is arousal and emotion

* ( descriptive writing. )

Some words to use when writing things:

  • winking
  • clenching
  • pulsing
  • fluttering
  • contracting
  • twitching
  • sucking
  • quivering
  • pulsating
  • throbbing
  • beating
  • thumping
  • thudding
  • pounding
  • humming
  • palpitate
  • vibrate
  • grinding
  • crushing
  • hammering
  • lashing
  • knocking
  • driving
  • thrusting
  • pushing
  • force
  • injecting
  • filling
  • dilate
  • stretching
  • lingering
  • expanding
  • bouncing
  • reaming
  • elongate
  • enlarge
  • unfolding
  • yielding
  • sternly
  • firmly
  • tightly
  • harshly
  • thoroughly
  • consistently
  • precision
  • accuracy
  • carefully
  • demanding
  • strictly
  • restriction
  • meticulously
  • scrupulously
  • rigorously
  • rim
  • edge
  • lip
  • circle
  • band
  • encircling
  • enclosing
  • surrounding
  • piercing
  • curl
  • lock
  • twist
  • coil
  • spiral
  • whorl
  • dip
  • wet
  • soak
  • madly
  • wildly
  • noisily
  • rowdily
  • rambunctiously
  • decadent
  • degenerate
  • immoral
  • indulgent
  • accept
  • take
  • invite
  • nook
  • indentation
  • niche
  • depression
  • indent
  • depress
  • delay
  • tossing
  • writhing
  • flailing
  • squirming
  • rolling
  • wriggling
  • wiggling
  • thrashing
  • struggling
  • grappling
  • striving
  • straining

Appetite -

craving, demand, gluttony, greed, hunger, inclination, insatiable, longing, lust, passion, ravenousness, relish, taste, thirst, urge, voracity, weakness, willingness, yearning, ardor, dedication, desire, devotion, enthusiasm, excitement, fervor, horny, intensity, keenness, wholeheartedness, zeal

Arouse -

agitate, awaken, electrify, enliven, excite, entice, foment, goad, incite, inflame, instigate, kindle, provoke, rally, rouse, spark, stimulate, stir, thrill, waken, warm, whet, attract, charm, coax, fire up, fuel, heat up, lure, produce, stir up, tantalize, tease, tempt, thrum, torment, wind up, work up

Assault -

attack, advancing, aggressive, assailing, charging, incursion, inundated, invasion, offensive, onset, onslaught, overwhelmed, ruinous, tempestuous, strike, violation, ambush, assail, barrage, bombard, bombardment, crackdown, wound

Beautiful -

admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, bewitching, charming, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, exquisite, fascinating, gorgeous, graceful, grand, magnificent, marvelous, pleasing, radiant, ravishing, resplendent, splendid, stunning, sublime, attractive, beguiling, captivating, enchanting, engaging, enthralling, eye-catching, fetching, fine, fine-looking, good-looking, handsome, inviting, lovely, mesmeric, mesmerizing, pretty, rakish, refined, striking, tantalizing, tempting

Brutal -

atrocious, barbarous, bloodthirsty, callous, cruel, feral, ferocious, hard, harsh, heartless, inhuman, merciless, murderous, pitiless, remorseless, rough, rude, ruthless, savage, severe, terrible, unmerciful, vicious, bestial, brute, brutish, cold-blooded, fierce, gory, nasty, rancorous, sadistic, uncompromising, unfeeling, unforgiving, unpitying, violent, wild

Burly –

able-bodied, athletic, beefy, big, brawny, broad-shouldered, bulky, dense, enormous, great, hard, hardy, hearty, heavily built, heavy, hefty, huge, husky, immense, large, massive, muscular, mighty, outsized, oversized, powerful, powerfully built, prodigious, robust, solid, stalwart, stocky, stout, strapping, strong, strongly built, sturdy, thick, thickset, tough, well-built, well-developed

Carnal -

animalistic, bodily, impure, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, licentious, lustful, physical, prurient, salacious, sensuous, voluptuous, vulgar, wanton, , coarse, crude, dirty, raunchy, rough, unclean

Dangerous -

alarming, critical, fatal, formidable, impending, malignant, menacing, mortal, nasty, perilous, precarious, pressing, serious, terrible, threatening, treacherous, urgent, vulnerable, wicked, acute, damaging, deadly, death-defying, deathly, destructive, detrimental, explosive, grave, harmful, hazardous, injurious, lethal, life-threatening, noxious, poisonous, risky, severe, terrifying, toxic, unsafe, unstable, venomous

Dark -

atrocious, corrupt, forbidding, foul, infernal, midnight, morbid, ominous, sinful, sinister, somber, threatening, twilight, vile, wicked, abject, alarming, appalling, baleful, bizarre, bleak, bloodcurdling, boding evil, chilling, cold, condemned, creepy, damned, daunting, demented, desolate, dire, dismal, disturbing, doomed, dour, dread, dreary, dusk, eerie, fear, fearsome, frightening, ghastly, ghostly, ghoulish, gloom, gloomy, grave, grim, grisly, gruesome, hair-raising, haunted, hideous, hopeless, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrific, horrifying, horror, ill-fated, ill-omened, ill-starred, inauspicious, inhospitable, looming, lost, macabre, malice, malignant, menacing, murky, mysterious, night, panic, pessimistic, petrifying, scary, shadows, shadowy, shade, shady, shocking, soul-destroying, sour, spine-chilling, spine-tingling, strange, terrifying, uncanny, unearthly, unlucky, unnatural, unnerving, weird, wretched

Delicious -

enticing, exquisite, luscious, lush, rich, savory, sweet, tasty, tempting, appetizing, delectable, flavorsome, full of flavor, juicy, lip-smacking, mouth-watering, piquant, relish, ripe, salty, spicy, scrummy, scrumptious, succulent, tangy, tart, tasty, yummy, zesty

Ecstasy -

delectation, delirium, elation, euphoria, fervor, frenzy, joy, rapture, transport, bliss, excitement, happiness, heaven, high, paradise, rhapsody, thrill, blissful, delighted, elated, extremely happy, in raptures (of delight), in seventh heaven, jubilant, on cloud nine, overexcited, overjoyed, rapturous, thrilled

Ecstatic -

delirious, enraptured, euphoric, fervent, frenzied, joyous, transported, wild

Erotic -

amatory, amorous, aphrodisiac, carnal, earthy, erogenous, fervid, filthy, hot, impassioned, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, raw, romantic, rousing, salacious, seductive, sensual, sexual, spicy, steamy, stimulating, suggestive, titillating, voluptuous, tantalizing

Gasp -

catch of breath, choke, gulp, heave, inhale, pant, puff, snort, wheeze, huff, rasp, sharp intake of air, short of breath, struggle for breath, swallow, winded

Heated -

ardent, avid, excited, fervent, fervid, fierce, fiery, frenzied, furious, impassioned, intense, passionate, raging, scalding, scorched, stormy, tempestuous, vehement, violent, ablaze, aflame, all-consuming, blazing, blistering, burning, crazed, explosive, febrile, feverish, fired up, flaming, flushed, frantic, hot, hot-blooded, impatient, incensed, maddening, obsessed, possessed, randy, searing, sizzling, smoldering, sweltering, torrid, turbulent, volatile, worked up, zealous

Hunger -

appetite, ache, craving, gluttony, greed, longing, lust, mania, mouth-watering, ravenous, voracious, want, yearning, thirst

Hungry -

avid, carnivorous, covetous, craving, eager, greedy, hungered, rapacious, ravenous, starved, unsatisfied, voracious, avaricious, desirous, famished, grasping, insatiable, keen, longing, predatory, ravening, starving, thirsty, wanting

Intense -

forceful, severe, passionate, acute, agonizing, ardent, anxious, biting, bitter, burning, close, consuming, cutting, deep, eager, earnest, excessive, exquisite, extreme, fervent, fervid, fierce, forcible, great, harsh, impassioned, keen, marked, piercing, powerful, profound, severe, sharp, strong, vehement, violent, vivid, vigorous

Liquid -

damp, cream, creamy, dripping, ichorous, juicy, moist, luscious, melted, moist, pulpy, sappy, soaking, solvent, sopping, succulent, viscous, wet / aqueous, broth, elixir, extract, flux, juice, liquor, nectar, sap, sauce, secretion, solution, vitae, awash, moisture, boggy, dewy, drenched, drip, drop, droplet, drowning, flood, flooded, flowing, fountain, jewel, leaky, milky, overflowing, saturated, slick, slippery, soaked, sodden, soggy, stream, swamp, tear, teardrop, torrent, waterlogged, watery, weeping

Lithe -

agile, lean, pliant, slight, spare, sinewy, slender, supple, deft, fit, flexible, lanky, leggy, limber, lissom, lissome, nimble, sinuous, skinny, sleek, slender, slim, svelte, trim, thin, willowy, wiry

Moan -

beef, cry, gripe, grouse, grumble, lament, lamentation, plaint, sob, wail, whine, bemoan, bewail, carp, deplore, grieve, gripe, grouse, grumble, keen, lament, sigh, sob, wail, whine, mewl

Moving -

(exciting,) affecting, effective  arousing, awakening, breathless, dynamic, eloquent, emotional, emotive, expressive, fecund, far-out, felt in gut, grabbed by, gripping, heartbreaking, heartrending, impelling, impressive, inspirational, meaningful, mind-bending, mind-blowing, motivating, persuasive, poignant, propelling, provoking, quickening, rallying, rousing, significant, stimulating, simulative, stirring, stunning, touching, awe-inspiring, energizing, exhilarating, fascinating, heart pounding, heart stopping, inspiring, riveting, thrilling

