is because i haven't thought of one yet

korra: i have to find my own path as the avatar.

katara: i know you do. aang’s time has passed. my brother and many of my friends are gone.

zuko *flies by on his dragon*: KATARA WHAT THE HELL

toph *pops up from a hole in the ground*: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE DEAD!

katara: sometimes i can still hear their voices…

The following 4k of kinkfic was originally written on the Stridercest discord server (with a super big thanks to everyone who read and liked it ;w;) and has since been edited and lightly roasted for your tumblr reading pleasure.

Alpha Dave / Dirk, includes consensual drugging and negotiated non-consensual roleplay, because I have very specific kinks. >>;

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Maths notes! I had my first maths exam on Wednesday, and I’ve got 5 left, so I’m pretty much just doing maths at the moment. Also I got an A* in my physics paper and I’m so happy because I’m definitely going to be predicted an A* now! I’ve only got to get one more to apply to Cambridge :)

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Hi there, I have a prompt if you are interested, Emma and Killian has been dating for a while but they haven't tell their friends yet, because they don't know how Emma's brother David will react, since he ones told Killian to not go near his sister, but he walks on them kissing or something and he yells Finally.

woo! your wish is my command, friend. CS AU Week, ahoy!

this was a little longer than i thought it’d be but ayyyyyy what can i say, i was bored at work


The night around them was peaceful as they staggered arm-in-arm toward the apartment building, their giggling undisturbed by anything but the faint rattle of a train in the distance and the screech of cicadas above. Emma took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of crisp, dry leaves and new mulch. “Shh,” she commanded, digging into her jacket pocket to pull out the keys.

“Shh, yourself,” her boyfriend whispered back, still giggling. They leaned against the brick wall together, chests heaving breathless with laughter, as she peered at the jangling metal in her hands, trying to find the front door key. 

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Hogwarts house headcannons for the characters you haven't put into houses yet? & what's your house? I'm Ravenclaw with strong Hufflepuff leanings. ALSO THE WOODSCOUTS ARE THEY IN SLYTHERYN

Ohhhh man okay I didn’t think of all these. Get ready for THOUGHTS BELOW.

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Do u have any thoughts or theories about the 9th titan? It couldn't be Galliard because I dont think the Marley can afford having 1 shifter inherit 2 titans. And they had mentioned that the 9th titan wasn't inherited by one of the warriors in Reiner's batch. I'm guessing the 9th will be a big reveal, it's obviously in Marley. Everything in this volume is about Marley yet we haven't got a clue about the 9th. Do u think it's possible that he showed us already, that we just have to dig deeper?

I do! It’s a crack theory, and mostly for my own amusement, so don’t put too much into it. Zeke wasn’t just playing with an ape plushie as a child. He has  toy horse as well.

It might mean nothing, but a giant horse appears in the titan history as well.

The horse might be a decorative element in the panel, but since the other giants pictured indicate titan types, I’m suspicious. I wouldn’t put it past Isayama for all this to mean something. 

The giant horse stands away from the battle, on it’s own fissure of land. I think that might be significant too. Maybe this titan is unpredictable or has it’s own agenda.

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Tale, Fell, and Swap bros' crush who will kiss the skelly on the cheek to use them as a flashlight because the blush of the skelly brightens the room during a blackout. (Interested on your view because this was written in a fanfiction by Miss RacoonSinQueen (I think that's her name) called "Six Skeletons, One Maid" It's realy good if you haven't read it yet!!

I thought you guys could use a break from all these angsty asks so here’s a cute one! 

Some context: S/O and skeles are hanging out alone when the blackout happens. 



Sans’s blush isn’t bright enough to “use as a flashlight” but it’s helpful for looking for flashlights! Though, when he jokes about how he can’t blush forever and it’s going to fade in a few minutes, you smirk and kiss him repeatedly whenever his blush starts to fade. Sans just sits there and lets it happen, then eventually he pulls you close to him and says, “now let’s see if you glow too?” and kisses you on your lips. 


Papaya’s blush glows brighter than his brother and he’s too embarrassed about it than to kiss you back. Instead, he’ll say, “THE GREAT PAPYRUS IS GREAT AT MANY THINGS! INCLUDING BEING A LIVING FLASHLIGHT”. He’ll mostly laugh it off and praises you for being able to be resourceful and think practically at a time like this. 



