is anyone surprised just wondering

12x02...aka take back all that shit you were about to say...
  • So I’ve already talked about a certain aspect of the episode today, but I’m LOVING this too much that it deserves repeating. I just love how the writers played it in this episode, you’d think people would know better than to jump to conclusions but alas they don’t…so there was a section of the fandom frothing at the mouth to bitch at the writers/Brennan AND THEN THE GLORIOUS REVEAL.
  • Brennan has the biggest heart of anyone tbh and her surprise in this episode was just wonderful. I know she got a lot of happiness from surprising Angela and Daisy the way she did but let’s admit that a part of her joy came from fooling them all so spectacularly. heeee.
  • “Well, I did do a rather remarkable acting job, didn’t I?” You just know that this affirmation of her acting made her so happy. (“who convinced you I was Roxie because of my superb acting skills.”)
  • The NFL cake was so funny, I can just imagine Brennan’s confusion when she went to pick it up.
  • The Hot Blooded scene just blew my mind. I literally had to pause the episode and scream at Marla to recover because I was just so overwhelmed. It was just so unexpected and it just made me so damn happy.
  • That’s our song!” Because, you know, B&B have their own song. Which they first danced to in SEASON FUCKING ONE. And here they are now, in SEASON TWELVE wearing each other’s wedding rings, I’M FINE.
  • Brennan’s smile during that scene was just SO PRECIOUS. That adoring way she looks at her dorky husband makes my heart swell…and speaking of her husband, I love you Booth but your singing…not so much. hahaha.
  • Hodgins & Daisy are so great together! I enjoyed the little shoutout to Lance Junior.
  • “You’re really not gonna get your own wife (!!) a birthday present?“ no comment necessary
  • She’s actually pretty adorable.” Agreed, Angela! I loved AMI and all her scenes with B&B were so great. (Booth was 94% amused because OF COURSE,)
  • The scene in Brennan’s office with Max was wonderful but also very telling and our suspicions were confirmed at the end. That moment with Christine when she picks up his hospital bracelet :( NO.
  • Max’s face at the end when he was looking at Brennan killed me. I literally started crying. OH MY GOD.
  • Max will never win any ‘father of the year’ awards nor would he ever qualify, but he loves Brennan so so much. And he’s the most loving/doting grandfather- he has a very strong bond with Christine especially and I can’t even think about it…so for now I won’t.
  • To conclude, that was a wonderful episode and I simultaneously want the rest of the season and yet never want it to come :(