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voiceless - langst

WARNING - extreme langst suffering :(

Lance loved his voice.

Ever since he was a child, his family proudly displayed his singing talents all over town. They bought him an expensive guitar, despite not being the wealthiest of families, and he learned to write songs and play the instrument. His mama would always ask him to sing the song he wrote for her before bed. Despite it being a very bad song in Lance’s opinion, she would always hug him afterwards and whisper about how much she loved it.

“My precious little secret,” she would murmur through a wide smile. “don’t give it to anyone else, ok?”

Lance was well-known for his voice. In his little town, Lance was very popular, because of his good looks and boisterous attitude, along with his voice. He entered many singing competitions, mostly to earn money for his family, and he won every single one. His family acquired enough money to send him off to the Garrison, which was a prestigious school far away from home. Lance was loath to leave his family, but they encouraged him to accomplish his dream, which was to go to space. No matter how much he loved singing, Lance longed to become a pilot. So he accepted and left, his mother humming under her breath Lance’s song. He would miss her voice. It sounded just like honey.

“Sing it to me when you come back,” was the last thing she said to him with a watery smile. Lance could only nod, unable to say anything other than “I love you.”

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BTS Reacts - You’re Insecure About Your Accent

Park Jimin: Jimin can’t believe you’re saying this for the millionth time. He’s not tired with your lack of self-confidence in the way you speak, but he really wishes you could take more pride in it. He’s said it many times, and he’ll say it again: you underestimate how many people admire the way the way in which your voice peaks at certain words, how it mellows when a sentence ends. He stares at you when you tell him once more about your insecurities, as if trying to send a message right to your heart - that you have nothing to be ashamed of. He’s backed up by two rays of sunshine - Hoseok & Taehyung - who sign a heart to you (they adore your accent) as Jimin says:

“Your fanboys here seem to think otherwise about your accent, you know, including me.”

Jung Hoseok: Hobi really likes listening to you speak, but he knows he can’t deter you feeling embarrassed about your accent, especially since it’s a problem that stems from being insecure - he can flatter you all he likes, but he knows you’ll start feeling the same way soon enough. Instead, he’ll do what he can to distract you by making you laugh. When you’re at Bighit, you stay relatively quiet because you’re shy, but when you do talk, he makes sure he has an award they’ve won, ready at hand, to be picked up. He fakes his tears, howling on about how your authentic you sound. He’ll do this until you can understand: it’s okay to want to hide it, but the bottom line is that you shouldn’t feel forced to all the time.


Kim Seokjin: Jin is supportive, so he’ll probably want to help in any way he can. His mature mind knows that you’re old enough to make your own decisions, so if you feel like hiding your accent would make you more confident, he’d back you up, but he always makes sure that you know that the way you enunciate your words isn’t a problem with him. He would think that you’re silly for fussing over something so small, but he knows it matters to you, so he doesn’t give you much opinion on the subject. While he may show a slight sign of disapproval, somewhere deep inside, he’s kind of glad you want to stow it. He’s always worried how your accent might draw attention that you don’t want, particularly because you’re nervous about it.

“I guess it’s good you want to hide it - I’ll help teach you how to pronounce certain words better.”

Jeon Jungkook: A member that probably wouldn’t pay any mind to how self-conscious you were when it related to your accent. He would know and try to sympathize, of course - but he just wouldn’t hold back punches just because you were unconfident about your intonations. He’d treat you just like anyone else he’d make fun of, and that in itself is a testament to what he thinks about the way you speak. He doesn’t feel like it should set you apart from anyone else, and if they did ever poke fun at you for it, it wouldn’t be because you sounded distasteful - he actually thinks quite the opposite. You’re talking to Park Jimin about plans to hang out with the maknae line later in the day, when Jungkook interrupts upon hearing your pronunciations:

“What was that? Can you say that again for me to hear?”
( You elbow him in his stomach, and Jimin glares at the maknae. )
“But it’s funny!”

Kim Taehyung: Tae is no stranger to masking his accent (like his other fellow members from Busan & Daegu), but he’s definitely much more rehearsed in it because he’s trying to become an aspiring actor. When he hears you trying to do the same, he can’t help but laugh - your Seoul dialect isn’t exactly on point just yet. He asks why you’re trying to change the way you speak, and you tell him it’s because you’re hesitant to talk with your existing accent. Tae thinks you’re cute for being so embarrassed. The two of you are talking a walk by a riverside in the cold; he turns to you and places his hand on your cheek when he notices a fleck of snow close to the edge of your lips, wiping away at it while he reassures you.

“Yah, stop being so ridiculous. No one’s judging you; if anything, it’s unique - but if you really want, I can show you a few tricks to having a Seoul accent.”

Kim Namjoon: After a lively dinner with the boys, you and Namjoon walk behind the group. He starts to talk to you, and you reply in short, concise phrases. After a while of conversing, he can’t help but feel like you’re holding back from chatting freely with him, which results in him asking if you’re uncomfortable being in his company. You shake your head, confessing that you’re self-conscious about the way you articulate your words. This surprises him, so knowing now that you feel held back because of your accent, he’s set on getting you out of your shell. He would want you to be able to be yourself around Bangtan, especially him. He’s not usually one to be this forward, but he feels you should probably hear the truth behind his thoughts:

“You really feel that way? Well… I personally think your accent is kind of hot.”

Min Yoongi: You’re sitting wordlessly in Bangtan’s dressing room, before the shooting of one of their music videos. Hoseok and Yoongi are talking amongst themselves, and the Daegu boy occasionally throws suspicious glances your way, attempting to be casual by smiling when you meet gazes. You’re not sure if he’s asking you over, so you make your way to them just in case. You don’t say much, timid because of your accent - but the both of them still wait for you to say something, anything. Yoongi bites his lip in expectation, eyeing your own supple lips, as if unable to wait any longer for you to talk.  He’s always enjoyed having you around, even though he tries not to show it too much; he’s shy to admit your accent intrigues him.

“We were just talking about you, actually - Yoongi-hyung said that he thinks your accent is really -”
( Yoongi cuts him off. )
Yah, Hoseok!” 

I hope you like this react, anon! I have an accent too, but I’ve learned to cover it pretty well, so whenever I speak English, I sound relatively (?) American. However, when I’m with my fellow friends from home, I don’t restrain myself from switching back to my regular accent - but I could care less, because I’m enjoying talking in my native dialect so much! So, what you’re feeling is completely natural, but don’t worry too much about it, okay? <3

Hoshi As A Father

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Hey thereeee!  First, you are the best, i read your ‘seventeen as fathers’ series and im in love with it soooo I was wondering if you could write it for Hoshi ;3; Whenever you want, I’ll be waiting♡♡♡ have a nice day and thanks for all

Sorry that this took so long to publish! I finally finished my junior year in high school (and I’ll sadly be starting my last in the fall) so I wanted to make sure I got all of my work done before I started anything else. This scenario is somewhat connected to both Woozi’s and Dino’s parts so be sure to keep your eye out for those ones. I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to request any of the other members! xx     

