is an immature man child

If any of you are looking for a new show

Go watch Brooklyn Nine Nine.

•has a multiracial cast
•has LGBT characters
•has romantic stuff for shipping
•has nonromantic stuff because platonic is A+
•calls out immature man child behavior
•promotes healthy masculinity (TERRY CREWS)
•easily passes the Bechdal test
•is a sitcom so it’s only 22 min per ep!

Also, none of the diversity is the defining characteristic of any of the characters but they also don’t avoid issues that a regular person would have if they were a black gay cop.

It’s really funny, has a ton of critical praise, but since it’s move to Tuesday night, it’s rating have taken a hit. All the episodes are on Hulu, including past seasons. PLEASE GO WATCH THIS EXCELLENT SHOW.

When I was 16, my 30 year old manager from work offered to drive me home when we ran out of work early. My best friend was signaling me negative but she was still working so I couldn’t ask why and I ended up taking the ride.

He asks if we can swing through a drive thru and then he parks his car and proceeds to tell me he was in love with me. He had told my friend the day before and she begged him not to tell me. He couldn’t understand why it wasn’t appropriate for my superior and also an adult to be telling me, a minor subordinate that he was “in love with me.”

He didn’t try anything physical, but I eventually quit my job because it was SO uncomfortable when I would look up and catch him staring at me.

Adults have no business telling minors that they have feelings for them. Nothing good can come of it. And I’ve never understood what he thought I had to offer him, what it was about me that was loveable to a grown ass man while I was still an angry, immature and broken child.

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2 or 8 please?

8 - “You’re seriously like a man-child.”

You were so rudely awoken by light coming through the window that Shawn forgot to close before going to bed. You groan, half asleep, and roll over to lay on top of Shawn.

“Why are you awake?” he asks, the sleep in his voice evident.

“You forgot to close the window, dumbass,” you reply. “I can’t sleep with the sun in my eyes.” You wrap your arms around his waist and tangle your legs in his, and his hand slips up the back of your shirt and starts tracing patterns into your back.

“We probably could just wake up,” you say, glancing at the alarm clock on the night stand, “it’s 9 o’clock.”

He fake gasps. “What? Wake up before 11? You are not my girlfriend. What have you done with y/n?”

“Shut up,” you say, hitting his chest.

He laughs and pulls you closer to him, and you both go silent. You almost thought Shawn had fallen back asleep.

“Wait for it,” he says out of nowhere.

“What?” you ask, totally caught off guard.

“I said, wait for it,” he says again, before burping almost right in your ear.

“Ew, what the fuck, Shawn?” you say, sitting up. He’s roaring with loud, immature laughter. “You’re seriously like a man-child,” you tease, standing up from the bed. “That was disgusting.”

“I’m sorry, I had to do it,” he says between laughs.

“Doesn’t make it any less gross,” you say as you rummage through your clothes, throwing on a pair of sweats. “And it was right in my ear, Shawn, oh my god.”

He immediately starts laughing again, his hand covering his chest. He stands from the bed and follows be to the kitchen. You walk over to coffee maker and turn it on. He come up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist and rests his head on your shoulder.

“Please don’t burp in my ear again,” you say, your face scrunching up.

He laughs and kisses your cheek. “Just make the damn coffee.”

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SVT - Click A Prince: Seungcheol/S.Coups (Ending)

Originally posted by seungcheofine

Series: Click a Prince (intro)

Member/s: Seungcheol / S.Coups x Reader 

Words: 513

A/N Get ready to *nervous sweating* 

You were forced awake as an added weight was put on your previously sleeping body. You groaned in your half-lucid state of mind.

“Get the hell off me.”

“No.” A childlike reply snaked its way into your ears before a pair of lips attached themselves to your neck.

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tbh those cunts are why i don't automatically trust people that call themselves anarchists; they're not interested in ending statist violence against minorities and the poor, they just wanna hoard AK-47's and destroy any sort-of social safety net so all us dumb poors and disabled people drop dead while they piss on our bodies

yea when your biggest gripe with the state is taxation and not like say, massive systemic white supremacist violence, structural poverty and violence, police repression, etc., then you’re probably just a really immature man-child who compensates by playing daddy dom and buying AR-15′s and bragging about both on tumblr and reddit which is what like 80% of them unironically are like. 

