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Attention Fanfic Writers!

Okay, so I was randomly having a conversation with a friend who’s had her fics reposted on weird sites before, and she told me she’s made a habit of googling sections of her fics to check for any more instances of that. So I thought, hey, why not, let’s google my fic. 

Apparently there’s this really weird Russian Fanfiction site called that is doing automatic uploads of fics from popular sites including FFN and AO3

From what I can see they’re either posting these fics in their entirety in their original language or they’re creating epubs of these fics translated into Russian. Here’s an example of my fic:

They link directly back to my fic and cite me as the author, but I didn’t give any permission to anyone to upload my fics to this site. 

I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to report fics on this website to ask that they all be taken down, so if you have any information about this site or have had experiences dealing with it in the past let me know. I’m personally very not okay with these fics being up. 

That I know of @thelastpilot @bullysquadess @siderealsandman @skaylanphear @geek-fashionista and @baneismydragon also have either their full fics uploaded or translated epubs available for download on this site. I wanted to let you all know just in case you all aren’t okay with your fics being put on this site in this manner. 

I’m currently doing a search of other writers in my fandom that I know of and will let them know if I find anything, but I suggest anyone with an AO3 or FFN account do a site search for their usernames and see if you have any material on here. 

Again, if anyone is familiar with this site/knows how to report fics on this website please let me know. I’d very much like to get my fics off this site if at all possible. 

So we’re only a few days from Welcome to the Madness

Not gonna lie, guys, I’m starting to freak out a little.

Do we even have a plan?

There’s gonna be the PV (basically), and a manga (which looks to die for), and according to sources you’re supposed to read the manga first? So like… When this comes out. Who makes sure we get an accurate translation of the manga as soon as humanly possible? So that we can read it and get to watching the PV equally soon??? Where do I keep a lookout for all this stuff???? And is anyone organizing a support group?????????

Please split into groups and discuss, take notes, hand in at the end of class, thank you.

NDRV3 Transcripts: Chapter 5 Post-Trial

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who’s been reading and enjoying these translated transcripts. Chapter 5 in particular has so many noteworthy moments that I want to get them all done before I jump into Chapter 6.

For the better part of the 5th class trial, Saihara and the others are convinced that Momota is dead and Ouma is the killer. As the discussion progresses, however, they begin to realise that maybe Ouma isn’t the ringleader after all, and that all their initial assumptions about this case were wrong. The conclusion is absolutely devastating, for the characters and the player. Everyone is literally speechless as the culprit climbs out of the Exisal at the end, finally revealing his identity and putting an end to the discussion.

So that we don’t get lost in this back-and-forth: bold on the names means present time and italics means flashback. Please enjoy!

Okay, so first off, I want to note that this is actually more like a submission from two people, rather than one. First off, @ne0dym has provided me with a wonderful partial transcript as always! For anyone looking for a full, uninterrupted explanation of Momota and Ouma’s collaboration in Chapter 5, please read this.

However, I also received a Google doc with a transcription of the full scene from @shinjiroaragaki! The scene is very, very long, but it’s incredibly important, and full of details about Momota’s illness, the killing game show, the ringleader’s identity, and of course, Ouma’s true mindset. I can’t include the full transcript here because it’d get way too long, but I don’t want all their hard work to go to waste.

I translated the whole Google doc from start to finish, although I’ve removed the Japanese text from there for the sake of length. Here, the Japanese text is left in like always for the partial transcript, just so people can compare my translation to the original text if they’d like. Of course, I’ll also include some meta of my own at the end like always.

I know the scene is long, but please give it a read if you have a chance. It’s very, very interesting, and anyone curious about clearing up fake spoilers and rumors should check it out, because I’ve made it as accurate of a translation as possible and included all the facts.

So, if anyone is interested in seeing the full, complete translation of Chapter 5′s post-trial, please read this Google doc!

More translated transcripts.

We’ve all worked very hard to bring you this, so I’d really appreciate it if this post could get reblogged and spread around! If this is well-received, we’re planning on translating even more scenes in full like this. So please spread this around, and enjoy!

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Hey saezuru peeps

Okay, is there like a Saezuru extra I don’t know about? Coz I listened to the 4th drama cd yesterday (finally found it), and there was an extra where it was Yashiro’s birthday, and he’s drunk and snoozing on D’s lap. And Nanahara was acting jealous that it should be his lap Boss should be using, then Ryuuzaki came to liven things up, while Amou & Misumi got the venue totally wrong and bickered with each other as usual. Or was this like a drama CD only special?

