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Prove It

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Summary: You being Rick’s rebellious daughter, you formed a relationship with Negan for a couple months which causes you to get the wrong message from him; believing he’s in love with you. You stop him as he drives back to his sanctuary and threaten him with your father’s pistol to receive closure towards his feelings for you. Negan plays along with you, because to him, it’s a game.

Warnings: Language, vulgarness from Negan himself

(plot similar to the extended version of ss between joker and harley)

“I love you, Negan.” You whispered compassionately as you wrapped your arms around his broad torso in the king sized bed.

An amused chuckle escaped from his lips as he caressed your cheek with sympathy. “Little girl, you don’t know what the hell love is.”

You stood in the middle of the gravel road as the rain dribbled against your smooth skin, dried tear stains rested along the apples of your cheeks.

Why the hell would Negan lead me on like this?, you thought to yourself. That same thought drove you crazy for weeks.

He strung you along for a couple months, slept with you, and gave you the impression as if he was in love with you. He made sure the other saviors would respect you and look after you so you wouldn’t be harmed.

Hell, just the looks he gave you were imbedded with compassion and bliss.

Of course, your father wouldn’t approve of you falling head over heels for the devil himself. He would be furious. You would be a disappointment to the group. But this had nothing to do with Alexandria or it’s people.

All of a sudden your hands shielded your eyes which instantly became sensitive to bright headlights that appeared from ahead.

Your heart rate quickened as you became familiar with the RV in front of you. Negan’s RV.

You pursed your lips angrily as you stood with your legs a part from each other, guarding the entrance from Negan with a hand on your curved hip.

He could bulldoze the hell out of you right now, but you didn’t care.

“You’re not leaving me. You’re not.” You chanted with tears in your eyes as you slung your fists on the hood of the vehicle.

Oh shit, I love when they get clingy after sex,” Negan rolled his eyes to the back of his head in satisfaction of your ballistic antics. 

“We could have a quickie right here, but I was just about to screw wife number four so could you move the hell out the way.” He gripped Lucille as he stood in front of you with a smirk plastered on his arrogant face.

Your chest raised up and down as you clenched your jaw. “I have proved I love you. Fucking accept it, Negan! It’s not a sin for you to love me!”

He chuckled loudly in amusement as he shook his head.

“Is it because I’m Rick’s daughter? He doesn’t have to know. Is it the age difference? I’m over eighteen. See, Negan, there’s no problem.” You stated as you placed your hand on his cheek as you stared into his dark eyes.

His charismatic expression was replaced with an angered one. “I don’t give a flying fuck what your daddy o thinks. Obviously I wouldn’t have slept with you if I did. It’s not that, (Y/N). It’s not any of that shit you make up in your head.”

“What is it, Negan? Tell me. I promise I won’t hurt you.” You responded hoarsely as you quickly grabbed his arm as he began to walk off.

He clenched his jaw as his glance met yours. “Maybe it’s because I can’t fucking love anyone. I bash people’s head in with a stupid bat I named after my motherfucking dead wife.”

Your expression softened as you frowned, noticing him with tears in his eyes.

“Negan, I-”

“Go back to your daddy,” He snickered. “I should have killed his ass a long time ago when I bashed that ginger’s dome in and popped that Asian guy’s eyeball out of his skull.”

Rage ran through your body as you retrieved your father’s pistol out of your pocket, aiming it at Negan.

You watched as he smirked with his arms in surrender. “Do it baby girl. Can’t hurt daddy, huh? I’ll miss our fun nights together, and I thought I’d teach you how to properly bash heads in.”

Your bottom lip quivered as you glanced at him in disgust. You couldn’t harm him. He held that against you.

Suddenly, you heard foot steps along the gravel.

Negan, there you are.” Arat responded, out of breath, as she spoke into her walkie talkie to confirm. “ I was trying to- wait.. that bitch has a fucking gun?” She quickly pulled a pistol out, a finger resting along the trigger.

You shut your eyes fearfully, believing you’d be shot. But at this moment, you didn’t care. You suffered through the apocalypse and found out the one you love doesn’t even give a shit.

Negan instantly stepped in front of you as Arat pulled the trigger before you had time to draw yours.

You quickly opened your eyes to see the bullet went half way through Lucille causing you to gasp as you examined the bat.

Shit, what the shit?! You shot Lucille. You could have killed (Y/N)” Negan growled through gritted teeth as Arat stood with her eyes widened and her mouth gapped like a fool.

“Boss, I-I’m sorry I-” She stammered with fright in her eyes.

“No one hurts him. No one.” You stated as you pursed your lips, pulling the trigger causing her to fall to the ground, lifeless, a wound to the head.

Blood droplets splattered along your cheek and you wiped them off, staring at her deasced body with fury in your eyes.

Negan watched you in surprise. He knew that you hated to kill a person. He also knew he stepped in front of you to save your life. Was that love?

You faced him with your head cocked to the side in confusion. “You-you were in front of me when she pulled the trigger. You let her shoot Lucille. You could have died. Why didn’t you just let her kill me?”

He threw Lucille on the ground as he ran towards you. “I don’t care about the damn bat. I care about you. I fucking couldn’t stand the idea of her killing you. There, I love you. I don’t love anyone else. All those wives, I don’t care even a bit. Hell, I thought it was just the sex. Now that I look at you, I know it’s more. That twinkle in your eye you get when you nail a walker right in the skull, because we both know you can’t aim for shit.” You both joined in laughter at his comment.

“The way you cuss at me when you’re furious, because you don’t have a dirty mouth. That’s cute as shit. But most importantly, the way you didn’t give up when I was an asshole. I’ve cared, (Y/N), I always have. I just hate to admit I could love something. As many people as I’ve killed, I didn’t think that shit was possible. But with you, it’s different.”

You smiled as your eyes met his. “I love you too, Negan.” You brushed your lips against his hungrily, feeling his arms wrap around you in protection.