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Apparently the dust from the episode is settling a little because now I’m getting fluff plot bunnies instead of just feelsy serious ones lol

Silence settled in. Both Sherlock and Molly said nothing, barely hazarding a glance at each other. It took a few moments before Sherlock finally jumped back in. 

“Regardless of everything else, the fact still remains that I did say it first!”

Molly sputtered out a laugh. “Sherlock, I made you say it. Not sure that truly counts. You thought I was going to blow up!” 

“Mm,” he hummed in a doubting tone.

“You did think so!”

“But perhaps on some level I had deduced that it was indeed foolish for Eurus to blow up your flat and kill you and therefore wasn’t pushed to finally speak the words out of fear for your safety alone!”

“That is not what you were thinking at the time, admit it,” she laughed.

“Unconsciously, Molly, my mind can do truly amazing things!” he stated haughtily.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, because even if the words left your lips first, I was the one who felt it first. Years, Sherlock!” She gently elbowed him.

“Again, definitely debatable!” he stubbornly insisted. “I am excellent at repressing emotion; been perfecting the skill for years! I may have been in love with you since the very first moment I walked into Bart’s lab and demanded to borrow some chemicals.”

Molly chuckled lightly as she left his side and crossed the room. This produced a deep frown on Sherlock’s brow as he propped himself up on his elbows…against the pillows on Molly’s bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked in what was to Molly an endearingly desperate tone.

“I do actually have to go to work, Sherlock,” Molly reminded him as she discarded her sleep shirt, well, his tee shirt, and began throwing clothes on for Bart’s. “As appealing as it is to stay here and repeat this little argument, I can’t be late.”

“Ooh, I think you could a little,” he said, his lips lifting in a little smirk as he got up to wrap his arms around her from behind. He dropped his voice much lower and whispered in her ear. “I’ll say it again if you’d like.”

Molly turned around to drape her arms around his neck as she grinned up at him. “Oh will you? Like you mean it?”

Sherlock nodded slowly, his eyes gently caressing her face. He dropped his head a bit so their lips were near touching as he murmured the words. “I. Love. You.”

She scrunched up her shoulders a little and bit her bottom lip, very pleasantly effected by the sound of his words. “I could listen to that all day,” she whispered back.

“That can absolutely be arranged.”

He’d barely got those words out before Molly grabbed his lips with hers, tugging him in tighter against her and quickly deepening the kiss. Not even the Consulting Detective could have deduced that she was about to pull away abruptly.

“Ok, now I really do have to go,” she said with an apologetic little smile while slipping away to grab her cardigan on her way to the bedroom door.

“W-what? You really are leaving?” he questioned wide eyed.

“I’ll be back probably by six.” She pointed a warning finger at him. “No experiments in the kitchen while I’m at work, please! And I’ve got a busy schedule today so if you’re thinking of popping in you’d better call first.”

Sherlock raised a teasing brow. “Only if you promise to actually pick up the phone.”

Molly narrowed her eyes, twisting her lips to prevent her laughter as she gave him a playful warning glare. “Save it. We’ll try that argument again later.”

“Ooh good,” Sherlock agreed with a boyish grin. “I like where that one always ends up.”

BUCKLER:   tfw u find the perfect modern fc but 75% of her pics are black and white bc she was popular back in the 1950′s

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I think Josh will end up raising chickens somewhere in Spain if he continues like this. Jennifer deserves better than him.

Ahhh, I see someone is making the rounds with the same question again. Well I feel about as sorry for him as one would for a guy who has too much money and time to do with it. How simply dreadful. So basically:

He’ll be fine. He’ll emerge from his greasy slacker cocoon when he’s good and ready. Or he won’t and his leech friends will move on to someone more popular and he’ll still be fine. 

ok so i’ve been looking into getting an esa for my anxiety and depression. it’s not the hardest process, but i’m worrried it wont work out. i just sent in an inquiry about a dog and i’m not sure when i’ll here back but i’m very nervous. has anyone done it before/what was the process like?

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In comparison to a hog nose, how poisonous is ham? I keep trying to find information on them in terms of their venom. I understand you using the hook, but are they safe to handle by hand or is a bite serious enough to really warrant stick handling and are they rather bite happy?

Supposedly just a bit worse than a hog but can still make your hand hurt and puffy for up to a week. (Which is a big deal for me, as I use my hands for work like… big time. A bite in the right place might leave me unable to work for a lil bit.) The big difference between Ham and a hognose is Boiga are a lot more likely to bite and their fang placement and head shape mean they can envenomate on strike. They don’t need to walk their teeth onto you like a hog. Boiga can just bite and get in. Better delivery system and more likely to try it.

Also part of the hook use is to practice for more toxic Boiga species!

I don’t see why people are assuming that ‘redemption equals death’ is the end all be all of redemption arcs.

Like I get that it’s really common nowadays, RIDICULOUSLY so, but it always felt to me like lazy writing. Like ‘I don’t know how to make this character interesting if they aren’t an antagonist’.

Maybe it’s because I grew up with shows where redemption = becoming the awkward 'used to be your mortal enemy’ teammate (Vegeta from DBZ anyone?)

I mean, there’s plenty of ways to get a major sacrifice, if you really want it, to solidify a redemption arc. A symbolic death, where the character sacrifices something very important to them because doing the right thing/helping the hero is more necessary (like, say for example, Strickler losing his human form maybe???). There’s also the 'almost dying to protect the hero’ type thing, where a character gets almost mortally wounded but does survive and proves themselves a loyal member of the team. There’s the 'character had a chance to rejoin the evil side and it looks like they will but instead they attack the big bad and/or side with the heroes visibly’.

Anyway, them’s just my thoughts.