is anyone else as sick of woodbury and the governor as i am

Preference "Having a fight with them and they say something hurtful"

(Sorry for posting so late I was busy…But here it is :D I guess…yay for our faves having no chills, being savage and dragging us? BRUTAL… I don’t know why we would ever want to fight our fav but I hope it is as requested XD Don’t worry I promise tomorrow’s preference and imagine will be fluffier PS. i really tried my best for the hurtful comments…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners)

Negan- Seeing you spend so much time with some of his other men, he’d genuinely think you were cheating on him. You’d deny and tell him how much you loved him but he just didn’t believe you in that moment and started yelling “Are you done bullshiting me you fucking cunt?! Good! Don’t follow me! Because I swear me and Lucille will get you without a second thought!”

Daryl- He noticed you spending quite some time with Rick and had come to the conclusion, you were having an affair with him. He started to act cold but as you questioned him, he suddenly he wouldn’t be able to hold anything back “Shut up! Stop talking to me and pretend to care all of a sudden! Leave me alone and just go to Rick like you usually do!”

Rick- You noticed him keeping his eyes over Jessie and him going out of his way to take care of her. Angry you started to question him one evening and it led to a long and heated argument, only to end up with him saying "Just leave me, if you’re not happy! I don’t need you anyways! Because you’re right, as of now I do love her more than I ever did you!”

Merle- After Andrea arrived to Woodbury, you noticed him spending more time with her and even witnessed him blatantly asking her to hook up with him. You both started arguing about it and it ended with you walking away and  him saying “That’s right! Leave! like you always do! I don’t even fucking need you! There’s plenty of pussy waiting for me!”

Glenn- Since you arrived at the farm, you noticed him and Maggie getting closer. You started to have suspicions about them together and Soon it turned out to be true. You confronted him about it and it led to an argument with him saying “You know what you’re right! I am cheating on you! I got sick and tired of you! And now I finally found happiness!”

Carl- When you arrived in Alexandria, you both got friendly with the others there. Soon you noticed Carl and Enid spending a lot of time together. You decided to question him one evening and it ticked him off "I’m not in the mood for this right now! Y/N, if you doubt me than keep doubting! Because honestly, I could care less of what you think of me and Enid!”

The Governor- You were on a run together and he noticed you and Caesar being somewhat close. As you got back to your room, he followed you and started to confront you. You denied having anything with Caesar but he just didn’t believe you and said "Liar…I saw the way you looked at him! I should’ve known you were a whore! If you want him so badly, then go to him!”

Abraham- You had just come back from a run and suddenly Abraham came to you and admitted to you that he was starting to fall for Sasha. You couldn’t believe it and felt betrayed. You started to argue and he ended up saying "You want the real reason why i’m leaving you?! Fine! It’s because I had enough of you and your bitch ass attitude! Let me tell you this…You’re far from being the only woman left in this world!”

Eugene- You had come up with a plan to get some supplies but had gotten yourself and everyone involved in quite some trouble.Eugene pulled you to the side and started to point out the mistakes you had made. You ended up arguing and he told you "Y/N, you really want to know why it was a stupid idea?! It’s because you were the one who came up with it and not once did you ever thought of consulting me first or anyone else!”

Jesus- Since you’ve met Rick, he noticed you and him getting closer and started have doubts about your feelings for him. As you got back home, he started to question you and soon started accused you. You denied it and he suddenly said “Just be honest Y/N! I had enough of your lies! If you like him fine! Go and stay with him! It’s not like I even need you!”

Ron- He noticed you and Carl having common interest and getting closer to one another. It made him angry and he started to argue with you about it. You told him you didn’t like Carl that way but he just didn’t believe you and said "I don’t believe any word that is coming out of your mouth right now…If you’re gonna keep lying then leave me alone and don’t ever come back…”

Dwight- You were helping him get Daryl and the others with him to the round up. However, Dwight noticed you patching up Daryl’s wound and just couldn’t take it. He grabbed you away and started to yell at you "Why the hell are you caring for him?! Is it because you like him?! Because if you do then get prepared and just go die with him!”

Morgan- Since you had gotten together you had promise him to not take anyone’s life anymore. However, during a run he had witnessed you killing someone and you both started to argue and he ended up saying "Y/N if you intend to keep breaking promises like this…then leave…Nobody needs someone as untrustworthy as you…especially not me…”

Michonne- Seeing the way you were with The Governor, made her doubt your feelings for her. She then confronted you and you both had gotten in argument. You denied having feelings for him but she just didn’t believe you and said "If you like him then at least have the guts to say it…Lying to my face only makes you look worse…From now on leave me alone…I don’t ever want to see you again…”

Maggie- Since Rick’s group arrived at the farm, you noticed Maggie getting along with Glenn quite fast. Suspicious you kept your eyes on them and one day caught her in the act. You confronted her and it led to her telling you “Stop bothering me! Because you’re right! Me and him are together! I don’t need you anymore, if you want to leave then you’re more than welcomed to!”

