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It was in...

It was in 1st year when Draco Malfoy finally got to meet his hero, Harry Potter. However he wasn’t ready to meet the realisation that Harry Potter didn’t want to meet him. He didn’t even want to be his friend, so it was from this day forth that if he couldn’t be his friend, he would be his enemy.

It was in 2nd year that Draco got to challenge Harry Potter in Quidditch and in a duel. But it was all to beat him right? Because Draco was better than Saint Potter. He wasn’t trying to impress him, was he?

It was in 3rd year that Draco heard the famous Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban. A man who was his family and who intended to hurt Harry Potter. But he couldn’t do anything apart from let him find Harry. Anyway he wanted this, for once the famous Harry Potter couldn’t be helped. He most certainly wasn’t scared for Harry, he was scared for himself. Right?

It was in 4th year that for once when the name “Harry Potter” was called out Draco didn’t feel annoyed or angry, he felt anxious and this time he knew it. Even though Harry was his rival, Draco knew that he couldn’t lose him to a stupid tournament. So when Harry came back clutching the lifeless body of Cedric Diggory and screaming “He’s back,” Draco knew that he wasn’t lying. That Voldemort really was back and Harry has to fight him. He’s his only hope.

It was in 5th year that everyone believed Harry was lying, Draco of course didn’t but he had to pretend he did. He couldn’t let anyone know that he’d come to care for his rival. So of course he teamed up with Umbridge to help bring Harry down whilst all the while spending every second fearing when Voldemort will strike and take away Harry.

It was in 6th year that Draco realised he was in love. He was in love with the one person everyone around him had taught him to hate. But it was also in this year that Voldemort asked him to murder Dumbledore. From the start he knew he not only couldn’t do it but he wouldn’t do it. For once he wanted to be like Harry, he wanted to do the right thing. Even though he failed to complete the task Draco felt as though he had succeeded in doing the right thing.

It was in 7th year that everything fell apart. Everything Draco knew was crumbling around him, he didn’t know where Harry was and he was scared. For he was slowly starting to believe that Voldemort might win. The first thing that Draco felt when Harry Potter was thrust onto the Manor floor was relief. Even with a stinging hex Draco knew it was Harry, how couldn’t he? But Draco was still so scared for his entire future, he can’t have Voldemort win. So he said he couldn’t be sure if it was Harry because that’s what you do when you’re in love, you protect them no matter the consequences on yourself. Yet when Draco heard Voldemort utter the four words he never wanted to hear of “ Harry Potter is dead,” Draco felt as though his entire world was collapsing. But the thrill that surged through every vein of his when Harry jumped out of Hagrid’s hands was so intense that Draco’s whole body shuddered. Harry can win this Draco muttered to himself and the sense of unlawful joy that ripped through Draco when Harry did win was almost impossible.

It was in 8th year when everyone who fought in the war came back to retake their 7th year that Draco had the courage to express his feelings to a newly befriended Harry Potter. And thankfully, it was in 8th year that Draco felt at ease because for once he was doing okay. He had someone to love and the fact that they loved him back, well that was extraordinary.

Okay, but an AU were Draco went to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts because Lucius didn’t want him going to a school run by Dumbledore.

And Draco shows up for the Triwizard tournament with his school right when Harry is in his awkward “holy fuck I’m bi as hell” phase. 

Draco is excited to meet Harry Potter and he isn’t a little shit like he was in first year, but he’s still kind of a shit. Draco is impressed by Harry getting his name in the Goblet of Fire and roots for him over Krum. 

Draco asks Harry to the Yule Ball and Harry doesn’t know what to say because he hasn’t asked anyone and no one has asked him. 

Ron and Harry still have their fight, but Ron is also upset by the fact that both his friends are falling for Durmstrang guys, like what the hell! 

Draco kisses Harry before the Durmstrang ship leaves and asks Harry to write to him.

Just gay as fuck Durmstrang!Draco trying to woo Harry during his year at Hogwarts.


These two snippets from the YELL FOR Free!ES & HS! pamphlet had me laughing out loud, so naturally I have to share! Thank you @aliasanonyme for getting this for me! <3


Makoto: The training camps were really something, both last year’s and this years.

Haruka: And we had a joint training camp with Samezuka this year, so they really kicked it up a notch.

Rei: I wouldn’t describe it as “really something”, it’s more like…

Makoto: It was a disaster… an all-boys school can get pretty wild.

Nagisa: But wasn’t it like super fun!? The King’s game plus pillow fight tournament!

Rei: I didn’t expect it to last through the night. We were told off by Amakata-sensei the next day, who said “staying up late is detrimental to beauty!”

Nagisa: It was really funny~! Especially Sou-chan’s order when he was King~!

Haruka+Makoto: Nagisa!!

Nagisa: Awwww c'mon, it’s no big deal? You guys and Rin-chan looked really cute in the photos, y'know~?

Makoto: Don’t even think about showing them to anyone else!


Ai: In which case, speaking of traditions, the cultural festival’s…

Rin: Hey! Sto-, stop right there, Ai…!

Momo: Yeah, Ai-senpai! For next month’s cultural festival, I’m totally against the swimming club’s tradition of holding a Maid Cafe from Hell!! I don’t wanna wear a maid uniform-!! I wanna be a butler like the third years-!!

Ai: What are you talking about, Momo-kun? Look at me, it’ll be my second time dressing like that. Besides, Those maid uniforms were designed and redesigned by all our senpais from years past, they are the gems of their labor soaked in their sweat and tears…!

Momo: That makes it even worse-!

Sousuke: So what you mean is, Rin also wore the maid uniform when he was in second year.

Nitori: Oh, would you like to see? Rin-senpai was really amazing last year…!

Rin: Don’t you dare! Anyaway, why would you have those pictures? I’m so sure I’ve deleted all the data…!

Ai: Hehehe, amateur mistake, Rin-senpai. I took some pictures with a film camera as well.

Rin: Film…!? Shit, why didn’t I think of it…

Sousuke: Ai, develop one of those pictures for me,  it sounds like fun.

Nitori: Absolutely, it’d be my pleasure!

Rin: You guys~~~!

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Hey Kaz, I was wondering if you could not make a top 10 of Yuuri Katsuki's hidden talents that left Victor on the floor (Like playing the piano you mentioned earlier)

10) Yuuri is strong. Viktor knew this already since Yuuri is a professional athlete but he didn’t realised just quiet how strong Yuuri was until he saw Yuuri casually lift up one end of the couch without breaking a sweat to find something he had dropped. Viktor needed the couch to swoon on after that one

9) Yuuri has a natural affinity with animals. He’s that guy who can sit on a park bench and get birds to eat out of his hand while Viktor is attacked by seagulls

8) Yuuri is good at picking up other languages, partly through natural talent but mostly because he just works really really hard at it. Once he’s committed to learning he wont stop until he’s perfect. This meant that when Viktor started teaching him Russian he got bowled over by his beautiful fiancé spouting full conversational sentences with and already writing in shaky Cyrillic barely weeks after they started

7) Yuuri has an amazing head for random facts and pieces of information. It comes from growing up in an onsen when tourist used to ask random questions about specific parts of the town and the history and Yuuri ended up picking up a lot of random facts as he grew up. His talent for memorising these random facts carried over even when he left Hasetsu which means when he and Viktor are watching game shows, he’s the one answering some of the most obscure questions before the contestants while Viktor looks at him in awe.

6) Yuuri is a master of video games (he and Phichit’s Mario cart tournaments were legendary back in Detroit). Every time he and Viktor play he absolutely crushes Viktor into the dirt

5) Yuuri is a really good cook. It came from years of being expected to help out at the onsen, he picked up cooking naturally and kept doing it in Detroit (Phichit once commented he would quiet literally kill a man for Yuuri’s cooking. Yuuri wasn’t entirely sure that he was joking). Viktor never had anyone to teach him how to cook and never really learned because he could just order food in or buy premade. As soon as he got together with Yuuri however he started to learn because he wanted to be able to make the amazing meals for Yuuri that Yuuri made for him. This resulted in Yuuri cooking twice a week (with results that left Viktor crying in happiness and the Russian team ‘randomly’ dropping by for dinner every time they knew it was happening), Viktor cooking twice a week (with results of varying success. He got better over time) and them cooking together the other three days, mainly involving Viktor doing all the chopping and preparing and Yuuri doing the more delicate, skilled parts.

4) Yuuri can play piano. Viktor didn’t know this until they moved in together and he walked in one day to Yuuri playing his keyboard softly and singing to himself. Viktor begged that he play at their wedding once he found out

3) On the same vein as no.4, Yuuri can sing. Yuuri can sing really really well. The combination of piano playing singing Yuuri left Viktor sobbing on the floor like ‘I’m marrying an angel’

2) Yuuri is really really flexible. It comes from doing ballet for so many years and also the yoga classes he took for relaxation but it means he’s basically like a rubber band, he can casually contort himself into the craziest positions. Viktor enjoys this for many different reasons

1) Yuuri’s degree in Detroit was sports science which means he has a really good knowledge of physiology and anatomy. On an academic level Viktor loves how smart he is but on a personal level it means that Yuuri gives the best back massages. He knows exactly where to press to work all the tension out of Viktor’s shoulders and Viktor thanks any deity that might exist on a regular basis for Yuuri’s magic hands. He also reciprocates by being able to give Yuuri the best foot massages in history and so it all balances out well for both of them

SKAM S04E09 Clip 2 - Your turn

[EVA: No, I still haven’t heard anything…. And you?

SANA: No, have you made Chris call William?

EVA: William isn’t answering either….

EVA: But think about it, they’ve been apart for a very long time, they’re probably just chilling, and don’t give a fuck about anyone else]


YOUSEF: Elias, try it.

MUTASIM: I’m so bad at this.

SANA: Hey.