  • Hoshi slowly kills me inside
  • But anyways let’s get started
  • Soonyoung is a daddy
  • And that goes to say both ways js
  • So basically you and Soonyoung were the best of friends and you never really thought of each other in a romantic way
  • Not spoken out loud at least
  • One day the two of you were having one of your weekly Friday night parties where it was just the two of you spread out on the sofa watching corny old movies as you shared a couple bottles of vodka
  • It was probably what both of you looked forwards to the most
  • Three bottles later and soon you guys were both kind of tipsy but not tipsy enough to be completely drunk
  • One thing led to another and somehow you got on the topic of who in Seventeen had the biggest dick
  • And of course Soonyoung was sure on him having the biggest
  • But you were dead set on Dino for some reason
  • Soonyoung wasn’t having it because he was kind of offended that his best friend didn’t think his dick was bigger than his own maknae’s
  • So he stood up from the sofa and threw the empty bottle on the ground and placed his hands on his hips
  • “You wanna find out just how big it is??”
  • “hell yeah I do”
  • And basically that’s how the two of you ended up making out on the sofa and it did eventually lead to more
  • Lets just say that you really did believe that Hoshi now had the biggest dick
  • You never really expected anything more out of that night
  • You especially never imagined to get pregnant from it
  • When you started getting symptoms and missed a period you thought the worst
  • And here you are with six pregnancy tests that all said you were positive
  • You knew that they weren’t always reliable but when all six seemed to tell you that you were you couldn’t help but maybe think that it was true
  • So you did schedule an appointment for the next day to get an ultrasound done just in case
  • You heart was racing the entire time the doctor was covering your stomach with the cool gel
  • You felt it being to pound against your chest harder than it ever had before as an image of a small fetus was displayed on the screen
  • The doctor smiled at you and gave you a small congrats before leaving you alone to think
  • And you kinda broke down right there because it just kind of hit you that you were pregnant with your best friend’s baby
  • The doctor came back in a few moments later and offered you some pamphlets about abortion and shit but you refused them saying that you were going to keep your baby
  • You did try to keep it a secret from Soonyoung for as long as you could
  • That was your plan at least
  • To set that in order whenever he asked to hang out with you, you would deny him every time saying that you were sick
  • Which wasn’t a lie because of the morning sickness that came with the cost of being pregnant
  • But you knew that you couldn’t keep using that excuse forever because sooner or later
  • 1) Soonyoung would catch on and just know that you were avoiding him for some reason
  • 2) He would get really worried and actually try to do something about it like taking you to see a doctor and he would find out that way
  • So you started using other excuses like that you were busy or already hanging out with other friends that day
  • Soonyoung began to grow suspicious over you avoiding him
  • Just as you thought
  • He knew you better than anyone else and he was always sure when you were lying to him
  • So he showed up to your apartment one day unannounced
  • You were kind of nervous because you did have an appointment to go to later that day for your one month ultrasound
  • You could have gotten away saying that you just had an appointment to get to but soon enough the phone rang and you allowed the answering machine to get it
  • But the message just so happened to mention something about a special appointment and Soonyoung’s eyes immediately got worried
  • He asked you whats wrong and you just kind of sighed knowing that you were going to have to tell him someday
  • So you just pulled him out the door with you telling him that he should just come to see for himself rather than you explaining it
  • When the nurse called your name you nervously followed her with Soonyoung trailing behind
  • The doctor greeted you with a kind smiled and turned to Soonyoung
  • “oh you must be the father”
  • You froze in your steps at the doctors words and your body became really tense
  • Soonyoung swore his heart stopped beating at the mention of the word ‘father’
  • “y/n what is the doctor talking about??”
  • His voice would be so shaky and nervous
  • All you would do is look at the doctor and nod your head before laying down on the bed
  • Soonyoung stood frozen in his spot as he watched you get your ultrasound done
  • The doctor looked from the screen and over to Soonyoung while pointing out the small fetus
  • Soonyoung couldn’t help but cry at the sight of the small fetus on the screen
  • You began to spit out apologies at your best friend before he shook his head and cut you off
  • “its perfect”
  • That’s all he said before walking over to you and taking your hands in his own
  • “that’s really mine??”
  • You would nod and explain to him that he was the only person you have ever done it with
  • He felt somewhat guilty for taking your virginity while drunk
  • But he was so happy that he was going to be the father of a new little baby
  • He would ask the doctor if he could have a copy of the sonogram before sitting on the bed next to you and pulling you into a tight hug
  • Ever since Hoshi found out that he was going to be the father of your baby
  • There was no denying the romantic tension between the two of you
  • He insisted taking you out on dates and even moving in with you
  • He basically spat out a confession to you about this weird crush he had on you
  • And while it all seemed really messy you were happy your best friend felt the same way about you
  • So you did allow Soonyoung to move in with you
  • It turns out that he actually was a great help around the apartment and made sure that you got everything you needed
  • The boys got a little confused as to why Soonyoung suddenly wanted to move out and in with you
  • He was pretty blunt when he gave them the reason saying that he was going to be a father and wanted to be closer to the mother of his baby
  • That’s when you got calls and texts messages asking you if they needed to beat Hoshi up
  • You denied their requests and simply said that you and Soonyoung had been dating and one thing lead to another and you had accidentally gotten pregnant
  • Which was kind of true
  • The boys bought it so you didn’t see any need to explain to them that it all started because you were drunkenly fighting over who had the biggest dick out of all 13 of them
  • You knew that that wouldn’t end well
  • Not only did you have Soonyoung helping you out
  • But now you dealt with having the boys coming over in small groups to come help take care of you as well
  • Soonyoung didn’t like the idea at first
  • But then you somehow managed to convince him to sneak off with you while the others cleaned up around your apartment
  • So he was very happy about getting some alone time with you on that
  • Finally it was time for your 4 month checkup with the doctor
  • Both you and Hoshi were beyond excited because you could finally figure out the gender of your baby
  • The two of you guys both had your fingers crossed for a little girl
  • You have always wanted one and Soonyoung just wanted a daughter to spoil rotten
  • You guys would have been happy with either gender
  • But you just really really wanted to see your boyfriend with a little girl
  • When the doctor finished your ultrasound they pointed to the screen to show you the gender of your baby
  • It turns out that it was in fact a boy
  • You were still beyond happy to have a little boy though
  • Soonyoung leaned down to your belly and immediatly began to have a conversation with his son
  • He talked about everything from teaching him dance to teaching how to get a girl
  • And you honestly couldn’t have smiled wider at the sight
  • These next few months were hell for you and Soonyoung
  • But in a good way
  • Its when finally all of your mood swings and cravings kicked in
  • Like the rest of the boys
  • Soonyoung wouldn’t know how to react with you being happy one moment and then extremely pissed at him the next
  • He tried his best to stick up with it and respect you while your mood swings were happening
  • And you really had to thank him for that because you were, as he described, a dragon when you were mad
  • You would have the strangest cravings
  • But he would make you whatever you wanted
  • Even if it was kimchi pickled ice cream with ketchup on top
  • And when you offered him some he would be sweet and accept your offer even though it tasted so gross
  • Every night before going to sleep he would always rub your tummy and sing cute little lullabies to your baby
  • One night as he was singing you felt a kick in your stomach
  • You held his hand tightly and told him to stop of a second before placing it on the spot you felt the kick
  • After a couple minutes of silence you told him to continue
  • This time when he started singing you felt the kick again
  • And you knew that Soonyoung could feel it this time too
  • He looked so happy as he continued to sing and rub your belly
  • When he was done he placed a gentle kiss to your stomach before whispering at your son to not give you too much pain with all of his kicking
  • Shopping with Soonyoung would be quite the adventure
  • He would want to buy like literally everything
  • If he saw a cute onesie he would add it to cart
  • If he saw this badass mobile that played shinee tunes he would add it to cart
  • Your son would be just as spoiled as you thought your daughter would have been
  • Soon enough you guys had an entire nursery that was half cute baby themed and half shinee themed
  • Not that you really minded because you knew that your boyfriend was a fanboy at heart
  • Fast forward a couple months
  • Seventeen was about to start their comeback stage and you were basically on the verge of going into labor
  • You tried to convince your boyfriend to let you stay at home just in case anything happened
  • But he really wanted to be there when you went into labor
  • So the manager allowed you to stay back in their dressing room and watch their stage from there
  • You had a couple makeup artists back there with you in case anything were to happen
  • It was as if it were on queue
  • But just as Hoshi’s face appeared on the screen
  • You felt water trickle down your leg
  • You were half in awe at the fact that your baby was ready at the sight of his father