Need -

compulsion, demand, desperate, devoir, extremity, impatient longing, must, urge, urgency / desire, appetite, avid, burn, craving, eagerness, fascination, greed, hunger, insatiable, longing, lust, taste, thirst, voracious, want, yearning, ache, addiction, aspiration, desire, fever, fixation, hankering, hope, impulse, inclination, infatuation, itch, obsession, passion, pining, wish, yen

Pain -

ache, afflict, affliction, agony, agonize, anguish, bite, burn, chafe, distress, fever, grief, hurt, inflame, laceration, misery, pang, punish, sting, suffering, tenderness, throb, throe, torment, torture, smart

Painful -

aching, agonizing, arduous, awful, biting, burning, caustic, dire, distressing, dreadful, excruciating, extreme, grievous, inflamed, piercing, raw, sensitive, severe, sharp, tender, terrible, throbbing, tormenting, angry, bleeding, bloody, bruised, cutting, hurting, injured, irritated, prickly, skinned, smarting, sore, stinging, unbearable, uncomfortable, upsetting, wounded

Perverted -

aberrant, abnormal, corrupt, debased, debauched, defiling, depraved, deviant, monstrous, tainted, twisted, vicious, warped, wicked, abhorrent, base, decadent, degenerate, degrading, dirty, disgusting, dissipated, dissolute, distasteful, hedonistic, immodest, immoral, indecent, indulgent, licentious, nasty, profligate, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, shameful, shameless, sickening, sinful, smutty, sordid, unscrupulous, vile

Pleasurable -

charming, gratifying, luscious, satisfying, savory, agreeable, delicious, delightful, enjoyable, nice, pleasant, pleasing, soothing, succulent

Pleasure -

bliss, delight, gluttony, gratification, relish, satisfaction, thrill, adventure, amusement, buzz, contentment, delight, desire, ecstasy, enjoyment, excitement, fun, happiness, harmony, heaven, joy, kick, liking, paradise, seventh heaven


avaricious, ferocious, furious, greedy, predatory, ravening, ravenous, savage, voracious, aggressive, gluttonous, grasping, insatiable, marauding, plundering

Rapture -

bliss, ecstasy, elation, exaltation, glory, gratification, passion, pleasure, floating, unbridled joy

Rigid -

adamant, austere, definite, determined, exact, firm, hard, rigorous, solid, stern, uncompromising, unrelenting, unyielding, concrete, fixed, harsh, immovable, inflexible, obstinate, resolute, resolved, severe, steadfast, steady, stiff, strong, strict, stubborn, taut, tense, tight, tough, unbending, unchangeable, unwavering

Sudden -

abrupt, accelerated, acute, fast, flashing, fleeting, hasty, headlong, hurried, immediate, impetuous, impulsive, quick, quickening, rapid, rash, rushing, swift, brash, brisk, brusque, instant, instantaneous, out of the blue, reckless, rushed, sharp, spontaneous, urgent, without warning

Thrust -

(forward) advance, drive, forge, impetus, impulsion, lunge, momentum, onslaught, poke, pressure, prod, propulsion, punch, push, shove, power, proceed, progress, propel

(push hard) assail, assault, attack, bear down, buck, drive, force, heave, impale, impel, jab, lunge, plunge, press, pound, prod, ram, shove, stab, transfix, urge, bang, burrow, cram, gouge, jam, pierce, punch, slam, spear, spike, stick

Thunder-struck -

amazed, astonished, aghast, astounded, awestruck, confounded, dazed, dazed, dismayed, overwhelmed, shocked, staggered, startled, stunned, gob-smacked, bewildered, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, horrified, incredulous, surprised, taken aback

Torment -

agony, anguish, hurt, misery, pain, punishment, suffering, afflict, angst, conflict, distress, grief, heartache, misfortune, nightmare, persecute, plague, sorrow, strife, tease, test, trial, tribulation, torture, turmoil, vex, woe

Touch -

(physical) - blow, brush, caress, collide, come together, contact, converge, crash, cuddle, embrace, feel, feel up, finger, fondle, frisk, glance, glide, graze, grope, handle, hit, hug, impact, join, junction, kiss, lick, line, manipulate, march, massage, meet, nudge, palm, partake, pat, paw, peck, pet, pinch, probe, push, reach, rub, scratch, skim, slide, smooth, strike, stroke, suck, sweep, tag, tap, taste, thumb, tickle, tip, touching, toy, bite, bump, burrow, buss, bury, circle, claw, clean, clutch, cover, creep, crush, cup, curl, delve, dig, drag, draw, ease, edge, fiddle with, flick, flit, fumble, grind, grip, grub, hold, huddle, knead, lap, lave, lay a hand on, maneuver, manhandle, mash, mold, muzzle, neck, nestle, nibble, nip, nuzzle, outline, play, polish, press, pull, rasp, ravish, ream, rim, run, scoop, scrabble, scrape, scrub, shave, shift, shunt, skate, slip, slither, smack, snake, snuggle, soothe, spank, splay, spread, squeeze, stretch, swipe, tangle, tease, thump, tongue, trace, trail, tunnel twiddle, twirl, twist, tug, work, wrap

(mental) - communicate, examine, inspect, perception, scrutinize

Wet -

bathe, bleed, burst, cascade, course, cover, cream, damp, dampen, deluge, dip, douse, drench, dribble, drip, drizzle, drool, drop, drown, dunk, erupt, flood, flow, gush, immerse, issue, jet, leach, leak, moisten, ooze, overflow, permeate, plunge, pour, rain, rinse, run, salivate, saturate, secrete, seep, shower, shoot, slaver, slobber, slop, slosh, sluice, spill, soak, souse, spew, spit, splash, splatter, spout, spray, sprinkle, spurt, squirt, steep, stream, submerge, surge, swab, swamp, swill, swim, trickle, wash, water

Wicked -

abominable, amoral, atrocious, awful, base, barbarous, dangerous, debased, depraved, distressing, dreadful, evil, fearful, fiendish, fierce, foul, heartless, hazardous, heinous, immoral, indecent, intense, mean, nasty, naughty, nefarious, offensive, profane, scandalous, severe, shameful, shameless, sinful, terrible, unholy, vicious, vile, villainous, wayward, bad, criminal, cruel, deplorable, despicable, devious, ill-intentioned, impious, impish, iniquitous, irreverent, loathsome, Machiavellian, mad, malevolent, malicious, merciless, mischievous, monstrous, perverse, ruthless, spiteful, uncaring, unkind, unscrupulous, vindictive, virulent, wretched

Writhe -

agonize, bend, jerk, recoil, lurch, plunge, slither, squirm, struggle, suffer, thrash, thresh, twist, wiggle, wriggle, angle, arc, bow, buck, coil, contort, convulse, curl, curve, fidget, fight, flex, go into spasm, grind, heave, jiggle, jolt, kick, rear, reel, ripple, resist, roll, lash, lash out, screw up, shake, shift, slide, spasm, stir, strain, stretch, surge, swell, swivel, thrust, turn violently, tussle, twitch, undulate, warp, worm, wrench, wrestle, yank


* Mars in the 1st/Mars in Aries: (men) you like submissive women and or men and someone whom you can dominate and conquer. The quickest way to arouse these males is by power plays. They like the idea of being challenged and sassed and “fought” so to speak they want to duke it out before they win the fight and an easy won fight can turn them off. So they tend to be drawn to the idea of earned submission from their partners. (Women) can be drawn to dominate and passionate men and like the idea of being conquered and tamed(seeing as how these women tend to be a force of nature) and usually they like the idea of “forced submission"The hair is a hotspot and hair pulling can be a common occurrence sexually here. Rough sex is a commonality and most people link mars in Scorpio to animalistic sex and I would say that’s more Aries mars natives.

* Mars in the 2nd/mars in Taurus(men) ideally these men love flesh they love the sensation of skin on skin and love and even romanticize the tender aspect of love making. They are usually aroused by their senses and tend to be easily aroused by “massages” and “rubbing” so to speak. You feel up on them in the right way(sensually) and you’ll have them going. Both guys and gals here tend to love a lot of touch in sex and need it to stay aroused. Women here are no different from the male counter parts and usually enjoy sensual stimulation and slow lovemaking. Both tend to hate being rushed no matter what house mars is resting in.

* Mars in the 3rd/mars in Gemini: “talk to me dirty” these males and females tend to be aroused by “communication” and anything they can visually and audio-bly witness. The enjoy sexting/nudes and sexual talk over the phone and in person. They have to be mentally aroused before they’re physically aroused and usually those two come in a pair so when trying to arouse these folks wordplay is keen sexual conduct! They tend to love communication during sex and like to hear all of the sounds you make as it make the act that much more intimate for them as mars here will tend to see communication as a form of intimacy.

* Mars in the 4th/mars in cancer: guys and gals here are all about vibes and tend to be aroused by emotional displays and emotional release and expression/connection. If any of these things are missing it can be super hard to turn these guys on especially since sex is super emotional for them and not something they can easily disengage from. So the best way to get them going is really to cater to their feelings. Not to say they can’t have casual flings but in all honesty it’s super rare that they do unless mars is afflicted as sex is a big matter for them. That being said breast and femininity turn them on(gay or otherwise) and touching as well as surrender arouse these individuals as it shows trust and intimacy.

* Mars in the 5th/mars in Leo: Mirrors-mirrors-Mirrors. They love to be worshiped and tend to be turned on by video recording their sexual endeavors! They like the idea of an audience mostly imaginary though. They are also towards the more dominate and “on top” role of things and males and women with this position are turned on when they have their back or the person their sleeping with has their back to them. Any position where they can be on their back and vice versa is appealing to them.The way to arouse men and women here is via worship and praise.(you know those bodybuilders that get off on muscle worship?) that’s I’d describe these guys. They lose their minds at praise and tend to be very lustful to the idea of being idealized and adored by their partner. Although the underdeveloped ones may be sexually selfish most tend to give out just as much praise to their partners when love making! But yeah attention is a turn on for them.

