is also in this kneeling

One of my favorite things about overwatch as a whole is how much of their energy went into the character animation. Every single one of them has mannerisms that are all unique even down to their “Hello!” hand-waves. Seriously, there’s a difference between Soldier’s slow and minimal open-palmed wave and Ana’s salute, between Sombra’s curly-fingered long nailed wave and Reaper’s wave seeming more like he’s trying to grab something, between Bastion’s choppy finger-wave and the repair module waving in sentry mode and Genji’s short bow with a distinctive hand motion. It’s all completely unique to each character to express something about their personalities even with the same general motion.

This isn’t even the half of it. Compare EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER’S seated emote for example. Even if characters are in the same pose, like McCree and Bastion and Lucio? The way they ENTER those poses is completely different. McCree holsters his gun and sets his hand on the ground before seating. Bastion spreads their legs a bit, balances with their arms, and then PLOMPS onto the dirt unceremoniously. Lucio fuckin BREAKDANCES into his seat, how extra can you get, what a show-off, I love him.

And the guys who take a knee instead of sitting down??? Also completely different. Pharah does a little flourish with her weapon before kneeling. Soldier just sweeps into it, all no-nonsense and efficient. Ana sweeps her cloak behind her first and gently eases into the kneel. Reinhardt fuckin hefts his hammer murder-side down and kneels like a knight, gazing slightly upwards to some imaginary monarch he’s in the service of. Zarya clonks her whole gun on the ground and kneels beside it, and it really starts to make sense just how BIG and HEAVY that thing is when you see it beside her like that.

The meditators? Fuckin. Nothing is safe from the character quirks and differences. Genji makes some kind of hand pose on one foot and balances into meditation, keeping his hand near his face. Zenyatta hovers a little lower, bows his head, and his orbs spread out to chime like prayer bells. Hanzo sets his bow down and sits seiza, with his hands on his knees. On that note, Mei also sits seiza but doesn’t meditate, instead awkwardly looking around and glancing at snowball for confidence.

And the COMPLETELY unique poses are probably my favorites. Junkrat wants you to paint him like one of your French girls, fingers tapping on the ground and OOZING such misplaced confidence and insanity that I can’t NOT love him. D.Va reveals her stash of snack food and plays on her Future GameBoy for a while, completely uninterested in what else is going on. Symmetra’s too pompous and confident to sit on the ground, so she creates a seat for herself out of hard light to sit on instead.

Just. I fucking love this game.


Sojiro, king of Atlantis - Atlantis AU

I was planning at first to make Hanzo as the king of Atlantis just for the delight to imagine him say “You presume much to think you are welcome here (one of the best lines of the movie). But well, who could be playing the role of Kida then? 

Also I always loved the shot of the guards kneeling in front of their fallen king, so have the sons grieving their father instead (yes Genji is here and he’s green). Hanzo is not supposed to be there at his part of the movie but WHY NOT ?


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The room is silent, almost unnervingly so, as Yoongi trains his eyes on your face. He’s shared his thoughts with you, asked you exactly what he’d been wanting to ask for weeks, and now he’s waiting for your response. He’s not sure if he should be expecting an agreement or a refusal but he does expect there to be a barrage of questions.

“Honestly,” you sigh as you drag your fingers through your hair, “I have so many questions and I don’t even know where to start.”

Yoongi, who is doing his best to put on a calm face although his thoughts are running wild with him, nods. “Start with the first question that popped into your head. We’ll go from there.”

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Arguments the Gems Have Had
  • the great lizards vs snakes debate of ‘14
    • Amethyst is all for lizards, they lick their eyeballs and that’s rad, we know how Steven feels about snakes. Pearl finds snakes more practical, though she won’t admit she’s actually arguing with them
  • when will the Breakfast friends STOP crying
  • merits of posing before or after the attack
  • if putting your star over your knees is disrespectful because you kneel on them and also dirt
    • this one was just Pearl and Amethyst
  • Does Connie think they are cool yet??
  • merits of how freakin rad it is eating a burning tire in the house vs dangers of burning the house down
    • Garnet: “I’ll allow it.”
  • Peridot: it is clear that earth felines recognize ME as their master and will lose all sense of order if I do not let them sleep on my face in the barn Lapis: earth cats are free and c a n n o t be controlled. But I’m pretty sure they’ll eat your face given the chance, let’s get 10 more.
    • ensuing ‘how many cats is too many’ argument
  • validity of astrology
    • Pearl: it’s all a bunch of nonsense!
    • Amethyst: ooh, sounds like such a Gemini thing to say
  • why their wikipedia page is literally so poorly formatted (and probably written by Ronaldo)

(I’m super glad you enjoy my writing and I hope you both enjoy this!)