Andrea- As you arrived at Woodbury, you noticed her getting close to The Governor. You then caught her kissing Philip and it broke your heart. You started to question her but she’d lie and it soon turned into an argument. She then ended up saying “I don’t care what you saw or what you think of me…it’s none of your business anymore…If you didn’t get that, it means leave me alone!”

Jessie- You noticed her starting to get closer to Rick, since his arrival and had decided to confront her about it. You both ended up arguing and finally she said “As of right now, I do love him…Your attitude right now just makes it easier for me to say goodbye to you! In fact, I believe we’re done…” 

Beth- She noticed how happy you’d be around her sister and had started to doubt you. She then questioned you about it and you both ended up arguing and she finally said “If you like her more than me just say it! I can handle it! I’m not some baby who needs you for comfort! In fact, I don’t care about your answer…I never needed you…”

Sasha- You noticed her distancing herself for a while and had decided to follow her. You then questioned her but she never answered until she couldn’t take it and said “Stop following me! Can’t you tell i’m tired of you…just go bother someone else…I don’t need you…I never did…”

Rosita- She had witnessed you almost got yourself killed and started to question you as to why you were suddenly weak. You’d deny and explain to her what had happened but she just didn’t believe you “Y/N, If you can’t handle it then either go home and do something you’re good at or just leave and don’t ever come back…”

Share Your Toys

[WARNING] This will obviously contain some smut. If you’re opposed to that, DO NOT READ! [WARNING] This will obviously contain some smut If you’re opposed to that, DO NOT READ [WARNING]

“That’s my group! They compromised by coming here, so you need to compromise by allowing me to see them when I want” you said in complete aggravation. The Governor took the rest of your group in for reasons unbeknownst to you. You knew that he never did things like that. He took in stragglers here and there, but he never went so far as to take in an entire group.

“They are not your group. Woodbury is your group now. Besides, I don’t need to compromise anything. They made a choice in coming here”

“That’s because I was here!” you said, crossing your arms over your chest. You couldn’t believe how difficult he was being with you. You had your fair share of differences with the man, but you never had arguments like this.

“You could’ve left to be with them instead of persuading them to stay here. Perhaps that would’ve been much easier for the both of us” he said

“I wanted to stay here because I care about this place, and I care…I cared about you. You’ve changed. You push me away now, and I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it. If you really think that it would be easier without me here, I’ll leave” you said, and he remained quiet. His averted his gaze before taking a long drink of the glass of whiskey on his desk.

“I guess I’ll start packing, then” you said as the tears welled up in your eyes. Woodbury had become home for you. Everyone you cared about was safe there, but you wanted Philip to be happy, no matter what the cost.

“(Y/N),” he said quietly. One thing you knew about Philip was that he never used that tone of voice except for very specific situations. It was never a voice used around others. You didn’t want to be talked out of your decision, though, so you turned and walked toward the door “I didn’t tell you that I want you to leave”

“It’s what you said, but it’s also what you didn’t say” you said with sadness clear in your voice. It was hard to hide your true emotions from him “I need to go” you said, knowing that the tears would come in a matter of moments

“I need you to stay” he said. You would’ve given anything to gain the courage to look into his eyes, but it wasn’t that easy. His arms wrapped around the front of your waist. You tried your hardest to pull away from him, but he wouldn’t let you go.

“Let go of me” you fought against him. You twisted your body all over the place, but he wasn’t showing any weakness in letting you go. You turned around and looked up into his eyes before the tears came “I understand that you don’t care for Rick, but he’s my family now. I lost everyone when this all happened, and he was the only person who took me in. He protected me-he still does-and he means more to me than you could ever understand. If you’re uncomfortable with me having quality time with him, I can’t stay here anymore” you said

“I’m sorry I upset you” he said, and you buried your face in his toned chest. He held you close as physically possible “I’m so sorry” he repeated before pressing a kiss against your forehead.