* Mars in the 6th/mars in Virgo: now I always hear about how cleanliness is a turn on for these folks and “oh my god the way you clean that counter makes me hard!” But I’ll be honest most I’ve known are very keenly attracted to “dominance” males tend to be sexually interested in being controlled or dominated or being the one enforcing the domination. Women can be drawn to more submissive and power surrendering roles as well. Masochist. Men can be easily aroused by “the first time” and innocence and the in experienced men/women. Women tend to like more domineering or forward male/female partners. CLEAN SEX is important to them and don’t even think they’ll take their clothes of if your hygiene is wild.

* Mars in the 7th: okay I’m doing this separately mainly because in my opinion people who have their mars in the 7th are way way different from mars in libra guys and gals. But for starters these guys and girls tend to be aroused by “passion” and “disputes” they actually act like Aries mars sexually and tend to find aggressive energy very sexually inviting. They usually are aroused by the idea of mutual arousal and mutual satisfaction similarly to mars in libra but in a more passionate way. Sex for them is a competition with their partner and or love interest and usually argumentative and willful sex is the name of the game. A battle of the wills so to speak. Women here can be turned on by a good debate and or argument. While men here can be turned on by disagreements and or confrontation. Sex here like libra is about mutual satisfaction.

* Mars in libra: these men and women are more on the passive side and may have a passive arousal pattern. Men here tend to be ambiguous in terms of what turns them on and can have varying triggers mainly based on the sign their venus is in which plays the role of their unconscious desire. For example a guys with his mars in libra and Venus in Scorpio may be turned on by genitalia and seduction via mystery and intensity. While a guys with mars in libra and Venus in Aquarius might be turned on by spontaneous sex or something on the border of kinky. Women here tend to be aroused by charm. They aren’t really aggressive or particularly into overly forward moves but once again as with the males Venus plays a big role here. But for the most part women like a bit of a more assertive taste sexually but not anything to cut and dry. Sex here is about mutual satisfaction in a peaceful and pleasure filled manner.

* Mars in the 8th/mars in Scorpio:(women) I’ve noticed women here aren’t aroused the same way men are. They tend to be more private and quiet about their pleasure and can be more into atmospheric means of arousal. These women are all about the scenery and the vibe. They are mainly aroused by the “situation” then the actual person. So as much as they like mr tall dark and mysterious they love the idea of the dimly lit room..the jewelry rubbing against their skin..the velvet sheets and so on. It’s all about textures for them. (Men) from what I’ve noticed are very much so turned on my the “moment” they LIVE for that one “moment” and the lead up to it. They can be very easily aroused by touch and perceived stimulation and or anticipation of a moment turning into something more. So if you intrigue them enough and give them the idea that something otherworldly(and or sexual) could occur via glances and movements and a small shake and jive here and there you’ve got them. Sex here is about control and how many ways you and them can lose said control.

* Mars in the 9th/mars in Sagittarius:👀"how many different ways can we experiment?“ These guys are super into the idea of trying new things and how many ways they can turn a mundane sexual escapade into an expansive sexual train so to speak 😭. (Guys) here are super turned on by excitement and a good time. Anything lighthearted and passionate is a turn o for them. Both guys and gals here are turned on by laughter and simplicity. There’s an edgy quality here that they are drawn to and that usually is intensity. Despite how lighthearted they may be they have a streak for being turned on by a lack of inhibition. (Women) here are turned on by passion and lust they like the idea of a uncontrollable sexual encounter that leads to a new awakening of sorts. The fast way to arouse these natives is “intrigue” like their opposite gemini they like the concept of being surprised and or having their curiosity peaked. So if you peak their interest in some way and overwhelm them with a passionate encounter and throw in some laughs here and there. Boom.

* Mars in the 10th/mars in Capricorn: “control me before I control you” these guys and gals are so military when it comes to sex like no lie. (Women/men) here can be into BDSM and anything where control is focal in the act. They tend to be aroused by moments and or situations where they can’t control themselves. Or situations where they might be restricted in some way from allowing themselves full sexual outlet. Men can be very aggressive and intense sexually and run on the colder side. Men here can be aroused by physical touch and physical intimacy while women can be turned on by dominance and touch as well. These guys are more vanilla sexually and into more traditional roles be it gay or heterosexual. (Mind you all earth placements have stamina but I’d say these guys take the cake)

* Mars in the 11th/mars in Aquarius:“mr and Mrs I’m not really here” these guys are kinda icy sexually and tend to have very fluctuating sexual moods. That border on hay lets go to hey let’s not. These guys are mentally sexual and can be turned on by the idea or concept of a sexual ideal. That being said they are very easily aroused and can be aroused by litturly anything. But that being said mentally they are turned on by communication and “mental visualization”(men) here can be cold and aloof in bed and seem hard to reach during the act but they are there trust me in fact sex is usually very deep for mars in Aquarius females and males they just process the act differently. (Females) can be emotionally gone or “blank” durning sex and can easily be somewhere else while it’s going on and seemingly in another moment of time. Both are usually turned on by the idea of sex itself but can vary on their emotional state and wherever Uranus is placed on how and when they would be aroused. These guys and gals run hot and cold and can sometimes be an entirely different person after the act is over as what they wanted in that moment sexually might be completely different and or non existent the next.

* Mars in the 12th/mars in Pisces: these guys and gals are mr and Mrs versatile. They are super fluid and a basic combination of all the variously mentioned mars positions since they are the last house and sign. That being said males and females here don’t have a specific gender archetype and I won’t be differencing between males and females for this one. They can be aroused by anything I’ve mentioned above and tend to actually need a strong emotional component and connection to their arousal as well. Sexually they can be very elusive and vague and may be so ethereal and fluid you won’t even come back from the sexual experience the same. They are extremely seductive and cloudy. So at times I call this the sexual fluid hot spot since many of the people I know with this sleep with guys and gals and guys and gals who seem to lose their own boundaries of sexuality when in contact with these people. That being said they can be either motionless and quiet in bed or very entrancing and moldable in bed like water there is litturly no in between. They get off on servicing the same way mars in Virgo does but via sacrifice. They actually fantasize about “losing themselves”

- Alright that being said this post isn’t meant to be taken to seriously and most of it is based on experience and stories from friends! None of what I said is set in stone nor is it something like a dis or shot at anyone’s mars sign or house placement. I really love all of you and I hope this post of anything gives you a laugh or maybe a little relatable aha :) but yeah bless 🎲🎲🎲

Zodiac Checklist: Aquarius
  • ☑: Your used to having a 'noisy head'; and can easily get lost in the company of your own thoughts
  • ☑: You have a tremendous imagination but still find yourself applying scientific evidence to everything presented to you
  • ☑: You love humanity but loathe people
  • ☑: It is hard to arouse emotions within yourself; your in relationships, although they just feel as though they are 'closer friends
  • ☑: You will argue something until you have proved your point, and proved to others why they should also value this ideal
  • ☑: You feel at one with the crowd and your friends, then the familiar wave overcomes you and you need to be alone, away
  • ☑: You are more responsible than you seem, you feel intense duty for secret, higher purposes
What a Wagging Tail Really Means

“Oh look how happy that dog is! I’m going to pet this dog because it is obviously happy to see me!” *Immediately gets bit*

A wagging tail does NOT automatically mean “happy and friendly dog who wants to see me!” It could! But it sometimes doesn’t. 

A wagging tail simply means an intent or willingness to interact. It is an emotional response or arousal. It does not say whether that intent is playful, friendly, or aggressive. Therefore, the other body language signals the dog is expressing should be carefully read and interpreted as well, instead of automatically assuming that a wagging tail is a happy one.  

anonymous asked:

Is there any other evidence of Barry being canonically bi?

There’s no real “Evidence”, no.

However, if you examine the show through a queer lens and take subtext into account, I think there’s some indication of mutual attraction between him and Eddie, him and Len, him and Oliver, and maybe other hints besides.

To preface, before I go into that, it’s important to note that Barry is (wonderfully so) a character who sometimes eschews traditional gender norms. He cries and wears his heart on his sleeve, is sometimes the one being saved by his lady love (like he’s the one saved by true love’s kiss in 3x17 [Duet]) and has a body type that isn’t the muscle-bound huge-armed male power fantasy we’ve come to associate with male superheroes.

So we have to take that into consideration when we consider Barry. Is he just a feminist and emotionally self-aware dude who is comfortable enough with himself to eschew gender norms, or does he have an actual attraction to more than one gender (and in this case, looking more specifically at whether he’s attracted to men and male-aligned folks). Let’s see if we can figure out if he’s just comfortable in his own skin or if there’s any attraction going on.

First, taking the easiest example, let’s look at how he sometimes negotiates his relationship with Eddie. Although not inherently romantic, we’ve got Barry thinking flowers are the right gift to get Eddie in the hospital.

Originally posted by deanhasabigdickinsidesammy

There’s some guilt and layers to Barry being worried about Eddie here, and it is a very sweet thing for Barry to do to bring him flowers, but it’s still atypical.

There’s a lot more that gives us something more concrete to work with though. Like the scene between him and Eddie where Eddie is trying to help Barry get out his anger and he’s holding the punching bag for Barry, and the “harder” line?

Originally posted by dracoharry

Originally posted by bisexuals-r-us

Originally posted by serialwolf15

If you take off straight goggles (which is basically how you put on a queer lens), this becomes a lot more… charged. The way Eddie starts stripping right there for Barry to watch, pectorals pronounced? The way Barry glances down at Eddie’s body? The smirk when Eddie tells him to hit it harder?

I’ll include this example too, mostly because it made me laugh so hard:

Originally posted by ludi-lin

(Barry only shifts away from Eddie after Eddie pushes for more space, note).

