is as magda says


i love how magda says ,,wet tissue"

American Nightmare Coda

He isn’t sure what Beth wants but it doesn’t really matter. Sam needs a minute with the kid.
He’s bonding with her, and Dean can’t even be grumpy about it. After all, Dean has Krissy and Cas has Claire. If Sam wants to adopt a stray, there’s not a lot Dean can do about, or even should do about it.
At least it’s not four legged and furry.
“He really cares about her,” Beth says glancing back at the ambulance. Magda is leaning against Sam now, a little bloody but almost peaceful looking.
“Yeah. He does that.”
“And you? Do you care about people?” Beth says and fuck. There is no way he could miss the invitation in her tone or the scribbled on card she’s slipping into his pocket.
“You should call me,” She says softly, smiling. “Maybe next time leave the gun at home.”
He grins at that and opens his mouth.
What comes out though. That surprises the hell outta him.
“I’m with someone.”
She kinda hiccups in her movement, a hitch of surprise and she assesses him.
“I almost think that’s a line. But it’s not. You really do care about her.”
“Him,” Dean corrects absently, because apparently his brain has gone on vacation.
She smirks, “Lucky bastard.”
“I really am,” Dean says, smiling wide.
She pats the pocket with her card. “I really hope I don’t hear from you. But. If it doesn’t work out. Call me.” She presses a kiss to his cheek before she saunters away and he grins.
In his pocket, his phone vibrates. A text from Castiel.
Hunting with Crowley is very frustrating.
He almost laughs. He can picture the grumpy expression, the adorable scowl.
He misses the angel’s pissy anger. He just misses the angel.
Where are you now?
a tiny bubble of dots tells him Cas is responding snd he types quickly, before he can talk himself out of it.
I miss you.
The bubble disappears and his heart almost stops.
The phone ringing restarts it, kicks him right into a fucking panic attack.
“Hey, Cas.”
He doesn’t know what he expects. An update on Lucifer. A Hello, Dean. A question about Mary.
Instead, there’s a soft sigh, sheer happy contentment, and he can hear the smile in the angel’s voice when he says, his voice deep and steady as the thunder over the plains, "I miss you as well.“

rozf  asked:

“It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.”

Okay so it took forever (of course when I say I have time, I have no inspirations) and I ended up changing it a little, but here it is!

You’ve ruined men for me, Erik scrawls across the top of his notes, just under the spot where he’s written Charles, erased it, and written it again.  He regrets all of this immediately because Magda pulls his notebook out of his hands to her side of the table.

“Are you serious?” she asks, raising her eyebrow accusingly at him even as she copies down whatever note it is that she’s missing.

Erik slouches back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.  “I’m always serious,” he grumbles.  Magda should know that–she’s been his best friend forever.

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