“You try to keep me away from him, and he tries to keep me away from you. If I want to spend an entire week with you, I should be free to do that. If I want to spend an entire week with him, I should feel free to do that, too. This whole big jealousy thing is ridiculous” you said

“I just know that I can protect you. I don’t have anyone left to protect. My wife and daughter are both dead. I won’t put anyone else’s safety above yours. Do you really think that Rick would put your safety before his son’s?” he asked

“I can protect myself!” you argued, pulling away from him

“I’m just trying to prove a point. If Rick ever had to choose between you or Carl, we both know who he would choose. If I had to choose between you or anyone else, we both know who I would choose” he said “I know that I can keep you safe, but I doubt Rick’s ability to keep you alive and well”

“Rick has done a damn good job so far. He’s pulled me out of every mess I’ve dug myself into. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve been dead long before you found me” you said

“You were alone when I found you. That doesn’t say much about his dedication to keeping you safe” he said

“That was different. We were split up when the walkers raided the farm. I know that he looked for me before he had to leave. I looked for him for as long as I could before I had to leave” you said “I know that you took me in, helped me regain my strength, and built a new home for me. I could never thank you enough, but Rick is part of my family, too. You mean no less to me than he does”

“Just…stay with me” he said, and you looked away from him.

“I can’t do that, Philip. I’d never expect you to make that kind of decision for me, so please don’t expect me to make that for you” you said, wiping the tears from your eyes “I’m sorry” you whispered before leaving the room. You didn’t give him anymore time to fight his case.

The feelings you harbored for Philip were undeniable, but they could never outweigh the feelings you had for Rick. You knew that he would satisfy your needs if presented with the opportunity to, but you’d always been too nervous about letting it get too far. He never tried anything, especially after finding you in Woodbury. Lori was killed during the raid at the farm, and Rick was barely able to look at you during the time in Woodbury.

You understood that Rick was opposed to you seeing Philip just as much as Philip was opposed to you seeing Rick. You felt like nothing but a ragdoll in the middle of their jealousy war. Rick tried to keep you away from Philip, and Philip argued with you every time you even mentioned Rick.

“(Y/N),” you heard the familiar voice once you got out of the Governor’s home. You turned around to see Rick walking up the sidewalk toward you.

“I really don’t feel like talking right now” you said, trying to avoid his eyes. He hurried to get to you, knowing that something was wrong. You turned away from him, hiding your face. Your face wasn’t dry, and he would be able to tell that you’d been crying.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, forcing you to look at him. As soon as he saw your watery eyes and wet face, he knew that something wasn’t right “what did he do to you?”

“I’m fine, Rick” you said

“What the hell did he do to you?” he raised his voice. You flinched, knowing what he would do in the situation “did he touch you?” he asked, but you weren’t able to answer him.

Everything felt so wrong. You were angry at the entire situation. Your feelings were so confusing, and the apocalypse was happening right in your backyard. You were so angry and upset at everything, and the frustration came out in the form of tears. Rick grabbed your arm, dragging you into the Governor’s house again. He pulled you all the way up to his room.

“Hey, asshole!” Rick hollered as he banged on the door. Philip opened it after a short moment.

“Rick Grimes, what a pleasure to see you” Philip said with his ‘higher than thou’ tone of voice

“You son of a bitch!” Rick growled as he let go of your arm. He grabbed Philip by the throat, pinning him against the wall

“Rick, stop” you yelled, trying to pull him off of Philip

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HER?” Rick’s voice boomed, ignoring your attempts to bring peace. You knew what needed to be done, so you shoved Rick as hard as you could, forcing him to stumble away from Philip.

“Leave him alone. We were arguing. You know that I’ve been getting emotional lately” you said

“I know that you were arguing about me. This piece of shit doesn’t want you to see me” he raised his voice, pointing a finger at the Governor.

“Of course I don’t want her being soft with some small town deputy hick” Philip said

“KNOCK IT OFF” you yelled, and both of them looked over at you in astonishment. You tried not to raise your voice, but when you did, people knew that it was serious “I am so sick of all this jealousy crap. Both of you do it just as much as the other”

“Pick one, then” Philip said “pick one of us” he repeated, and you looked down at the floor. You knew that the choice was a simple one, but it was hard to make at the same time. You looked back and forth at both of them, knowing that Rick wanted you to do the same thing.

“I have feelings for both of you, but I think that we all know who I have stronger feelings for” you said, looking into the Governor’s hopeful eyes before lowering them to the floor and walking over to Rick. He wrapped an arm around you, and you looked up into his eyes. He pressed his lips against yours, holding you tightly against his chest.


Your mind was swirling with pure ecstasy. Another set of hands rested on your hips, but you weren’t worried about it. Philip’s hands massaged your hips, and you felt him pressing his groin into your hips.

“Is this really going to happen?” you asked, looking at both of the men.