And of course, what I think of as one of the more telling examples, Barry’s fantasy world / daydream in which Eddie and looks at him like he hung the freaking moon:

Originally posted by neulina

Eddie’s admiration is important to Barry, like very important. And obviously there is survivor’s guilt and layers to that, but just freaking look at Eddie’s expression. That’s Barry’s fantasy expression for how he wants Eddie to look at him. Awed. Admiring. In love.

So okay, queer lens, some indications of Barry being attracted to Eddie. 

(For the record and as a bit of an aside, early in the show, Cisco also compliments Eddie and how attractive he is when Barry’s basically staring at Eddie with Iris at the bar. There’s tons of canon “evidence” for Cisco also being like, super bi. The way he compliments Eddie and “Jay” (Hunter)’s bodies and forms, the Chronicles of Cisco episode where he talks about Captain Cold’s blue eyes being mesmerizing. Cisco is Not Straight.)

Moving on.

Barry’s response to Hartley’s flirting doesn’t give us much.

Originally posted by nearsatan

Because he mostly just looks a bit put upon by it? Doesn’t flirt back, but he doesn’t say anything disparaging either. And we know that the actors weren’t unaware of how close they were standing in the earlier scene, based on the blooper reel:

Originally posted by saraliz36

(here’s the actual scene:

Originally posted by illyakuryiakin

kind of intense, huh?)

Then of course there is the tension between Barry and Len which becomes especially palpable in 1x22. But there’s a flirting sort of lean to how Len asks for a ride back to town in 1x16 after the woods scene, and how close Barry gets to him to threaten him about not hurting anyone Barry cares about.

Originally posted by barryallendaily

Then of course there is the space thing here:

Originally posted by coldsflash

If you want a reference, preferred interpersonal distance among acquaintances in USA is ~2 feet. This is far more of the “intimate” distance category (Sorokowska et al. 2017). Barry gets weirdly close to Len at times (and like I pointed out above, got weirdly close to Hartley).

Originally posted by coldsflash

(Not that Len’s always complaining based on his own expressions…)

Moving on more.

Barry and Oliver’s relationship could be interpreted as mentor/mentee, older/younger brother, or just friends. But there’s also an easy flirting-type bent to do it, a lot of the time.

Originally posted by ghostthinxx

(Look at these dorks and tell me they’re not flirting, honestly).

Originally posted by reignssquad

Look at how Barry looks at him. (Is this even canon? Is this a blooper? Or is Barry’s crush just that obvious?)

Then you’ve got Barry being distracted by Oliver’s arms and then both unable to suppress smiles because again, they practically can’t help but be a step away from flirting one with another at all times?

Originally posted by oliversmoaked

And look at how Ollie looks at him ffs. You’d have to pay me to convince me that Oliver isn’t trying to reel in thoughts of the things he’s tempted to do to Barry right here.

Originally posted by onlyscientist

(They have a lot of chemistry; it’s part of why the crossovers always work so well).

Anyway, it’s clear Barry admires Oliver a lot and is eager to introduce him and talk him up.

Originally posted by dailysupergirlgifs

(Barry, honey, your crush is showing. Even Iris isn’t as obvious about her crush on Oliver).

And like, this been since Barry was introduced to the DCTV canon. Pretty sure his crush on The Arrow predates his crush on Oliver.

Originally posted by barthallens

(There’s some moment in this episode where he mentions how wonderful and handsome Oliver is so of course Felicity is in love with him. It’s written to sound jealous and downtrodden but he’s basically there acknowledging how attractive he thinks Ollie is).

And then this line, I mean.

Originally posted by supercanaries

I’m sure there’s a straighter way to say that…

So, in sum, looking across a few of his dealings with other men in the show, particularly men a few to many years older than him who don’t fit a parental role but instead challenge him? Especially men with broad chests and large shoulders? Barry displays some signs that we can take as attraction to these men, if we’re willing to set aside the heteronormative lens and put on a queer one.

None of this is conclusive, of course, and there are straight men who are going to display the traits Barry is here. But note that none of this is about, say, hugging men (like dragging Oliver in for hugs) and eschewing toxic masculinity by talking about his feelings. And it’s so much more than just complimenting these men. So none of this is coming from a place of “if you aren’t embodied toxic masculinity then you’re inherently queer”. 

It’s about how he looks at them and their chemistry, the way they flirt, the way he embeds himself into the space of men, using challenge as an excuse to get right up and personal with them. The line between “heart thumping from fear-stress” and “heart pumping from attraction-arousal” is a crazy thin one, so thin it can be misinterpreted by people about their own emotions, and they misattribute fear as arousal (Dutton and Aron 1974).

So… I think a queer reading of Barry is a pretty valid one. I truly read him as bi and have from season 1.

22 Common Mistakes by Non-Native Speakers

I’ve compiled a short list of some very common and sometimes embarrassing mistakes made by non-native speakers of Spanish that are almost always a clue that the person doing this is not fluent or wholly proficient in Spanish.

This isn’t a complete list, it’s things that I’ve thought of as very common. So if I’ve missed any of your most embarrassing mistakes or you have some other examples, send them in!

1. Overusing a personal pronoun

In some cases, the use of a personal pronoun (yo, tú, nosotros) is not necessary. In Spanish, most verbs have a specific conjugation that applies to a certain subject that are unique… so there’s less of a reason to add a pronoun. When you do, you sound overly emphatic.

hablo = I speak

yo hablo = the one who is speaking is me

This can be a useful thing to know if you’re answering questions like “Who did ___?” but in everyday speech if you go through a routine like: yo hago la cama, yo me ducho, yo como el desayuno and so on sounds incredibly tiresome to a native speaker because you’re putting unneeded emphasis on it.

Where emphasis is better served is when the subject is doubtful - 3rd person singular and plural.

Because if “he” is conjugated like “she”, and “they” could be anyone, it’s sometimes useful to write the pronoun él or ella or name them to avoid confusion.

This is especially useful in the subjunctive where 3rd person singular looks like yo.

2. Capitalizing nationalities

In English, we write English. We write American as American, and Chinese as Chinese.

In Spanish, it’s not like that. 

inglés / inglesa = English

español / española = Spanish

francés / francesa = French

griego/a = Greek

ruso/a = Russian

italiano/a = Italian

japonés / japonesa = Japanese

chino/a = Chinese

The only reason you would capitalize someone’s nationality or ethnicity would be if it were a tribe like los Iroquois or if it was their nickname/title like la Chinita [a historical woman]

3. Ser and Estar

Always a problem.

Ser is used with description, qualities, telling time, passive voice, what something is made of, what something is used for, set personality traits, and a few others.

Estar is used for location, temporary conditions (sick, tired, cloudy etc.), a person’s mood and NOT their personality, the progressive, and a few others.

The difference is best learned by practice and repeated example.

4. Ser and Haber

While ser is used for “to be”, one of the main functions of haber is “to be present/existing” which is typically hay but may be hubo/había/habrá etc. depending on the tense.

Son sillas = They are chairs

Hay sillas = There are chairs

When it’s a question of, “What is it?” you use ser.

When it’s a question of, “Does it exist?” use haber.

5. Addressing all letters with Querido/a for “dear”

In English, we just have “dear”. In Spanish there are two ways to say it.

Querido/a comes from querer which means “to love”. So querido/a means “dear” as in “person I care about” or sometimes “beloved”.

Generally, estimado/a is what you want to use when it’s someone above your station like a boss or a teacher, because “esteemed” is giving them respect and is more formal.

The real difference is if you’re on a first name basis, querido/a is fine.

If you’re not, or if you’re being formal, or it’s a stranger, estimado/a is what you want to use.

If you’re comfortable enough to begin a letter with, “Hey!” or “Yo!” then you can use querido/a but it can be seen as disrespectful or extremely buddy-buddy friendly to use querido/a instead of estimado/a in some contexts.

6. The use of americano/a

While americano/a is very commonly used for “American”, there are places where it’s frowned upon when you mean “from the United States”.

Because, while americano/a means “American” it refers to North AND/OR South America. Canada is “American”, Brazil is “American”, Haiti is “American”, Argentina is “American”.

So you might see: España tuvo colonias americanas / “Spain had American colonies”.

When you mean “from/pertaining to the U.S.”, it’s better to use estadounidense which means “from Los Estados Unidos” just to avoid accidentally being ethnocentric.

7. “I’m hot” =/= estoy caliente & “I’m cold” =/= estoy frío/a

Tengo calor. = I am hot. 

Estoy caliente. = I am aroused.

Tengo frío. = I am cold.

Estoy frío/a. = I am distant, not friendly, frigid, or a cold fish.

[Note: estoy frío/a can also be used in the sense of “my body is colder than average”; generally the estar kind of implies “a body” and not a person… so you could say el muerto está frío which would mean “the dead man is cold” which is “to the touch”. Worse than this would be soy frío/a which is more obviously “I am frigid and dislike people”.]

8. Por and Para

The Differences between por and para

9. Preterite vs. Imperfect

Should I use Preterite or Imperfect?

10. Position and Directionality - debajo vs. abajoatrás vs. detrásante vs. antes etc.

Generally, de- implies that something is in a particular position. And generally, a- implies that there is motion.

The trick to these words is if you are describing something’s static position, versus a state of movement.

debajo = underneath

abajo = downward

detrás = behind

atrás = moving behind [<<¡Atrás!>> as an interjection is, “Stand back!”]

tras = after / pursuing / chasing / following

ante = (to stand) before [e.g. ante la Corte "before the Court"; ante la Corona “before the Crown”]

antes = before (something happens) / just in front

11. Use of excitado/a

excitado/a = aroused sexually

emocionado/a = excited / filled with emotions of anticipation and maybe nervousness

12. Use of capable

capar = to neuter / to castrate

capable = able to be castrated

capaz = capable / having ability

13. Darse cuenta vs. Realizar

Both translate as “to realize” but in different senses.

