is an angel of the lord

I know that it may not be important but i thought i would share. While I’m in the hospital my mom is usually gone because shes stressed and doesn’t want me to see so basically I’m alone. I cant get out of bed without a nurse to help me because I’m a fall risk…but i don’t feel alone here. I have so many good people keeping me company over the *scandalous* internet, ( @// im-angel-of-the-lord @ //elizadora @// thedarklord-rory @// lili-isyourqueen @// theskeletonmeme-lord and others on different apps )

While im waiting to have seizures and or just… figure out what is wrong im talking to them and watching my favorite youtubers. markiplier and jack mostly . It makes me feel like im home.. and i just wanted everyone to know how much they mean to me, near or far ill always be thankful of your existance.

Question I got today

Upon saying “I’m going to LA and back this weekend”

Them: WHY? So long to drive there…

Me: The Church of Our Lord Dubu, the Holy Jonghyun and TaeminChrist. United with the forces of Saint Minho and Key the Angel of Love

My priorities are as organized as Dean finding food more important than a passed-out woman slumped in his arms

Me any time I watch an sad episode

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