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Sorry for the impromptu hiatus, real life reared its head and I ended up putting this blog on the back burner. Rest assured, there is still a ton more Mementos chatter to go and I will definitely post all of them (unless the game is a jerk).

Now back to your regularly scheduled posts of the PT crew having mundane conversations.

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(Possible trigger warning) So I have the worst cramps right now and it's making me feel dysphoric.. any tips on how to cure cramps and/or dysphoria tips?

A hot bath really helps me if that’s possible for you right now, heat in general helps, also just lying down on your back may help.

And as for dysphoria, try to remember that you’re a guy, and a strong one at that. No cis guy could deal with cramps and dysphoria all at once, but here you are being strong and getting through it!

Feel better 💙 -Matthew


Fingers moving in firm but careful circles against Jefferson temples couldn’t quite fight back the pain pulsing in his skull, but he welcome the touch just the same. It was a pleasant enough sensation to provide a distraction, albeit a partial one. His current position was also pleasant; he was lying on his back, legs hanging over the arm of the couch, head cradled in Madison’s lap. The fingers, diligently working, also belonged to Madison, and Jefferson opened his eyes to gaze up at him. A wavy line of color zig-zagged across his field of vision and he closed one eye then switched to the other, hoping the visual disturbance was confined to one side. Finding that not to be the case, he sighed, closing both eyes again.

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this is a call out post for isak valtersen: you’re always on your phone but u never check your fuckin messages babe

🎶We pick a spot and shoot the breeze, like buddies do, quoting songs by our favorite bands, telling jokes no one understands, except us two🎶

(dear god im too invested in this musical)

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye

When Alola gets remade before Sinnoh

I’m so glad that alien covenant ended with Walter helping Daniels build the cabin by the lake where they live together and take up gardening it was the perfect ending haha can you imagine if something else had happened because I can’t

The problem isn’t that multiplayer titles exist. There are some people out there who absolutely love them. and I couldn’t be happier for those players. I’d also be lying if I said that I didn’t play a few myself.

The problem is that for every multiplayer title that gets made, another singleplayer title isn’t. So when developers who previously catered to the story-driven, singleplayer genre leave to create co-op content, who will be there to fill that hole? What will be left for those who don’t want an online title, when that‘s seemingly all that is being developed? 

Players such as myself, who have always gamed on their own -who enjoy playing on their own- are slowly being alienated. Video games just aren’t for us anymore, and that stings. I’ve been gaming my entire life, and I’ve seen the way things have changed. The games I grew up on had soul and meaning, but they’re slowly dying out.

And I know that most of these multiplayer titles can be played alone. However that still doesn’t make them enjoyable to me. Because to make room for playing with friends, or perhaps as an effect of it, the story will have been gutted, the npcs will be bland and the game will be all too eager to waste your time. They don’t have to tell a story, since they’re counting on you to do that for yourself.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I seem overly upset about all of this. But I don’t see why I should just shut my eyes and open my wallet, to support creators of games I barely recognise and feel left behind by.