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so i watched some build/buy overviews so i put my thoughts together

  • a bummer that the world is so small because there were a few awesome looking deco lots i wish were real
  • speaking of deco; the detail in the world is amazing though, so i think it makes up for the fact
  • in the build/buy the mid-century modern stuff is super cool
  • im also excited to see what people come up with with these “tacky” glamour things
  • THE SETS AND PROPS!! do you understand what this will do to storytelling?? SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES.

since I watched the scenes from Caretaker with the first Janeawy I keep thinking on how Kate Mulgrew is a blessing. Can you imagine a captain Janeway that isn’t Kate? like, her manners, her VOICE?? there could neve been Janeway without Kate Mulgrew.


Waters of Avalon
More from my Spring Cleaning Project 2018. This was actually a part of the »Waking up in Avalon« art from last year (and inspired by this one) but I cut the art down to one piece because the first part made little sense. But I really, really wanted to draw water ❤

My part of an art trade with @queer-human-being !!

They asked for Royality going on a date (and Patton in a dress) and I couldnt refuse lmaoo

I had so much fun drawing this!


“The wasp costume that you saw at the end of the first film was an old prototype from the 1980′s, so umm, people have been chattering online saying wait a minute the costume we’re seeing Evangeline wearing it looks totally different. And of course it does because technology has evolved, and i’m a woman of 2017 not 1987 and i updated the suit with my father, we made a new one based on the prototype that fit Hope’s needs for this day and age.” (x)

aubrey's pov
the adventure zone: amnesty - ep. 14
aubrey's pov

sometimes, when i get REALLY bored, i ask myself questions like “what would the incident with the general store have sounded like from aubrey’s pov?”

and then i fuck around in imovie until i get something like this. none of the audio belongs to me, all rights to owners.