  • But you also like “oH SHIT I’M HAvING A BAbY”
  • The makeup artists would immediately come to your side as soon as you screamed
  • They tried to help you stand up so they could get you to the hospital as soon as possible
  • But you kept fighting them saying that you wanted to wait until Seventeen’s stage was over
  • “no y/n you are going to have your baby on this filthy floor if we do not leave now”
  • So you gave in an allowed to let them take you to the hospital
  • Seventeen’s manager went along with you and one of their staff members as well
  • When their stage was over one of the makeup artists explained to Soonyoung that they had to take you to the hospital because you were about to have a baby on the floor
  • They had already had a car set up and ready to go for him
  • So he quickly took off his mic and rushed to the car
  • All of the boys wanted to go too
  • But the staff had said that they only had enough room for a couple of them
  • So the entire 96 line decided to go along with Soonyoung to the hospital
  • The ride there was pretty crazy and was filled with mainly Hoshi panicking and Wonwoo telling him to shut up and breath
  • Once they arrived all 4 boys rushed to the receptionist and explained what they were there for
  • The receptionist explained that only two of them would be allowed in the room along with you so Soonyoung grabbed the closest arm to him which so happened to be Jihoon and dragged him along to the hospital room you were in
  • You were just about to get ready to give birth when you saw Soonyoung run in with Jihoon practically biting Soonyoung’s hand off behind him
  • Each boy went to either side of you and took a hand
  • The entire process was painful to say the least
  • Soonyoung couldn’t stand the sight of you in so much pain and began to cry
  • You were touched but the moment didn’t last long because hELLO there was a baby coming out of your vagina
  • And then after a couple of minutes it was all over and you could hear the soft cries of your son fill the room
  • You sat back on your bed and began to breath heavily
  • You watched as your son was handed to Soonyoung before you passed out from using all of your energy on giving birth
  • You woke up to the light touch of a pair of lips on your forehead
  • There you were greeted by the happy eyes of your boyfriend
  • That was when you noticed that he was babyless
  • When you questioned him about it all he did was dramatically sigh and point to Jihoon who sat in a chair in the corner of the room holding your son
  • “its like he thinks that jihoon is his father. they’ve been like that for 20 minutes and whenever i try to take him away he only cries”
  • You coo sympathetically at your boyfriend before asking Jihoon if you can hold your son
  • He nods before walking over to hand your baby to you
  • The minute you laid eyes on your son he looked up and smiled at you
  • Soonyoung sat on the other side of you and began to run his long fingers across your baby’s chest making him giggle
  • A couple minutes later the nurse came in saying that there were 11 boys waiting outside who wanted to come in to see your baby
  • You allowed the nurse to send them in and suddenly your room became packed with sweaty smelling boys
  • You watched in awe as they carefully passed your baby around with each boy holding him and cooing as they did so
  • When the baby got back to Jihoon you noticed how your son did not want to let go
  • Instead he cuddled into Jihoon’s chest almost immediately
  • You heard your boyfriend whine in protest causing you to laugh at his childish noises
  • You thought it was cute how well your son got along with Jihoon
  • Hoshi on the other hand had a different idea
  • Both of you were beyond excited when you finally took your baby home
  • It was basically the start of a new life for the both of you
  • You guys were perfectly content with the way things were
  • That was until you found out how hard it could be to take care of a new born
  • Your son loved to keep you up at night
  • Either he would fuss in his sleep because of what not
  • Or he just wouldn’t go to sleep
  • It drove you nuts
  • But Soonyoung on the other hand did whatever it took to make sure his son was happy and healthy
  • He would sit in the nursery for hours if he had to just to make sure his son was sleeping properly
  • You son had always been a chatterbox much like his father
  • He would always babble off to you guys in his little baby language
  • Soonyoung would absolutely cherish each moment he got with his son
  • It would range anything from changing diapers to cuddling with his son during movie nights
  • He knew that he was going to have to go off and promote soon and he didn’t want to miss a second of his baby boy
  • Lucky enough for him he was there to hear his baby to say his first word
  • Once the words “appa” came out of his mouth he had Soonyoung melting
  • Hoshi was disappointed when the day came to him having to leave the two of you behind
  • You reassured him that everything would be okay
  • Being your best friend he trusted you and wished you and your son the best of luck
  • Soonyoung was pretty upset when he found out that he missed some of  the major milestones in his baby’s life
  • Such as his first steps
  • But you made sure to get a video of it for him so he could watch it for himself
  • After nights upon nights of endless video calls
  • Soonyoung finally announced to you that they boys would be home for a couple of months on a short break
  • You were beyond grateful for that
  • It wasn’t that taking care of a baby boy on your own was hard
  • It’s just that no one could take care of your son better than your boyfriend
  • The second Soonyoung got home he could not let go of your son
  • He wouldn’t put him down for even a second
  • He even slept with your baby in his arms
  • You knew your son meant everything to Hoshi
  • Soonyoung made sure that he never missed another moment in your son’s life
  • Even with his crazy tour schedules and you guys getting married somewhere in between
  • He managed to always be there for your boy
  • And you honestly couldn’t ask for a better father for your baby
  • Your son (surprise surprise) was a trouble maker
  • You always found yourself going to his school and sitting in the principal’s office to listen to what weird prank your son pulled this time
  • One time you got a call but you couldn’t make it due to a job interview you had
  • So you sent Soonyoung
  • Which turned out to be a mistake
  • When he came home you asked him how the meeting went and all he did was give you a straight face and a straight forward answer
  • “i got him expelled. no man talks about my son like that”
  • You mentally facepalmed because lets be honest everyone saw this coming
  • So now you had to find a new school for your son
  • Soonyoung had explained his problem to the rest of the boys
  • Jihoon spoke up saying that his own son went to a pretty strict school that would help with his son’s trouble-making tactics
  • So the two of you decided to give it a go
  • And it actually worked pretty well
  • Your son got called down to the principal’s office fewer and fewer times as the year went on
  • He still was the talkative prankster that you guys raised but you wouldn’t want it any other way
  • Fast forward to his high school years
  • These were probably the most eventful parts of your son’s life
  • High school had always been a major part of discovering who a person is
  • But oh was this ever the adventure
  • Your son had a hard time discovering who he really was
  • For the longest time you would always find him coming home with a new girlfriend like every week
  • You were kind of confused because you never really thought that your son would be the type to go through so many girls at once
  • It wasn’t until one day when Soonyoung got home that he found his son making out with Jihoon’s son on the sofa
  • At first he was just confused as to what was happening
  • He wasn’t upset just confused
  • So out of the heat of the moment he kind of kicked Jihoon’s son out
  • He didn’t mean for it to be in a mean way
  • He did sit his son down and talk to his son about what he just saw
  • Your son seemed pretty petrified at the fact that his father caught him making out with a boy
  • He started apologizing to Hoshi for kissing a boy
  • Soonyoung cut him off and stopped his rambling saying that it was okay and that he wasn’t mad
  • He explained that he was just confused and that he still loved his son no matter what he decides to identify as
  • So that’s how your son came out as gay to Hoshi
  • He wanted to keep it just between them for a while
  • Eventually they did tell you and you basically had the same reaction as Soonyoung
  • Jihoon on the other hand was more bewildered than the rest of you guys when finding out
  • But he knew that if your son was anything like Soonyoung that he would take care of his son right
  • I mean, you ended up pretty okay in the hands of Soonyoung
  • …so far…
  • lmao jk
  • After your son was accepted into college the two of you couldn’t help but start to feel lonely
  • Even though your son hasn’t left yet
  • You guys didn’t like the feeling of having no one to take care of
  • The boys suggested you guys adopt Chan
  • But that was already out of the question because he was basically grown and married at this point
  • So Soonyoung had the great idea of fostering some kids for a while
  • And it actually turned out to be a great idea
  • So when your son graduated and left for college
  • One of the local foster homes sent the two of you a pair of teenage twin girls and a little boy to take care of
  • Soonyoung basically treated them exactly as if they were his own children
  • As much as you wanted to adopt them you both knew that you just didn’t have the time to go through all of that work
  • So settling for watching them grown and deal with their own problems suited well for you
  • You told them that when they were ready to be out there on their own that they were always welcome back at your home
  • And the three of them couldn’t be any more grateful for that
  • It turns out that one of the twins ended up getting married to Chan’s youngest son
  • So it wasn’t like you wouldn’t ever see them again after that
  • Plus you were their home
  • She even asked Soonyoung to walk her down the aisle
  • And as for your own son
  • He did too end up getting married to Jihoon’s son
  • You were beyond happy for him and it brought you to tears seeing the boy you raised grow into such a wonderful man
  • And to think that all of this started just because you and your best friend were drunk talking about his dick
  • But you wouldn’t want your story to happen any other way