- Tyler picking out the ring a few months in advance
- Amy helping him pick out the perfect one for you (also she’s super happy that she gets to be the first person in Teamiplier to know he’s going to propose)
- Tyler talking to Mark about it next for some Bro™ advice (also Mark probably cries)
- They come up with the genius idea of proposing on the livestream as soon as the $100,000 goal is met.
- Building lots of hype before the livestream by saying that something super amazing will happen when the goal is met
- You keep asking what the ‘amazing’ thing is and they all play dumb and act like Mark won’t tell them either
- Amy and Kathryn keeping Ty calm before you get to the office while Eth is a little ball of excitement and Mark lowkey anxious (like he was for Wade when he proposed at PAX)
- “What if y/n says no?” Tyler says suddenly, like the thought hadn’t occured to him before
- “Y/n is crazy in love with you! They’ll say yes.” Kathryn soothes him while Amy get’s Mark to chill
- When you get to the office everyone’s acting normal again
- Tyler’s heart races the closer and closer the donations get to $100,000
- Mark keeps building suspense and it’s driving you and the fans crazy
- The goal is finally reached and Mark announces that everyone needs to cover their eyes an no peeking ( he literally covers your eyes while everyone except tyler get’s out of the frame so it can be you and Tyler’s big moment)
- “What’s going on?” You ask hesitantly, because you can hear people moving and feel them getting off the couch.
- Mark tells you that you’re going to want to stand which just makes you even more nervous (he’s still covering your eyes). 
- Ethan’s working the camera so it captures you standing and Tyler kneeling in front of you
- Also the chat, twitter and tumblr are blowing up
- Kath and Amy are watching on the sidelines like proud mamas
- Mark runs out of the frame really quick and says you can open your eyes
- You see Tyler in front of you, ring box in his hand
- You’re so in shock but you’re also so happy.
- You and Tyler are literally just both staring at each other smiling and giggling (*cough* Ethan has to say “GoOO” to Tyler)
- “Y/N, I’ve loved you for so long, there’s no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. You’re my best friend and my reason to smile always. Will you marry me?”
- “Yes!”
- Tyler puts the ring on you
- You’re already pulling him in for a kiss by the time he’s standing on two feet again. 
- Everyone’s cheering and crying and laughing
- “Wait - You all knew?!?!” You ask, turing around in Tyler’s arms. Mark and Amy and Ethan and Kathryn all high five because they’re proud af for keeping the secret and helping with the proposal.
- The next hour of the stream is spent looking at congrats messages and fan art and literally everyone is so happy

Teasing: A Beginner’s Guide

You may wish to read: Mastering the Art of Teasing: Incorporating the 5 Senses first

Remember: the more senses you appeal to, the more it will drive your cuckold insane, and the more fun it will be for everyone. Mainstream porn usually focuses on watching, but that is only one of the five senses.  If you can incorporate smells, sounds, light touching, even taste in some instances, it will add to the experience and make it incredibly erotic. 

