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Nickname(s): shacklesburst. (Some people apparently call me Ryuu for reasons this margin is too small to contain.)

Star sign: Virgo.

Height: ~170cm.

Time right now: 1253.

Favorite music artist: Currently none.

Song stuck in your head: ローリンガール

Last movie watched: Moana.

Last TV show watched: Episode? Onihei. Finished? Re:Zero. As for Live Action TV, I’m not sure?

What are you wearing right now: T-shirt and jeans.

When did you create your blog: 2012.

What kind of stuff do you usually post: Cats, cute things, memes, funny stuff, awkward shitposts, fanart, fandom stuff.

Do you have any other blogs: No.

Do you get asks regularly: Almost never without an ask meme prompt or something like that.

Why did you choose your url: Answered often enough in previous tag memes.

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw.

Pokemon team: I have never had anything to do with Pokemon other than a short Pokemon Go episode a few months back. I chose Valor because their logo looked the coolest.

Favorite color: Orange.

Average hours of sleep: 7:41 (average over the last 3 months).

Lucky number: Maybe 2?

Favorite character: Hina (Hinamatsuri), currently, probably, maybe. Changes basically by the day.

How many blankets do you sleep with: One.

Following: 147.

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