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As I was writing my last text post I had a little dumb idea:

I’d like to produce, direct, and shoot a mini web series this summer, as I have access to my university’s equipment and I’d be stupid to not take advantage of it while I’m here for the summer.

My proposition to writers would be, if you have a story, screenplay, or any speck of an idea you’d like to develop, I’d love to work with you to work it into something we can bring to life and be proud of!

I have access to the previously mentioned equipment, fellow tv and film students for crew, actors, and a house and college campus to shoot at.

I have a couple of ideas myself, but I think it would be fun to collaborate with other writers and creative people on this website, and the idea of bringing a writer’s idea to life who doesn’t have the same resources that I do excites me.

So if anyone is interested in bouncing some stuff off of each other and making some stuff this summer, feel free to message me with what you’ve got and we’ll see if we’re a fit! I’m based in New York, however you don’t need to be in New York to work with me, we can cover the writing and storyboarding and anything else through message and skype or whatever and I can take care of the rest (though it’s your story too so you’ll have a say in casting and setting if you wish).

So I think it’s a cool idea to do this, I might not get any responses, but I thought it would be worth a shot since I’ll be shooting something this summer anyway.

So hit me up with ideas or drafts or questions if you have em!

Hope to speak to some writers soon!


Stay safe and have fun tonight! But not too much fun…without me ;)

RIP to those who haven’t made it to 2015 and break a leg to those of you who are moving on to new and exciting things and the future. May it hold wonders for you beyond your wildest dreams :)

Remember this picture ^^

and RIP to:

  • Leelah Alcorn
  • Michael Brown
  • Eric Garner
  • Robin Williams
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Shirley Temple
  • any US troops lost on the battlefield
  • any people with cancer or mental illnesses who didn’t/couldn’t make it
  • any other suicides I may have missed or that have may not have been covered
  • any beloved family members and friends you or someone else may have lost
  • basically, anyone who had a life worth living and was ended tragically early or anyone who had lived out their life and was ready to die.

Rest In Power. 

Preferences: Spring


Dean Winchester is definitely the kind of man who suffers from ‘Spring Fever.’ He personally feels as though spring is the absolute perfect season for traveling… and bar-hopping.

When spring rolls around, Dean always manages to convince you to jump into the Impala for a quick drive to the nearest Spring Break hotspot. 

During the day, you both spend the week relaxing, either choosing to hit one of the less crowded beaches for some fun in the sun, or you decide to stay in the motel watching movies and partaking in some much needed alone time. 

…and at night? Well… that just so happens to be a completely different story.

Although you both try to avoid the overcrowded clubs, you manage to escape into one of the bars. Dean limits his drinking, wanting you to have a good time; but, if you’re being completely honest, you’d much rather stay sober… or mostly sober. 

Hey… it’s much more exciting to have fun in the bedroom when you’re able to fully participate, right? 

“Thanks for taggin’ along with me, [Y/N].” Dean would say appreciatively, swinging your intertwined hands as you walked down the sand covered boardwalk. “I don’t think I could ever want anyone else to be here with me.”

The feeling is mutual, Dean. Trust me… the feeling is mutual.




Castiel firmly believes that spring is the time of new beginnings and growth. He loves the bright, budding colors, the sight of newborn animals chasing after their mothers, and the warming weather, bringing along the promise of summer.

When spring arrives and the flowers begin to bloom, that blue-eyed angel’s entire world seems to follow suit. He flutters into the bunker on nearly every sunny day, determined to fly you to a field with an expansive variety of flowers.

Together, you spend the day picking tulips and watching as the season’s first honeybees buzz harmlessly around you. He sits beside you on the soft, soggy grass, his eyebrows raising when you gaze happily at the sky, wanting to create pictures out of the fluffy, white clouds. 

“What do you think that cloud looks like, Cas?” you would ask, leaning into his firm shoulder, and pointing up at the light-blue sky.

“It looks like a cloud, [Y/N].” Castiel responded in an unsure voice. “However… i must admit, I do enjoy watching the clouds.” he continued gently, rubbing your arm with the tips of his calloused fingers. “They seem to float in the same way that I love you.” Looking in his direction you smiled, shivering when a gust of wind swirled around you. “Effortlessly.”




While most people see the spring season as a promise of warmer weather, Sam Winchester has always been a huge fan of the ‘April Showers.’ In fact, you’ve noticed that the hazel-eyed man is at his happiest while listening to the soft ‘pitter patters’ of raindrops splashing onto the hard concrete, or against the shiny metal roof of the Impala.

At the arrival of spring, Sam is always the first to run outside during a storm, desperate to smell the fresh scent of wet grass, and the feel of cold raindrops against the skin of his face. Naturally, you soon follow suit, laughing delightedly when the tall man would leap over one of the huge puddles forming on the nearly vacant street, only pausing to swipe his soaked hair away from his eyes. 

Together, you spend hours playing tag, catch, and one-on-one games of soccer, hardly noticing the obvious goosebumps forming on your skin, or the uncomfortable feeling of your jeans sticking to your legs. 

“GOAL!!” he would tease with a chuckle, lightly kicking the soccer-ball over one of your shoulders before loyally strutting to your side. “I told ya’ I would win, [Y/N].”

Don’t be so cocky.” you’d reply with the roll of your eyes, looping your arms around Sam’s neck when he’d place his large hands on your hips. “Luck was on your side.”

“Are you referring to the moment that I asked you to be mine?” he’d question lovingly, droplets of rainwater rolling off of his forehead and cheeks. “…because if that’s the case, I couldn’t agree more. I am most definitely the luckiest guy on this planet.”