ADAM: What’s up, Sana? Yoy doing well?

MUTASIM: Join us!

ELIAS: Join? We’re in the middle of a tournament. She can join later.

MUTASIM: Mikael, your turn.

MIKAEL: Easily.

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thoughts while watching haikyuu
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> "wait i didn't read the subtitles i was busy looking at his face"<p/><b></b> "PAUSE THE FUCK UP I NEED SCREENSHOTS OF THIS"<p/><b></b> "are they going to lose"<p/><b></b> "of course they're not going to lose they're the main characters"<p/><b></b> "shit"<p/><b></b> "THEY LOST"<p/><b><b></b> *is ready to say rude stuff about the opposing team but a flashback suddenly plays*</b><p/><b></b> "they're so canon"<p/><b></b> "get away from him he has a boyfriend"<p/><b></b> "HOW THE FUCK CAN ANYONE HATE HIM HE'S THE BEST PERSON EVER"<p/><b><b></b> *sweats nervously while watching a tournament*</b><p/><b></b> "they look cute"<p/><b></b> "STOP TALKING AND FUCKING PLAY THE GAME"<p/><b></b> "I'm going to join a volleyball team this year"<p/><b></b> "i think they're going to win"<p/><b></b> "just kiss already"<p/><b></b> "HAHA LOSERS THEY LOST"<p/><b></b> "huh just because he's short doesn't mean he can't play WHADDYA THINK NOW BITCH"<p/><b></b> "do the quick already im tired of waiting"<p/><b></b> "omg he said his name"<p/><b></b> "my life is ruined"<p/></p><p/></p>

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How would RFA and Saeran react if MC is the one not paying attention to them, because she's too preoccupied or upset that they were too busy for her? If this is accepted????

How can anyone not pay attention to these precious beans(for extended period of time, at least). Hope you like these ^_^


  • He had an important tournament in LOLOL
  • Which lasted a whole week, resulting in him completely ignoring MC
  • Needless to say, they are not pleased
  • They just want to cuddle ffs
  • Well, if he likes this damn game so much, he can date it
  • MC is not going to deal with this
  • Well, at least Yoosung’s team won
  • So he finally leaves his gaming area to share this news with MC
  • Yeah, MC is not really impressed
  • Gives him the silent treatment
  • Yoosung starts tearing up 
  • “MC, did I do something wrong?” – no answer
  • Try to guess, you game junkie
  • It took him some time to figure out why MC is upset
  • -“Oh.. honey, I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll limit my gaming! D-don’t be angry with me, please?
  • MC is determined to keep their composure but he has this irresistible puppy look his face
  • It’s impossible to stay mad at him
  • Yoosung actually doesn’t game for a whole week after that
  • Instead he does little things for MC, like cooking them dinner or giving them flowers


  • MC was drowning in work for their finals 
  • They completely shut themselves away so nothing would bother them
  • So Zen was feeling a bit lonely
  • His text messages were left unanswered, and even the selfies he sent them didn’t get any reaction
  • He knew that MC was using one of those social media blocking apps but he was still upset
  • Then he started to worry
  • “But what if something happened to them? Even if it didn’t, they still should take breaks from time to time, I should go check up on them”
  • So he goes to their house
  • MC is glad to see him but too busy to entertain guests right now
  • “Help yourself to something from the fridge, but please don’t distract me, I have an essay due tomorrow and I need to focus”
  • Zen is very understanding
  • Turns out MC’s fridge is even emptier than Zen’s so he goes out to buy groceries and he also tidies up the apartment a little bit
  • All while giving MC space to study
  • Doesn’t stay the night, otherwise the beast will come out (and distract MC from their essay)
  • He made sure that MC is fine so he’s not very upset now
  • He will definitely catch up on their attention as soon as their finals are over


  • She has a gazillion of cat projects to work on
  • The poor girl runs solely on coffee and energy drinks
  • Naturally, she has no time for MC
  • They don’t even see her: she leaves for work when they’re still sleeping and comes home when they’ve already gone to bed
  • So MC thinks she doesn’t care about them anymore
  • Until one day she somehow gets home from work early
  • But MC completely ignores her
  • She sighs: “I know you must be upset that I have been very busy lately but you know that I have a lot of work”
  • Well, quit your job then – snaps MC
  • Jaehee is taken aback for a moment
  • “I can’t just.. do that… or can I?”
  • Why the hell not?
  • And that’s how jealous MC made Jaehee quit the job she didn’t enjoy and use her abilities for something more rewarding


  • He’s a very busy workaholic, and MC is quite used to that
  • But lately it’s been too much; all these business trips, countless meetings, staying late at the office late far too often
  • MC was actually starting to suspect he was having an affair
  • So MC did the most logical thing imaginable – start being distant
  • Which puzzled Jumin a great deal because to him it seemed they were being irrational
  • “Go cuddle with your cat. Or with that girl you go to see when you claim you do extra paperwork late at the office..”
  • “MC, I’m not interested in women. Except for you, I mean. Things just have been hectic at the company. I’ll make it up to you”
  • Takes a couple of unplanned days off to spend them solely with MC


  • He was having one of his “I don’t deserve to be with them. I’ll ignore them until they lose interest and leave me” episodes
  • Well, two can play that game
  • If he doesn’t want that, MC is not going to bother him
  • Seeing them grow distant, Luciel starts to regret his choices
  • Suddenly completely changes his attitude and starts being super clingy
  • Which annoys MC
  • Until he opens up about how he really feels
  • That he doesn’t deserve them and that’s why he was ignoring them but would like to be with them, if they want it too
  • How could anyone be cross with him after this sentiment?
  • MC forgives him and they make up


  • MC was busy with work and didn’t have much to pay attention to him
  • He claims he doesn’t care
  • He does
  • Saeran needs his daily dose of MC’s attention
  • Makes sure to be in the same room with them while completely avoiding contact
  • Just like a cat
  • A lot of hugs happen after MC is done
  • He craves that bodily contact even if he says he doesn’t need it
Offbeat (Part Two) - Auston Matthews

A/N: Due to all the positive feedback I was really motivated to get this up asap! Let me know what you think!! :)

Thanks for all the support as always guys, and I’m pleased to announce I’ve reached over 500 followers!! WOW!!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,625

Warnings: Language 

[Part One]

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Ilvermorny Headcanons

•ok, so whenever the presidential election rolls around all hell breaks loose. i mean these kids know their damn politics and especially the horned serpents (canadian students are bewildered at our elections)

•the school even has their own mini election like a lot of no-maj schools

•the fact that no-maj discrimination didn’t carry over from europe is actually amazing though because all the purebloods are really open to no-majs and really interested in their lives and vica versa

•friendships that involve one person from each house are actually the best because they balance each other out perfectly

•pukwudgies just know where the kitchen is and how to get into it. it’s pretty much protocol to know where the kitchens are if you’re a pukwudgie

•and they’re always willing to take anyone who’s upset, no matter what house, there because everyone knows that food is the best remedy. they’re known for being healers. not necessarily the doctors kind but also but the bomb ass ‘i know exactly how to cheer you up’ friend

•pukwudgies are great at comforting

•horned serpent and wampus are good at giving advice

•although it’s against the rules, on the 4th of july EVERY student is outside after curfew partying. the teachers don’t even care bc they’re partying with them

•a ton of magic fireworks. A. TON.

•the annual 4th of july football tournament (thunderbirds are the reigning champs even though everyone always bets on wampus) they also play quidditch

•they also play a ginormous game of infection, and everyone has the time of their lives.

•it goes on for hoursssss.

•thunderbirds tend to hide in trees or somewhere really creative.

•horned serpents have got the whole thing planned out with bribes for people not to tag them and know exactly how to throw people off their trail.

•pukwudgies aimlessly wander around the grounds but are super careful and somehow never get caught… (how ft??)

•wampus students treat it like mission impossible i am not kidding. they’re checking around corners, they’ve got spies on the inside, some kids have invisibility cloaks (against the rules!!), small telescope they stole from the astronomy class to see where the infected are, dressed in all black even though it’s day time, and they all stick together in like groups of 12-15. the groups have a mix of gender and year and everyone gets along so damn well (mostly. there’s always at least ONE group that despises each other). they do this because if you were trying to infect someone and you see a group of 12-15 kids who are labelled as ‘warriors’ charging at you and screaming, you’re gonna do the smart thing and run the hell away. however if the infectors get a group together to go after the wampus kids, they run. like fast as lightening and screaming at the top of their lungs in fear (they claim it’s excitement. it could be both). the older students throw younger/shorter ones over their shoulder because “no one gets left behind!!!”

•there is no reigning champion because no house has won the game for more than 2 years straight

•but their 4th of july party has nothing on their canada day party

•even though the majority of the students are american, they go ALL OUT for canada day. everyone there lives canada and the over the top party has been an ongoing joke for YEARS

•they’ve even got kinder eggs •all the portraits are in on the joke and sing O Canada all day

•wampus and pukwudgies actually make the worlds greatest friendships hands down

•cranberry pie. so much cranberry pie. every single day

• instead of head boy and head girl it’s student council and the whole school votes on the president (democracy boom)

•the candidates put up signs all over the school and jinx the competition’s signs

•horned serpents and thunderbirds both have a deep love for reading

•a lot of students spend some of their summer at cape cod

•taco tuesday (thunderbird students absolute favourite)

•april fools is a mess. i mean some students are scared to leave their dorm because the probability of getting run over by a sprinting desk is too high and not worth the risk

•each house has like a million chants that they yell during matches.

