is because i haven't thought of one yet

korra: i have to find my own path as the avatar.

katara: i know you do. aang’s time has passed. my brother and many of my friends are gone.

zuko *flies by on his dragon*: KATARA WHAT THE HELL

toph *pops up from a hole in the ground*: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE DEAD!

katara: sometimes i can still hear their voices…

Maths notes! I had my first maths exam on Wednesday, and I’ve got 5 left, so I’m pretty much just doing maths at the moment. Also I got an A* in my physics paper and I’m so happy because I’m definitely going to be predicted an A* now! I’ve only got to get one more to apply to Cambridge :)

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Wow, are you telling me it's been over a week and Cheryl and Liam and the baby haven't been papped yet?? But I thought paps just found people because it's a big story

I know right? And Liam AND Cheryl are famous, so that’s double fame right there! Why aren’t the paps stalking them at their houses and waiting for the doctor visit one day after the kid was born? 🤔

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Tale, Fell, and Swap bros' crush who will kiss the skelly on the cheek to use them as a flashlight because the blush of the skelly brightens the room during a blackout. (Interested on your view because this was written in a fanfiction by Miss RacoonSinQueen (I think that's her name) called "Six Skeletons, One Maid" It's realy good if you haven't read it yet!!

I thought you guys could use a break from all these angsty asks so here’s a cute one! 

Some context: S/O and skeles are hanging out alone when the blackout happens. 



Sans’s blush isn’t bright enough to “use as a flashlight” but it’s helpful for looking for flashlights! Though, when he jokes about how he can’t blush forever and it’s going to fade in a few minutes, you smirk and kiss him repeatedly whenever his blush starts to fade. Sans just sits there and lets it happen, then eventually he pulls you close to him and says, “now let’s see if you glow too?” and kisses you on your lips. 


Papaya’s blush glows brighter than his brother and he’s too embarrassed about it than to kiss you back. Instead, he’ll say, “THE GREAT PAPYRUS IS GREAT AT MANY THINGS! INCLUDING BEING A LIVING FLASHLIGHT”. He’ll mostly laugh it off and praises you for being able to be resourceful and think practically at a time like this. 



At first, he doesn’t even realize that you kissed him to make him blush for light. After you kiss him sweetly on the cheek, Red’s paralyzed for a second to comprehend what happened, then he grabs your shoulders and kisses you back on your lips. His kiss turns into a full on makeout session between you two, the darkness only fueling the passion. The privacy of the blackness, the low glow of Red’s blush, and the heat of your skin on his bones, all leads to sexy times. 


Honestly??? Fell just gets so offended??? He’s not a flashlight goddamit! And he’s hurt that that’s the only reason why you kissed him! Not because he’s smart, charming, and handsome, only because you needed to him blush! He’s also embarrassed by his glow in the dark face so he goes to fix the power himself. When he comes back, he kisses you back to see you blush and says, “THERE! NOW WE’RE EVEN!”



Blue’s blush shines the brightest out of all the skeles, the light cyan glow illuminates everything within a few feet. He’s absolutely impressed that you thought of this and kisses you back in return, mostly in appreciation for being so clever in this situation. While he looks for a flashlight to fix the power, he realizes what that kiss actually meant, so he returns and says that he “can’t find” the flashlight, so they’ll have to wait for the power to come back on or wait til morning. In the meantime, he’d gladly provide light…with a little help. 


When Stretch realizes why you kissed him, he’s laughing so hard, his blush glows even brighter. For some reason, this makes him so happy, making him higher than any cigarette could and he pulls you close to kiss you back. Stretch confesses that he’s liked you for a long time and you two begin making out on the couch. 

I’ve seen a lot of people jaded with Legends about how they brought Snart back, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree.

But I’ve been thinking on it since watching the finale.

When we meet Len (this Len) he’s harsh, bitter, nothing of the heartily developed character we’ve been granted from the beginning of his dance with the Flash. But he has the Cold Gun. 

Confirmed in the finale when Mick takes him back to 2014, Eobard must have recruited Len just after his first encounter with Flash. I.e. After he’s derailed that god damn train, but before he reconnects with Mick.

Now, is that a coincidence?

