is best bane

can we talk about luke and magnus for a sec ?? both of them didn’t haven anyone there for them when they turned (luke telling jocelyn to leave so he could kill himself and having his parabatai betray him while magnus parents abandoned him and he had to learn about the downworld alone) and both of them are watching history repeat itself in front of them with simon who even when he showed signs of vampirism, the shadowhunters didn’t even think about it now has nowhere to go and nowhere to live and no one to help him and they’re trying so hard to make sure he doesn’t get screwed over like they did. like … magnus takes him to india … into the home of his abusive ex. luke goes against his entire pack to give him a place to stay. both of them are being supportive in their own ways and both of them want good for him and idk what’s better, the fact that simon feels safe with luke (as always) and already trusting, believing, and leaning on magnus or the fact that luke and magnus both find ways to help him even though in magnus’ case, simon is not his responsibility, and in luke’s case, he has to go against his entire pack’s wishes (including his closest friend, alaric)