Using darse cuenta is saying “to realize” as in “to have a revelation” or “to come to understand something” and is usually what you want.

Using realizar is saying “to make a reality” or “to finalize”. This is used primarily with projects or when making dreams a reality. It’s better translated as “to carry out” or “to finish”.

14. Preguntar vs. Pedir

Both mean “to ask” but not in the same way.

To ask a question is usually hacer una pregunta or preguntar. When you use preguntar you’re saying “to question (someone)” or “to ask about something of which you don’t know”. Hacer una pregunta is more often “to ask (someone) a question”.

Pedir on the other hand is “to ask for (something)”. It may be easier to think of it as “to request”. It’s most often associated with asking forgiveness [pedir disculpas], making demands, and especially in the sense of “ordering” at a restaurant.

15. Capitalizing everything in a sequence/title

Spanish typically capitalizes only the first letter of a sentence or sequence or title. English takes after German in the way of capitalizing every noun but not the prepositions or particle. Just be aware that this does not apply for proper names within the title.

So for instance…

Cien años de soledad = One Hundred Years of Solitude

Alicia en el país de las maravillas = Alice in Wonderland

Lo que el viento se llevó = Gone with the Wind

La vuelta al mundo en ochenta días = Around the World in 80 Days

El mago de Oz = The Wizard of Oz

16. Overuse of para with various verbs

Most commonly, this mistake happens with esperar "to wait for" and buscar “to look for”. 

People commonly write buscar para or esperar para, but because the “for” is already implied, there’s no need to add para.

Busco mi libro. = I’m looking for my book.

Busco novio. = I’m looking for a boyfriend.

Busco a ella. - I’m looking for her.

Estoy esperando el autobús. = I’m waiting for the bus.

Estoy esperando a ella. - I’m waiting for her.

17. Moverse vs. Mudarse

moverse = to move physically

mudarse = to move places of residence

*Note: mudar by itself means “to mutate” or “to molt” which is different from both of these meanings

18. Older/Younger vs. Elder/Younger

This is a problem that exists because English, but in Spanish there’s a clear distinction between both sets of words.

viejo/a / joven = old / young as in age

mayor / menor = elder / younger as in sequence of age

Mi hermana es mucho más mayor que yo. - My sister is much older than me. [“My sister is my senior in age because she was born first”]

Mi hermana es mucho más vieja que yo. - My sister is more of an old woman than me. [“My sister is a senior citizen”]

*Note: There’s a bit more leeway with joven and menor… the general distinction is that joven implies “youth”, but menor means “younger than” which implies a sequence.

19. Using en with days of the week / months of the year

Generally, with days of the week or months of the year, people are more likely to say: “On Tuesday” and write en martes

In Spanish, that’s not how it’s done. It’s more common to use el to imply a due date or when something occurs.

La tarea es para el lunes. - The homework is due Monday.

Hagan la tarea para el viernes. - Do the homework by Friday


Mi cumpleaños es en febrero. = My birthday is in February.

Mi cumpleaños es el diez de febrero. = My birthday is February 10th.

20. Historia vs. Cuento

la historia = a long story / history (the subject)

el cuento = a short story [related to contar “to tell”]

21. Words that end in -a that are masculine, words that end in -o that are feminine

This is mastered by repetition. Sometimes it’s because they’re loanwords (especially from Greek)

  • el día [Indo-European and not Greek] = day
  • el poema [Greek] = poem
  • el clima [Greek] = climate
  • el aroma [Greek] = smell / aroma
  • el programa [Greek] = program

Other times they’re abbreviations

  • la radio(grafía) = radio / radiography
  • la moto(cicleta) = motorcycle
  • la bici(cleta) = bicycle
  • la tele(visión) = television

You just have to do your best to learn them as you go.


la radio = radio [the machine or a radio program]

el radio = radius [geometry]

22. Reflexives with me, te and nos

When a reflexive is listed, it’s often in the “unconjugated” infinitive + reflexive se.

So for instance, irse “to leave” is listed as irse in the dictionary. When it’s conjugated however, the reflexive must adhere to the subject.

So when it's yo it turns to me and so on:

Tengo que irme. = I have to leave.

Tienes que irte. = You need to leave.

Ella tiene que irse. = She needs to leave.

Ellos tienen que irse. = They need to leave.

Tenemos que irnos. = We need to leave.

*Note: This applies to all reflexives and in all tenses; me fui, te fuiste, se fueme ibate ibasse iba; me vaya, te vayas, se vaya and so on.

The se is only used for 3rd person, singular or plural.



1. catch fire or cause to catch fire.
2. arouse or inflame (an emotion or situation).

Happy birthday to my beautiful trash son 💖 I love him so much, I hope I can see more of him in the next chapter! 🙆 🎉 🎂 💕 I wish i could’ve done something more, but i just dont have the time.

You guys remember the post I made about ritualised aggression and how Kanti is often playing the role as a dominant wolf and Bicho is playing the role as the submissive one? Well here’s a good example of how dominance structures are not linear. Just because Kanti is often the “aggressor” in ritualised interactions, does not mean he gets all resources whenever he wants.

Bicho demonstrates defensive posturing over his prize of an enrichment box stuffed with treats and then he also growls. Bicho doesn’t growl very often but he clearly valued this resource enough to do so. Kanti is interesting to observe because even though his tail is up, indicating emotional arousal, he still doesn’t really offer much of a challenge to Bicho.

A big thing to remember about dominance structure in wolves is that they’re there to keep the peace, not to start fights. People have an idea of wolves that they’re fighting each other for dominance constantly, but if that were the case, there would be more dead or injured wolves. Wolves are obligate pack animals - they have no choice. A single wolf would not be able to track, follow, chase and then successfully kill a large hoofed mammal without serious injury. So wolves don’t want to injure each other in pack squabbles. So these sorts of interactions, paired with posturing and vocalising, is a way to establish possession of resources without anything escalating into any injury.


Gosh darn, I just can’t help but get excited when there are legit psychology references in shows.

If you’re confused at these two lines and thinking, “why would suspense ever bring two people closer??” Lemme break it down for you.

Izaya is actually making a direct reference to a psychological phenomenon known as the misattribution of arousal. It’s based off of Schachter’s two-factor theory of emotion which states that the process of emotion occurs like so; stimulant (eg. bear chasing you) -> physiological arousal (heart rate increasing, adrenaline, pupil dilation) AND cognitive labeling (oh, my heart is racing I must be feeling fear!) -> emotion (*feeling fear*).

This theory implies that when we attribute the label of an emotion to the physiological arousal we feel, we actually end up feeling the emotion itself. In other words, emotions to a small degree are a result of what we think we’re feeling. Strong, long-term emotions can not be altered by labeling it as something else, telling yourself that you are happy when you are sad doesn’t work. The emotions must have the same/similar physiological responses to be confused together, this is what is known as the misattribution of arousal.

Schachter also proved his theory in an experiment. Researchers had a group of white males cross a very high, wobbly bridge, and another group cross a low very safe and sturdy bridge. At the end of the bridge, a female researcher would ask them questions about a picture, and then give them her phone number “in case they had questions about the experiment”. Hint hint, she actually gave them her number to measure the difference in phone calls they got from the men that experienced arousal from crossing the high bridge, and the men than didn’t experience it from crossing the low bridge.(note: the men were told the study and the questionnaire was for something else entirely, and didn’t know the true purpose of the study).

The men that experienced arousal from crossing the high bridge had more sexual content in the story they told regarding the picture when they saw the female researcher. She also received more phone calls from this group in comparison to the control group. Later, they redid this study with women, and the results were the same. In conclusion, people will mistakenly misattribute emotions that are similar to each other physiologically. The participants mistook their physiological arousal and fear from crossing the bridge for sexual attraction.

Izaya is mockingly asking Shinra here if he confused his fear of getting caught by the police for sexual attraction/arousal/love for Celty.

I know his reference is a little vague here, but considering that Narita stated that Izaya was most likely in the social sciences during university, it’s pretty expected that he learned about this theory. This is one of the more respected theories of emotion.

❝  Is it true what you said? ❞

Plot: You and Taehyung are best friend but both have feelings for each other. You try to move on and he sees you on a date, becoming jealous and making a scene in front of everyone. 

Pairing: TaehyungxReader

Words count: 2,9k

Genre: Angst/Fluff in the end

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Your bed never seemed so soft. After days of grueling work, you were finally free to rest. To enjoy the tranquillity of your room, the silence caused by the absence of another human in the house, the lukewarm air that entered the window slightly open in that windy June’s night.  


Your best friend voice didn’t surprise you, but you simply slipped on the bed making him space and making a small but amused smile when you felt the mattress sinking next to you.  

The only person you could endure despite the fatigue was just Taehyung. So much so that he had his own keys to your house and could enter at any time. His presence relieved any pain, physical and emotional, from the day you were met.  

And when you realized that you started having feelings for him, you started to be even more tied to him. Despite the pain of not being more than his best friend, staying close to him was the only thing you wanted.  

“Heavy day?” He inquired, lifting your head and letting his arm pass under it, “I see it from your dark circles”  

“Being a nursing intern is quite stressful, Tae. Why are you here? No rehearsals or music awards to attend to..? ”  

“No, nothing. So I thought we could spend some time together.. What do you say? ” He asked and you were too tired to notice his hopeful tone.  

Or the way he looked at you; or the way he only smiled at you. The truth was that Taehyung loved you for more than a year, in the shadows and in total silence. And it had been the night of that violent storm, in which completely drenched you were presented in front of the door of his dorm, who had understood how much he really loved you and not just as a best friend.  

He began to caress your hair, letting the long tapered fingers slip through them and enjoying the murmur of appreciation that began to slip your lips; those lips which many times he had desired to capture with their own, from time to time.  