That 2017 Mick drops Len off in 2014 and wipes his memory, and the next thing Len does canonically is find his estranged partner? Perhaps. But I like to imagine that Len’s time with the legion and with Mick more specifically, although removed from his memory, left behind a trace. A feeling. Reminded him what it was like to work and live with his partner, reminded him how much he missed him.

Because at this point in canon, Mick and Len have gone their separate ways since Mick’s incident and burns.

This also explains why (2014)Len was so openly hostile and harsh toward Mick in their moments alone together. This Len still bears all that negativity from their split, all that anger at Mick for losing control and letting the fire be more important than the job or their partnership. And also all that anger at himself.

Because this Mick, 2017 Mick, has rekindled, strengthened (and then lost) his relationship with his Snart. This Mick chooses Snart without a second thought, does as he’s told like an obedient puppy, and looks at Len like he’s made of gold dust - so precious, but like he could be lost to the wind at any second. ]

And Len hates it. He hates that this Mick has, or had, everything he himself lost. He hates himself that he let what they had go. He hates Mick for making him feel… well. Anything at all. Because he’s spent so long distancing himself from his partner - his partner who has stood by him for three decades.

Dropped back in his own timeline and memory wiped, Snart’s anger still bubbles. But he has a new target, now, a fun one. The Flash hasn’t seen the worst of him yet, and Snart can’t wait to show him. Only this time, he won’t be alone.

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Lady Efrideet, more like Lady EfriYEET(sorry, i just had the thought and felt like you needed to hear it,also because lord salad-man has a nickname & i haven't heard anyone else refer to you as lady Efriyeet yet..)

I am the one and only Efriyeet. I shall wear that title with pride. Thank you, guardian.


YG: Taehyung is a pretty old ghost, he told me he was stabbed in battle and died. Jin was a theater actor and he was choked to death by a crazy fan after one of his shows. Namjoon doesnt know who killed him, but he was poisoned.

YG: as for the others, they haven’t tell me yet and I don’t want to rush them as it was a traumatic experience for them.

Why Ryuji can't say fuck Headcanon

I think he doesn’t say it because he once said it in front of his mom. She had this one look on her face (shocked, disapproving and maybe a little fearful?) that made him clam up. (Where did he learn the word? That father of his most likely. Why was his mom looked at him that way? He sounded just like his father.)

He uses alternatives—effin’ is the most used out of all of them and he stuck with it.

As for chats and texts—it’s easier to type than speak than say it so… he allows himself to slip a little.

Unleashed Comments

I know there are a lot of people that were upset that another WOC was killed, but the reality is, because the writers are trying to add diversity to their cast, they seem to make the Colored Male a lead who is married, so when they need to wrench our hearts out, the only person to get rid of is his strong, independent wife, who happens to be a WOC.  That is why I’m OK with who they killed, cried because they did and will be watching Season 9 to see what Gemmill has in store for Sam.

Now for my comments:

  • That proposal was perfect.  We knew it was coming, but it was still perfect.  And the OK to Nell, that was the icing.
  • Eric’s little dance when he got to have a drink with Hetty
  • Nell in the ambulance with Callen and joining the team.
  • Deeks as the Jesus Freak.
  • Nell driving with Deeks.
  • The whole bus scene
  • Sam taking time off to spend with his kids.
  • Callen being there for Sam and Sam ditching him.
  • Sabatino being the one he calls.
  • All the weapons Sam keeps at his house
  • Pretty much all of it.  I might be the only one, but it delivered what I was expecting.  I have no complaints and Gemmill remembered he wrote the Sunshine and Gunpowder line and used it.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten alot of what I want to say, but I’m going to go read the rest of the comments now.

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I was scrolling through your Druidry tag, and noticed that the only two groups you really recommended are ADF and OBOD, which both cost money and those tight on it may be reluctant to join. The New Order of Druids is, from what I can tell, similar to OBOD in structure, however it is free (there is an upgraded course, but it is optional). I haven't done much with it yet, but I thought maybe some people would be interested? Thank you!

We had recommended those because those were the ones our mods and admins had been a part of. Thank you for the information though.


I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug The Reformed Druids of Gaia, a order in which I have great love for. We come from the same roots as ADF but have less structured beliefs and ritual forms closer to our Reformed Druid roots. 