  • Make your cuckold participate in helping you get ready for your dates. This may include picking out lingerie, your outfit, helping you shave or put lotion on so you’re all “perfect” for your boyfriend. 
  • Have your cuckold put lotion on, and massage, your feet while you and your boyfriend make-out on the couch, or even while you have sex. 
  • Be very verbal when your cuck sees you with your boyfriend. You don’t have to jabber, but letting him know how much bigger and better your boyfriend feels inside you will make your cuckold squirm. 
  • While you are preparing for your date, every so often grind your ass against your cuckold’s crotch to get him hard, reminding him of what he’ll be missing. 
  • Give your cuckold a handjob while your boyfriend is fucking you, making your cuckold wait to cum until your boyfriend is done. 
  • Have your boyfriend and cuckold stand naked on either side of you. Hold each of their cocks in your hand and talk aloud about the differences, comparing the size, girth, and how much better your boyfriend is. 
  • Have your cuck pleasure you orally while you kiss your boyfriend (or suck his cock). 
  • Hold his hand while your boyfriend fucks you.
  • Make him kneel next to you while you suck your boyfriend’s dick. Every so often turn and give him a long, french kiss and ask, “Can you taste him?”   
  • At the end of your date, give your boyfriend a blowjob and let him cum in your mouth. When you come home shortly thereafter, make out with your husband and, without explicitly telling him what you just did, ask him to describe to you what you taste like and if he likes it.   
  • Kiss your cuckold, or make out with him, while your boyfriend fucks you doggystyle. Lay your head on his shoulder and whisper things to him about how good your boyfriend is, how big it is, how much better he fucks you, and how he has never make you feel that way. 
  • Make him face away from you and watch in the mirror as your BF fucks you. 
  • The imagination can be a powerful tool. Lock him outside the bedroom and make him sit with his back against the door, listening to the sounds as you fuck your boyfriend. Have your boyfriend lift you up and fuck you with your back against the door. Your cuckold will be just on the other side, not only listening, but also feeling the power of the thrusting against the door.  
  • Kneel in front of your boyfriend and have your cuckold kneel behind you, holding your head and hair from behind while you give your boyfriend a blowjob until he cums in your mouth. 
  • Tie your husband to a chair in the bedroom, and make him watch you and your boyfriend have sex in your marital bed. After some intimate foreplay with french kissing, and caressing, beg your boyfriend out loud to fuck you. The more desperate you appear to look, the more it will drive your husband insane
  • Have hubby lean against the headboard on the bed. Then lean against him while your boyfriend fucks you so hubby can feel each thrust. Few things will drive him insane as feeling your body against his while you’re being fucked. Lean your head back on your husband’s shoulder so he can hear you breath and moan. 
  • Another idea is to have your husband lean against the headboard or kneel at the edge of the bed while you get on your hands and knees in front of him. Then look directly into his eyes, and have your boyfriend fuck you doggy style so that hubby can feel the power of his thrusts while looking in your eyes. Take it further and lay on your husband’s lap, right next to his penis, almost touching it, but not quite. (You could even breathe or blow on his penis every now and then for added torture.)
  • Tie hubby to a chair in the living room, and disappear into the bedroom to have sex with your boyfriend, denying hubby the privilege of watching. After some time, take a break from fucking. Go out into the living room where your husband is waiting and have a glass of water. Say hi to your hubby, walk over to him and give him a long french kiss (to get him hard). Let him think for a minute he’s going to get lucky, then, grin at him mischievously, go back to the bedroom, close the door and lock it.
  • Make your husband drive you and your boyfriend to your date and pick you up afterward. Sit in the back seat, and on the way home, make sure he can see you cuddling, making out, and maybe even giving your boyfriend a blowjob. 
  • Spend time socializing with your boyfriend for 10 to 15 minutes in the living room, before any action, and while everybody is still fully dressed. Perhaps put on a porn movie to set the tone a bit. While socializing, or watching the movie, sit next to your boyfriend, kissing, teasing, stroking, unbuttoning and treating him like a new boyfriend while hubby watches from the other couch or chair. (Alternatively you could make your husband sit right next to you while you do this with your boyfriend.)
  • Have hubby put his face inches away from your pussy while your boyfriend fucks you, then tell him to masturbate while doing so. If you’re feeling especially naughty, have your boyfriend cum in your pussy with hubby’s face right there to see the mess. 
  • Sit in front of hubby and get yourself wet with your fingers. Hold your fingers up to his nose and make him smell how wet you are. 
  • Have your cuckold lie down, put a pillow between him and you, and then have your boyfriend fuck you either doggystyle or missionary (see picture below.) If you’re feeling especially naughty, do away with the pillows. 
Wynonna Earp Season 2 Trailer Shot-By-Shot

Ok Earpers. That Season 2 trailer was RIDICULOUS and AMAZING and just jam-packed with good stuff.  I dunno about you, but even after several (more than 18, less than 20) viewings, I still couldn’t catch everything.  Sooooo I decided to grab screenshots and put them together for ya’ll!  Feast your eyes, my friends, feast your eyes.

Some of this trailer includes stuff from Season 1 but this is definitely S2- looks like the same space we either see right away next or later in the trailer (v. cool lighting, spiderweb-y stuff on the walls?).  Could be Wynonna holding the person (is that a holster on their hip?) or it could be a rescue and the person kneeling is on Team Earp.  Also, is it me or does Waverly’s body language suggest she’s holding a gun? (I’m thinking big-ass shotgun. Anyone else?)