•the night before matches is spent teaching the first years the chants. and the older students will honestly stay awake the entire night if that’s how long it takes because learning the chants is like becoming apart of their family and seeing the little kids looks of complete happiness as they realise ‘this is home’ is too great to miss

•horned serpents have the best chants. wampus chants involve A LOT of yelling and leaves them all hoarse. thunderbirds always start a wave during their chants. pukwudgies roast the other team during their rants with their impeccable rhyming skills

•forget all the times i said years instead of grades. they say grade at ilvermorny

•ice hockey is also really big. the major teams that the students supports are the Boston Bruins (ilvermorny homestate they have to support them) and the Montreal Canadians (@ canadian students) and since the teams have a huge rivalry, when hockey rolls around, tension GROWS. students wear all the teams apparel when they play and it’s great!!!!

•canadians and kids from upstate new york being heartbroken about not being able to get their tim hortans

•the library is actually the most amazing place. even if a student hates to read, they love the library. it smells amazing and it’s warm and quiet and it offers a euphoric state for anyone really

•thunderbirds have the forest memorised (they’re not even supposed to be in there but screw it)

•horned serpents are amazing negotiators

•biggest house rivalry is horned serpent and pukwudgie

•i’m sorry but there has to be rap battles. pukwudgies are good because of their ‘impeccable rhyming skill’, but wampus is the absolute best because they are relentless

•everyone loves their dunkin donuts (some kids still miss their tim hortans)

hope you enjoyed this!!! add some more if you want :)

Compulsory Heterosexuality and Heteronormativity

Compulsory heterosexuality and heteronormativity can show up a number of ways in writing. People tend to think of it in the most basic way, of just having only straight people in their story, and that just putting in one or two gay, bi, or pan (but usually gay) people in their story fixes that. The problem is that there are other parts that just sticking in a couple of gay characters doesn’t solve.

The next most common part is desexualizing, deromanticizing, or marginalizing the non-straight characters you have. If all of the straight characters have a relationship but none of the non-straight characters do, think about why. If you’re willing to show straight characters—or a man and a woman—kissing, having sex, waking up in bed next to each other, etc. but not two men, two women, or other non-straight-appearing combinations, think about why. If you show a man and a woman being emotionally affectionate but not two men, two women, or other non-straight-appearing combinations, think about why.

Similarly, if you have non-straight characters who only show up a couple of times, mostly when it’s handy to prove that you have non-straight characters or to show that your straight characters really aren’t homophobic, it doesn’t count as actual representation. Similarly, if you have a gay character or have a character be gay just so they’re not involved in a love V, you’re both marginalizing gay characters and implying that every straight person has to be in a romantic/sexual relationship with a person of a different gender and, if they don’t have a secondary character to be their love interest, must be in love with the main character or the main love interest.

The next part is that compulsory heterosexuality is a part of compulsory sexuality. If you feel the need to pair all of your straight characters up, or present the idea that all characters need to have romantic or sexual relationships to be fulfilled, you’re perpetuating compulsory sexuality and compulsory heterosexuality.

I judged a college debate tournament, and a team made an argument that Hermione Granger couldn’t be with Harry because then Ron would have to be with Ginny. That right there is compulsory heterosexuality—the assumption that any given person has to end up with a person of a different gender, regardless of how much sense that makes. That shows up a lot in stories, where in the end if there’s anyone left over, they’re stuck with someone just so they’re with someone.

Like She’s Mine (part one) - Stiles Stilinski

so this is my new stiles series!

warnings: heavy mentions of sex (but not smut), swearing, this is a non supernatural fic (so scott isn’t a werewolf lyd isn’t a banshee allison isn’t dead fuck you jeff davis fuck you you piece of shit and yadda) 

“Al-Allison stop there’s a customer!” I hissed, but she continued throwing seeds at me.

“You deserve this!” She said, borderline yelling.  I gave her a mock angry look, bracing my hands up in front of me while she continued pelting me.

“I made one comment!” I whisper screamed, and eventually snatching the bag of seed from her.  “Would you cut that out grow up!” Allison giggled as I zipped it back up, and put it back on the shelf in the back room.

“Yeah yeah.  You go get those out of your hair and I’ll help the customer” Allison said, rolling her eyes.  I flipped her off just before she walked out of the room.

I re situated the blue apron tied around my neck and waist, with the ironed on Lou’s Flower Shop patch on the front.  I pulled your hair out of it’s ponytail, and at least twenty seedlings fell onto the ground.  A mental note was made to kick Allison’s ass later.  I made my way back to the employee bathroom, finger brushing my hair as more seeds came out until I seemed to be clean of them.

“y/n!” Allison called.

“Yeah?” I called back, and pulled my hair up into a perfectly messy bun.

“Customer wants to speak to the manager” My brows furrowed as I made my way into the shop.

“What?” She pointed, and I walked further in, seeing who our customer was.  “Stiles!” I grinned ecstatically, and raced towards him, jumping up and hugging him tightly.  His arms caught me immediately, as they always did.

Stiles, my bestest friend in the whole wide world, had been out of town for a lacrosse tournament for the past week.  Sure, we FaceTimed every night, and texted every day, (seeing that he didn’t actually play lacrosse) but it was weird not having him around.

“I missed you so much” I breathed, and his arms stayed wrapped around me as he set me back down.

“Yeah I missed you too” He responded.  “Thought I’d surprise you instead of picking you up for Lydia’s party” You grinned sheepishly.

“This was much more fun” I said, shrugging my shoulders as he smiled back at me.

“When does your shift end?”

“Now, I’ll cover for her” Allison said.  I turned to look at her.

“You don’t have to Alli, I’ve only got-”

“You’ve only got fifteen minutes left, so I got it” Allison said, waving her hand dismissively.  “Go out for lunch or something, you’ve been moping all week” My body wiggled slightly as he squealed and clapped my hands.

“Allison I owe you a big one!” I said, untying my apron faster than ever and hanging it up behind the counter.

“I know.  I’m the best” Allison said, fluffing her hair.  I danced across the floor, kissing her cheek quickly before grabbing onto Stiles’ hand.  

“See you tonight!” 

“You too!” She called back as Stiles and I walked outside.  He swung out hands wildly between us as we walked towards his Jeep.

“I liked the surprise” You said to him with a big smile while buckling in.

“Good” Stiles responded curtly.  “Now, where to for lunch?”

“I don’t care, somewhere we can eat outside though because this weather is amazing.  It’s actually sunny and not hot, what a strange day in California” Stiles chuckled as he pulled out of the parking lot.  When I looked back to the store, Allison was going outside to water the rose bushes.

“You still like working there?” Stiles asked, catching my gaze.

“I love it, it’s a perfect little job” I responded.  He seemed to like my answer.

“And here from any colleges yet?”

“Still just Berkeley” I responded with a shrug.  Not that I minded Berkeley, it’s just I applied for an assortment of universities that appealed to me, and Berkeley wasn’t really my number one choice.  “You?” Stiles shook his head, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

“But I also haven’t seen the mail in the past week, so there could be something there whenever I get home” I nodded in response as he continued drumming.

“Ever get to play?”

“Thanks for asking, but it really just hurts my feelings more” Stiles said, and I chuckled.

“Well I was thinking you could teach me some things, over the summer, and we can practice together” 

“You wanna play lacrosse?” Stiles chuckled, and parked on the side of the road.  I looked out the window to see the old cafe we used to go to.  Usually we would just order a coffee and a pastry.  but we always talked about eating an actual lunch there.  But… those crepes just always looked so good…

“Yeah” I finally answered.  “Why not? Maybe it’d help you, and it could be fun” I said, shrugging a shoulder.  Stiles smiled over me, and we unbuckled our seat belts.

“Alright, well if you say so then sure. but you’d learn more from Scott” I shrugged again.  “You pick a table and I’ll go get menus” He squeezed my shoulder and I nodded, making my way over to an empty table with an umbrella.  I pulled back the metal chair, and set my purse on the tabletop as I sat down.  Just as I’d pulled my phone out, checking Insta and Snapchat, a shadow fell over me.

“Stiles” I smiled when I looked up, but it wasn’t Stiles standing there.

“Hey, your table was empty you look like you needed company” I stared wide eyed at the boy in front of me.  He was attractive, to some standards anyways, but he held a smirk that made me shift in my seat.

“Thanks that’s very kind, but my boyfriend is coming back in a moment” I said promptly.  Thankfully Stiles came outside at that moment.  “Hey babe” I said with the biggest smile I could muster.  He was confused for a millisecond before his eye line cut to the boy in front of me.

“Hey y/n, I got the menus” He said with an equally large smile, then sat down across from me.  “Who’s this?” He asked.

“I’m- uh leaving” The guy walked off before anything else could be said.  I sighed in relief and leaned over the table, putting my hands flat on it.

“God bless you Stilinski” I breathed, and he smiled again.

“No prob, babe” I rolled my eyes and took a menu from him.

“I’ve got other plans” I said cheekily, opening it up.

“Like getting into Theo Raeken’s pants tonight at Lydia’s party?” I raised an eyebrow at Stiles.  “You eye fucked him all year y/n.  I figured tonight was the night” My questioning glance turned into a smug one, and I winked.

“As a matter of fact, tonight is the night.  And it’s going to be amazing” I said.  Stiles looked down at his menu, hiding his face.

“I think I’m gonna try a Paganini” He mumbled.

“You wanna help me with my outfit? Lydia was gonna do it but she’s prepping for tonight” But he continued to keep his face buried in the list of foods.  “Stiles?”

“Or no a sandwich sounds good?”

“Stiles” I snatched the menu from his hands and he opened his mouth to protest.  But I was faster.  “Do you want to help me or not?” He sighed in defeat.

“Yeah, yeah sure y/n” He said, and I smiled, and looked at my own menu.

We ended up ordering two different sandwiches, and switching because we didn’t like our own.  We talked more about his tournament, my job, ideas of things we could do over the summer, pretty much anything that came to mind.  That;s just the way our friendship was, we did whatever whenever.  It was easy really.  I don’t think anyone in history had a friendship as great as Stiles’ and mine.  We were unbreakable and irreplaceable.