Considering starting yet another Mass Effect run, this time with Connlaodh ‘Lee’ Shepard, my first mShep. I wanted to make a custom Shep, like usual, but hooo boy, the mShep texture replacers are pretty much nonexistent and the defaults (or even the MEUITM ones) are pretty heinous, especially compared to Sheploo. So I might be going default.

Send me a ship and I'll say:
  • What’s their favourite thing to do in the winter
  • Who gives their scarf to the other when they get cold
  • Who’s more likely to slip in the snow and what would the other do
  • What they like to do when it snows
  • Who would start a snowball fight
  • Who decorates the Christmas tree and who gets to put the star on top
  • Who makes who wear the matching Christmas sweater
  • Do they have any winter/Christmas traditions
  • What foods do they like to make for Christmas
  • What gift would they get for each other
  • How do they like to celebrate Christmas

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I haven't seen it yet, but what does rouge one have to do with 7:tfa? I didn’t see anyone from the trailers or posts that were in 7:tfa? Isn't rouge one 8?

Great question!

Star wars has a tradition of telling stories in a sequentially bizarre fashion. The first movie (then titled simply “Star Wars,”  later renamed “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”) came out in 1977 and starts in the middle of the plot, because apparently George Lucas thought that was a good way to tell a story. Clearly he hadn’t had it drilled into him to start at the very beginning.

Strange though it may be, it was one of the least ridiculous ideas George Lucas has ever had (fucking midichlorians). The next two movies were episodes 5 and 6, and that was the end of that for a while. 

Then in 1999 we got new Star Wars movies again. These movies were set before the events of episodes 4,5, and 6, and began with Darth Vader’s childhood. These movies were hugely anticipated and almost has hugely loathed by audiences. Too much green screen, bad dialogue without any fun winking at the audience from Harrison Ford, and Jar Jar fucking Binks. At least we got this out of it:

Then we had another Star Wars movie drought until in 2015 when we got episode 7, which is the first Star Wars movie where the chronological and sequential numbers matched at last. It was the seventh Star Wars movie made, AND the seventh episode in the story.

But then they had to go and screw that up by releasing Rogue One, which is the 8th movie made, but is set between episodes 3 and 4, kinda making it episode 3.5. I’m not even mad though, because it is still thousands of times better than the prequel movies, and it gave us some wonderful new characters. 

My babies!!!

So here is a little chart I made on Excel:

My mom always said I would need to know how to use Excel one day. And she was right.

In conclusion, it is super confusing, and I don’t blame you or anyone else for not knowing what the fuck is going on!

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Oh my god I thought I was the only one who constantly breaks my rosin! I've got three of them in my room that shattered because I've dropped them and currently have one that I so far haven't dropped yet. Also, for orchestra problems, being told that 'Viola is a boy instrument, why don't you play violin?' And I'm sure as a bassist, u must get that constantly because 'bass is a boy instrument' get ur genders away from my instrument

Every time it’s
“You’re a girl, you’re too short to play bass”
Like seriously? My friend is 6 feet tall and can’t play bass for his life but he’s more fit to play bass than I am because I’m 5'3"?
Two of my friends that play flute are guys, and it wouldn’t be a big deal if they didn’t take so much hate for it. People see a guy playing flute as being “gay” or “weak”, but one of them has had a girlfriend for well over a year and the other guy has been the crush of at least half of our band at one point or another.

Take stereotypes and break them.

~ Adeline

omg but what if lucy goes to bed as always and when she wakes up natsu is snoring beside her all sweaty and dirty and tired from his trip and she doesn’t even know what is real anymore because natsu is back and he is snoring loudly in her bed and she doesn’t know how to react so she just stares at him in disbelief and all emotions come crashing in at once but he’s just sleeping all innocent with a small smile on his lips as his face is pressing against her pillow and her heart just melts when he snuggles closer and she doesn’t care about anything except for the fact that he’s back

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Topp Dogg! ♡  
  • Ruki: Guys, out of all the kaomoji that you use - which one do you like the best?
  • Ruki: Pwease ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ (he spelled it like toddlers talk)
  • Sakimasa: \(^o^)/ I'd say this one.
  • Ruki: That's a surprisingly normal one! ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ
  • Ruki: I haven't read all your replies yet but so far these are the 3 best ones: ( ‾᷄꒫‾᷅ )⸜( ⌓̈ )⸝ (•̀௦•́)و laugh