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FT Chapter 536 Reaction

When I first met Ichiya’s character, I was a little weirded out but kinda liked his character because he was comic relief. I’m really glad Jellal didn’t die but I feel bad for Blue Pegases. They lost their S-Class wizard (Mind you in style), and I’m not sure how I feel about it. As for Anna, I wish Lucy had at least gotten to meet her…but it makes sense that she’d be the one to go through the timelapse.

This is one of the best panels ever of Jenny! And it really describes how lost Blue Pegases will be without Ichiya. I’m a little nervous about what she says…I really hope we don’t get an ending like this with FT (you never know what might happen between now and then! We still have the Lucy situation!) Anyone else notice she kind of looks like Nami?

On the other side…I’M SO FREAKING HAPPY ACNOLOGIA IS GONE! A little disappointed that we didn’t see him and Natsu go against each other (I can already hear the FT haters complaining about this…) But nonetheless, happy because hopefully know they don’t have to worry about him…hopefully…

I’m kinda loving the subtle NALU hints everywhere! Look at his arm! It’s the same arm as Lucy’s and I’m not sure if it means anything or not!

Mavis and Zeref…ARGH! There’s such history there and still so many questions! I do love their story though…and watching the prequel was just awesome! Especially when they both technically met in Hargeon!

“THE LIFE FORCE” WTF DO YOU MEAN?!? Are we gonna get to know about how to get rid of Zeref and Mavis’s curse?!?! OR is it going to be related to WTH is going on with Lucy??! If so I can’t wait to see Natsu’s reaction!!! (Fan girl scream…heart dying). There’s a good chance because he did say he was going to see Happy and his friends! 

Speaking of, am I the only one out there that might have been a bit miffed that he didn’t specify Lucy too? Not to discredit Happy and Natsu’s relationship, but we keep getting back and forth of this. One minute Natsu is singling out Lucy and the next, he isn’t. I’m not saying I want FT to be full on romance but to single out Happy and not Lucy as well…I don’t know. It’s frustrating and weird. (Especially when I get thinking about how he left for the year…WHICH I WISH THEY HAD TALKED ABOUT!). On the other hand, Natsu might be linked to Lucy because of the whole book thing and didn’t need to specify her. I don’t know what I’m trying to say LOL 


WHY ONLY 10 MORE CHAPTERS?!??!?! I WAS HOPING FOR ATLEAST 20 MORE! Which would have finished it around August and the 11th Anniversary. Basically I just don’t know how I really feel about this chapter…I loved it don’t get me wrong but still…

What do you guys think?


Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week

day 5 - april 21th : best episode or scene(s) AKA CHOO CHOO BITCH THE ANGST TRAIN HAS REACHED THE STATION

These two episodes kill me every time.

For the Girl who has Everything

I love Krypton. Moreover, I love Kara’s Krypton. It is one of the biggest differences between Supergirl and Superman’s story and it’s also the reason why Supergirl will always be more fascinating because to Kara, Krypton was a real place. It was her home. It’s all she knew for 13 years and she had a life there. She expected to live out her life there. She’s the heiress to the noble House of El, she was going to go into the Science Guild, she was going to get matched by the Matrix. Kara lost all hope of having anything normal when Krypton died. In a way, her life ended as well.

And in this episode, we get a glimpse of what that life would have been like. Her parents are alive, her Aunt Astra is back with them, Kal-El’s barely a teenager (and you can see he adores her). The screen cap I chose above, while alien to anyone else, is Kara’s normal. It makes Kara’s love for the Wizard of Oz kind of tragic because in the end, Dorothy gets to leave the strange place. Kara doesn’t.

This episode is amazing for so many reasons but getting to see Krypton is what made it really special for me.


This episode. Wow. It’s one of those that makes me nervous and excited when I watch it because this episode is fantastic. We’ve already discussed this episode at length so I’ll keep this short. I absolutely love Red Kryptonite Kara. And I think what I love most about her is that she has no time for any of the quirks that she built into Kara Danvers to make her completely ordinary. RedK Kara is graceful, she’s aware of her god like powers and relishes it, she hates her cutesy wardrobe and dresses boldly because she knows she is stunning and is not going to hide it anymore, she stands tall, she wears a very understated costume where her family crest isn’t in your face because that’s how it would’ve been on Krypton. And the thing is, she feels alien, whether or not she’s using her powers. RedK Kara is almost none of Kara Danvers, the authority and power of Supergirl, and the elegance of Kara Zor-El, all wrapped into one. But darker. Because our Kara Zor-El, the real Kara Zor-El, would never be cruel.

anonymous asked:

Love your blog btw! Companions (+maxson plz) get dared to make out with Sole and bite her lip in front of the whole settlement? Thankssss

Companions are dared to make out with F!Sole in the middle of Sanctuary. + Bite her lip.

Cait: She had no problem with making out in front of others; she liked showing off. She grabs Sole and starts making out with her, roughly; she gets more into it when she tastes blood, from her bites.

Codsworth: “I’m Sorry, but I don’t see how that’s possible!” Sole ends up licking his speaker… Made everyone pretty awkward…

Curie: She is too shy; but follows Sole’s lead. “Uhm… Am I supposed to bite you Madame?” Sole nods, and Frenches her. Even though she sounds French, she really can’t get used to French kissing. She tries to bite, but Sole barely feels it. Curie is as red as a tomato by then.

Danse: He kept going on about how they are representing the Brotherhood and that he doesn’t want to ruin their image. But Sole managed to seduce him. His kiss is pretty inexperienced but really rough. He hesitates before groping her. He bites her as hard as he can; he didn’t know that it hurts more than it feels good…

Deacon: “I don’t know about that Boss…” He goes with it, pretty awkwardly. He places his hands on Sole’s waist, and kisses her, not so rough. He remembers to bite her last minute; pulling her lip a bit before breaking the kiss. He laughs the most awkward laugh before he goes off to change his disguise.

Dogmeat: You are gonna have to go to the dark web for that…

Hancock: He doesn’t give a shit about other people watching, “An audience wouldn’t hurt” He kisses her, like his tongue had its own mind. He lightly bites her lip and squeezes her butt; making the most out of the situation.