Scary (awesome) Wynonna: “We’re on the fury road express baby girl and there aren’t enough flaming guitars and gassy generals to bring us down.”

Waverly Approves.

1. Their faces.

2. SO excited to see what they’re running from.

Anyone else pumped to see different pairings of our favs teaming up?

I think this is S2? I think I would remember that scarf. Either way, I’m always here for more dramatic shots of Wynonna wielding Peacemaker.

Ok suuuuuper blurry but that looks to be Wynonna hitting/striking Dolls. Also, same blue shirt from later when he’s beasting out…?

Season 1 shot.

Badass Earp sisters. (Also v. slimey. Creature goo?)

Wynonna twirling Peacemaker all casual-like.  Revenant or just some poor sap she’s intimidating at the end of the hall?

Aw. Who’s she smiling at like this?

“Wynonna’s not a flowers and chocolate kinda girl.” 

Wynonna mid-punch.  See what I mean about the cool tones and spider-web stuff? Same location I think.

Agency Lady is back and as terrible as ever.

(sorry I’ve got that control bar in some of these pics. oops.)

Preeeetty sure that’s Dolls she just threw through a banister. Tons of property damage in this scene and I’m hoping it’s not the Homestead!

More Wynonna punching people. Dunno who this is.

Season 1 dance scene. #classic

As yet unidentified woman fighting with Wynonna in what appears to be a hotel room.

You didn’t like this lamp, right?

“You have amazing taste in underwear.” Love this. Emily Andras, giving us top-notch dialogue again.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Brett Talbot x Reader 

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sexual content, NSFW, smut.
Word count: 1 193
A/N: I love getting dirty requests like this and it was really fun to write. ♥

You stood in the kitchen, preparing for dinner as Brett choose a movie for you to lazy-watch during your meal. The distinct feeling of someone breathing in your neck made you freeze, soft but hot winds of air fanned on your already heated skin as you turned around, just to meet a smirking Brett.

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Joker Imagine - Griggs abuses you

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Your P.O.V.

Where am I? What the fuck was going on?

Questions were racing through my mind and they didn’t leave me alone. There was a big on my head and I was tied tightly onto a chair. My heart was beating hard because this situation scared me. The last thing I remembered was being with Joker. We were just driving around Gotham city until Batman started chasing us. We thought we got rid of him and then everything went black. Now I was here.

I heard a few footsteps coming closer. If I listened closely I could hear someone loading a gun. Then the bag was torn off my head and a bright light welcomed me. I narrowed my eyes and looked around. I was surrounded by at least 20 heavily armed people. Instead of letting them know how scared I was, I put on an act.

‘’Oh hi’’ I laughed and leaned against the back of the chair. They looked very grumpy and even scared. Was I so scary? Then I faced the guy who took the bag off. He had brown eyes, a brown beard that was still quite short and even brown hair. His skin was tanned but still a little on the paler side. He was smiling.

‘’Well if it isn’t Joker’s girlfriend’’ He broke the silence. He sounded awfully familiar. ‘’The one and only’’ I answered him as calmly as I could. I swear if my arms and legs were free I would have knocked them down one by one already.  I tried to yank my arms free but the man didn’t like that. ‘’Oh Y/N you’re not home anymore. We’re in Belle Reve. You’re going to play by our rules now’’ The man warned me and made me stop yanking myself.

Ok he could hurt me if he wanted to. I looked around once more and saw that this place looked like a prison. Everything was metallic. ‘’I play by no one’s rules sir’’ I cleared things up. His smile faded and he kneeled in front of me. ‘’It’s Griggs. Also I think you should be careful around here’’ He thought out loud. I just rolled my eyes. That wasn’t good for him.

Griggs slapped me so hard that I grunted in pain. My left cheek started stinging like fuck and it caused my eyes to water but I wasn’t crying. I just started laughing. My laugh echoed in this weird place and I knew it scared these people. Griggs slapped me again but I forced myself to laugh no matter how much it hurt.

Ha ha ha

‘’Get the special stuff boys’’ Griggs demanded some people. Then I saw how half of the group walked away swiftly. ‘’What stuff?’’ I asked him curiously. Yes I seemed okay now but if I was free I’d kill Griggs. Where was J? Was he free? Would he come for me?