“I’d say it’s perfect Tae, I miss you.”  

In your words, there was something hidden, that “I miss you” was worth much more than what others could seem but every so often you felt the need to let you go, admit aloud that you really missed him, even though he had never been “yours.” Opening your eyes, you turned your face and watched him, his features still incredibly delicate and eyes softened by feelings that you couldn’t decipher.  

“Why are you blushing?” You wondered, noticing his slightly colored pink cheeks.  

“I’m hot,” he lied shamelessly, biting slowly his plumpy bottom lip without moving away from his gaze; “You are not hot..?”  

“If you’re hot why are you stuck to me..? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, Tae. ”  

“Because it’s comfortable, believe me.”  

Smiling, despite being a tired smile, you turned completely towards him, laying on your side. You put your hand onto his side, just squeezing your fingers so that you had a better grip, slipping towards him and letting him turn on his side too.  

There was no need for a lot of words between you two and it was one of the things you loved most about your relationship. He understood you, but at least in one thing, he had many gaps. Understand how much you were totally and completely in love with him.  

He surrounded your side with his arm, then starting to slide his hand lightly up and down your back while you rested your forehead against his chest and indulged in the luxury of savoring his scent.  

“I wonder when Gucci will call you.. I think you’re financing the whole brand. ”  

He giggled, drawing you even more against his body and your legs collided, so he slipped one among yours letting them intertwine almost to perfection.  

“More or less.. Do you mind? In short, you are a Dolce and Gabbana trash. ”  

“Always Italian brands, dummy.”  

And without noticing, you both fell asleep. The one in the arms of the other.  

~ ~

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Mineral Mondays: Moonstone

Other names: Hecatolit, Chandrakanta, Feldspath Nacré


Moonstone is a type of Feldspar that has excellent light diffracting qualities. The ancient Romans considered moonstone to be solidified moonlight. Deposits of moonstone are found in Armenia, Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, and the United States. 

It is currently the state gem for Florida to commemorate the Moon landings, though it does not naturally occur there. 


Astrological Sign: Cancer
Chakra: brow
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Gods/Goddesses: Most Lunar Deities, Diana, Selene, Artemis, Isis, Chandra


Body: It cleanses the lymphatic system and strengthens the immune system and helps fight signs of aging giving the wearer a youthful glow.

Mind: Moonstone cleanses and strengthens the aura helping the wearer feel more energetic and positive. It is also said to help stabilize emotions, prevent mood swings and hormonal imbalances as well as relieve PMS symptoms.

Magick: Moonstone can be worn to attract true love and arouse passion. Wearing moonstone can help protect sensitive emotions. It can also be worn to enhance divination and encourage prophetic dreams and pleasant dreams and to prevent nightmares. It is an excellent focal point for meditation and can also be used for scrying. It represents the yin, so it attracts peaceful energy and brings about a calm, balanced state. Typically, Moonstone is protective of travelers, particularly at night and/or by sea and is considered generally lucky.

Tips for Use:

If you give your lover a moonstone necklace under the light of the full moon, there will always be passion between you. It is also useful to help settle disagreements between lovers and return the relationship to a peaceful status.

Sewn into garments, moonstone is said to enhance fertility.


Moonstone is relatively soft stone, 6 on the Mohs scale, so it should be handled with care as it can be easily scratched or crushed.  It can be cleaned with plain water and a soft cloth. If it gets scratched, take it to a jeweler to have it polished out. Charge your moonstone in the light of of the waxing moon and keep it out of direct sunlight.


Feldspars like moonstone contain aluminum which should not be ingested. However, tumbled moonstone is safe to wear as jewelry and hold in the hand, even for long periods. It should not be crushed and added to elixers. Always wear a mask and take care not to inhale the dust when grinding and engraving moonstone.


Scott McCall x Reader

Warnings: Slight sexual content.
Word count: 1 307
A/N: Yet another idea made up by @pissheadofficial​, my spirit animal.
Man I have too many ideas for this, maybe I’ll write a sequel.

When people found out that your friends were werewolves, they became scared and learned to accept it, unlike you. Once Lydia had told you about her friends being supernatural creatures, including herself, you couldn’t stop thinking about how they made your heart flutter.

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The sex scene in tonight’s episode of ‘American Gods’ between two Middle Eastern men actually made me more emotional than aroused.

The fact that we’re finally seeing so many gay men of color on screen is extremely uplifting. ‘Sense 8’, and ‘Moonlight’. Yeah I know there are other shows/movies out there as well. These works of art are going to mean a lot for gay men of color who have yet to feel validated in the LGBT community.

We’re here.

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Dan finding out Phil isn't as sweet, cute, and innocent as he puts off. Daddy kink?

Dan could barely fucking stand it. Sure, he barely slept, anyway, but having to endure with his best friend moaning away in the room beside him didn’t help. Phil had recently decided to bring home people from bars, and Dan was about ready to move out.

Tonight was no different. One moment all he could hear was Phil’s giggling, alongside someone else’s, before the hushed whimpers started. Dan sighed, reaching for his earphones. The fact that he had a crush on Phil really wasn’t helping. He had nearly began his music when he heard something that made his eyes bug out. It was clearly Phil’s voice, a low groan followed by “yeah, you want daddy’s cock?” Dan’s eyebrows furrowed, quickly pressing play.

The next morning, Dan was leaning against the counter as Phil’s one night stand left, followed by Phil a few moments later. Phil smiled as he walked into the kitchen, grabbing the cereal. “So. Daddy, huh?” Dan said, tilting his voice in a way he knew got to people. He was right. Phil took a deep breath, turning to look at Dan. “I-I don’t know… what you’re talking about,” Phil says, eyebrows raised.

Dan hesitated for a second, before throwing caution to the wind and cornering Phil, arms either side of Phil. “Come on, daddy, I heard you. Let me make you feel good?” Dan whimpered, his heart pounding as Phil’s face flicked through emotions. Suddenly, his features settled on arousal, and Phil grabbed Dan’s hips. “Knew I was thinking about you, baby?” Phil murmured deeply. Dan whined, leaning forward and biting Phil’s neck. Phil groaned, dragging Dan to his room, ready to ruin the little twink he’d had a crush on for months.

Fiona, Kanti and Bicho at the start of a rally. Note how high Kanti’s tail is, indicating very high emotional arousal.

A rally is when wolves gather together, often regrouping members of the pack that have been further away. It usually is paired with howling and lots of excited greeting behaviors. It also send emotional arousal levels very high so sometimes it escalates into play or even aggression. However, this depends on the pack and the relationship between members.

Trimberly Week (D3)

*cracks knuckles* Alrighty! So two things: shamelessly promoting my Trimberly fic “The Waiting Game” here because ch 2 has “naughty times” so that totally applies here. Second, i actually had a bit of fun writing this one out and was thinking about turning it into an actual story. Thoughts? Yay or nay? Let me know!

Naughty Times

  • It’s only a week, maybe two, after the whole Rita thing and the gang are still trying to get used to the whole, “psychic connection/mind reading” thing
  • but just when they think they’ve started to get the hang of it, whoops, turns out they share more than just feelings
  • orgasms. they share orgasms
  • and they learn this the hard way
    • its Zack who beats one off in the shower one night and he doesn’t realize the affect it has on his fellow rangers until its too late
    • Jason’s lifting weights in his room when his orgasm hits and he ends up snapping the metal bar in half
    • Billy was up in the mines looking for treasure and he’s more confused than embarrased
    • but poor Kim and Trini were skyping when they’re both hit with orgasms
      • and Trini’s nearly cumming again when she peeks at Kim on her screen, watching her moan and writhe and make the sexiest O-face
      • the second its over and they look at each other Trini slams her laptop shut and hides under her bed
  • To say detention the next day isn’t awkward would be a fucking lie
    • Zack has his head buried in a black hoodie and Trini can’t even look at Kim
  • Thankfully Billy bites the bullet and asks Alpha and Zordon about it when they all go to training after
  • Zordon informs them that the link is able to communicate strong emotions across the Morphin Grid and that polyamorous relationships were not uncommon between previous Rangers
  • Alpha-Five also tells them that their enhanced senses combined with their young age make them extremely hormonal and extra sensitive so they should be more careful until they learn how to control themselves and the link
  • a week passes without incident until one afternoon during training Billy and Jason are practicing close quarter combat and wrestling holds when Billy gets a little too carried away and grinds a little too hard on Jason and the red ranger orgasms on the spot
    • Zack and Kim are in detention for some prank or stunt they pulled when they feel it and they have just enough time to share a terrified look before Zack sneezes and Kim tears her backpack in two
    • the next day before detention Trini waltzes up to the group and punches Jason straight into a wall
      • Trini: “Wanna explain what the fuck that was, boss man? I was in the middle of a family dinner you loser!”
      • Zack makes some comment and winds up in the wall beside jason
  • Trini’s a little desperate to figure out the link thing because it’s getting harder and harder to control her emotions and arousal towards Kim and if Zack makes one more “hit it and quit it” joke she’s going to slaughter him
  • But Kim’s in the same boat as Trini because she’s had the hots for Trini since she pulled her over the cliff and that was before they were linked and her hormones exploded through the roof
  • so they’re at Kim’s house one night for a bio project, but Trini can’t concentrate because Kim’s in a crop top, and Kim can’t focus because Trini’s in skimpy jean shorts and the two of them in the same room is just doubling all this arousal
  • so when Kim leans over the table to pretend to point at something Trini practically vaults across the table and kisses Kim
  • and Kim kisses back and she’s sweeping their project off the table and crawling across it as Trini claws at her top and the exposed skin of her waist
  • but she pulls back gasping, saying they shouldn’t do this, that it’s just the hormones and the link and the boys
  • and Kim’s embarrassed by her thoughts and at how turned on she is so she agrees, too quickly and without thought
      • Trini: “Right.”
      • Kim: “Right.”
      • Trini: “Okay.”
      • Kim: “Totally.”
      • *pause*
    • they’re making out on the table five seconds later
    • and they fuck twice in the kitchen before Kim’s able to drag Trini up the stairs to her room
  • the next day at training Kim can’t stop smiling and Trini looks smug and the boys look exhausted but hey, somewhere after Kim’s fourth orgasm they somehow figured out how to tune out each other, so its a win-win all around