Macready: He doesn’t like the idea of others watching them… but he makes an exception, just because its Sole. He awkwardly tries to keep his hands busy as they keep kissing. He tries to sneak a bite; even though Sole had the lead. It ends with Sole teasing him about how tense he was.

Nick: “We don’t have to be a bother to the poor settlers…” He sighs and tries to be as discreetly as he could. He pulls Sole close to him by her waist, and kisses her passionately. He doesn’t like biting, but since the dare said so; he does it lightly.

Piper: “Ugh… this is so embarrassing…” She makes out, but gets distracted by the stares; and gives Sole’s lips a quick bite; and just pushes her away. “Let’s never do that again, okay?”

Preston: He normally would be okay with it… but Mama Murphy was right there! He tries not to be too touchy with Sole; and makes the kiss as gentle as possible. He is quite good at it. He gently bites her lip, but ends up getting carried away; and starts grabbing her and biting her more.

Strong: He doesn’t quite know what it is; but when Sole explains, he just says “Strong no eat human!! Strong smash Anon!!”

X6-88: He pushes Sole against the wall and holds her arms against it. He started biting her lips without warning; he was too rough. He gave intimidating looks at the settlers; implying how savage he is, to be dominating Sole in front of them. It just made him look scarier.

Maxson: He doesn’t hesitate to pick up Sole and just kiss her as rough as he could. He kept biting her lips way too hard; which made her bleed, and moan. He just wanted to show everyone else, that he owned Sole as if she was some kind of Brotherhood property!

Sanctuary reactions

Preston: For anyone but himself; he got way too jealous. He tried to interrupt by bringing the “another settlement needs out help” thing… he just made things awkward.

Mama Murphy: “I sawww it! The sight tells me everything!” She kept going on about how she needs more Jet to be able to see when Sole is gonna kiss someone again…

Sturges: “Ugh… do they know we have bedrooms in here?!” He scratches the back of his head, without breaking his stare.

Jun Long: It made him nervous. Sole is supposed to be taking care of the water problem!!

Marcy Long: “Just because she fucking plants some tomatoes for us, we have to put up with her disgusting habits?! Just get a room already!!”

Only you

Word count: 1367

You tell Damon that you’re in love with Kai and he overhears you

You were sitting on the floor with Damon in his house, casually hanging out. You’ve done that a lot with Damon. You two were best friends and you shared everything with him and he did the same with you. People often asked you if you two were together or if you ever thought about hooking up but the only thing you and Damon could do was laugh because you never looked at him in that way. You had your eyes on someone else even though you’ve been keeping that a secret for some time. Next to you was placed a glass of bourbon and scattered across the floor in between you and Damon. You placed one card on the floor and checked the other ones as Damon put one on top of yours.

‘Hey, can I tell you something?’ You asked, your body suddenly feeling nervousness, which never happened before.

'Of course. What’s up?’ Damon replied and focused on his cards.

'Do you think Kai is, you know, seeing someone at the moment?’ You asked, Damon’s gaze lifting from his cards and focusing on your eyes as he smiled, like he already knew what you meant when you stated that question.

'Why?’ He asked, pretending doesn’t know what this is all about.

'Just asking. He’s always hanging here so, I kind of assumed he might be single.’ You said and took a sip out of your glass, avoiding Damon’s eyes.

'Really? You’re my best friend. I know what this is about. I know you more than anyone else.’ He stated as you finally looked up straight into his eyes.

'Is it that obvious?’ You asked, your fingers running through your hair.

'It’s too obvious. Did you tell him?’

'What, that I like him? Are you crazy? No way. I get all nervous when I’m around him and everytime he hugs me, my heart starts beating really fast, but I know he doesn’t feel the same.’ You trailed off and kept holding the glass in your hands, the cards placed on your legs.

'You don’t know that. You have to tell him, otherwise, he might end up with someone else and then I know you’ll be devastated.’

'I know, but-’

'Hey guys!’ You and Damon both looked up, your eyes locking with Kai’s. Youbswallowed hard and the moment you saw him, a smile formed on your face. You felt Damon’s eye on you but you weren’t paying too much attention. You only saw Kai at that moment.

'Hey.’ You stuttered.

'I’m going out now so, do you guys need anything?’

'No, we’re good.’ Damon replied as he kept looking at you, watching your reaction to everything Kai has said.

'Ok. See you later.’ He said and then winked at you, your heart skipping a beat. He walked out of the house and closed the doors behind him. When you were sure he left, you quickly looked at Damon and you couldn’t hide a smile that took over your face.

'Dude, he is either focusing on something else when you talk to him or he’s a big idiot who doesn’t see the way you’re looking at him.’

'He’s not an idiot. He’s just… ok maybe he is an idiot.’ You said as you and Damon both laughed. 'When he comes back I’ll tell him how I feel.’ You trailed off and finished your drink as you and Damon went back to your game and just having fun.

Two hours have passed since Kai left the house and you and Damon were still in the living room, only this time you were laying on the floor next to eachother and next to a big fireplace, warmth from the fire radiating through your body. You couldn'tvwait anymore. You just wanted to run into Kai’s arms and hug him and tell him how you feel. You wanted to be in his strong arms, his lips pressed against yours.

You almost fell asleep on the floor but then you heard the sound of the front door, making you jump up because you knew Kai finally came home. You couldn’t stop smiling, but that smile soon faded away. He walked in with a girl, his hand wrapped around her waist, no space between their bodies. They laughed at something and you couldn’t find yourself to look away. After a few seconds, Kai realize they weren’t alone in the room as he looked in your and Damon’s direction.

'Oh, you guys are still awake. I thought you’d be asleep by now.’ Kai said, his eyes piercing into yours. The girl who was beside Kai was quiet and didn’t move an inch.

'Is everything ok?’ He asked and kept looking at you, finding that situation a little weird because you’ve never been that quiet. Your body was frozen and you couldn’t move. You kept looking at Kai, his arm never moving from the girl’s waist. You shook your head and looked at Damon who kept looking at you, knowing how you must’ve felt at that moment.

'Excuse me.’ You stuttered and quickly got up, running pass Kai and straight to your room, not wanting anyone to see the tears that were forming in your eyes. You slammed the doors of your room and sat down on the bed, a tear rolling down your cheek. You couldn’t manage to calm down or shake away the thought of Kai being with that girl. You hated the thought of it and it was driving you crazy. You never knew that the sight of Kai with someone else would hurt this much. Moments later, you heard a soft knock on your bedroom’s doors. You didn’t want to open them, you just wanted to be alone, but the person that was knocking didn’t want to give up.

'What?!’ You snapped and looked towards the doors, but refused to open them.

'It’s me.’ Kai’s voice echoed through the door, your face brightning up a little bit but it went away faster than expected.

'Go away!’ You said as you walked towards the doors and pressed your forehead on the doors.

'C'mon open up, I wanna talk to you.’

'There’s nothing we have to talk about. Go away.’ Your voice was weak and it was noticeable.

'Please. I really need to talk to you.’

You kept quiet, but after a few minutes you finally opened the door as you faced Kai. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying and you knew you couldn’t hide that from him.

'Why are you crying?’ Kai asked you and wanted to hug you but you stepped back.

'I don’t want to tell you, Kai. You should go back to your girl back there and do whatever you wanted to do.’ You snapped at him, his face expression serious.

'Why are you like this?’

'You wanna know why? I-. Because I’m in love with you, Kai! I’ve been in love with you since I met you and now you just come into the house with some random girl and rub it in my face and hurt me like that. I really, really wasn’t expecting that from you at all so if you could please leave me alone and go bac-’ he cut you off by pressing his lips on yours, catching you by surprise. You started returning the kiss as it became deeper. Seconds or minutes passed and you felt your legs getting weaker. Kai pulled away, but his hands were still holding you close to his body.