Also! Has anyone done the translation of the cast talks for the Drama CDs? I swear they’ve been so much fun to listen to since CD1 (even with my limited comprehension), but I’ve never seen any translations? But then, I’m a hermit, even online, so I wouldn’t be aware if anyone was kind enough to translate. Anyways, if no one has yet, is anyone willing to do like video with the Japanese audio & english translations, while using pictures of the character/seiyuu just to indicate who’s talking? I’d be willing to translate but gawd, I’ll be needing a proofer as well, because the voice actors talk to fast and sometimes all at once, and… yeah, it’ll be a mess. Anyway, please PM me if you have the answers I seek. LOL.

[VKM Spec] Slogging Through VKM 11

Whelp, VKM 11 has arrived and it was…underwhelming, to say the least. There are a few tidbits of interest which I’ll be covering below. If you’re looking for indepth analyses on the parallels and intricacies of Haruka and Juri and Kaien please check out @soulisthirsty​‘s post which covers the specifics of that trio in more depth. 

I despise all levels of the Kuran incest family shenanigans and prefer to spend as little time analyzing them as possible to keep my blood pressure down. ;) Ancient obasans have to watch out for these things, you know!

In the meantime, for anyone who hasn’t read the translations or seen the spoilers, please check them out on @alldempretties​‘s blog before proceeding to read below. =)

This post has been tagged anti cross kaien and anti ky for anyone who would like to blacklist it from the tags. Fair warning: I won’t be using any visuals because this chapter isn’t up to snuff panel-wise. Hino got a bit lazy with this one. 

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Away @ Kitsune~! & Servamp Translation Status

     Hey dolls and… IDK whatever the term for guy dolls is. Fuck it, it’s neutral.

     I’ll be away at a convention this weekend, doing the art thing and the cosplay thing and stuff. Sorry for the lack of activity as I’ve been busily prepping but after the con things should go back to normal. Taking it easy with the arm but I think I’m able to resume more writing than I was before. Have an MRI on the 25th but it’s looking like a classic case of tendinitis the sports doctor said, so I may just need some boosted help in addition to my PT stretches and stuff. More on that if it affects the blog when I know more.

     Now, onto the big news–Servamp Chapter 63. Whelp… all I can really say is I’m gonna try guys. Unfortunately it looks like some things have come up and I may be going at this solo. Unfortunately, my Japanese is just not at the level needed to fly solo for this chapter. I can try at the very least to give a summary if I’m unable to translate it all, which very likely is going to be the case as Touma’s dialogue is a bitch to translate.

     After that… I really don’t know you guys. I feel honestly super bad about it when there doesn’t seem to be anyone else, but I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out these translations and what the characters are saying. My Japanese level is like preschool level AT BEST. I constantly trip up on Kanji and sentence structure. I’m a mess… so as far as continuing the Servamp translations is concerned this may be it for now. If anyone… anyone at all feels like they can help with translating and is interested, please please message me. I really hate to see this series without a translator but that may just be the way it has to be unless something happens down the road.

     Please understand this is something I’ve deeply fought against doing. I’ve watched this fandom grow over the past 2 years and seen translators come and go and been so fearful seeing this series fall behind for translation that I even stepped up, knowing my skills are not at all at the level they need to be for this. I’ve gone back and put chapters together into an organized listing so new readers can find it and support the series. I even bought study books and work books to raise my Japanese level again, but these things don’t just happen over night… I will always love Servamp and everything it has done for me as an individual. I’m really upset that I just can’t do more to repay that, and I’m truly sorry that you all may be left without translated chapters from here on out. 

     Thank you for all the support while I’ve been at this project, and a huge huge thank you to all of the translators, scanlators, and RAW providers we’ve had over the years. You guys have done so much for this fandom and you deserve a much overdue round of applause from all that have read your hard work.

     As for me, I still plan to write, draw, and involve myself with many other creative projects on this blog. I hope that all of you reading this will come to enjoy that work as well. Thank you —-Fae

NDRV3 Transcripts: Chabashira Tenko’s FTE #3

Alternatively titled, “I don’t really know what you expected.”

Here’s the third FTE for Tenko as promised! A huge thanks to @shinjiroaragaki for the transcription and icons!