“Perhaps sharing you once in a while would do us some good” Rick said, and Philip nodded his head in agreement.

“Besides, you’ll gain quite a bit of experience with both of us well-seasoned men” the Governor said in a low voice. You could feel the excitement between your legs, but you could feel the nervousness in your knees.

Phillip pulled off your shirt from behind you while Rick unbuttoned your jeans, pulling them down to the floor along with your panties. His skilled fingers also unclasped the hooks on your bra before pulling back to look at you. Philip made his way to the front of you to do the same.Of course it made you feel uncomfortable, but you weren’t going to try to put up a fight with Philip and Rick.

Philip grabbed your arm with rough and calloused hands. You knew that he was going to be the roughest of the two. He dragged you over to the bed before pushing you onto it. You repositioned yourself to rest your bare back on the headboard. Philip crawled up to you until you were face-to-face with each other. He pressed a hard kiss to your lips before moving his mouth over to your ear.

“Touch yourself” he whispered, and you felt your face flush with embarrassment. It wasn’t an unusual request for lovers to make to one another, but it still made you feel awkward in the presence of those particular men.

When you didn’t follow his orders, he grabbed one of your hands in his. He trailed it down to where the heat was radiating from between your legs. His fingers slid up and down your slit, and you tried to buck your hips up in anticipation. He wouldn’t give in to you, though.

“Touch yourself” he demanded in a whisper again, and your fingers found their proper places on your most private area. You started to play with yourself, biting your lip in an attempt to stifle a moan

“Don’t” Rick pleaded with you “I want to hear it” he added before you let out a small moan. Philip stood up from the bed before stripping out of his clothes, leaving only his underwear on. Rick did the same thing. You could see the protruding bulges in their briefs, which caused you to become even more aroused.

“Who’s going first?” Philip asked

“I think (Y/N) should choose. I mean, it is her body” Rick said which made your heart flutter in your chest. He was always the first one to give you a choice, and he never made you feel uncomfortable with your body.

“Rick. I want Rick” you said with eagerness clear in your voice. He shed the last piece of clothing from his body, and you looked down at what you would be taking into your body. It was above your expectations. Well above.

He crawled toward you on the bed, dipping his head down between your legs. You grabbed a fistful of his hair, forcing him to look up at you.

“I can’t wait any longer. I want it now” you demanded, and he nodded his head in astonishment. He never thought that you would be the one to hurry into something like sex. He pulled himself up to your face, and you flipped him over so that he was on his back. You were on top of him with a high sex drive. You pressed your lips against his before sinking down onto his shaft.

“Holy shit” you moaned louder than intended.

“Take your time. I don’t want to hurt you” he said, and you shook your head

“I don’t want to walk after this” you said

“I can take care of that” you heard Philip’s deep voice. He moved behind you before you felt a strange intrusion.

“Wait, wait, wait” you said, pushing him from you “I’ve never tried that before. Just…be slow” you said, and he stroked your back before repositioning himself. He sheathed himself into you as slowly as possible. You squeezed your eyes shut, feeling a pain in your lower back. After a long moment, you became a bit more comfortable. Hormones kicked in again, and you began to grind against him “move, please”

You moved against both men, feeling the ultimate pleasure building in your core. Rick’s thrusts were very gentle and sensual, but Philip’s were fast and hard. Rick’s mouth fell open after a moment, and he began moaning. His eyes stayed focused on you as his moans tightened the tension in your abdomen.

“I’m gonna…I…” he wasn’t able to find the right word, but you knew what he was going to say. You began to ride him even harder.

“Cum in me” you said, knowing that the warm feeling would be enough to explode that tension in your abdomen. You could feel Philip’s absence from you other hole, causing you to become confused, but you didn’t have the time or desire to search the space around you for him.

Rick’s thrusts became more and more erratic, and his moans became louder and louder. You felt him twitch inside you before your walls tightened around his impressive length. As his hot liquid filled you, you experienced one of the most intense orgasms of your life. His name was the only one that escaped your lips as you shook and twitched above him.

“Holy shit” he breathed out after it was over. You remained on top of him, your body going limp above his. He ran his fingers up and down your back, soothing you.

“My turn” you heard that low growl. Philip pushed you off of Rick and onto your back on the bed. He didn’t bother preparing you for the intrusion where Rick had once been. Even though Rick filled you to your hilt, Philip managed to do so even more. He completely ravaged your body before filling you up even more with his own warm liquids. His body fell onto the bed next to you, and you were stuck between the two sweaty men.

After moments of sitting in silence, Rick spoke up.

“We should share more often"