'What was that for?’ You whispered and closed your eyes for a split second.

'I heard you and Damon talking today and I heard when you said that you’re in love with me. I wanted to make sure that it was true.’

'By bringing a girl for me to see her?’

'Kind of.’

'A bit of a dick move, don’t you think?’ You asked and punched him playfully as Kai laughed at your comment.

'I care about you and you only. I always have and always will.’

You smiled at him as he pulled you closer and kissed you again, your body radiating from happiness. You were finally in Kai’s arms and it was better than you’ve ever imagined.

I was kind of nervous my ask about body positivity was badly worded. Even if someone isn’t a healthy weight, it doesn’t mean they can’t be happy. It doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful or capable of less. They’re human, and they should always be treated with love and respect just like anyone else. This blog welcomes every single body type out there and I hope I didn’t make anyone feel bad, it wasn’t intentional by any means.

I sincerely apologize if my ask came off badly, that was poorly worded on my part. I just wanted to make this clear because it was bothering me.

When You Say It

Requested by: @meep-meep22
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Trying to get back into writing every day now, but I’ve got a lot of uni work happening

Shifting your weight from one foot to the another, you nervously wring your hands and scan every surface of the compound living room. You’re always alert, making sure that you identified every entry and exit point, finding spots in the room that would be useful incase you needed cover, and even pieces of furniture and decor that could be used as a weapon if it became necessary. You couldn’t help it, it was second nature to trained assassins; and you were almost OCD about it when you were nervous.

“Stop stressing,” Natasha says with a hint of amusement, and you look over to see her smiling at you, “Barnes isn’t dangerous unless he wants to be, he’s actually quite sweet when he’s not a brainwashed Hydra weapon,”

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thecatnat  asked:

Can you do a headcannon for Shiro, Hunk, and Kieth where their s/o is super shy around every one but them. If you are feeling to under the weather to write anything that's fine!!!! 😃 (Ps your blog is 10/10👍)

I definitely can write this! I appreciate your concern, but I’m trying to push past this weird sad spell and get stuff out for everyone. Hopefully writing stuff like this will help me get out of whatever funk I’m in. Thanks for the compliment, by the way. I’ve been needing quite a few recently.

I had too much fun writing this, I may or may not have gotten slightly carried away with Shiro and Keith-

Originally posted by shirovld

(look at this goofy fucking gif-)

Shiro would be confused at first when Allura told him that his s/o kept to themselves when he wasn’t around. If he was on a mission, they would stay hidden in their room, pacing and worrying. When he asked them about it, they just shrugged and mumbled a half-assed excuse. As time went on, the black paladin would end up keeping them close in some way, usually having them stand in front of him with his arms around them protectively. They would barely speak around the others, although they would voice their opinion if they thought differently about something. They relied on Shiro to speak for them, whispering something in his ear and hiding behind him whenever they met any kind of alien. Alone, they would openly speak and laugh at stories about the other paladins, comfortably snuggled in his arms.

Hunk would almost immediately accept it, openly voicing his concern for his s/o’s constant silence whenever they were obviously nervous. He would make sure they were always at arm’s length, having some kind of comfort food for them whenever they began to fidget around groups. When him and his s/o were alone, he would cherish everything about their voice, especially their laugh. Since he doesn’t get to hear them often, any time they speak is like him being thrown onto Cloud 9. He absolutely adores how excitable and bubbly they get when no one else is around.

Keith immediately understands that his s/o doesn’t want to talk around others, and will literally fight anyone who tries to get them to speak. Being, well, Keith, he wouldn’t be a huge fan of PDA, but would put a comforting arm around their waist or hold their hand if he noticed they were visibly uncomfortable. Whenever he comes back from a mission, he makes a bee-line for his s/o’s room and flops onto their bed, pulling them into his arms and burying his face in the crook of their neck. He would repeatedly tell them how much he cared for them, always making them smile. They would express how worried they were for him, even though he always knew by their relieved expression when they saw him.

thiscityneedsyounow  asked:

aah, I love your stuff so much!! <3 Any chance we can get a headcanon thing where Rin, Yukio, Shiemi, Bon, Amaimon and Izumo realize they're falling in love with their best friend?

[[Thank you so much sweetie! 💖]]

Rin -

• at first he doesn’t realize he’s falling in love
• he interprets it as just being very close to a good friend
• though when he explains the situation to his brother and his friends they know what’s up
• but they let him find out on his own
• once it becomes clear to him how he feels, he turns into an awkward, dorky mess around you
• he makes super lame jokes and wags his tail constantly
• eventually he’d gather the courage to ask you out
• but only if he expects it to go well
• otherwise he’d be too shy poor baby

Yukio -

• he’s aware of his feelings as soon as it happens
• but he tries to isolate himself and push the feelings he has for you away
• he doesn’t want to get too attached in case something happens to you or him
• eventually he realizes he can’t avoid you forever
• and he tells you how he feels
• you manage to calm him down a bit and explain to him that you feel the same way
• and you’d always be there for him
• he wants to take things slowly with you

Shiemi -

• at first she’s not sure about how she feels for you
• she enjoys your company and she goes to you first before anyone else
• she thought perhaps that you two just had a close platonic bond
• but then she realized how attractive you were and how she admired you so much
• so she eventually realized how she really feels about you
• she becomes blushy and nervous and stumbles a lot when you’re around
• but she eventually tells you how she truly feels though you can definitely tell she’s nervous
• she makes you homemade herb cookies often

Ryuji -

• he’s aware but also kind of oblivious
• he thinks what he’s feeling is just a small crush that’ll go away eventually
• but alas, that’s not how it worked out
• as he realizes he’s in love with you, he’s not sure what to do
• he doesn’t want to potentially ruin your friendship
• plus he also is very serious about his education and isn’t sure about a relationship
• but considering how well he balances things normally, he figures he can tell you
• he pulls you aside after class and tries to get it out
• kind of beats around the bush to avoid telling you straight up
• how cute

Izumo -

• she gets along pretty well with you
• seeing as how you two are best friends that’s no surprise
• but when she becomes more and more aware of her feelings she sort of changes
• acts like she doesn’t care for you as much and tries to
• tries to do things on her own, too
• though secretly she wants you to offer to tag along or help her
• when you confront her about this new behavior she gets defensive and blushes
• but she eventually spills the beans, no matter how uncomfortable she is doing it

Amaimon -

• at first he has absolutely no clue what he’s feeling
• he really considers you to be someone he tolerates being around rather than a friend
• but it seems he tolerates you a little more than he lets on
• he’s upfront about what he’s feeling and asks you what it might mean
• you find it somewhat amusing that he’s so oblivious
• but then again he’s a demon, of course he’s not familiar with how he feels
• when you explain, he’s pretty chill about it
• he doesn’t ask again, but he’s under the assumption you two are together without him even asking

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Saturday 27th May, 2017

This is long overdue and probably of little relevance now since this was their third show and we’re now three weeks into their run. They’ve dramatically improved since this! Or so I’ve heard, I’ll find out on Saturday : ) But anyway, this was my first time seeing the new cast so there was a lot running through my head which means this isn’t a great recap by any means. I’ll direct you over to @torestoreamends​ for that.