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The thing that Nyx seems to miss with the rubbish she's spewing is that what Dylan said was stupid and insensitive, but it was one instance that has never happened before or since. Posey's coming out stunt was just one instance in a long pattern of behavior of mocking and belittling the LGBT+ community and using the community for attention. She has no right to tell those in the community to not be offended by that immature man-child's homophobic mess because Dylan did something bad too!

And that’s the key, because you’re right about Dylan not being a repeat offender, but this doesn’t matter because we’re not talking about Dylan, we’re talking about Posey.  This isn’t about Holland being transphobic, this isn’t about Hoechlin being gay, this isn’t about Jeff David being a raging herpetic knob. 

This is FINALLY about Tyler Posey.  She should be glad someone wants to talk about his irrelevant butt. 

Take Your Shirt Off and Join the Party

Pairing: AH OT6 (Mavin-centric)
Word Count: 2795

“ah0t6 from the pic of michael in a rave and hula-hooping shirtless where he went to it like with only one of them but then the person who he went with calls all the others cause michael starts doing stuff like that and theyre like damn son ur hot”

Picture prompt is talking about is this picture!

I also listened to this song as some motivation because it is the ultimate club sex song.

Notes: Due to the wording, I wasn’t completely sure if you wanted it in a universe where they were together before it started or not, so I just went with what I liked better, which was them already being in a relationship

WARNING: handjobs and (slightly) public sex. Also, some biting because who doesn’t like hickies


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Oh my gosh, continuing the metaphor that he’s a perpetually immature man child, Lord English is stuck playing a game for eternity while everyone else matured and got to move on with their lives.

He’s an asshole who never grew up, dominating a game to be the absolute best making everyone else’s attempt to play it as shitty as possible and now he’s stuck replaying it as a technical failure of its objective.

The thing that Nyx seems to miss with the rubbish she’s spewing is that what Dylan said was stupid and insensitive, but it was one instance that has never happened before or since. Posey’s coming out stunt was just one instance in a long pattern of behavior of mocking and belittling the LGBT+ community and using the community for attention. She has no right to tell those in the community to not be offended by that immature man-child’s homophobic mess // Exactly. Also, neither Dylan O'Brien nor anyone else from TMR cast/crew ever stole anything from any sacred, ancestral ground - as confirmed & reported by official sources, the attorneys and the land owners. They only joked about something that they didn’t even do. Meanwhile, Posey has always mocked, belittled and used the LGBTQ+ community for attention in some capacity. Throwing ‘popular’ homophobic slurs around out of butthurt and publicly stating that shipping non canon pairings doesn’t make any sense and it’s incredibly offensive towards his show are only a few of the many instances in a long history of problematic, homophobic behavior. Trying to justify Posey’s words and behavior equals validating Posey’s problematic words and behavior, which is the opposite of social justice.

TITLE: You Will Always Be Mine

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 2 of 3

AUTHOR: thesegraylittlelies

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:   Prompt/ Original imagine:

Imagine visiting Loki in the dungeons and telling him about your engagement, he doesn’t take it very well and threatens you, saying you are and always will be his.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Follow me on wattpad Quiet_Chaos_ 


  • Part two

You can do this Clarida. Just walk right up to him and spit it out then leave with your head held high and him with his jaw on the ground.




Like that would ever happen this is gonna suck so bad he’s gonna do that stare into my soul thing and i’m gonna cave and not marry Declan. 

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Kai Parker Appreciation Week

Day 5: Funniest Moment

Let me start by saying that Kai is such an enormous smartass and I love him for it.

He sends Bonnie to collect a bunch of random items for no reason other than to see if she will do it…

Look at his shit eating grin…

And Bonnie came back with EVERYTHING…. even the jam…

She didn’t even question it…

Kai is just so damn amused with himself…

I think he is surprised she actually did it! I seriously lost it at this scene. He is just an adorable little immature man child.