When we finished lunch, we headed over to my place so I could get ready.

“You have no idea how excited I am” I said excitedly.  I was in a bikini at the moment, going through my closet to wear something over it.  Stiles was sat on my bed, watching every time I held up a possible outfit to wear over it.

“Too skimpy” He said as I held a pair of shorts and a strapless crop top.

“That’s sorta the point Stiles.  I want to wear something easy to take off when I’m with Theo tonight” Stiles rolled his eyes.  “Well? Do you think it’ll be good?”

“Why don’t you try the black leather skirt” I grabbed what he was referring to from my dresser, and pulled it up.  It fell to my mid thigh.

“With what top?” I pondered, wandering over to my closet now.

“The white tank top with no sleeves and the collar” Stiles said.  I pulled it out and buttoned it up, tucking it into my skirt.  I smiled at the outfit I’d pulled together.  Well, Stiles did.

“Wow, this actually looks good” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Now sit down and braid your hair” He said, shaking his head with a slight smile.  I sat down on the bench in front of my vanity, surveying my reflection.

“Thanks Stiles, you are literally the best” I blew a fake kiss while tying my hair in a loose ponytail braid down my back.

“I know” He said cockily and pulled out his phone.  He took a picture of me, and from the typing he did I figured he was Snapchatting.

“Who to?” I asked, tying a hair tie at the end of my hair.

“My story.  I’m crediting myself for your stunning outfit” He said.  I gave a curtsy before pulling out my eyeliner.

“Cat eye right?”

“Girl you know it” I laughed, having to drop the wand as not to smudge as my shoulders shook.  He got up and looked at me through the mirror, standing behind me.  “You look great y/n” I smiled sweetly and he dropped a light kiss to my hair, squeezing my shoulders.  “I’m getting a drink, be right back” He said, and I nodded, going back to my makeup.

When he left the room, and I finished applying the sharp black wing, I checked my phone.  Instantly going to Stiles’ story.  There was a picture taken from the front seat of the jeep, an open road in front of it.  Then a video of Scott singing Hello way off key, with the caption HACKED on it.  At the end you could hear Stiles yelling at him to get off his phone.  After the video was a photo of the flower shop I worked at, and below it said surprising my favorite y/n today.  I smiled big at that one.  Lastly was the photo of me, grinning sheepishly as I was looking at Stiles rather the camera.  It was exceptionally candid, and Stiles had written she’s beautiful on her own but I think I did an excellent job for tonight.  I accidentally blushed, and shut off my phone.

“I’m back” Stiles hollered, walking into my room, and plopping back into his spot on my bed.  “Eyes look great” He said, giving me an okay sign as he drank from his glass of water,

“Merci” I said, posing for a short moment.  Then began to tidy up my vanity.  “Are we going to your house for anything? Are you gonna swim?” Stiles shook his head.

“No that pool’s gonna be crowded and I want no part of that” I chuckled, closing up the drawers and standing up.  I smoothed out the non existent wrinkles on my skirt, and looked over my room.  

My eyes landed on a necklace on the top of my dresser, and I wandered over to it.  My fingers looped into the chain, and I attempted to link it behind my neck.  After a minute of this attempt Stiles chuckled and came over, linking the hook and the ring together.  I looked down at the locket, and turned around.  Stiles smiled at it, opening it up, revealing a picture of him and I that Scott had taken last year.  We were at school, in science.  I was obviously sleeping, my head on Stiles’ arm, lying on the desk.  He was trying not to laugh, but was unable to suppress the goofy grin as he looked at the camera.  Allison had been sat in front of me, and tilted her chair back to give my sleeping self bunny ears.

“I’ll never understand why you chose that one, of all the pictures to put in a necklace” I said, whilst giggling and closing the locket.  It didn’t really look like one.  It was a metallic circular medallion.  A few swirl engravings over it.  When you weren’t standing right in front of me, it just looked like a plain necklace.  But to me it was beautiful because of what it held on the inside.  Stiles shrugged in response, and walked back to his glass of water on my desk.

“I don’t know, I guess it’s just one of my favorites” I looked down at the locket, still held in my fingers, then placed it neatly and centered on my collarbone.

“Yeah me too” I said with a smile.

“Are you nervous?” Stiles asked, parking in the street near Lydia’s house.  I pondered the question, unsure of how to answer without being totally sure of myself.  In a way, no of course I wasn’t.  It was at Lydia’s house, all of my friends would be there, I was slaying the look Stiles had picked out for me, and to top it all off, I was wearing my lucky necklace.  But on the other hand… well maybe a little.  Big crowds wasn’t exactly my strong suit.  If I was left alone in them for more than 15 minutes I began to get a little claustrophobic and self conscious.

“I don’t think so” I responded, and pulled down the sunshade to look in the mirror.

“If you’re nervous about how you look, you really shouldn’t be” Stiles said.  “Because you really do look beau-”

“y/n!” A bouncing and grinning Allison skipped up to the passenger’s door, pulling Scott behind her.

“Hey!” I said, getting out of the car to hug her.  Scott took her drink from her hand, probably so she wouldn’t spill it all over me.

“You look fantastic! Whose hips are you grinding on tonight?” Allison asked.  I could almost hear Stiles’ teeth grinding.  I put a hand on his arm as I replied.

“Theo’s” I answered with a simplistic tone.

“Ooooh” Allison batted her eyelashes.  “Well it’s ‘bout time.  I’ve been watching you two check each other out since last spring” She chuckled, and I rolled my eyes a little bit, biting my cheek so I wouldn’t smile too wide.  Stiles was clearly set off by the idea.  “Plus he’s like, mega hot” Scott coughed, and Allison giggled, her eyes darkened in drunkenness. When she turned to him, Scott smiled at her tightly.  “Don’t worry babe, you’re like… you’re… you’re… super mega hot times infinity” Scott laughed, and handed me the red plastic cup he’d previously taken from his girlfriend.

“Time to get you some water” He said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.  “Good to see you y/n” He waved slightly, and I returned it.“See you in a bit McCall” I said, watching as he and Allison walked off to a more secluded area outside.  It was then I realized my hand was still on Stiles, to which I dropped it to my side.

“Wanna go in and find Lyd?” He asked, and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.  “You’re going to be fine.  Great! Besides, I’m not leaving your side until you tell me to” I smiled weakly in a silent thanks, then tucked my hand under his arm as I walked with him inside.  My eyes had fallen down to land on our shoes.  I was in black flats, and he was in old converse.  I smiled at them, how they’d somehow provided a comfort.  I’d seen these shoes a million times.  If it wasn’t these, it was Star Wars socks, or lacrosse cleats.  “You good?” Stiles asked me.

“Yeah, I think your feet just made me feel better” He chuckled, shaking his head as I looked up at him through my lashes.  “Tonight’s gonna be fun” I said, mostly to hear myself say it.  He nodded curtly.  “And we’re going to have a great time” Stiles nodded again, smile growing.  “Let’s go get a drink first”

“One, then we loosen you up in a few dances, then you go find your dream boat” He said the last part in a more sarcastic tone, but I giggled and agreed to the plan.

Three cups of beer later I was looser than the brakes in Roscoe.

I was cheering and dancing, swinging my hips and waving my hands up in the air.  Here and there Stiles would laugh and spin me around, dancing in funny ways to make me laugh then saying no no, this is my best move.  Every new one worse than the last.  But it made me laugh, and I knew that’s what he was going for.  While twirling, my eyes landed on a certain brooding boy that had been catching my attention lately.  I curled back into Stiles, one hand in his, the other on the back of his neck as I leaned in close to his ear.

“Theo’s watching” I whispered to him.  I could hear him swallow, and pulled away to see him looking for the dirty blonde boy.  “Dance sexy with me” I said quickly.  Stiles’ wide eyes shot to mine.

“What!?” He whisper screamed.“Dance sexy with me, we have to peak his interest” I said quickly, squeezing both of his hands.  “Please?”

“y/n” He whined, giving me a pouty look.“It’ll only be for a second I promise” I told him, and pressed my chest to his, slowly setting my elbows up on his shoulders, my hands in his hair in moments.  His own hands landed on my waist in no time at all.  I smirked at his reaction, looking down at my feet as they barely moved, but the whole rest of my body did.

“This will not end well” Stiles whispered, his lips barely brushing the shell of my ear.“No” I responded in agreement, and I’d never admit it, but it was an accident when I grinded against him, pure instinct.  “It’s gonna end great” I giggled at the feather light ticklish feeling of his hands wandering up to my waist.

“He’s looking for sure now” Stiles said, pulling away abruptly.

“Uh Stiles-” I clamped a hand over my mouth, trying not to look down.  His eyes lowered to his khakis.

“Damn it y/n you gave me a boner!” I laughed, I tried not to I really did but i couldn’t help it.

“I am so so sorry” I said between giggles.  “I mean that I really am” I said.  He was red with embarrassment.

“I’m gonna go and… fix it?” Stiles scratched the back of his head.“Do you need help-?”

“No definitely not” He chuckled.  I nodded, giving him an apologetic look.  I suddenly felt really bad… “It’s fine y/n, trust me, taking care of it will not be bad, for me anyways.  Anyone trying to get into the bathroom’s just gonna be grossed out-”

“Ew Stiles” My face contorted into one of disgust, and he just laughed.

“Okay well, call me if you need anything, enjoy lover boy and,” He stepped closer, putting a hand on my shoulder as he lowered his voice and looked directly into my eyes.  “Just remember you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  If at anytime something goes wrong, or you don’t like something, or literally anything, call me, find me, anything you have to do y/n and I’ll be there in a second” I smiled softly at the protective side of Stiles.

