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Kim Namjoon is a true Angel, and he deserves so much love and everyone should support him. He loves his boys as much as we do, and does everything that he can to become the best leader yet. I love him so much, and you should too.


I got the second Persona 5 comic anthology book and there are some pretty funny comic strips so I wanted to translate a few (emphasis on few) of my favorites. Here are a couple to start!

(I cut up the comic strips for better readability and I had to use photos for my raws since I don’t have a scanner so I’m sorry they’re pretty ugly lmao.)

By the Corner Light | Bucky and Steve

Outside the barracks
By the corner light
I always stand and wait for you at night
We will create a world for two
I’ll wait for you, the whole night through
Like once Lili Marleen

Part 3 of the TG:re volume 12 omake. I’ll continue translating the rest tomorrow when I’m a bit less brain dead :’)

Edit: Fun fact: The “I’ll split yer asshole inta three!” refers to this tweet by Yomo’s voice actor.


“It’s hard to tell the truth, and it’s hard to hear it. It involves feelings. It could make us feel uncomfortable with each other. But, to all of us, [hearing the truth] wasn’t bad. I believe Solar’s words strengthened our unity.”


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung


“To be honest I’m terribly afraid of heights. Right before the shoot, when I climbed up on the helicopter I doubted that I could really do it but then I thought when will I ever get the chance to do something as crazy as this. Of course it can be dangerous but when will you get the chance face such an intense situation again?”

- Choi Seunghyun, talking about the helicopter scene in Out Of Control

Hosoya Yoshimasa is taking a break from seiyuu related work (2017.04.24)

Due to poor throat conditions, Hosoyan has been recommended by the doctors to take a break from seiyuu related work. He plans on returning before the end of this year. 

Ono Kensho: “I’m looking forward to the return of a well rested, stronger than ever Hosoya san”  

Sugita Tomokazu: “prayer” (*referring to Hosoyan’s character song in Prince of Tennis*)

omg hosoyan noooooo you’ve worked way too hard ;—–; please take a good long break… we’ll support you always. come back soon!!! (。•ㅅ•。)♡