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How would the gom+tatsuya and kagami and kiyoshi react when they realize they are in love with their bestfriend (who is a male) (thank you if you do this btw ^-^)

((I had a lot of fun doing this one tbh so thank you for sending it in! Also, I hope you meant Kiyoshi Teppei and not Miyaji Kiyoshi from Shuutoku XD If I got it wrong then please tell me! Also, I decided to throw in confession quotes as a small bonus! Enjoy! ~Admin Kei))

KUROKO TETSUYA: He became a lot more wary with his actions around his best friend after realizing his feelings. He’d try not to walk beside him too closely out of fear that his friend would get uncomfortable even though he himself liked for them to be close. For the longest time KUROKO would try to keep his feelings to himself. As a means of comfort, KUROKO would try to convince himself that he actually didn’t want anything to change when in reality he wasn’t okay with the way things were. He would try to convince himself that their friendship was more important but eventually his feelings would become too strong and he’d have to confess. “___-kun, I need to be honest with myself and my feelings. Otherwise they’ll tear me apart. I like you.”

KISE RYOUTA: Honestly KISE would also be very hesitant to try taking things further with their relationship, especially if he wasn’t certain his best friend felt the same way. Sure KISE is pretty confident in himself, but that was usually when it came to girls and basketball. And he also knew that in the worst case scenario the two of them may not even be best friends anymore; and that thought really stung. He may try to avoid his crush for a while, coming up with excuses like having to go to various model shoots or being sick so that he would have more time to think it all over, but eventually he just wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. “___-cchi, I’ve thought about this for a while, and I think I’m just going to be selfish. I really like you ssu. Not just as a friend, but as a person too. And I want you to go out with me.” 

MIDORIMA SHINTAROU: Out of all of them, he would be stuck in the denial stage for the longest time when it came to having feelings for somebody in general, because to him, feelings like that were irrelevant. Or so he’d like to claim. He was just bad at expressing himself, and that really didn’t help when he’d get flustered around his crush. The smallest things could send his heart in a rollercoaster, and it was only a matter of time before he’d realize the source of his frustration. He knew that he was no longer looking at his friend as just another person. And as much as he hated to admit it, he knew he had fallen in love. There would be no other course of action to take other than to directly confront the source of his problem. “I’m going to be very brief and frank, so listen carefully because I will not repeat myself nodayo. I may have feelings for you.” 

AOMINE DAIKI: It would take him a while to realize it, though he’d accept the fact faster than MIDORIMA, because he knew you couldn’t help who you had feelings for. That doesn’t mean he’ll accept it all quietly though. He’d initially be feeling irritated towards himself. For one, the guy didn’t even have boobs so how in the world could he be so damn attractive? Second, since the guy was so attractive he probably had a bunch of girls lined up for him; not that it bothered him. Okay, it definitely bothered him for every reason possible, but the last issue was that he didn’t want things to get awkward between them if things didn’t work out so well. But he was willing to take the risk, because you never know until you try. “Oi. I kinda like you. Y’know, in ‘that’ way. So…Go out with me?”

MURASAKIBARA ATSUSHI: Being the immature man-child he was, he wouldn’t realize his feelings for his friend until HIMURO clarified it for him. Up till then, he’d have been so ridiculously possessive that it’d be a wonder why his friend didn’t already know about his feelings. He would get jealous and annoyed every time someone else tried to talk to or spend time with his crush; and he’d also spend a lot of time wondering why it even bothered him so much before going back to snacking. And on the topic of snacking, he also wouldn’t have any qualms with sharing those beloved snacks of his with his crush! That’s true love. He’d actually accept the truth pretty easily and it’d seem like he wasn’t taking it very seriously, but he was. Just in his own special way. “I like ___-chin, so ___-chin is mine~”

AKASHI SEIJUUROU: He wouldn’t be very surprised at all. In fact, you could almost say he expected it all to come to this. From the moment he had first met his friend, he knew. Not about the fact that he’d fall in love, but that the guy was something special and he’d need to keep a close eye on him. AKASHI would find himself very intrigued by his crush and would try to learn more about him; asking various questions that held deeper meanings to them as well as paying close observation to everything his friend did. And each time he’d find himself amused by his crush, and even impressed with them at times; though that was quite rare. When it comes down to actually voicing his feelings, AKASHI would make sure to have everything planned out in advance and would be very confident. He’s always right after all. “It seems I’ve fallen for you, ___. Will you give me the honor of dating you?”

