half of the season in the trailer and we got that in the season 7 trailer. But this scene we still haven’t seen.

If this is not in the finale, then yet again it’s another puzzle and another missing spoiler. Like why include this into the trailer for the fans, to not even witness it? Why go to all that effort of shutting down a road for a day. Getting stunt doubles. Cars. ETC. for it all to just be another deleted scene or just for trailer purposes - which I hope not. 

This isn’t really TD, but putting it into the tag because we all know Beth is familiar with cars. being trapped in them and all. ;-) this is just to me all a little strange and weird. 

Like I said by the time the finale comes out this could all be bullshit and this will be in the episode, but right now we don’t know if we will see it at all. 

Thoughts ? 

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