The first part of this is just me rambling and sorting my thoughts out. Feel free to skip it. The scene by scene bullet pointed recap you’re expecting from me is at the end. Oh and in true @ohscorbus style, I’m going to focus on Theo/Albus and Samuel/Scorpius. I guess that’s what you’re all here for anyway :p

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Wonho Crush reaction

-          So I know Wonho comes across like such a flirt and just really easy with this kind of thing with fans and stuff, but I’m 100% sure that if he was actually tryin to win someone over, he’d be soooo nervous and overwhelmed

-          Mostly because he’s said things in interviews to indicate that he has absolutely no intentions of getting into a relationship at all

-          So if he is ever in a situation where he is genuinely looking to date someone, it would be a major paradigm shift, and this person was amazing enough and this feeling is new enough to him that he’s completely changing the plan he had for his life. It’s gonna be a big deal for him and he’s already a sensitive, emotional person so he’s gonna fall HARD. Like REALLY. HARD.

-          If he’s fallen for you that hard, then he probably already knows you. It’d be a gradual thing, not just oh she’s pretty, lets date her

-          He’s a very physical person, so if he’d been touchy at all with you before he started to feel this way, it would have been very casual before, but he’d start to crave it more, and start to do it more often, and when he did put his hand on your back, or hug you, or mess with your hair or whatever he usually did before, it would just seem… heavier? Like you wouldn’t be able to put your finger on what was different about it, but it just started to feel different. It wasn’t just super casual and platonic anymore

-          As he fell harder and harder, he’d start to get quiet before he initiated any kind of skinship, almost like he started to get a little afraid of you rejecting it so it made him nervous, but even though he was nervous, he’d start doing it a little more often

-          All of his emotional responses would also be amplified with anything that had anything to do with you

-          If you were talking about something that made you sad, he’d get more second hand sadness than he would if it was pretty much anyone else talking

-          If you told a joke or did something funny, it would make him giddier than if anyone else had done it

-          But only a little, he’s not over the top at all, he just seems a little more affectionate with you and has more of an affinity for you

-          He would always want you to be okay, and if you had a problem or were insecure or nervous about anything, he would go to hell and back to fix it and make everything good with little to no regard for his own personal needs

-          Partly out of a need for you to be okay, and partly out of a need for you to know that he can be there for you

-          I think when he started to fall for you, it would be because of some emotional similarity you had. He’s got a lot of vulnerabilities and concerns deep down, like he tends to feel lonely, and he’s extremely hard on himself and feels a lot of guilt really easily. So if you appeal to that, whether it be a similarity so that you both understand each other well, or you acknowledge that about him and help him feel better about it in some way, that’s probably when he starts to fall for you

-          I think it would take him a moderate amount of time to ask you out just because of the fact that that’s a big change from what he’d intended for his life. He’d think about it for a long time, but when he did make a move, it wouldn’t have been planned. The two of you would be alone together for whatever reason, and conversation would turn into somewhat of a heart to heart about something emotional, or you’d both be doin’ some kind of light skinship and the mood would change suddenly

-          He wouldn’t dramatically pull you into a kiss or pour out a love sonnet like in the movies. Not like that at all

-          He tells you how he feels very plainly while at the same time trying to make it as easy as possible for you to back out without feeling like you hurt him even though it would break his heart, because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable or make you feel guilty in any way

-          So he takes a deep breath and says “I think you should know I love you. And I don’t want you to feel like you have to feel the same way, if you don’t then I’m fine with continuing to just be friends. I’m sorry if this puts you in an uncomfortable situation, I don’t mean to and I won’t make things difficult after this, but I need to know.”

-          And he’d be holding eye contact completely, not wanting you to look away from him because he want’s to be able to gage your reaction fully. And he’s trying to make you believe that he’d be fine if you said no but it’s not hard to see how fragile he is, he’s completely putting his heart on the line right now

-          When you say yes, he’s gonna smile, and given how emotional and vulnerable he is, he might let a few tears fall as well

-          He’s gonna want to hold you as close as he can, and even though you just said yes, he doesn’t want to push anything, so he’ll not move for a moment, and then he’ll hesitantly go to hug you, kind of stopping and looking at you for assurance, and when you give it to him he’s gonna hold onto you for dear life and not want to let go for a long time.

-          I know that was really dramatic and most people it wouldn’t be like that, but I really think that he’s such an emotional person and this would be such a big paradigm shift that it would have to be something he feels very strongly about, and when he has an emotion, he HAS AN EMOTION, so it’d definitely be kind of intense, please be gentle with him

anonymous asked:

So I live in Toronto, which has a massive pride festival that I go to every year. This is my first year being in a het relationship and I'm kind of excited to show my boyfriend Pride, because he's never been. But I'm kind of nervous about like, even basic forms of PDA (i.e. Hand holding??). I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable but I also just wanna chill and walk under the bi banner and do my thing like I do every year. Is there like, a line I shouldn't cross? Pls help.

tbqh no one should be judging anyone for holding hands with anyone else / other forms of publicly appropriate pda at pride festivals. so like…keep it PG and you should be fine

Weeds And Crushes

Originally posted by regulsblck

Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Reader

Warnings: just some cute nerdy fluff between the reader and Neville

[Y/N] - your name

Song inspiration:  Love At First Sight by The Brobecks

Word Count: 1156

A/N: I made up that plant lmao, credits to me. Also I wrote this pretty quick and am too tired to proof read, I’ll do that later

You were in your 4th year and everything was exciting in Hogwarts, since this year your school was hosting the Triwizard Tournament. It was mentioned in every conversation around the school, especially the fact that there was going to be a ball on Christmas. You swore you saw some girls crying over the fact that they did or did not have a date and it was months before December!

You were one of the few who did not have interest in partaking at the Ball. You didn’t care for dancing and besides, you knew no one was going to ask you anyway. You much more preferred the study of plants. That is why you were standing knee-deep in the murky water of the Black Lake, searching for new specimens. 

“Ah, there we go!” you said, as you pulled out a carcaseweed from the muddy bank of the lake. You had been trying to find one for a few days, scavenging the bank back and forth until now. You needed this plant to study its ability of choking its prey with its long, thick leaves in order to gain more credit from Professor Sprout. Packing it into a zip-lock bag, you set it on top of your coat lying next to a Willow tree on the bank. Just as you were reaching out to another plant, you heard a voice behind you.

“Woah, you found a carcaseweed then?” You whipped your head towards the voice and were met with Neville, Neville Longbottom. As much as you enjoyed Herbology, the subject did have its disadvantages. Well, rather the class did. The disadvantage was your crush, who happened to be standing right in front of you. His hand was latched on his bag, winding and twisting the handle. A sign of nervousness; you could tell. 

“Yeah, yeah I did. I searched for it for two days and it just happened to be on the shadiest area of the entire bank! Maybe that could be one explanation to why it’s such a killer…” You spoke, rambling a bit to hide the surprise and nervousness of your voice, although you were sure that it would shine through your blushed cheeks. You noticed that you said a bit too much, and lowered your head. “Sorry…”

Just then you heard shuffling and felt water splash onto your clothes. There he was, standing right next to you in the dark water. His trousers were rolled to his knees just like yours, and he sported a goofy grin with his snaggleteeth showing. 

“So, where’d you find that weed? I want one too,” he said and you laughed. The best thing about Neville was the love he had for Herbology. Just like you, he was nerd when it came to plants. Seeing you laugh made his grin widen and he let out a laugh too. The two of you bonded, as you showed him the place you found your plant and explained why you picked it.

“I just find it so fascinating how it just wraps around its victim and chokes it! And I thought muggle inventions were cool,” you said, giggling a bit. While you were talking, Neville had crouched and stuck his hand into the spot you found your plant from. He laughed along with you and agreed, until he gasped. 

“What the- Oh! Oh, [Y/N], I think it I found it!” Neville thrusted his hand and you saw specks of dark green surface at each thrust and you could definitely tell he’d found it. 