‘’You don’t want to know hottie’’ He shrugged strangely. I cringed once he called me hottie but I didn’t show that. ‘’My J won’t be happy about this’’ I warned him. His men came back with black suitcases. One of them was holding a gag ball and other weird looking things.

‘’I don’t care about him’’ Griggs admitted without thinking. It made my blood boil. How could he just say that into my face? Griggs opened a suitcase and I saw bottles full of chemicals. Although they were sealed, a very toxic smell filled up my nostrils. Someone else strapped the gag ball around my head and put it in my mouth. Just as the man did that, I bit him. Griggs noticed and wrapped his arms around my neck. ‘’Don’t you dare to do that again’’ He growled as his man walked away.

I couldn’t answer him because of the damn ball. Griggs groaned and then took his hands off of me. His grip hurt. I’m sure only that would leave marks. I just watched as he grabbed a tube that had two branches. I tried to shake my head as he put it closer to my face. I wouldn’t let that shit near me!

I screamed once another guy held my head and someone strapped it against the chair. Then Griggs put the tube in my nose and attached the other end to one of the bottles. My heart started beating faster. This was kinda terrifying. Suddenly a stinging smell made my breathing harder.My vision got blurry and I couldn’t control my body well. I just focused on that disgusting smell.


A lot of days passed. I didn’t know exactly how many but it felt like weeks. I was all alone in this rotten place. There was this cage that they kept me in and sometimes I got shocked if I touched the poles. Griggs and his men had tortured me with the weirdest things and I felt weak. I hated this place. Although i wanted to rather die than be here, I didn’t show that to them. I was in some kind of a prison suit. I had torn the sleeves off to make it look prettier.

‘’Well well well’’ I heard Grigg’s disgusting voice as he walked inside to the big area where my cage was. I smiled and hurried to the end of the cage. ‘’Hi Griggsy’’ I purred and flashed him my teeth. He just shook his head and looked away. ‘’What’s the matter?’’ I asked him with a fake pout.Damn the second I was out of here with my J again, I’d make sure Griggs would pay.

‘’You’re hot. If you weren’t so crazy I’d do something about it’’ He told me and it made me feel disgusting. The only one who could touch me like that was J. No one else. Just then something weird happened.

 A loud bang caused everyone to flinch. I screamed and covered my head with my arms. Griggs and his men started shooting but it was too late. Some people dressed in black suits were quicker and they started shooting Griggs men. I was astonished. I just stood in the corner of my cage and stared at the unbelievable situation. I didn’t want to get shot!

In the middle of the shooting and all the smoke I saw Griggs held down by two masked men. Grigg’s gun was gone and he was yelling ‘sorry!’ and stuff like that. Suddenly someone near me made me snap back to my own surroundings. The cage had been broken and one of the men dressed in the SWAT suits stood in front of me. As I looked closer I saw JKR on his chest. Hope lit inside of me.

The man took off his mask and then I saw him. Those blue eyes, red lips, green hair, everything was there. It was Joker! I wanted to cry but the first thing I did was different. I ran into his arms and I got as close to him as possible. His strong arms wrapped around my body and finally I felt like I was home.

‘’You came for me’’ I breathed out. I was in shock. But at the same time I was so happy. Joker ran his hand through my hair and then he sighed. ‘’Of course kitten. It took a while to find the way here’’ He explained with his raspy voice. Even his voice made me so happy. Tears rolled down my face now. I never wanted to let go of him. 

‘’We’re going to go home and get revenge. Then we can take a long warm bath and enjoy the fireplace with champagne. Okay?’’ he tried to make a plan with me. Oh god that sounded just perfect. I nodded and bit my lips together. We were going home.

Ren and the First Order pt. 1 (The Last Jedi spoilers)

There’s been good amount of information on props, costumes, and sets related to the First Order and Kylo Ren, so here’s a compilation of what we’ve learned so far:

Kylo Ren gets something of a makeover in The Last Jedi. His mask is said to be nearly the same as it was in VII, with some minor tweaks, but the rest of his outfit is different. The new costume has been compared to Luke’s black outfit from Return of the Jedi…

…but Ren wears what sources called a “Darth Vader cape” over the outfit. It’s allegedly very similar to the cape his grandfather wore in episodes V and VI, but without the chain clasp.

Lumberjack Nick’s sketch based on descriptions of Kylo Ren.