  • *everyone stretching in the pit*
    • Zack to Jason: “So… we gonna fuck or nah?”
  • Jason chokes on his water

Decans series! Episode 1 💥💥💥 (MOON IN ARIES)

•Aries moon(stage 1 Aries)-🥀
these are the full blooded Aries moons! They have extremely passionate and turbulent emotions. Out of all the Aries decan have the most fast moving and erratic of emotional states and tend to live in the “moment” rather then linger on to circumstances. They tend to be lively and have a thick inner richness about them. Many are intense and emotionally overwhelming and tend to have a emotional desire to “fight” in some way. Their pretty rowdy and may at times aggravate those around them with their childish nature but on the same flip of the coin those who know them adore this long lasting youth about them. There is a tendency to be defensive and hardheaded. Interested in darker colors and may have an semi-dangerous vibe about them. Romance is big here but it’s inconsistent even more then most air signs. They change their mind often and can be hard to catch romantically because of their more “innocent” and “young” attitude toward love. But they love very hard and love for a very long time.Mother here is often dynamic and scattered! Mother reinforces the more masculine role in their children and natures via tough love and often times may miss the mark when it comes to emotional reassurance. That being said “Arian traits” are heavily pronounced here.

* Aries moon(stage 2 Leo)- here we 🌞have the sun ruled Aries moon natives. This influence is very palpable to those whom are around these folks. They have a radiance about them and a soothing warmth. They tend to be on the quieter side of things and usually have an underlying detachment from people and or situations that don’t catch their eye. They also carry themselves with an air of inner pride and tend to have their flames ignited by the thought of being adored. That being said they’re very much still impulsive and fast moving emotionally-but unlike full blooded Arian moons their emotional triggers aren’t as easily aroused and for the most part are wrapped around themes of betrayal and perceived attacks on their ego and pride. These natives also have a deep need for romance and can spend a lot of energy in trying to have it in their lives. They also tend to be very focused and stable on task they tend to partake in due to the fixed influence of Leo. They have very poetic and dramatic emotions and a engulfing presence. The mother can be regal and have a strong will. The mother usually dotes on the child and treats them as if they’re the light in her life. Relationship with the mother is heavily tied to the ego.

* Aries moon (stage 3 Sagittarius)- ✈️these natives operate on a entirely different frequency then the rest. Because of Jupiters influence here in interaction with both the moon and mars these natives tend to have “Enormous” feelings. They feel everything intensely and often fluctuate between astronomical highs and purgatory like lows. They are extremely driven and self reliant. There is a maturity here and a emotional structure. Most times impulsive behavior is directed by a “igniter” these natives also tend to be emotionally driven to travel and explore and usually hate the feeling of being tied down. Romance is secondary to these natives and so is family. They’re extremely independent and hate the projections of others problems on them. Their both wise and spontaneous. Many are warm and giving and tend to be extremely affectionate and even to much at times. Theirs harder to reach out of the decans and don’t display their emotions publicly! Mother can be “extra” so to speak and may have made the child travel often or may have had a child hood full of constant movement. Mother preached and may have been religious!

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Aries v1(vibe they give off)

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Aries v2(vibe they give off)

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Aries v3(vibe they give off)

The Homicidal Triad

The ‘homicidal triad’ (or Macdonald Triad) is a series of three behaviours that - when present in an individual from a young age - are indicative of a potentially violent and/or disturbed individual.

According to a paper titled 'The Threat To Kill’, a person who exhibits two or more of these behaviors before the age of eighteen is at a greater risk of becoming a violent adult:

1. Firestarting (Pyromania)

Lighting fires (especially of the nuisance variety) as a child can be an early indication of misplaced aggression and destructive tendencies. Fire can be sexually arousing to people with emotional disturbances, and many serial killers develop a fixation on fire as they grow older. Fire can be symbolic of the chaos the child wants to inflict on others, and “playing” with fire regularly is a sign a child may not have developed risk-assessment skills (a common trait amongst psychopaths)

2. Cruelty to animals

Occasionally seen in children as young as eighteen months old, cruelty to animals is markedly different from the normal rough-and-tumble play children engage in with their pets. Though many kids harm animals accidentally, some gain intense pleasure from torturing small animals and killing other people’s beloved companions. Children with disturbances will often “play” with dead animals, purposefully hurt them, trap and maim them, and ultimately kill them when they become bored. A very common behaviour amongst budding violent offenders, animal cruelty can be seen as an early attempt to exert control and derive sadistic pleasure from pain and distress.

1. Enuresis (Bedwetting)

Bedwetting is normal behavior for young children, but if it persists into adolescence and adulthood (despite no medical cause) it can be an indication of emotional disturbances. Children who come from violent or abusive homes often have trouble controlling their bladder functions, and can “recede” into childlike behaviours that are far beyond their developmental year. Studies have shown that many violent offenders have delayed emotional development, and as a result display childlike behavior. Bedwetting as an older child can also be intensely embarrassing, and if an already vulnerable child is ridiculed or mocked for bedwetting, they can develop anger issues.

The 'homicidal triad’ is intended as a mere predictor of antisocial behavior, not a diagnostic tool. Having more than one trait does NOT mean you are aggressive or violent, nor does it mean you will become a killer. They simply represent common behaviours amongst known violent offenders, so as to spot potentially at-risk children.

The 5th-8th house Axis date 1-date 90🏜

5th-the first glance-

Aries/mars/lust: you are immediately turned on by someone who is pursuing you! Someone who is bold and straightforward with their desires for you! Someone who is touchy and passionate. Men here gay/straight and so on tend to be into dainty lovers and or a lover who is dominate and in control. These are initially tops who prefer to take on the role of the aggressor during sex. Pretty much angry tops-kinda verbal and also a little foreign with it-Well now this is what I’d like to call a mix of Dogy style and missionary. Can like aggressive sports and tend to be a solo rider in terms of athletic sports go. Can be a huge sports fan and be a bit on the high energetic side. Children tend to have Arian qualities and be tomboyish if girl and hyper masculine if boy! Aha they’re roust and mischievous! And these natives can be hard on their kids.

Taurus/Eros/Juno/venus: your are immediately turned on by the voice of another. Deep voices, low voices, soft voices, harmonic voices-smooth talkers and those with a rhythms and layer to the way they speak entices you. Not usually aggressors and not usually into being pursued to intensely as they do like a more natural and easy going type of romance. Touchy feely and sort of soft touches. I lean towards verse but like in a Roman flip flop kinda way 😭. Cullingas and fallicio or as they say oral. Tend to like music and old school instruments including acapala and Spanish guitar. Are usually beautifully gifted in art and dance as well as singing. Children will have Tauruen and or libra traits and will be usually in the relaxed and quiet side! Might be hardheaded none the less.

Gemini/mercury: VARIETY! They are immediately turned on by pacing-someone who is five different modes at once yet simultaneously focused on them individually. Someone adaptable and communicative-most importantly someone who’s really easy to talk to really excites them! They’re truly verse and like the idea of being ambiguous “how do I know if I haven’t tried it?” 🙃. Hands and hand play is important! Hand jobs and fingering and eating out. Can have a variety of interest! Talents include anything that has to do with media! They also love writing and poem writing like rap and and anything fast moving. Tend to love electronics and may have a following! Children can have a lot of mercurial traits and may have prominate Virgo or Gemini somewhere in the chart! You chat a lot with your kids and your kids are pretty smart!

Cancer/Ceres/moon: they are immediately turned on by sensitivity! Someone who’s sweet and gentle and has a soft side! Someone who’s self aware and censors for them! They usually get aroused by intimacy of an emotional kind! So deep talks and hugs that last long with eye contact usually get them in the mood. Men here are usually tops aha same for women but!!! This depends on their moon! Many do bottom but they do like to please. 😅. Breast and chest region are major key. Close sex positions involving eye contact. Usually like quite hobbies! A lot like to do isolated things! Some like skating or even just traveling! There is a need for emotional expression so they often write a lot! Sad poems and so on. Kids are often lunarian! And have a lot of cancer prominence! The children are intuitive and sensitive and usually relate more to the mother or most feminine parent. You can be clingy and protective of your children.

Leo/sun/Amor: they are immediately turned on by lust. They like the idea of being adored on a almost uncontrollable level-be it them or the interest. They love an audience and like being the center so in a sense someone who plies them with compliment(genuinely) and authentically pursues them in a forward yet elegant manner? Sort of like a tease or an aloof assailant! They love the cat and mouse game and anything that keeps the curious lion peaked. LOUD TOPS(flamboyant tops non the less) with cute temper tantrums! 😎. This is another anal position due to Leo ruling the back and lions being drawn to the backs. Have hobbies that are usually more invested in fashion and art! Anything that has a bright and expressive element to it! You love elegance and plays and theater and even movies and acting draw you in! Children have a lot of solarian traits and can have quite the leo ego! They’re proud and fixed in their ways. Born stars! You tend to be proud of your kids and a tad competitive.

Virgo/Chiron/mercury rx: turned on by intellect, someone savy and a little naughty! Someone who can sneak in sexual innuendos and also someone who doesn’t care about the rules. A quiet personality and usually fragile and untrained. Innocence and in some cases the unassuming. They like situations where there is inequality and get off on partners with multiple personalities. Mysterious! This is an earth sign so they love physical touch that lingers. This is another verse sign because of mercuries influence! But these are usually silent bottoms with a sultry submissiveness about them or sensitive tops with a sort of dominating undertone. Dare I say anal. Hobbies are usually rooted in civil rights movements! You like keeping up with the world and politics! Society issues and things such as note taking and organizing excite you! You tend to look forward to the day to day and love animals. Kids will be highly observant and critical and you’ll have a more watchful and cautious experience with them yourself.