“Yup, it’s got me. It got me!” Neville shouted, trying to pull his hand out. You saw his wrist going red as the blood flow was stopping. This was typical for the plant; to wrap itself tightly to stop all blood flow and choke. You pulled out your wand from your pocket and cast a spell at the plant. At the exact same moment, Neville thrust hard and practically flew backwards into the lake. A moment later he resurfaced and wiped his face from the muddy water. “Oh my goodness!” He yelled and tried to shake the water out of his clothes. He reminded you of a wet dog and you started giggling. 

“What you laughing at?” he asked in a hurt voice but that just made you laugh harder. Soon you were doubled over holding your stomach. The sound of his giggles were heard a while after and at that moment it felt like you and him were the only ones in the world. All the while, his eyes never left your frame. Seeing you so carefree with him made him feel so incredibly happy. After you calmed down, you looked back at him, grinning. He answered you with sparkling eyes and a lopsided smile. 

You noticed he was soaking wet and fetched your coat from the bank. “Here,” you offered and he took it gladly. Climbing back onto the bank, you opened your bag to find clean socks and your shoes. Pulling them on, you turned to pack the rest of your stuff. Neville stood behind you, watching you go on with your packing. He hesitated, before speaking up.

“Hey, [Y/N], can I ask you a question?” His words surprised you a bit, before you lifted your bag on your shoulder and turned around to greet him with a smile.

“’Course, Neville.” You expected it to be something related to Herbology. Observing him, you noticed him gripping onto your coat tightly. His floppy hair clung to his head from the water as did his clothes. While you practically checked him out, you noticed his blushing cheeks and wondered what made him so nervous. Nevertheless, he looked so cute and made you want to kiss him. However, you were definitely not prepared for what was about to ask next. 

“Um, well, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Ball with me? I know it’s months away but I kind of wanted to ask you before anyone else,” he asked, offering you a smile at his last words. You noticed his grip on your coat had tightened, showing his white knuckles. It was as if the wind was knocked out of you and it took you a while to react.

“Wait, wait, did you just ask me to the Ball with you?” You inquired, trying to process what was happening. You watched him slowly nod and it felt like you had been slapped by reality. 

“Yes, yes of course, Neville. Course I’ll go with you!” you shouted, leaping to hug him. You took him by surprise but you were too distracted by his soft frame and how good he smelled to notice.You felt him grip your sides and the both of you embraced each other under the willow tree. 

This time you didn’t judge others wanting a date for the Ball, because if this is what it felt like having a date, you really enjoyed it. 


Anyone else feeling nervous/excited about bbmas? I’m curious to know what kind of ratings this one will get after this too lol I don’t even watch award shows here, and ima tune in for the boys basically. Even if they don’t end up winning, I’m so damn happy that they got to go there! I hope they still have a good ass time 👌🏼

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concept: magnus showing alec his cat eyes and he's so vulnerable and raw and alec just reaches out & softly caresses the side of magnus' face,smiling gently. & magnus is still wide eyed bc he wasnt expecting explosive rejection (at worst he thought alec's mouth might curl like so many shadowhunters ((actually no the worst would be him looking terrified like his mother had but magnus pushed that down,down,down.) but he wasnt expecting this unbelievable tenderness either JUST SOFT BOYFRIENDS OK


magnus shows him his eyes and he’s kind of nervous about it despite telling himself that he shouldn’t be. he tries to look proud, the way he would in a fight, his eyes showing his power. and anyone else would’ve believed it, but alec sees right through him the way magnus always sees through alec. 

alec doesn’t say anything. he doesn’t flinch, doesn’t move -or even look- away. he just looks. studies magnus’ eyes and then the rest of his face before putting his hand on magnus’ cheek. and then there’s a smile. it’s soft and careful first, gentle. but it keeps growing and growing, eyes crinkling. it’s not an amused smirk, or a cocky grin; it’s a happy smile. 

magnus feels his shoulders relax, and his lips twitch up as alec takes a step closer to him. he knows, rationally, that a reaction like this really wasn’t too much to ask, and he shouldn’t settle for someone who can’t handle this part of him, anyway. that if alec didn’t like it, it was his loss. but still, magnus can’t help but feel the relief, a happy tingle blooming in his chest.

“cool eyes,” alec whispers, smile never leaving his face. he moves his hand from magnus’ face to his neck, caressing the skin with his thumb.

magnus raises an eyebrow at him, adding an amused but relieved grin. “cool?”

“beautiful.” alec brushes his lips over magnus’. “there’s nothing to be ashamed of, magnus.” 

magnus smiles knowingly against his lips. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Prompt: You suspect your boss, damian wayne, is the batman. You saw batman get stabbed in the stomach the previous night, so you spend the day trying to get your boss’ shirt of mwahaha xx 


It had started with you leaving the office after pulling some major overtime. You had left in the early hours of the morning after agonizing for what seemed like ever over a mistake in the Wayne corporation finances, managing to outlast even your hard-working boss. Finally, with a potential crisis averted, and with great personal satisfaction you left the office.

As you had to be back at work first thing, you had decided to take a short cut through some more than questionable alleyways with the reasoning that there were more than enough vigilantes and cops roaming the streets to keep you safe nowadays. Besides what were the chances that you would get mugged or run into trouble? Turns out it was pretty good.

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Would you recommend buying binders off of amazon? My boyfriend buys his from amazon and says he hasn't had a problem with his yet. I'm a big chested dude so I'm kind of nervous about spending money on something I don't know will fit me or not.

Honestly I’d always be wary. I’m not 100% sure because I’ve never purchased from Amazon but I do know that there are some shaky things that are sold on that site. If you can, save up and go for GC2B or Underworks- typically GC2B is best. Rather play it safe than sorry when it comes to things like this. Anyone else have anything to say about this?

Producer’s Block

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‘Hyung are you alright?’ Jay peeped inside the room. He had been hearing lots of shouting, cursing and groaning from inside the room and no girl was even inside the room. Sunghwa turned his head his face filled with annoyance as he just shook his head and said he was fine. ‘Umm, Hyuk Woo told me you almost bite his head off.’

He turned his chair so fast that Jay himself got scared. Sunghwa was usually a very calm and serene person. It was hard to get on his nerves with his laid back attitude and weird sense of humour but as he glared at Jay. Jay almost turned back on his feet wanting to stay away from this man’s sight. ‘I’m fine. It’s just-’ he finally sighed and leaned against the chair rocking his head against it back and forth. ‘I never knew creating a beat is so hard.’

Jay couldn’t help but smile at seeing his hyung like this. He was the best produced AOMG has aside from Cha Cha but his music always comes naturally to him that whenever someone asked him how he does it. He always gave them this very are you kidding me look making everyone else look stupid because music to him was simple. It always comes so naturally. Sunghwa glanced up as he saw the amused smile on his president’s face. ‘What?’ he asked narrowing his eyebrow at the younger guy.

‘Maybe you need a rest?’

‘I slept for almost 12 hours last night because I was so frustrated.’ He groaned out running his hand through his hair. His hair was always always in perfect condition and seeing it so dishevelled now. Jay knew how frustrated he was. ‘Maybe you need someone to help you?’

‘Have you asked Cha Cha?’ Jay suggested.

‘No.’ He shook his head staring off at his computer. ‘But I don’t think it will help that much. I need new ideas. Something strong. Something new. You know that breeze of fresh air and-’

‘Wait. I know just the right person.’ Jay suddenly stopped his producer getting his phone out as he walked out of the room.

‘Jay I don’t need a person. I need ideas. Ideas.’ He called out to him but nothing. Jay was a lost cause honestly. When he thinks of something. He would instantly do it. He was very well in simpler and nicer word- spontaneous or really careless, reckless and somewhat too kind. He groaned out in frustration at being ignored. He really was not in the mood to socialize with anyone much more with a stranger.

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