HIMURO TATSUYA: Initially, he’d be very put off by the idea of getting his crush to accept his feelings because he knew that not all transitions in relationships work out favorably. He would assign himself small challenges in order to test his own feelings because there was no way he was going to pursue his friend if his feelings were anything short of genuine. HIMURO would try to see how long he could go without seeing/talking to his friend; which actually wasn’t very long at all because he’d find that after such a short span of time, he already missed their voice and smile. So he wouldn’t have a choice but to accept the feelings he knew would only continue to grow. “You make me very happy, ___. And I’d love it if you could give me the opportunity to return the favor. I want to be with you.”

KAGAMI TAIGA: It’s not surprising that he would be pretty bad at handling this sort of thing considering the fact that he’s just a basketball idiot, but nonetheless he would still be genuine. It would take him a while to realize his feelings since he was already so comfortable around his friend. The thoughts about being anything more than friends scared him in the beginning since he felt like it was wrong for him to think like that. His friend was a dude after all. Though it’s not like that really changed anything. Once KAGAMI did realize his feelings, there would be a very distinct difference in his mannerisms. He’d become increasingly awkward around his crush to the extent that it was also a bit concerning; though he’d try to shake it off each time. “I uh…Y-you see…I…I really like you! Go out with me! …desu.”

KIYOSHI TEPPEI: He would definitely be clueless about his feelings. To the point where he’d realize he hadn’t even thought about it until someone else brought it up to him. In his mindset, he was just having so much fun being around his crush that thinking about anything else wasn’t really important. But when he did stop to think about his feelings, things got pretty difficult. Thoughts of his crush began to take over his life and he’d have more airhead moments than what would be considered normal for him. He’d be caught in a daze on more occasions than one during practice, which really irked HYUUGA. It wouldn’t take very long for TEPPEI to decide that he should go with his feelings. “I think I really like you, ___. Let’s go out.”

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"She has no right to tell those in the community to not be offended by that immature man-child's homophobic mess because Dylan did something bad too!" Right? I hate that 'but x did a way worse thing than y'. What someone else did/said has no bearing or correlation here. It doesn't fucking matter. The topic is Posey, not Dylan. And it'd be one thing if Dylan had done the same or a similar thing, but she's literally comparing and trying to equal apples to like socks here.


This guy is arguing that tall women are unattractive because their height emasculates men. This is my opinion on that. Note that I’m very short.

-If you are emasculated that easily you must not be much of a man anyways. Simply an immature child.
-Women do not exist to make you feel like a man.
-A man is not defined on him being taller than his girlfriend. Nor if he is masculine. A real man does not care if his girlfriend is taller than him.
-What is unattractive about long legs?
-Remember that by saying a tall girls emasculates you you’re also saying that you’re not man enough to handle a woman that’s taller than you.
-Most models are tall.

@ people who are saying stupid shit about “About Ray”

“Um you shouldn’t cast a cis female as a trans boy js’

has it ever occurred to you that dysphoria exists. It’s the reason laverne cox’s twin brother played her pre-transition  because the creators of the show didn’t want that happening to her. You people wanna whine and complain about not having representation, but cry some utter bullshit when we finally do get representation. 

“Two cis people wrote the script so they know nothing about trans people” do you know how Hollywood works I’m just curious? “Trans people saying ___ in a ____’s body isn’t transphobic, but if cis people say it, it is” I….what? *sprays you with water* no. Think about the dumb shit you just said. “ The trailer says transphobic things like “I lost my daughter” and ect” congratulations. Actual trans people actually hear that and the movie is probably addressing the issue of people who don’t accept it. A movie addressing transphobia is actually really good.

“It’s implying that trans boys look like cis females” First of all, no. Second of all are you saying that a trans boy CAN’T look like that? It’s wrong for a trans boy to look like that? Are you the same person who tells trans boys they aren’t trans because they wear makeup or wear dresses? Wow. You seem like the problem here. 

I don’t know. There’s so much more I could address about the stupid shit I’ve seen, but whatever. Just the shit I’ve read is so ridiculous and it’s like, please sit the fuck down and think logically for a second and not like an immature fucking child.