“I know.  I know how to take care of myself” I snuck a secret glance to Theo, who was looking at his phone for the moment.  I took his downcasted moment to press he lightest of kisses to Stiles’ cheek.  He gave me a look of surprise.  “I would’ve hugged you, but I didn’t want to strain lil Stiles” I pointed down to his khakis, and he groaned, rolling his eyes.  Though it didn’t really seem like it was a ‘little’ Stiles stuck in there at all.  I blushed, and coughed.  “You go fix yourself, and I’ll go fix myself” I said, walking backwards towards where Theo was standing against the wall.  He gave me a thumbs up and turned around, swiftly making his way to Lydia’s bathroom.  I spun on my heel, confidently waltzing up to Theo.  His eyes caught me, and shameless wandered my body.“Well hello” He said in an amused tone.  “Where’s your little partner?” He asked, raising a brow.  I gave a slight pout.“He got bored of me” I said.  “Do you want to dance with me instead?” From the look on is face, I knew his answer was a yes, and that his mind was reeling with images of me dancing on Stiles.  I tugged on his hands.  “Come on, come play with me” I said, smiling cheekily as we were on the dance floor, again surrounded by people.

His lips were hot, and his kisses were hard and needy.  Mine were all the same, and I let his hands run down my sides.  We’d somehow gotten ourselves up the stairs and into Lydia’s room without breaking skin contact once.  I wasn’t sure how it wasn’t already occupied (poor Lyd she was always buying new bed sheets) but as soon as we’d come in, I kicked the door shut and locked it for extra precaution.

I finished unbuttoning my top, the first four had been ripped open, but I wasn’t in the mind to care about it.  In seconds I had it peeled over my head, and his hands had yanked open the back zipper of my skirt, hastily shoving the fabric down my leg.  His hands splayed around my hips, gripping tightly.  He mumbled a barely coherent “jump” against my mouth and I obliged, legs winding around his waist as his hands dropped to my ass.  I squealed, and giggled, and we fell back on Lydia’s bed.

“You’ve got… right?” I panted.

“Of course babe”

It was a night to remember for sure.  But not the way I wanted it to be.

I woke up alone in Lydia’s bed.  And instantly, my head ached and my legs throbbed.  I groaned loudly, the light from the windows making my brain pound against my skull.  I wanted to gouge my eyes out they hurt so badly.

“Thought you’d be up soon” I sat up slightly, just enough to see Lydia’s figure leaning against the doorway.  I whined, taking in my surroundings slowly, trying to remember the past ten hours.  “I brought you water and advil” She announced, and I thanked in with a breath of relief.  I took them quickly, licking my lips and blinking quickly.  My eyes landed on the empty space next to me.  “He left around two am” Lydia said.  I rubbed my hands over my face, still unable to form a proper sentence.  “Stiles is in the guest room, and he’s probably got a worse headache than you” She told me in a soft tone.  Lydia’s fingers ran through my hair gently.  “Need anything else?” I shook my head.  “Alright, well I’ll leave you be” She said, and left the room as quietly as she could.  

After continuing to rub my eyes, willing the pain to be gone, I forced myself to stand.  Tears brimmed at the dizzy feeling, which only made me hurt more, but I managed to walk into the guest room.  Stiles announced his presence by moaning.  Through the black spots of my vision I could see him lying face down in a silky pillow, under one comforter.  The ceiling fan was turned on medium, which made me relieved.

“ ‘m joining you” I mumbled, dragging my feet through the carpet as I made my way to his bed.

“y/n y/n y/n” Stiles mumbled when I crawled in.

“How much did you drink” I whispered so quietly my voice was a breath.

“Too much” He mumbled back, eyes clenched shut.  “I’ve been puking all morning”

“I can tell” I whispered.  “Your breath smells like mint and you never brush your teeth till after breakfast”

“Don’t mention food I’ll get sick again” He groaned, and I whispered an apology.  I curled my legs up to my chest, hugging my shins.  “You’re night sounded good” Stiles eventually spoke.

“I don’t remember it” I mumbled back.

“That’s too bad” He said sarcastically.  I laughed gently at his voice being muffled in the pillows.  “You came in afterwards, told me he fell asleep and wanted to talk”

“You were here all night?”

“When the party became a bust and people left, I came up here to chill out.  You came in a few hours later, maybe one thirty” He said, eyes remaining closed, but I watched intently as he spoke.  “Told me he fucked you so good you thought your brains came out of your ears” I groaned softly, putting my hands over my face in embarrassment.


“You don’t remember any of it?” He asked again, and I shook my head no.

“Nuh uh” I said, eyes slipping closed.  “But I know it happened” He hummed in question.  “Man cause it hurts.  I think he was like… super sloppy” Stiles made a sound in the back of his throat.

“Are you trying to make me puke”

“Sorry” I said for the millionth time.  Stiles chuckled, wrapping an arm over my legs and chest, hand landing on bare skin and the back strap of my bra.

“Are you not wearing clothes?” He mumbled.

“No” I hummed back, becoming drowsier.  He didn’t say anything else on the subject, just kept his arm over me loosely.

“When we wake up later, like.. Way later… let’s stay in all day and eat ice cream” Stiles said, and I nodded, head pressed against his chest.

“M’kay” Was all I could manage, before yawning, and falling asleep.Besides the throb behind my head and between my legs, the whereabouts of my clothes, and the scratchiness in my throat, everything was okay in the world.

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Buckle up kids I’m about to take you on a ride of want through a Zelink College AU

  • The college AU must be tactfully done or else it will seem mightily cliche
  • but take it from me. a college kid. this one will be no different
  • Zelda is a political science major
  • class president. goody two shoes. Catch her wearing a collared shirt underneath a sweater and pearls to class. like im not joking
  • Link is a history major
  • call him a dork and you’ll fucking get it. he is CAPTAIN of the fencing team u understand
  • anyway his friends have an album on facebook of all the times they’ve caught him asleep in the library. or in the lounge. or in class. his head is always buried in a history book
  • Sheik: “Dude if history puts you to sleep so bad maybe you should reconsider your major man” 
  • Spoiler: Link does not reconsider his major. 
  • Anyway Link and Zelda are probably floormates or something. They’ve been friends since freshman year when Zelda let a very drunk Link crash on her floor instead of risking the walk past the RA. 
  • She feeds him her leftovers when she has them and he in turn brings her ice cream from work when she is stressed out
  • She gives him her mealswipes when his run out. because of course they do. And she keeps him awake when they do homework
  • He cracks shitty jokes and listens to her speeches
  • No one understands how they are still friends because they have basically nothing in common and 1) his friends think she’s a stiff and 2) her friends think he’s a douche 
  • It’s because they are so fucking in love it’s gross
  • They fill the role of bf and gf for each other. Like Zelda goes to all of his tournaments (and she’s never caught DEAD at sporting events unless she has to) and he comes to her debates. Campaigns for her. Rubs her shoulders when she’s tense and listens to her complain about politics
  • But they’re NOT dating and anyone who SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT IT WILL GET DISMEMBERED. Mostly by Zelda. Every time anyone brings it up around Link he gets kinda pouty
  • Sheik: “Dude if you like her so much just fucking say so”
  • Spoiler: Link does not fucking say so
  • But then a guy asks Zelda out and Link goes into FULL JEALOUS MODE
  • Starts getting all touchy in public. Arm over the shoulder. Gives her his jacket. 
  • But of course he is not exactly tactful. He can’t just spit out what he wants
  • She goes on the date anyway because “if Link won’t date me I might as well date this guy” 
  • And she comes home and Link is trying really hard not to seem upset but he pretty much stops speaking to her
  • And finally after like a week of this bullshit like ???????? What the fuck? Why are you acting this way??
  • And he’s like “I just don’t think he’s right for you” because he can’t justify it anyway else
  • And she’s like ”um, well I like him!”
  • In reality her brain is going 2 million miles a second because what the hell what does this mean does he actually like me I thought I was too much of a dork like we’re friends and all but that’s probably just because i feed him and boys like being fed i can’t say anything about how i feel that’ll ruin everything and i’ll never speak to him again and this campus is so small how will i avoid him oh my god-
  • And like is like “Yeah well I like you” kinda aggravated and they’re both like
  • oh
  • shit

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Sanvers and the Goblet of Fire

“I’ll be seventeen, Maggie, I could do it, I’ll be old enough by the time they put the Goblet out.”

Their legs are intertwined in their compartment on the Hogwarts Express, chocolate frogs leaping off the windows and, occasionally, off of their shoulders, because I don’t like eating them, Danvers, I like setting them free instead.

Maggie shifts so their bodies are closer. She shifts so she can stroke Alex’s hair easier.

“And I support you, Danvers. All the way, you know I do. Ride or die doesn’t end with the Triwizard Tournament. I just… people have died, Danvers.”

“Oh come on, Maggie, don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t put your name in if you were old enough – “

“Of course I would, Alex, but… But people have died, and I know you won’t, because if you died, I’d kill you, but – “

“Says the Hufflepuff who wants to set the chocolate frogs free – “

“Retorts the Slytherin dating that exact Hufflepuff,” Maggie doesn’t miss a beat, and they devolve into a soft series of giggles.

Kara passes by their compartment door and waves enthusiastically.

“I’m going to find Lena!” she mouths, and Maggie gives her an over-enthusiastic thumbs up.

“Does Kara know? That you want to put your name in?”

Alex sighs. “She’s less happy about it than you. But I mean, you’re both assuming I’ll get chosen – “

“Well, who the hell else would from our school, Danvers? Lord? Hell no. Maybe Dig or West, and is Allen old enough? Queen? Olsen? But no, good as they all are? Please. You put your name in, you’ll be chosen. Guaranteed.”

Alex blushes. “You… you really think so?”