While it’s most likely that this is just inspired by Darth’s costume design, there is some possibility that it’s the same cape. Recent Star Wars books, notably Bloodline, have focused on collectors who have rounded up old relics from the days of the Empire. We could go so far as to guess that Kylo got his hands on Vader’s real cape and is wearing it to ‘honor’ his grandfather.

Even Ren’s ship gets an upgrade in The Last Jedi, the personal fighter described as a ‘First Order TIE Advanced.’ They built a life-sized model of the ship at Pinewood studios, meaning we’ll probably be seeing it docked somewhere in the film. This information also implies that Kylo Ren will be piloting the ship himself, which we haven’t seen before. He may even be in some space battles given that he’s flying a TIE Advanced.

(This may also be the same ship from the scene description on Ahch-To, where the Knights of Ren kneel around a crashed ship.)

There will also be some changes to the First Order’s army, as well as some new additions to its ranks. Thankfully, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson posted a photo of the updated Stormtrooper look on his Instagram:

We’ll also be getting the First Order version of the Imperial Guards and Imperial Gunners in Episode VIII.

And finally, we’ll close with an exciting quote from a Making Star Wars source:

“You are going to love Captain Phasma’s spear in The Last Jedi. She looks killer.”

anonymous asked:

I don't see how any one can ship reylo. Do you not understand that he tried to kill her? They are not going to fall in love.

 If you are so sure of that, why did you commented anonymously to a Reylo shipper?😏 My Reylo family has been right about a lot of things - including the balance - because we paid attention to every detail in the movie and the book. Over a year ago some of us was told by antis that we are overlooking things and the next movie won’t have anything to do with balance. It’s all in our heads etc etc. Well, obviously they was wrong and we was right lol.

Light. Darkness. The Balance.” - Rey

Light//Darkness + Ren//Rey + Yin//Yang = Balance

Let’s begin…..

The book made things a lot clearer. Takodana Woods: In the movie when we first see Kylo approaching Rey, he has his lightsaber pointed downward. He wasn’t even approaching her in a fighting-manner, although, he could had shut his lightsaber off because between that and his costume/mask, he looks pretty intimidating. So Rey goes into defense-mode which I don’t blame her, I would had done the same thing, and begins shooting at him and she runs. She always attacks first btw.

She fired, again and again. Each shot from her blaster he deflected with the lightsaber’s beam. Almost as if it were a game, she thought in terror as she continued to fire. He was playing with her. Until, evidently, he tired of it. He raised a hand, held it toward her, palm outward.

Villains sometimes play games with their prey until they grow tired of it, and then they usually kill them. It’s like a cat and mouse game. Kylo did not do that and he had every chance too kill her when he froze her into a complete halt. If that was Vader, he would had killed her there in the woods - without a doubt.

Halting an arm’s length away, he studied her face from behind his mask. What villain studies their prey’s face? Honestly? Unless you are a cat and you are looking at a delicious-looking mouse or bug, but even a cat doesn’t take long to study their meal. When he finally spoke, he sounded at once impressed and surprised. Impressed?! “You would kill me. Knowing nothing about me.” Finding that her mouth and lips worked, she replied defiantly. “Why wouldn’t I kill you? I know about the First Order.” Ain’t it funny that she’s willing to kill him but he hasn’t even mentioned wanting to kill her? He’s actually more calm than she is (he may even be a little cocky but he can’t help it, he’s a Solo/Skywalker-Mix). “I would say otherwise. But that is a small thing. Simple ignorances are easily remedied.” As he spoke, he walked slowly around her paralyzed body. Okay, Kylo is saying, as he’s circling her and probably checking her up and down like he did in the movie, that the First Order is a small thing. Why would he say that to her? Especially to someone who is suppose to be his enemy? “So afraid,” he murmured. I’m going to get back to that comment he made later. “Yet I should be the one who should be scared. You shot first. You speak of the Order as if it were barbaric. And yet, it is I who was forced to defend myself against you.” Proof again, he wasn’t approaching her to fight or kill her. Having circled her, he moved even closer, peering into her face, her eyes. Villains don’t do that! Then the red lightsaber he held came up: close to her flesh, close enough to cast a red glow on her face. Although many, even Reylos would say, that this part is a bit aggressive. I thought the same when first watching the movie but what he says in the next line in the book makes me think differently - even when watching the movie. It’s almost like he’s using his lightsaber as a flashlight to get a better look at her. I mean, he’s been looking for a girl that he heard about, even from Snoke or a vision he had. And then he says, “Something.” He sounded mystified. “There is something… Who are you?” The guy is mystified by his so-called prey! Shutting down and belting his lightsaber, Ren contemplated his immobile captive. Reaching up slowly, he touched her face. 

