is also lying

Example: y'all can make 73929484 word posts about how junkrat is queer coded because in his one panel of this one comic he said this thing which is actually a reference to this one time in 1984 and blah blah but the second someone calls y'all out for being racist or not respecting other’s personal situations or smth y'all are like “.,,.,.i,,.,i’m..,,,.,., s-sorry..,.,,, I hhhavent tttakebn my pppp,,ill.,.s today..,.,;please don’t harrasss meeee,..,.,uwu.,.,.,,,.,,…..I’m.,.,; having a toughddday ,..,,…”

🎶We pick a spot and shoot the breeze, like buddies do, quoting songs by our favorite bands, telling jokes no one understands, except us two🎶

(dear god im too invested in this musical)

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye

for fucks sake why couldn’t they have ended it with the gang eating cake in 221b