Libra/venus rx/Aphrodite: they are immediately turned on by the charming and the polite! Those who are tender and compassionate yet socially apex when it comes to their surroundings-someone who’s perfectly capable of navigating an audience and maintaining the libra in the 5th house person as priority. Remarkably sensual and tend to love lovey dobey intimacy with a romantic twist! Mostly bottoms and erotic ones at that because of how willing they are to please. Usually positions with eye contact and often times vanilla. Hobbies include fashion and clothing! You love looking cute and beauty regimes and self care is usually what you’re up to! Oh and romance aha. Kids are usually very Tauren and Libra like! They are often calm and charming and have very earthy qualities! You try to be fair with your children and treat them as your equal.

Scorpio/Pluto/hades/Lilith: immediately turned on by intensity! Far way eye contact and the subtle tones of “I want you” They like tension and can often be turned on by thick air. The idea of losing control and or bad choices! Being with someone they shouldn’t and sometimes even taboo. Some are turned on by aggression while others are turned on by chess matches(mental manipulation and or scenarios that were planned). They have a prolific libido and often turn a blind eye to “sweet” types who can’t handle them. Deep penetration positions and or anything that allows them control the pace of orgasm. Oral sex is common ground but usually they prefer penetration. Tops but like in a passive aggressive way “I’m gonna top you but I’m intending for you to take control at some-point” hobbies include detective work be it on your own relationship or the world around you-you just have to know shit. There is usually a interest in the occult and ghost and spirits and what not! And sex in a non aroused way as well-like just out of curiosity! Kids will be heavily Plutonian and will have an edgy yet perceptive quality about them. You will be very obsessive and in a way over protective of them and them of you. It’s okay though learning how to give one another space comes after sometime here!

Sagittarius/Jupiter/Vesta: ah their immediate turn on is rough housing! Someone who can have a good time and who makes them laugh! Joking and playfulness is so erotic to sag in the 5th house even more than the act itself! They want someone they can tease and let loose with! They usually are tops and don’t often bottom! They’re free spirit types in bed at first glance and usually like riding positions like cowgirl. Hobbies usually include nature and the wilderness! Anything that allows you to run away from it all! Kids will be super Jupiter like and have huge personalities! They’ll be a good luck charm and bring a lot of joy in your life. Please by a net though because they will be energetic af.

Capricorn/Saturn/karma/Uranus rx:they are immediately turned on by maturity! Most of them like an older mate and prefer someone who’s experienced-chivalry and competence are quick arousal-someone who is well rounded and capable and has a ambitious and almost serious and aloof nature are they’re types. These are usually aggressive tops even more then Aries. The women want to feel dominated and also cared for while the men want to nurture yet subdue. Kinda into vanilla and traditional positions for the most part like the other earth sighs they prefer routines. Hobbies include planning for the future! Schedule planning and also things such as architecture and building structure! An interest in foundations and structural concepts. Children will be Saturnian in nature and may mature quick! They are extremely capable and not to be underestimated! You’ll be really serious with them but they’ll teach you to lighten up because they’re little cute pumpkins.

Aquarius/Uranus/Saturn rx: that weird stuff immediately turns them on! Some are into groups and groupie scenarios while others are about sleeping with someone or something out of reach! They are usually into eccentric and or detached types with a misunderstood quality about them! The engineers and brainiacs with an inability to relate to others! They’re a sucker for a sob story and tend to even like emotionally complex types. Into anything really ! Also another verse position but unlike Gemini they’re a fixed sign and sometimes get stuck in one sex style for a awhile without realizing. Hobbies are usually weird! Aha like think blasting McIntosh plus on full speakers in the middle of the street. Kind of new age sad boys squad and emo punk type of vibes! They just set the trends we all follow. Kids can be a mixture of saturanin and Uranian! But they will be quite the cool cucumbers!

Pisces/Neptune/neptune rx/Jupiter rx/psyche: they are immediately turned on by sorrow! They like a little bit of mystery and oddity to there romance. Some can actually be into the darker and more hurtful aspects of intimacy and may like the intense feelings drudged up by it. Not to say they want to be hurt purposely but many times they see love and art as something that is at its most beautiful through pain. They tend to be aroused by sensitive and or loving types who are emotionally confused and intense. Sexually they run hot and cold and are usually bottoms like natural bottoms! Once more any position where eye contact and close proximity can be reached is for them! Not all of them like doggy style because they feel like whores in a way or less than. Hobbies include writing and story telling! They’re amazing poets and usually have a beautiful singing voice! Many are beautiful rhythmic dancers while the others are skilled in the arts in general! Romance serves as the bridge to creativity! Kids are often neptunian and optimistic Jupiter babies!! They usually have happy personalities and are extremely adaptable and sentimental as well as intuitive and you tend to guard this children with your life and cling to them dearly.

That being said how you have sex in your 5th house is often in your early in stages and if I’m a relationship this is often in the honeymoon stage and or the first couple of dates. The 5th house is still existent in relationships but often only occurs in moments of passionate playful sex rather then those moments of deep intimacy in which the 8th house is activated.

8th-the honeymoon has ended.

Aries/lust/mars: you become aggressive and deeply passionate once intimacy is reached in the relationship! You take on a serious persona and can be rather childlike and rough when it comes to intimacy. May have a higher libido then your 5th house suggest and can be impatient. You become tense and volitle but it’s only because your passions run so strong after this point.

Taurus/venus/Eros/Juno: you become intense, heavy and demanding. Your sex nature becomes more insatiable and overbearing. You have a deep desire to connect and can lean towards sensual and slow touching modes of expressing this in sex. Your true libido is earthy and erotic. You become very patient and relaxed in a sense and value the more peaceful and earthy moments of life after this point! Touch takes on a new meaning and is an overlooked beauty after this point.

Gemini/mercury: you’re far more cerebral and systematically than your 5th house suggest. You tend to fly from desire to desire rather quickly and need quite a bit of stimulation to keep you focused. You are a lot more light hearted and free when it comes to the act. Speaking and harmonious back and forth becomes extremely important to you after this point.

Cancer/moon/Ceres: you become emotional-the act can feel draining to you and it becomes a matter of how emotionally connected you’re feeling in that moment. Depending on your emotions you can feel like a heavy wave washing over or a icy glacier. Connection and trust become immensely important to you after this point even more so then the physical aspect of the relationship.

Leo/sun/Amor: you become bright! The act itself takes on a life force role for you and can at times be a focus for you and reenergize you. You are far more giving and affectionate than you may seem and you have a very high self satisfaction that is aimed once intimacy is reached. You’re demanding and immensely doting in return. Attention and reciprocation become a big need once you get to this point as well as romance and sexual expression-in fact you demand it.

Virgo/mercury rx/Chiron: your shy. You become more cautious and neurotic once intimacy is reached. Sex becomes something that requires planning and delicacy. You’re very sacrificing and a bit of a kink for slave scenarios in your romance. Cleanliness and responsibility to one another takes importance after this point! A love that is worked for and builded with actions and gestures is important now.

Libra/venus rx/Aphrodite: you become passive-you’re sexual nature takes on a more pleasing tone and one that is more open to debate. You’re fairly giving to your partners needs sexually and tend to get off on them getting off. Sex becomes a unifying act for you that should be beautiful and sweet. Romance and small gestures and tokens of dual mutual satisfaction of love become important after this point.

Scorpio/Pluto/hades/Lilith: you become intense. Your love nature becomes more suffocating and miles deep. You can desire a more meaningful sexual experiment once intimacy is reached and you desire authenticity and passion in your sex-an exchange of souls if you will-a Mini death in the form of orgasm. The loyalty and bare ness of one another becomes the focus after this point. It becomes more about uncovering and unveiling all.

Sagittarius/Jupiter/Vesta: you become playful! A jokester and a big ole tease! You become a lot more open hearted and easy going once intimacy is reached. Your libido is higher and often times you want to make love as much as you can-you want the bedroom to be intense but also a place full of love and joy “why so serious” rings true here. Heartfelt love and care becomes the focus here-play is important but protective and caring love becomes the focus here! Nurturing through laughter and innocence becomes the focal! Sex here is done out of love rather then just physical desire.

Capricorn/Saturn/karma: you become closed off and semi reserved! You treat sex in a serious and dutiful manner once intimacy is reached. It’s no longer just “sex” it’s something deeper and something that demands a high level of trust and devotion. You can be dominating and heavy during sex and be more into themes of control. Duty and authority become important! The seriousness and integrity of intimacy becomes based on this after this point.

Aquarius/Uranus/Saturn rx: you become detached yet spontaneous once intimacy is reached. There is a youthful and childlike zest to you real sexual nature and you often have a need to try new things once things get serious. You’re still passionate and emotionally committed but sex takes on a more experimental tone and can be a venue for growth in your eyes. The libido comes and goes I’m spurts! Often times it’s high to the point of lust and low to the point of nothingness. Depth and compassion become the focal point here! How far one another is willing to open up and trust one another sexually and otherwise becomes important after this point.

Pisces/Jupiter rx/Neptune rx/Neptune/psyche: you become fluid once intimacy is reached! Sex takes on a spiritual and healing atmosphere for you once things get serious. You crave a complete bare and naked reveal. Sacrifice and depth and often a more emotionally based expression of sex. When you’re emotions aren’t in it neither is your libido. Sacrifice and transendance become the focal point here! How both can bring the love beyond its earthly bonds to something greater and beyond.

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