Maggie bites her lip at her suddenly timid Slytherin, and she checks outside the compartment window before leaning in for a kiss that Alex meets eagerly. Maggie sighs into their kiss, into the way Alex’s hands rise to tangle in her hair.

When they finally part, when they finally bring their foreheads together to breathe, Maggie speaks soft, and slow, and genuine, right into Alex’s eyes.

“I know so. You’re brilliant and you’re brave and you’re kind and you’re cunning. You’re the best of all the Houses, Alex. The best of all of us. The Goblet would be stupid not to spit your name out.”

Alex grins lopsidedly. “Don’t go telling anyone about the kind thing. I have a reputation to uphold, Sawyer.”

They both jump as the compartment door slides open with a slight bang.

“Don’t bother disentangling, you two, it’s only me.”

“Hey Sara,” they say in unison, Maggie getting up to hug the Gryffindor fifth year and Alex staying down and offering a friendly nod, a friendly – and extremely elaborate – handshake they’d devised last year. Sara giggles and Alex’s lopsided grin grows.

“So you’ve heard, I take it. About the Triwizard Tournament?”

Alex nods and Maggie bites the inside of her cheek.

“Oliver gonna enter? Dig?”

Sara shakes her head. “Ollie’s not gonna be old enough in time, and Dig’s still thinking about it. Wish I was old enough, damn. You’re putting your name in, right, Danvers?”

Alex glances at Maggie, and Sara hums.

“Trouble in inter-House paradise?” she asks with raised eyebrows.

“No, not at all. You know I’m ride or die for this one, and if she puts her name in, I’ll train with her until I can’t anymore. And I’ll be her date for the Yule Ball, take her mind off her heroics for a night.”

She’s talking more to Alex than to Sara, and Alex’s heart swells at the same time as her stomach flips at the image of Maggie being her date for the Ball. “I just love her too much to be terribly over-eager about seeing her fight dragons and stuff.”

Alex blushes and Sara leans in. “You trying to tell me you wouldn’t be turned on by seeing your woman overcome a dragon in front of the entire school?”

“Don’t worry, babe, I’d figure out a way to do it without hexing the poor guy.”

“Danvers, a single person can’t hex a – well, you know what, if anyone could do it, you could. If anyone can win this safely, you could. My Alex Danvers.”

“Yours. No Triwizard Tournament will ever change that, Mags.”

Sara’s eyes flicker between theirs as they steal each other’s breath, and she grins, slaps her hands on her thighs, and stands.

“Alright, well. I’m clearly the pygmy puff here, so I’m gonna go find that Smoak girl. She’s probably with Schott and Ramon, you think?”

“Oh, definitely.”

Sara grins at them, leaning on the compartment door on her way out.

“You’re both still cute,” she winks before sauntering off, letting the door shut behind her.

“We are, aren’t we?” Alex scrunches her nose in a way she doesn’t let anyone see except her sister and her girlfriend.

Maggie giggles and kisses it.

“Yeah, we are. And when we get to the castle, we’re gonna get working on your Patronus charm. I know your depression makes it pretty hard, but if we keep working on it, I know you’ll be the best at it in no time.”

Alex grins, tears shining in her eyes.

“So you’ll really help me train? If I get chosen?”

When you get chosen. And yeah. Yeah, I will. Always, Alex. Always.”

Alex beams, and Maggie smiles, and they barely stop kissing until Kara bangs on their compartment door with screwed-shut eyes to tell them to get changed.

Because they’re almost at the castle.

And it’s going to be a very exciting year.

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I really want more of the harry potter au! What friendships are there and stuff like that (I don't like hp so I dont know much about it)

Ok so:

Jisung- 7th Year Hufflepuff Headboy who was very confused as to how he managed to get Headboy even when every teacher and student constantly tells him how good he is at taking care of others. Not a Quidditch player but goes to every game to cheer on the others, lowkey biased for Gryffindor cause Daniel. Very good at Charms, he finds it easy to get the knack of little spells. Ironically terrible at Herbology and collapses on the table every time his plant ends up keeling over. Is friends with everyone regardless of house, spends every meal time sitting at a different table. Is always laughing with other students, regardless of year level. Can be seen often in the library with a younger student tutoring them in classes cause he just wants to help others. Has a unicorn hair wand and is a half Muggle, half Wizard. 

Sungwoon- 6th year Hufflepuff. Childhood friends with Gryffindor Taehyun and can always been seen together. Keeper for Hufflepuff Quidditch team and by his 6th year he’s finally gotten good at it. Is best at Divination even though he hates the subject, “I see myself failing my potions essay dammit.” Is miserable at potions, him and Taehyun often work together and it explodes in their faces. Has a Dragon Heartstring wand and comes from a Pure Blood family. 

Minhyun- 5th year Ravenclaw. Top of his grade. Rumor has it that hes part Veela which he has neither confirmed nor denied. Hangs out with a bunch of other beautiful students named Jonghyun, Minki and Dongho who everyone is too scared to approach cause they’re all very intimidating. They all later become Headboys and are the best at guiding and helping younger students. Is seen as cold by everyone but then you see him laughing with some first years and hugging them and everything is reconsidered. Likes Quidditch enough to go to games and have a professional team he stans but not enough to actually play. Would be best in the team if he did though. Unicorn Hair wand and Pure Blood family.

Ong- 5th year Gryffindor. Comes from a Muggle born family and when he got his letter was just “I knew I was better than everyone.” Star of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, main chaser. Is already going to be captain once next year. Very popular with everyone. Is a brilliant flyer, usually manages to win the match regardless of who catches the snitch. Also very good at Care of Magical Creatures cause he finds a lot of the terrifying animals fun. Worst subject is Magical History cause he usually falls asleep in class. Good friends with everyone but closest with fellow Gryffindor Daniel and Hufflepuff Jisung. Can often be seen laughing and messing around with the three of them in the court yard. Possibly has found the Marauders Map and uses it for Mischief™. Wand is Pheonix feather. 

Jaehwan- 4th year Ravenclaw. Another Muggleborn who was all set up to follow his dream to be a singer and go to music school when he got his letter. Initially was very disappointed until he realised just how amazing Hogwarts is. Very lonely at first, didn’t really interact with anyone on the train or in the first few months. Everyone thought he was quiet and shy. Slowly began opening up and everyone realised he was crazy. Wild goat laughter can be heard all throughout the Gryffindor common rooms and dorms. Part of the Frog Choir. Very good at potions and following the steps, very bad at Defence Against the Dark Arts, always ends up screaming. Sometimes goes and sits by the lake with his guitar and sings and any student passing by stops for a moment to listen. Is terrible at Quidditch but loves going to games and cheering for them all. Unicorn hair wand. 

Daniel- 4th year Gryffindor. The Jock™ Another chaser on the Quidditch team and him and Ong paired up are ruthless. Amazing flyer. Hogwarts Champion when the Tri-Wizard-Tournament comes around and has no idea how that happened. Accidentally adopted a first year named Woojin who now follows him everywhere. Comes from a Muggleborn family and was very in awe of everything in the wizarding world. Very good at Defence Against the Dark Arts, not too bad at everything else. Has 2 cats, 1 of which he snuck in, both of whom he never stops talking about and constantly showing pictures of to anyone that he’s talking to. Many, maaaaany female students have a crush on him which he is kinda confused about and Jisung just shakes his head at him. Dragon Heartstring wand. 

Jihoon- 3rd year Slytherin. Cute™. All his teachers love him, top of all his classes. Constantly competes against the best student in Gryffindor and their seeker Kim Samuel who he may or may not have a thing for. Is the seeker for the Slytherin team and is already very good for his age. Most students think he’s this perfect, sweet student but his friends know better. Is very weird and lowkey evil. Sometimes talks to the giant squid and mermaids in the windows of the Slytherin common room. Is very good at Dark Magic even though it’s usually an accident. Is a Parseltongue and makes friends with snakes everywhere he goes. Pheonix feather wand and Pureblood.

Woojin- 3rd year Gryffindor. Another one who was quite shy to begin with and then opened up and everyone realised he too was wild as hell. Beater on the Gryffindor team. Is terrible at writing essays regardless of subject. Wishes there were dance classes. Is pretty good at Astronomy cause he used to stargaze a lot as a kid. Friends with most students, especially the Slytherins Jihoon and Daehwi. Accidently turned Daehwi into an otter once and Daehwi didn’t talk to him for a week. Sometimes gets help from older students like Jong or Jisung with his homework. Comes from a Halfblood home with a Pheonix Feather wand.

Jinyoung- 2nd year Ravenclaw. Another possible Veela candidate. Transferred over from Beauxbatons after his first year and everyone was amazed at this beautiful new student. Is really just a nerd. Seeker for Ravenclaw and honestly terrible at it. Fell of his broom once in front of everyone and woke up in hospital to Jihoon laughing at him. Was paired with Guanlin for potions once and it exploded in his face, had to wear an eyepatch for a month. Best friends with Daehwi and is in the Slytherin common room more than the Ravenclaw one. Has lots of females in his class who like him and he’s completely oblivious. Dragon Heartstring wand.

Daehwi- Textbook Slytherin first year. From a Pureblood family, bit of a know-it-all. Thought he was gonna be the best in every one of his classes. Was wrong. Is half and half, very good at charms, transfiguration, defence against the dark arts; miserable at herbology, flying and care of magical creatures. Studies way too hard, spends most of his time in the library until Jihoon or Jinyoung drag him away. Never talks about the otter incident and will never admit he secretly enjoyed it. Everyone laughs when his patronous is later revealed to be an otter. Wants to become Minister of Magic and already has his life planned out for the next 10 years. Unicorn hair wand. 