At first, he doesn’t even realize that you kissed him to make him blush for light. After you kiss him sweetly on the cheek, Red’s paralyzed for a second to comprehend what happened, then he grabs your shoulders and kisses you back on your lips. His kiss turns into a full on makeout session between you two, the darkness only fueling the passion. The privacy of the blackness, the low glow of Red’s blush, and the heat of your skin on his bones, all leads to sexy times. 


Honestly??? Fell just gets so offended??? He’s not a flashlight goddamit! And he’s hurt that that’s the only reason why you kissed him! Not because he’s smart, charming, and handsome, only because you needed to him blush! He’s also embarrassed by his glow in the dark face so he goes to fix the power himself. When he comes back, he kisses you back to see you blush and says, “THERE! NOW WE’RE EVEN!”



Blue’s blush shines the brightest out of all the skeles, the light cyan glow illuminates everything within a few feet. He’s absolutely impressed that you thought of this and kisses you back in return, mostly in appreciation for being so clever in this situation. While he looks for a flashlight to fix the power, he realizes what that kiss actually meant, so he returns and says that he “can’t find” the flashlight, so they’ll have to wait for the power to come back on or wait til morning. In the meantime, he’d gladly provide light…with a little help. 


When Stretch realizes why you kissed him, he’s laughing so hard, his blush glows even brighter. For some reason, this makes him so happy, making him higher than any cigarette could and he pulls you close to kiss you back. Stretch confesses that he’s liked you for a long time and you two begin making out on the couch. 

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Wow, are you telling me it's been over a week and Cheryl and Liam and the baby haven't been papped yet?? But I thought paps just found people because it's a big story

I know right? And Liam AND Cheryl are famous, so that’s double fame right there! Why aren’t the paps stalking them at their houses and waiting for the doctor visit one day after the kid was born? 🤔

Cover artwork posted with permission from @necrophade! Please reblog and like the original here!

Fanmix here

Track lineup:

  1. “False Transmigration of the Soul,” by KATE
  2. “I Can’t Decide,” by Scissor Sisters
  3. “Bittersweet,” by Panic! At the Disco
  4. “Cops and Robbers,” by the Hoosiers
  5. “I’m So Sorry,” by Imagine Dragons
  6. “Control,” by Garbage
  7. “I’m Your Villain,” by Franz Ferdinand
  8. “Yobanashi Deceive,” by Jin ft. LiSA & MARiA
  9. “mirage coordinator,” by zts
  10. “Would You Be Impressed?” by Streetlight Manifesto

Lyrics to all songs here

I wanted to give Ouma a fanmix I thought he deserved, and something to go with all the meta I’ve been writing lately. I put a lot of thought into each track I selected, so I’d be really happy if anyone would reblog this or share it around if you enjoy it!

I’ve seen a lot of people jaded with Legends about how they brought Snart back, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree.

But I’ve been thinking on it since watching the finale.

When we meet Len (this Len) he’s harsh, bitter, nothing of the heartily developed character we’ve been granted from the beginning of his dance with the Flash. But he has the Cold Gun. 

Confirmed in the finale when Mick takes him back to 2014, Eobard must have recruited Len just after his first encounter with Flash. I.e. After he’s derailed that god damn train, but before he reconnects with Mick.

Now, is that a coincidence?

That 2017 Mick drops Len off in 2014 and wipes his memory, and the next thing Len does canonically is find his estranged partner? Perhaps. But I like to imagine that Len’s time with the legion and with Mick more specifically, although removed from his memory, left behind a trace. A feeling. Reminded him what it was like to work and live with his partner, reminded him how much he missed him.

Because at this point in canon, Mick and Len have gone their separate ways since Mick’s incident and burns.

This also explains why (2014)Len was so openly hostile and harsh toward Mick in their moments alone together. This Len still bears all that negativity from their split, all that anger at Mick for losing control and letting the fire be more important than the job or their partnership. And also all that anger at himself.

Because this Mick, 2017 Mick, has rekindled, strengthened (and then lost) his relationship with his Snart. This Mick chooses Snart without a second thought, does as he’s told like an obedient puppy, and looks at Len like he’s made of gold dust - so precious, but like he could be lost to the wind at any second. ]

And Len hates it. He hates that this Mick has, or had, everything he himself lost. He hates himself that he let what they had go. He hates Mick for making him feel… well. Anything at all. Because he’s spent so long distancing himself from his partner - his partner who has stood by him for three decades.

