is anyone looking at his face because jesus

What made me love Christ wasn’t that all of a sudden I figured out how to do life. What made me love Christ is that when I was at my worst, when I was at my lowest point, when I absolutely could not clean myself up and there was nothing anybody could do with me, right at that moment, Christ said, “I’ll take that one. That’s the one I want.” You know the Bible calls the church Christ’s bride. So it’s like standing before Jesus, completely exposed, all of our flaws and insecurities and— worse than that— our sins are right there in front of his face, and against all reason and rationale, the song of grace becomes startlingly, exhilaratingly true because the Groom looks at us and declares us beautiful. Spotless. Righteous. Justified. This is the gospel. It is important to admit, believers in Jesus, that Christians are not more moral than anyone else. The essence of the gospel and what we celebrate is not that “we can” but that Christ did.
—  Matt Chandler, The Mingling of Souls

Last night I was too distracted by the fact that Jesus is gonna die to really appreciate Nick. Now before anyone yells at me, I don’t appreciate the fact that he punched Jesus but a) Jesus was punching him too…they got into a fist fight, boys do that a lot. And b) I don’t believe he aimed for Jesus’s face intending to seriously hurt him. But before all that. He only left his house because Mariana was missing. He went looking for her and then when he found her he sat and talked to her and never once tried to hurt her even when she said things he didn’t like. And before that, Jesus had told him that Mariana didn’t want to be with him, he was visibly upset, but then what did he do? He went to his room and played video games. It’s clearly looking like Nick actually got help and is doing much better and I will be so pissed if the show doesn’t just leave him as getting better (which I know will probably not happen if Jesus gets seriously hurt because Nick will feel guilty) but can we just have one positive thing happen on this show? Please