Guanlin- 1st year Hufflepuff. Comes from a Pureblood family but he’s so clueless everyone thinks hes Muggleborn. Best friends with fellow Hufflepuff Seonho and is rarely separated from him. Is ok at flying and wants to try out for the Quidditch team next year with practise. Sneaks out in early mornings to fly. Terrible at potions, terrible at charms, terrible at transfiguration. Ok at herbology, enjoys talking to plants. Doesn’t talk much to humans, usually he just stands to the side while Seonho talks but then OngSung will do something and he’ll screech with laughter and everyones like “….Was that Guanlin?” Was given a Remembrall by Seonho for his birthday and it’s his favourite item that he owns. Dragon Heartstring wand. 

Clip - “Din tur” (”Your turn”) - at 15:46, 11.06

No, still haven’t heard anything…
Not you either?

No, did you get Chris to call William?

William isn’t answering either…
But imagine it, they’ve been apart for so long, they’re probably just having a good time and not giving a shit about anyone else

Adam (off-screen, outside): Come on, throw!

(The boys, talking eagerly outside)

Yousef: Try it, Elias.

Adam: I’m so bad at this.

(Sana joins them)

Sana: Hey.

Mutta (off-screen): What’s up, Sana? How are you? Join us!

Elias: What’re you saying “join” for? We’re in the middle of a tournament. She can join later.

(Mutta motions to Mikael)

Mikael: Let’s!

Yousef: Let’s go!

Mutta (off-screen): You throw them, and then-


Elias (off-screen): Weak!

Adam (off-screen): The two of you against the two of us.

(Sana sits down beside Yousef)

Sana: Hey.

Yousef: Hey.

Sana: Did you have fun at Eva’s birthday?

Yousef: Yes, I had a great time. (pause) Uh, and you?

(Sana smiles and nods)

Yousef: It was awesome with the presents she got. (Sana laughs) Eskild just popping the champagne bottle. It wasn’t even his gift.

Sana: He didn’t even bring a gift.

Yousef: He didn’t? He was awesome.

Sana: (laughs) Yeah..

Yousef: Even, too. It was good to see him again.

(The boys talking about the game in the background)

Mutta (off-screen): Boys, it’s the third time we beat you now, so please just give us a little bit of resistance. Just a little!

Adam (off-screen): Hey, one thing. We should open the fast together one day (soon). 

Elias (off-screen): Yeah, we should.

Mutta (off-screen): Balkan. Balkan kebab.

Elias (off-screen): No, Istanbul. Istanbul!

Adam (off-screen): We gotta do it. But we have to do it before Yousef leaves.

Elias (off-screen): Yousef, when are you leaving?

Sana: So, I spoke with Noora-

Elias: Yousef! When are you leaving?

Yousef: Saturday.

Elias: Saturday?

Adam (off-screen): Saturday’s done. We’re eating on Friday.

Elias: No. 

Mutta (off-screen): Friday’s better. We can chill the whole evening.

Elias (off-screen): I can’t do Friday.

The boys (off-screen): What are you doing?

Elias (off-screen): I can’t do Friday.

The boys (off-screen): WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

Elias (off-screen): I’m going to a birthday party of a cousin slash buddy… (I think this is what he says, but I’m not sure)

Mutta :(off-screen): ?? So, ditch him, what the fuck?

Sana: Where are you going?

Yousef: Turkey.

Sana: Oh!

Yousef: Mm.

Sana: Are you staying for long?

Yousef: Until August. 

Elias (off-screen): So I just ditch the guy?

Mutta (off-screen): He’s leaving Saturday. It’s better that we have the last evening with him, you get it?

Mikael (off-screen): He can join.

Adam (off-screen): It’s completely fine if he wants to tag along.

Mikael (off-screen): Yousef, it’s your turn.

Elias (off-screen): Alright, Friday then.

Elias: Just go.

Adam: Why am I the one who always have to go?

Elias: I’m a stick short. C’mon, give me a stick.

Yousef: Alright Mutta, which one should I hit?

Mutta (off-screen): Hit this one.

Yousef: Okay.

Mutta (off-screen): Okay?

Yousef: Okay.

Mutta (off-screen): If you make that hit, you’re good.

(Yousef throws, and hits)

Elias: Ohh! You see? That’s why he’s on my team.

Adam (off-screen): Beginner’s luck.

Mikael (off-screen): Beginner’s luck.

Adam (off-screen): If you make this hit, you’re a king. If you hit this now you win the whole thing.

Yousef (off-screen): Alright.

Elias (off-screen, singing): Weee are the champions!

Yousef: Always. It’s always me and Elias.

Elias: Me and Yousef.

(Sana receives a text)

You haven’t heard anything from Noora either?

There’s bound to be some mistakes here, ‘cause so much of it are the boys talking in the background - I wanted to add it nonetheless, as I think it’s more interesting. Hope it’s not too chaotic.

The game they are playing is called Kubb and it’s one of the best summer games ever! <3 Kubb <3

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Sid being picked for the 2nd task of the tri wizard tournament as geno's most important person. When sid is asked he is blushing, but he agrees cuz he is genos! Special! Person! When geno sees sid underwater he kind of blanks out...until they get to the surface and sid is okay, it doesnt matter that he won get sid a blanket!! other contestants are very weary/ slightly scared of geno the rest of the tournament. The merpeople respect him.

It’s cold. He knows this much. When they break the surface of the water, Sidney gasps for air as he’s reanimated, feeling Geno’s arms around him and hearing Geno’s voice shouting at the Durmstrangs, anyone, to get Sidney a blanket, quick.

The Beauxbatons are all yelling and crowding in from behind the Durmstrangs to grab Sidney and pull him up to the docks, Flower and Tanger especially.

“Are you okay? Holy shit, Sid,” they’re shouting. Flower taps a drying spell on Sidney’s clothes. “How do you feel?”

Sidney’s lips are quivering. The water really is cold. He remembers staring at the merpeople and their violent scowls like he’s watching them from inside a fishbowl. That’s the Durmstrang’s prize, they had hissed to each other. Sidney Patrick Crosby. I smell Veela in his blood. He’s lovely, isn’t he? The Durmstrangs do love a pretty face–

When Geno shoves his way back to Sidney with a heavy blanket, looking rather mournful, Sidney notices that he also doesn’t look like someone who won first place.

“Geno,” Sidney says, his voice raw from being frozen. “Geno, did you win? You won, right? Congratulations!”

“Put you in danger, Sid,” Geno says, his voice as heavy as the blanket. “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be.” He can’t keep the smile off his face. “They asked me. If I wanted to be your special per–Um. If I wanted to be the objective. I said yes.”

“You did?”

“Geno,” Sidney says again, tucking his face into Geno’s neck and feeling Geno hesitantly wrap his arms around Sidney. He’s very warm. “Geno, you won!”

“You okay?” Geno says again, still shaken. “Not hurt anywhere?”

Sidney peppers kisses all over Geno’s face, until the frown melts off and Geno’s grinning triumphantly. He finally turns to the crowd, his arm around Sidney’s waist, and roars out some chant that the Durmstrangs echo.

“Lucky Malkin,” he hears a Durmstrang sigh jealously. “How the hell he managed to snag a veela is beyond me.”

By being kind, Sidney thinks. By seeing Sidney as Sidney and not a piece of meat. By being goofy and loving Sidney when he’s being silly as well and stubborn as a mule and irrationally superstitious. By listening to Sidney’s stories about his family, about Taylor, about being bullied, and pulling him close as he murmured sincerely, “I’m so sorry, Sid.”

“You’re incredible, G,” Sidney says, pressing yet another tender kiss to Geno’s jaw. “You’re amazing.”

General PSA: the coming week brings more women’s euro action including germany v sweden, france v iceland, and england v scotland please support these ladies. watch games with your faves, watch games where you don’t know anyone and I guarantee you’ll end up in love with someone and get to see a great match. like any other tournament, the group stage is the best way to get a taste of the contenders over the next three weeks. 

Just give it a chance and I promise you won’t regret it.  

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for the au thing: what about a malec x brave au. Merida would be Alec bc they are both archers and their family is tryna marry them off.

fun story i was yelling about how the world needed a brave au the other week but i cast izzy in the merida role for reasons but i can work with this!!!!

  • cause like alec as the pressured first born son who has to marry or else this kingdom and the clans are going to fall apart
  • in fact the only thing holding it together is the respect they all have for robert lightwood
  • so there’s a big clan meeting called and alec knows its a thinly veiled disguise for getting the daughters of the clan leaders over and his parents assure him this is how it has to be
  • so these four girls show up (probably lydia and clary and maia and aline or something) and alec’s supposed to somehow pick one
  • and they spend days going to parties and events and an archery tournament and alec doesn’t dislike anyone but he’s certainly not attracted to them and he certainly doesn’t want to marry any of them
  • (the fact izzy seems to be attracted to all of them is besides the point)
  • so alec goes to his parents all “look this isn’t happening” which they tell him is ridiculous and declare if he won’t choose they will
  • congrats son you’re now engaged to lydia branwell her family is the richest
  • alec is trapped and desperate but what makes it worse is jace, who declares it’s not that bad, they’re nice girls and he should just get on with it
  • also he spends most of his time with clary instead of bother with how alec feels which irritates him to no end
  • so rather than attend his engagement feast, alec runs off into the woods and stumbles across magnus bane
  • almost literally
  • and damn he is hot!!!!!!!! and all alec can think is oh, there’s the attraction i’m supposed to feel when i look at those girls
  • magnus is also incredibly easy to talk to and so once alec explains his problems, magnus is all ‘i wish i could help somehow’
  • cue the magic part with the cake
  • alec leaves for the castle but he’s so reluctant to even leave magnus at all it’s crazy, but he does because he has to make all this right with his parents and the clans in a way that doesn’t end in him married
  • this bit pretty much goes like the movie but surprise jace totally finds the cake before alec can feed it to maryse and robert
  • bear!jace is everything tbh
  • anyway izzy gets involved and both her and alec end up smuggling their brother out of the castle before anyone works out what’s going
  • cue an epic quest to find magnus and get all this fixed, because this was not the intended plan
  • they eventually find magnus in the woods, who blinks a little bit like “oh so that’s what that does”
  • magnus basically says the cure is to fix whatever’s broken, but alec is so lost and desperate and he likes magnus like he’s never liked anyone, and he doesn’t know what to do
  • and it’s only when jace sees alec and magnus together,  sitting side by side in the moonlight, hands brushing that he gets it
  • (izzy smacks him for being an idiot later and not knowing, which jace says wasn’t his fault but whatever)
  • anyway at the loss of the kids the castle is basically up in arms, and when maryse and robert discover him with a bear it’s all “is marriage really so bad??”
  • “to someone i can never love? yes.”
  • anyway jace comes to see alec’s point of view and vice versa, which manages to break the spell after an epic bear fight because jace deserves a hero moment tbh
  • and then when everything is back to normal, the three lightwoods basically form a united front of “no fucking way is alec getting married” and negotiate peace with the clans
  • part of that negotiation is izzy going to spend a month with each of the clan leaders and their daughters
  • (surpise she ends up marrying one, sealing the union maryse and robert wanted, just gayer. which one? who knows. not aline, that’s all i got.)
  • alec proves himself as a very capable leader for the future, even if he has a lot to learn
  • he also lets himself have the chance to fall in love with magnus for real, who’s been exiled from the clans for years due to his “sorcery” which saved the day in the end so it’s all good
  • also alec says so
  • anyway true gay love wins the day, maryse and robert can shove it

