is any one online now

Ug. I really need to get my hands on an aquarium heater that has a working thermometer that maintains a temperature.

All these weather changes are causing havoc on my Tank’s temperature. It’s not usually too bad (when the house is cold it gets down to 75, though most of the time it’s 80), but I just had to unplug the heater because this heatwave had my tank up to 85 & rising, which is too warm (I think).

But I don’t like how the temperature fluctuates that much day to day.  ._. It can’t be good for my fish. I just want a heater that’s smart enough to know the temperature and heat/turn off on its own. XD

I’m looking around for a new one now online, but if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear it!

dazedandthin  asked:

16, 20 :)

Asks make me so happy, so thank youuu *all the love*

16. Thinspo models? Honestly *so many*

20. Activities to distract from a binge? Ooh boy, I need some so any advice, loves? But the ones I use now are mainly online shopping (both real and just window), taking a shower, and studying my old Irish notes.