Dropped back in his own timeline and memory wiped, Snart’s anger still bubbles. But he has a new target, now, a fun one. The Flash hasn’t seen the worst of him yet, and Snart can’t wait to show him. Only this time, he won’t be alone.

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I love your blog and feel like your advice is absolutely solid! So here I will ask, how do you feel about a queer narrative between two females. One is immortal and the other is constantly reincarnated through out the centuries. (I've been writing this for a long while and haven't told anyone about it yet.) So I was wondering what you thought of this theme? I always wanted to explore what a relationship might look like over the course of centuries, maybe even millennia!

Ooh, I love this idea!  I adore queer romance (partially because I’m queer myself, and partially because it’s so underdone in media that it feels like a breath of fresh air in a sea of forced straight subplots), and in particular, I adore original queer romance;  so many titles I pick up have had only the resounding message that Being Queer Is Hard, which gets tiresome after a while.  I want my queer romances to be as dynamic and normalized as straight ones are.

This idea is wonderful, because it sounds interesting from a storytelling standpoint as well as a romantic one, and there are so many diverse directions you can go with it;  I find myself reminded of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando (her immortal, genderfluid, polysexual protagonist) and often wish that modern authors would be so experimental.

Something tells me that this story would become a fave of mine, so definitely keep it up.  I would love to eventually read it!  <3 

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Hello. About NG life, I haven't read it yet because I got the feeling it had a bad/deceiving ending. Is that true? Is it worth reading? Thanks.

Hi, I don’t know who said that, but I’ll fight them!!! NG Life is one of my favorite series and I think comedy is what Kusanagi is best at.

The only case of bad rep I’ve seen for this manga was because the reader thought it was yaoi / shounen-ai and was of course expecting more than the series could give. I think the ending is very fitting, unless you blind yourself and ignore its main shoujo aspect like that reader. Definitely doesn’t leave an unfinished impression like Mugen Spiral did.

Here’s what to expect when reading this manga:

- a male main character in a shoujo story (quite rare enough to be mentioned)

- past lives in Pompeii / present lives in Japan

- Memories®

- funny romance

- tearful drama settling in as the story progresses, in between the comedy moments

- confused MC about his sexuality

- a new take on genderbending (and I’m not just talking of the mess below)

- friends of yesterday turn into “foes” today, and vice versa

- also friends being true friends and stating the obvious: the MC is a loser

- true History facts

- small cameos from the mangaka’s previous series

- lots of sexy dark-haired characters

- the original Keidai Face™

- (please do read the manga to know the rest!)

In short: lots of laughs and buckets of tears~ :D

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Hi! So, recently, I discovered that one of my guardian's hair stylist (also her best friend) is trans. I haven't come out to either of my guardians yet, so it was a comforting thought. I'm not sure if they would fully support me. I wanted to ask the hair stylist for advice or something like that because it's really comforting to know someone who's been through what I'm going through, but I also don't want to say anything to her because she might not want to to talk about it. Thoughts?

Kii says:

I would just open with “Are you comfortable talking about your experiences as a trans person?” or something similar, and if she says no, don’t push, but if she says yes, go for it!

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I'm seeing some people saying that a lot in this episode didn't make sense and was sloppy writing, specially something about Luke (and not Magnus) being the one telling Alec that some wards could hurt him?? I haven't seen it yet, but what did you thought?

i haven’t rly read opinions on this episode but i don’t think there’s a problem w/ luke telling alec about the words since they were friendly all episode and proved to be each others allies whereas magnus and alec are out here doing the most w/ these angsty looks (if they dont behave!!!) idg why its sloppy writing then they’re not being friendly… luke being the one to tell alec is great 4 me because garrowood continues to be THAT brotp… and if not luke, then who else bc raphael hates alec so?????

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Okay, i went through the catalogue and I think I found a prompt you haven't done yet. We know that at the end of "Mummy on the Orient Express" Clara said I Love You to 12 and he seemingly thought it was towards Danny. What if he called her on saying it and she admitted she loved him, but went with Danny because she thought 12 didn't want her? Like I said, I looked, and I couldn't find anything like this, so I figured it was worth a shot.

“Who were you talking to?” the Doctor asks, as she descends the stairs towards him, her clutch bag held tight in one sweaty palm. “On the phone?”