send me an au and i’ll expand on it!

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Hi, first of: Thanks for running this blog, it’s incredibly helpful! I was wondering what the youngest possible/plausible age is for a character to start MMA training? And if my character has been doing MMA for 10+ years, won multiple tournaments, etc., would she be able/allowed to assist in training others? Thanks in advance!

So, MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts is just that. Mixed Martial Arts. The basic idea is they’ve been training a style (or multiple styles) to cover all their bases i.e. hands, feet, and groundfighting. They use fancier terms like “striking”, but that’s what it is. MMA is more a type of competition than a martial art in and of itself. Starting with “MMA” as a chosen martial art for your character is just going to confuse you and your research. The problem is that MMA is a culturally coded term for martial artists, professional fighters, and anyone into that kind of sport. The term gets flung around like a catchall, but the people who know will understand what you mean. This is where writers and those outside the community get tripped up because they think these martial artists are talking about a real martial art rather than an entire, vast subset of various disciplines from all over the world. Like any other culture, misuse of the term will automatically expose the author’s ignorance on the subject.

So, saying, “my character has been practicing MMA for ten years and participated in tournaments” will mean either, “my character is a professional fighter somewhere in their late twenties/early thirties” or “my character participated in tournaments where multiple martial arts were in attendance and the rules were changed to allow them to mix.” This would not be the whole tournament but rather a smaller (usually sparring or open form) division with others specifically for these various styles.

A character can be training in Krav Maga and Sambo and still be MMA, just like another training in kickboxing, jiujutsu, and karate will also be MMA. The idea behind MMA is anything goes, and they do mean anything. You could get collegiate wrestlers going up against brazilian jiujutsu artists with a side of tai chi chuan, and people might go, “weird, but okay”. A school might advertise themselves as MMA, but there’s always a named martial art underneath the generalities.

MMA as terminology is inextricably linked to the UFC, because… that’s where it starts. The idea behind the UFC and MMA in general was to create an arena bloodsport of “anything goes”, opened to martial artists of varying styles rather than sticking to older rules like the ones found in boxing. Rather than specializing in boxing or kickboxing, a fighter would need to be a master of multiple combat areas rather than being limited to only hands, hands and feet, or the ground. This is why it’s called Mixed Martial Arts as the fighters might need to branch out into other disciplines to fill in their style’s gaps.

Now, MMA has narrowed over the years and is on track to becoming a combat style all its own but it isn’t there yet.

The issue for you is going to be the UFC. If you were imaging some sort of no holds barred, competitive bloodsport for this character then they’d need to be 18 or older when they started competing. They’d also need a manager, a promoter, a sponsor, a team, and all the other ancillary details that come with being a professional fighter. This means that if your character started training when they were eight, then they’d be eighteen now and couldn’t have participated in tournaments unless they were the standard martial arts tournaments and those are far more limited in what they accept for categories. When we’re talking tournament, Mixed Martial Arts is just a code for “professional fighter”.

Due to the dangers involved, they don’t let kids fight in professional tournaments. They might let them outside the US, depending on legal age of adulthood, but you won’t find young teens in MMA tournaments where professional combat is highly regulated.

So, go pick a style that is under the MMA header and start researching that. Most of those specific styles will have tournaments your character could participate in under the age of eighteen, and (if they were good enough) travel around the country/world competing. Some of them even have Olympic options (Ronda Rousey is a bronze medalist in Judo), and a high school wrestling background is also on the table.

Ten years is certainly enough time for them to start volunteering as an instructor. Martial Arts assistant instructor is a common part time job for older teens in many martial arts schools, even below black belt. If you volunteer your instructors will often let older/more advanced students assist with the youngin’s or adults at belt levels below theirs. These are the students that assist with the classes, they do not run the classes, and at most will be working with smaller groups of students.

The role of the Head Instructor or Master Instructor is a full time job, so your character would have a much harder time competing and running a school at the same time. Someone who is heavily into martial arts competition will spend a lot of time (and I do mean a lot) practicing in their school, so they will be heavily invested in the culture and usually that means roped into assisting when there’s a large class on the floor.

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Pete Dunne - “I’m gonna kill you”

Prompt: “I’m gonna kill you”
Requested: Nope
Warnings: None
Words: 800+

The UK tournament was a great success. And many great things came from it. One thing that wasn’t great that came from it was Pete Dunne. Okay, so he was a great wrestler and his character was probably the most developed of anyone but he himself, the man behind the character, the real Pete Dunne, 

Is a fucking asshole. 

There’s no way around it. He just is. He is pushy and judgmental, thinks he is entitled to everything and is probably the cockiest person in the entire WWE - and that’s saying something. How Trent and Tyler put up with him you have no idea.

You were actually excited when he joined NXT. It meant bringing in new blood and like you said he is a great wrestler but from the moment you met him, he has been the bane of your existence. It was probably because you weren’t falling all over him. When Regal was showing him along with Trent and Tyler, the rookies of the women’s locker - you know the people who weren’t or just made it to tv - flocked to talk to them.


You sat at your table trying to finish the level on an app that you were currently obsessed with not paying any attention until Regal brought them over.

“Y/n I’d like you to meet Trent, Tyler and Pete. Boys, this is y/n future NXT Women’s Champion she got a long career ahead of her” Regal smiled at you

“Future? So not current” Pete smirked at you “not good enough?”

“If I remember correctly it was Tyler that won the UK Championship” you smirked back at him and stood up. Tyler and Trent laughed as Pete’s face went dark “I’m going to beat Auska for that title soon don’t you worry. Nice to meet you guys” you smiled at Tyler and Trent before looking at Pete with the dirtiest look you could muster and walking away.

From that day on, whenever you saw Pete it was a war of words. Both of you wanted to have the last word but sometimes you just had to walk away unable to deal with his shit.

“Would you look at that y/n. Another win by yours truly” Pete smirked walking back through the curtain

“No one cares Peter” he hated when you called him Peter. It was the easiest way to piss him off with little to no effort needed. Pete went to reply but was cut off by Liv Morgan.

“Sorry to interrupt the usual game you guys play but I need to ask y/n a question that I need to know the answer to before your match” she said before turning to you “is it true that you and Roderick are a thing?”

“Where did you hear that?” You laughed

“It’s the current gossip of the locker room” Liv said “so are you?”

“Yeah are you?” Pete asked harshly

“No, he just gave me a lift back to my apartment because SOMEONE” you looked at Liv “left without time”

“Sure” Pete rolled his eyes. You frowned at him as your music it. You stared at Pete for a moment before running out to the ring.

“Jealous Pete?” Liv smirked

“Of what?”

“That there is another man in y/n’s life”

“She said there isn’t” Pete said before quickly replying “whatever he can have the brat”

Pete sat in the male locker room, pulling the tape off his wrist, glaring at the TV watching your match. He only took his eyes off the TV when something that was being said pulled him out of the trance he was in.

“Roderick look at your girl go!” Someone shouted

“My girl?” Roderick asked

“Aren’t you dating y/n?” Someone asked

“Nope where did you here that?” He asked

“It’s the current gossip” Drew said pulling his knee pads on

“Nah, I just gave her a lift home. Besides, I thought she was dating Pete” Roderick shrugged

“Please” Pete scoffed

“Don’t act like you don’t find her attractive” Ohno said

“You spend enough time together to be a couple” Tyler said

“She fun to annoy. She gets so pissed so easily” Pete shrugged

“Sure mate” Trent clapped his shoulder.

NXT was done for another week and you were ready to go home. You were almost out of the building when you ran into Trent, Tyler and unfortunately Pete.

“Hey Trent, Tyler” you nodded at them. You just stared at Pete

“Like what you see sweetheart?” He smirked

“You wish Peter” you smirked back

“Do you want us to leave?” Tyler asked

“Yeah are you guys gonna fuck already?” Trent laughed

“He wishes” you scoffed, Pete smirked

“Just imagine all the dirty things I could do to you” Pete licked his lips

“I wanna do bad things to you too” you said


“Break your legs, Choke you to death, Push you off a building” you listed off

“All I’m hearing is that you said you want to do bad things to me so you place or mine?” Pete smirked

I’m gonna kill you, you little shi-” you pushed past him and headed to your car. Fucking Pete Dunne.


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