This one does contain ndrv3 spoilers for anyone not past Chapter 1, so please read only at your own risk.

The Google doc link also has all three currently translated FTEs for anyone who has an easier time reading it there!

Google doc link.

More translated transcripts.

I hope you all enjoy!

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Since I think I found all the cards, I tried to translate orz…to anyone who is more fluent than me, please feel free to suggest any corrections. I thought @sekinosemimaru or someone else had already translated the Amari/Tazaki one and wanted to link it to their work, but couldn’t it orz… if anyone knows where the original translation is from, please feel free to let me know! (; v ;)

Fun trivia from an interview with Kosuke Fujishima and Yoshito Higuchi

My friend saroku owns one of Tales of Vesperia’s illustration books released back in 2009, early enough for them to have been out of stock pretty quickly. While scanning through the pages she found an interesting bit of interview between Kosuke Fujishima (character designer) and Yoshito Higuchi (chief producer/director) discussing Yuri and Flynn in the game:

We tried to translate parts of it and thanks to lilyginnyblack’s wonderful help, were able to make out its main content. Here’s what it says:

- Nevertheless, the requirements (conditions) are very similar to a 21 year old, 180 centimeters tall childhood friend.

- That’s because, on top of that, Yuri is madly in love with Flynn. (cont)

- He loves him. (Laugh)

- And Flynn is madly in love with Yuri, too. It’s a mutual love.

- So, in a sense [he is the] heroine?

- ‘Cus, he so lovingly displays the picture(s) [they?] drew when [they were?] kid[s]. (Laugh)

 - As a matter of fact, in the beginning Flynn’s hair wasn’t spiky at all, but then I remember getting this request from sensei, “I’m sorry, but please make his hair spike up a bit.”

If anyone has anything to correct about the translation and/or clarify if there are any contextual details please feel free to do so, but that’s basically what we got out of it.

The point of this post is not to 'force’ a ship on anyone, merely share some interesting side material about those characters. As a shipper myself I find that is fairly suggestive, but we’re not sure how serious the producers were or what context they meant - it could be they referenced to a platonic, brotherly love as in “these two are so obsessive about their friendship it’s like they’re a couple”.

Take and interpret it however you wish, either way it is obvious that Flynn and Yuri love each a lot no matter what kind of love you’d like that to be, which I think is a pretty sweet, outstanding fact in the game despite any rough ends :)

anonymous asked:

Hey there Do you understand what they say in the new video from ryuji satos twitter? The one with ryuji, koudai and yuki (It's ok if not, still thanks for reading this)

I just saw that! They’re such dorks haha! XD (Yuki’s faces lol). 

THey speak really fast, but I think Koudai says first that they’re done with Naruto and that they’re thankful. 

THEN Koudai goes someone’s behind you “ushiro ni” (from behind) and Ryuji goes who? “Dare ka yu?” Who’s there? And Koudai tells him to duck down a little, and when Ryuji goes down, you see Yuki’s ‘evil mastermind’ face LOL. Koudai laughs like “there!” and Ryuji goes, “That’s no one. I don’t know him” or something like that XD And Koudai’s like really? Are you suuuure? (assuming this is just what his facial expression told me). He says “honto ni gambarimasu.” Wishing themselves best of luck.  

Now I was a little confused with what Ryuji ended the video with…he said “kanzo sake (?) kashiteyo saisho ni ne?” meaning “first of all, let me borrow….(now did he say ‘sake’ the drink or Kanzo Saki a name or Kanso, meaning ‘simple life’? I didn’t catch that). 

But anyways, hope that helped! If anyone can translate it more properly, please let me know! ^^ I’m going to miss these dorks ;-;


Ryuji’s Twitter Video:

For my mutuals just in case: bluekarma5 duckiesteasmiles narutostaph whitesnow14 lady-nounoum tachipaws bhavna-madan and anyone else 

Please don’t watch Skam on Youtube. Either watch them with the link provided by @shametv or the ones provided by @myklaineobsession
They are the only official clip translators and none of them have given permission for anyone to upload their work to Youtube. So if you are watching it one YT you are watching stolen translations and giving thanks and credit to people that don’t deserve it. The orginal ones are not hidden, anyone can watch them. So please do. 
Don’t watch the channel “The wanderer” or “ColetivoTM’ or “Love Koop/ Love Gay”.  They do not own these videos and are breaking the rules of Youtube by uploading these videos. 
Give credit and thanks where it is due please. Cause if they decided to stop doing it, all of us are effected by it. 