Again, enemies don’t do that, especially putting down their weapon, and for him to reach up slowly, it was as if he was trying not to scare her no more than what he already has. ENEMIES DON’T DO THAT! I mean, he even carried her when he put her into a force-sleep. He certainly didn’t do that for Poe!

So then we get to the interrogation room: Kylo let’s her awaken by herself and who knows how long he was waiting there and watching her sleep - while he also was kneeling down on one knee like a knight kneeling to his princess *cough*.

“Where am I?”

“Does the physical location really matter so much.” In Kylo Ren’s voice there was unexpected gentleness. My husband said that this part actually sounded sexual to him lol. But Kylo is also using a gentle voice to probably try not to scare her again. (When through out the entire movie, he isn’t nice to anyone else). Of course, the only thing Rey see’s right now is a enemy and a creature. Which under these circumstances, again, I don’t blame her.

So he goes on to tell her that, “You’re my guest.” With an ease that was more frightening than any physical approach, he waved casually in her direction. A couple of clicks, and the restraints fell away from her arms. She tried to take the demonstration in stride as she rubbed her wrists. The last thing she wanted was for him to think he could intimidate her any more than he already had. Looking around the room, she confirmed that they were alone. If they had added this part in the movie. It would had made a huge difference.

“Where are the others? The ones who were fighting with me?”

He sniffed disdainfully. “You mean the traitors, murderers, and thieves you call friends? Consider carefully now: I could easily tell you they were all killed, righteously slain in battle. But I would prefer to be honest with you from the beginning. You will be relieved to hear that as far as their current status and well-being is concerned - I have no idea.” Again, this part would had made a huge difference as well. He’s being honest with her. The villain!

“You still want to kill me,” he murmured. To me, at this point, it seemed like he was disappointed. He could had thought if he would release her from her restraints and be honest with her than she could relax a little and maybe gain some trust but it didn’t work.

“That happens when you’re being hunted by a creature in a mask.” She had a moment to ponder his possible reaction and to fear it. But he did not do what she expected. Instead, he reached up, unlatched and removed his mask. She just stared at him in silence. In itself the narrow face that looked back at her was not remarkable. It was almost sensitive. If not for the intensity of his gaze, Ren could have passed for someone she might have met on the dusty streets of Niima Outpost. But there was - that gaze. That, and what lay simmering behind it. The supposed-villain unmasks himself, probably for the first time in front of anyone, to a girl he just met. When all the while he had every chance to kill her and he doesn’t seem to care about the map at all. With Poe, it was a whole different story all together. I remember thinking in the theater, What is he doing? What is going on here? Something is not right. This isn’t just a villain. There’s something more going on here. He then questions her a second time in the book about if she was just a scavenger. But he sensed her embarrassment and ends up switching to a different subject which was about the droid. What?????? He cared about her feelings!!!!!

So tell me, where is it in the movie and book that Kylo wants to kill Rey? Because so far it just keeps getting juicy😏

Especially when he says, “I know you’ve seen the map,” he repeated. “It’s what I need. At the moment, it is all that I need.” When she maintained her silence, he almost sighed. “I can take whatever I want.”

Originally posted by gifawesomeness

If they had added that entire dialogue to the movie, that interrogation scene would of had a lot more sexual tension than what it already has. What does he mean when he says, “At the moment, it is all that I need.” ????? Yeah, he sure sounds like a villain……

Her muscles tightened. “Then you don’t need me to tell you anything.”

“True.” He rose, resigned. “I would have preferred to avoid this. Despite what you may believe, it gives me no pleasure. I will go as easily as possible - but  I will take what I need.”

Again, he wasn’t planning on hurting or killing her. He doesn’t want to mind probe her and he was going to go as easily as possible. So again, where is it that he’s trying to kill her?

So instead of going for the map, he begins to play into her painful memories which is the pain that she is experiencing - there’s no physical pain. And a moment later, she mind probes him back (because she was, to her surprise, open to his mind as well) and exposes his pain/fear.

