is an emotion

Thank you

Thank you to Seán, who have been there as a friend for many people and not just some untouchable figure on the internet, for still interacting in the community despite of how large it’s growing everyday.

Thank you to the community for welcoming the new people with open arms, for staying the nicest and positive community. Thank you guys for not tearing each other down even though there might be some speed bumps from time to time, we always come out of it stronger than ever.

And last, but not least, thank you, the person reading this, for just being here. Without you, the community would not be the same. If you make art, gifts, edits, anything at all, keep on doing what you do because if you get inspired by something, take that inspiration and make something of it. To the people who don’t really post that much and who are just here supporting everyone; you’re just as important and amazing as everyone else! You help other people by reblogging, liking and replying to their work. You motivate the artists, gig makers, editors, etc. to keep on doing what they do.

Just because to don’t post much or maybe not at all, it doesn’t make you any less significant as the rest of the community

Emotional Abuse

The following are associated with emotional abuse:

- Withholding love, affection and attention

- Ignoring, or refusing to communicate with, them

- Threatening the individual

- Abandoning, or threatening abandonment

- Fits of anger and rage

- Engaging in chronic deceit

- Criticizing, belittling, ridiculing or demeaning the individual

- Negatively labelling the person

- Controlling their life and ordering them around

- Minimizing their opinions, and ignoring the person’s wishes, needs and preferences

- Gaslighting, and denying the individual’s reality

- Isolating the person from their family and friends.


The first time I saw this I couldn’t stop laughing for a good half an hour.

i don’t know if it’s the same for anyone else, but liam was a massive part of why OTRA was so important to me. he went out there every single night and killed it. he read signs. he interacted with fans. he interacted with parents. he danced. he played off his bandmates. he stepped up to the plate and smashed solos that weren’t originally his as they adjusted to touring as a foursome. he just… he really made that tour special. so now that he’s opened up that he was struggling with his mental health during it, i just want to say i’m so proud of him for getting up there. i never would have known he was having a tough time or that he felt like he was forcing it if he hadn’t said so. while he was helping ME with my mental health, making sure i was having the time of my life, being apart of MY happy place, he was also struggling. and i’m just so…. i hope he’s a lot better now and that he’s fallen back in love with being on stage for us again because i sure have missed stage liam and i’ve thrived on seeing him perform his solo material!!!! thank you liam for being so open. thank you for doing what you did on that tour even though it wasn’t easy. i have so much respect and love for liam payne. SO. MUCH.


Major Throwback: MAMA 2013

Time flies so fast, it’s been 4 years since Exo has won their very first daesang at MAMA.


favorite Stranger Things dynamics
“Do you remember the first day that we met? It was first day of kindergarten. I knew nobody. I had no friends and I just felt so alone and so scared but I saw you on the swings and you were alone too. You were just swinging by yourself. I walked up to you and I asked. I asked if you wanted to be my friend.”

So, you’re telling me that Louis got to fall in love with Harry when he was like this

 And then got to watch him grow into this??

AND also Harry got to fall in love with Louis when he was like this

Then proceeded to watch him grow into this !!

And then above it all, their love has only ever grown stronger as well !!

yes im posting about this again

- allura finally decides to just “ah, quiznak” and sits keith down to brush his hair and the mice braid it and put little flowers in it (“you’re a fairy prince now, keith!”) and she listens to him ramble on about lance this and lance that and allura i am. so gay.

- he does the same for her and tries to braid her (freakishly long holy shit) hair,, of course with the mice’s help and she just goes on and on about shay (“she’s so strong but gentle i would trust the mice with her”)

- “do you need help with picking out a dress?” “from you? oh honey no”


- she completely wipes the floor with him

- “allura please i need a breather” “WOULD ZARKON GIVE YOU A BREATHER???!!?”

- “hey, the stars sure are beautiful tonight”

“yes, indeed”

“you know who else is beautiful?”

“shay” “lance”

- “keith i want to knock him all the way to the next deca-phoeb too but this is a diplomatic meeting so please put your sword away”

- “allura”


“im feeling extra gay right now”

“oh same”

i have so many feelings about these gayliens