Hey Hetalians!

OK so there’s a fanbook called USKR which someone suggested that I translate (the artists also said that they were happy for anyone to translate it) and I am 300% ready to do this!

But I’m not very good at cleaning or typesetting and there’s a mountain of text (about 150 pages) so is anyone willing to help? The inside is absolutely gorgeous:

It would be a lot of work and completely voluntary so if anyone at all is willing to help out, please please send me a message!

Yunho’s solo song (English Translation) "A Boat Tied to a Pier"

Don’t just call me when you are lonely 

You are the one who ended our love

Why are you still making me suffer?
Do you know how I’ve suffered sleepless nights,
in order to forget you?

If you do know, please just leave me alone

I’ve loved loved loved loved you more than anyone else
The starless night, Sayonara, I wish that I wake up and find it all a dream

When I hung up the phone, tears overflowed, making me so sad, so painful

I’ve loved loved loved loved you more than anyone else
I was always thinking that I’d risk my life for you
The most precious one is standing by, I cannot forget my special one
The starless night, Sayonara, I wish that I wake up and find it all a dream

11-01-12 Yunho’s press conference: 

When a reporter mentioned that the JYJ members stated that they tried to contact them, Yunho answered, “That’s not true. We’ve never received contact. And even if we want to contact them, their numbers have changed, so we might not have accepted the call because of the unfamiliar number. There’s been a lot of prank calls lately, it's difficult for us to take every call.”

11-01-13 Jaejoong’s twitter:

“I want to reply to this directly, through my own words. They weren’t many, but do you know how hard it was for me to send you those texts? I texted you again right now, please check it.”

So now we can guess why the calls weren’t being taken.  We can also guess who ended the relationship. (This is an attempt to understand the meaning behind the song and I don’t believe this is the present case.)

anonymous asked:

Are there any good websites that you can read the manga on? I've been looking for one but can't find anything.

Heya! I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume you mean Yowapeda. ;) Here’s where I’ve been reading it!


RIDE.1-244 : Scanlations. EDIT: I believe each chapter should come with scanlator credit. great-blaster has also scanlated Volumes 17-28, and also posts lots of other awesome Yowapeda related stuff. If anyone would like to claim credit for any of the scanlations on this particular site please let me know. Because the manga has been licensed, I don’t know that anyone is continuing to scanlate.

RIDE.155-355: Side-by-side scans and text translations by Sleeping Dragons. These are posted by volume, and as long as Sleeping Dragons continue to do them, they are ongoing. The volumes are released about every two months in Japan, and translations usually come out within a few weeks. Some people say they find the format hard to read; I usually pull up the site in two different windows and scroll side by side so I can line them up however works best on my computer, but if it doesn’t work for you, I don’t know where else to read RIDE.245-355 fully translated. If someone else does please let me know!

RIDE.356: Translation by thatfruitcake!

RIDE.351-365: Translations and scans from the Chinese RAWs by leeleetaichou. Ongoing, for now!

RIDE.359-365: Side-by-side scans and text translations by todokeya. Ongoing, for now!


RIDE.356-366 - Japanese - ongoing

RIDE.1-365 - Chinese - ongoing

If you’re looking to pick up where the anime left off, I recommend starting from Volume 27, around RIDE.230. This will drop you right before the finish line of the 41st Inter-High, which will give you some time to adjust to the art style, and I think the momentum is helpful getting into Volume 28, since there’s a major mood shift after the events of the anime.

If anyone has more resources to add please let me know, and again, if anyone would like me to stop sharing their TLs, send me a message! 

Thank you so much to everyone translating, we really appreciate all of your hard work!

*ALSO, please support the official translation and buy a copy when it’s available!*

Hope this helps! Happy riding!

This is my #1 recommendation for anyone interested in the subject of women in the French Revolution, or the revolution in general. 

It’s a sparingly commented collection of translated documents, political pamphlets, letters, trial and meeting transcripts, and other things, all translated into (somewhat inconsistent) English. 

It’s especially useful if you don’t speak French, since this is one of the few places I’ve seen primary sources translated in full instead of summarized or commented on. If anyone knows of a similar book on the French Revolution, please let me know!