“Danny,” she says, with a light little laugh and a toss of her hair. Anything to allay suspicion. Smile, smile, smile, and don’t let him see much you’re really panicking at being asked this question. “He’s fine with it. The idea of me and you knocking about. It was his idea that we stop but, he’s decided he doesn’t mind and neither do I.”

“I know you were talking to Danny,” the Doctor rolls his eyes with barely-concealled disdain, although whether it’s aimed at her or Danny she doesn’t fully know. Doesn’t want to, either. “You gave that away when you answered the phone with ‘hey, Danny.’ I don’t mean that. I mean the ‘I love you.’”

Clara flushes red, dropping her gaze to her ludicrously impractical shoes and hoping that her hair - well, wig - is long enough to conceal her cheeks. It doesn’t appear to be. Bollocks. “Doctor, that was to him.”


“He’s my boyfriend.”

“So why were you looking at me when you said it?”

“I wasn’t!” she’s panicking for real now, and she knows he can tell, so she looks up at him anyway and forces herself to scowl. “I was just looking around the room and my eyes happened to stop on you. It doesn’t mean I was talking to you; you’re not the centre of my universe, you know? Your arrogance really does you no favours. Besides, you shouldn’t have been listening.”

“You seem awfully defensive for someone who was telling her boyfriend she loves him.” 

“I’m not being defensive,” she says sulkily, because she is, and she knows it. “You’re just rude.”

“Clara,” he says, in a surprisingly gentle tone, taking a step closer to her. “Who were you talking to? Please don’t try to lie to me.”

“Why does it matter?” she asks, then mentally kicks herself for not having reaffirmed her earlier untruth. “Why are you so interested?”

“I’m always interested in you,” he confesses, moving closer to her again until they’d have been nose to nose if it weren’t for the height difference. “Always.”

Her knees give way then, simply from the sheer proximity of him, but his arm is around her waist before she can tumble to the floor or fall against the console or anything else that might cause her harm. It’s this casual touch which wrong-foots her, which short-circuits her brain and somehow makes her admit: “It was to you,” she breathes, hating herself for the words. “To you, always to you, but you don’t know I exist; you don’t seem to care.”

“What?” his eyes flash with an anger she doesn’t quite understand, and she wants to get away - she tries to, she really does, yet her legs still don’t quite work - but she finds herself trapped there, pinned by his gaze. “What?” he asks again, his voice low and dangerous.

“You don’t want me,” she murmurs, her voice trembling. “I know that.”

He kisses her quite unexpectedly, half-lifting her up to him with the arm still drawn around her waist, and half-bending down to her level. His lips on hers feel hot and dry, and she knows that her lipstick will be transferring itself to his mouth, but she can’t quite find it in herself to care. When he pulls away, they’re both panting, and he’s scowling in a way that makes her fear for her technique until he tells her: “I will always want you. Always. Do you understand me?”

She nods then, breathless, and he mirrors the action more curtly.

“Good,” he says, mouth turning up in a smirk. “So, let’s keep going?”

“Let’s keep going.”

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Lady Efrideet, more like Lady EfriYEET(sorry, i just had the thought and felt like you needed to hear it,also because lord salad-man has a nickname & i haven't heard anyone else refer to you as lady Efriyeet yet..)

I am the one and only Efriyeet. I shall wear that title with pride. Thank you, guardian.

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YG: Taehyung is a pretty old ghost, he told me he was stabbed in battle and died. Jin was a theater actor and he was choked to death by a crazy fan after one of his shows. Namjoon doesnt know who killed him, but he was poisoned.

YG: as for the others, they haven’t tell me yet and I don’t want to rush them as it was a traumatic experience for them.

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I was scrolling through your Druidry tag, and noticed that the only two groups you really recommended are ADF and OBOD, which both cost money and those tight on it may be reluctant to join. The New Order of Druids is, from what I can tell, similar to OBOD in structure, however it is free (there is an upgraded course, but it is optional). I haven't done much with it yet, but I thought maybe some people would be interested? Thank you!

We had recommended those because those were the ones our mods and admins had been a part of. Thank you for the information though.


I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug The Reformed Druids of Gaia, a order in which I have great love for. We come from the same roots as ADF but have less structured beliefs and ritual forms closer to our Reformed Druid roots.