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Have you seen me? A fear submitted by Chelsea to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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Ambulance Drivers, Non-Commissioned Officers (c.1940). Elsie Gledstanes (English, 1891-1982). Oil on board. Imperial War Museum, London.

Two female NCOs of the Auxiliary Ambulance Service in a cloakroom of an ambulance station. One stands on the left wearing a greatcoat over her blue uniform with a cigarette in her hand, whilst the other sits and consults a book or manual. There are waterproof coats hanging on the wall and various bits of equipment on the floor.


I keep thinking about that puppet in the battle with Djimmi and an au where the little mini bosses and such became good as well. I like to imagine this guy wanting so badly to be friends with Cup and Mug but it’s a little rocky with Cup, due to the battle. But Mug is there to ease the tension and they all become three amigos. I was thinking of his name to be like Tippy or something!

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