is anyone else having dirty thoughts right now

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💋 and 😏

💋 - Your character was just kissed by someone they can’t stand. Why and how did it happen?

[ Someone she can’t stand would definitely be a pirate. Top on the list of pirates she hates are people like Doflamingo or Crocodile. But be it a random pirate, or anyone else she can’t stand, she would be extremely angry, upset and annoyed. How dare they invade her personal space and force a kiss on her like that??? At the very least, they’d be slapped, that is, if she doesn’t unsheath her sword and try to slice them up. ]

😏 - Is your character having a dirty thought right now?

[ Of course not. She’s a decent marine. ]

[ Get to know my character through an ask! ]

  • Guy or Girl: talk dirty to me
  • Me: Did you see the way Dean looks at Sam like he's the only thing that matters. Or how Dean is so whipped for Sam that he'll only hook up with girls that have hazel eyes and dimples smiles. Have you ever thought about how much Dean wants Sam, wants to fucking ruin him for anyone else. Or how Sam makes himself smaller when they hug so he can nuzzle his face against Deans neck. Or how much of a fucking bottom Sam is for his big brother. I can hear his asshole twitching right now for Dean.
  • Guy or Girl: .....
  • Me: Wincest