And getting back to the part in the woods when he says, “So afraid.” And then he tells her in the interrogation room, “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.” Between the woods and the interrogation room, he’s clearly trying not to hurt or frighten her which is impossible to do because he’s with the First Order. So why would he say these things to her and treat her a lot more gentle than he did Poe? But yet, antis say that this scene/page was violent and mind-rape😑

So later, in Snoke’s chamber - Snoke reveals to Kylo: “You have compassion for her.” Which is HUGE! If you seen episode 2, you’ll know why. But it’s because of that, and so many other things going on, is the reason I see a Reylo romance happening in the near future. The way he treats her, especially if he has been having visions about her, I think in the exact end of their battle in TFA, he is in the beginning stage of falling in love with her. I know that people would disagree with me and that’s okay but that’s my personal opinion. Snoke revealed to him that he has compassion for her even though Kylo did try to deny it. “Compassion which I would define as unconditional love.” Of course he would have compassion for someone like her that was abandoned on a horrible planet because he feels abandoned by his own parents as well. I think it will take Rey a lot longer to even feel compassion and fall in love with him but it’s a space opera as they said many times. You have so many relationships in the Star Wars universe that started off just as rocky. So how can anyone say that Kylo and Rey are not going to fall in love? It’s a huge possibility like so many other possibilities that I could see happening within this story. It could go so many ways. Personally, I don’t see Reylo fully happening until Episode 9. 

So when we get to the battle and I was very surprised by this when first watching the movie, Kylo could had easily pushed her off the cliff and kill her but he didn’t. He literally pleaded and offer her to become his apprentice. And when the fight is over, Rey heard a voice inside her had, Kill him. And she knew that it would be so easy and quick. Funny thing is, it was the dark side telling her to do it. Isn’t Kylo on the dark side? The book says, She recoiled from it. From the dark side.

Neither of them wants to kill each other…..

There’s so many questions left unanswered. Even Kylo’s treatment to Rey clearly says, there’s a lot more to this story. I’m also a believer that they may have developed a force bond in the interrogation room. A bond like that forms when master and apprentice truly understands each other. And in some ways, they do understand each other. The big one is: Abandonment.

I also noticed in the TLJ trailer which I have talked about before. We see a scene of her charging on a war path while we see Kylo - less aggressive than her but still intense - seemingly looking as if he’s withdrawing his lightsaber downward.

So, yeah. Honestly, Rey would make a better villain than Kylo but that could have something to do with the theory that her name “Rey” being close “Ren” which I explain a lot, is hinting that she does come from dark origins which would be awesome and it would be a lot like the Darth Revan story. But with or without a force bond, I definitely see a romance happening <3

Mythology - Thor Imagine

author’s note: I really wanted to write a Bruce Banner imagine with this storyline, but I felt it would work out a little bit better with Thor. Tell me your thoughts! :) Have a good day.

main pairing: Thor x Reader

words: 745

gif credit: not mine. please message me if yours. edit: i literally just noticed that thor is not a gif. whoops. sorry.

When you were given the job at the library, you were overcome with happiness. Having a job meant having a reason to leave your rambunctious house, so you started as soon as possible. About two weeks in work, you were reading a quite pleasant book in the library. Peaceful clock ticking and pages being turned were heard throughout the library, and there was also a cough every so often, but it didn’t bother you. You just enjoyed the quiet atmosphere that was a nice change in comparison to your house.

You didn’t expect to be interrupted, so when someone cleared their throat, it took you several long, awkward moments to be look up. In front of you was a handsome, long-haired man looking just as awkward as you felt.

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I’m just so happy that Zeref knew Lucy’s existence, I hope they’ll interact IT WOULD BE SO INTERESTING OMG
Just imagine Natsu’s face if Lucy and Zeref have an argument I would love that tbh
Also I hope that this drawing that Mashima did with Lucy kneeling in front of Zeref will appear in the manga one day !!

The Sexy Little Things You Do

Yamaguchi will do this thing when he’s reaching for something higher up than him where his shirt rides up and his hip bones peek out. He’s actually pretty built underneath, so the sliver of taut muscle and the sensual arch of his back set Tsukishima on fire.

Suga will pour water on his face if it’s particularly hot and he works too hard. He lets the water run down his cheeks, down his neck, underneath the collar of the shirt. He always throws his head back in ecstasy at the cool sensation and his lips always glisten bright from the moisture. Daichi usually has to excuse himself when he sees this.

Hinata appreciates foods visually and when he takes that first bite into a meatbun, his eyes roll back and he makes this deep, pleasurable moan. It’s worse if he’s eating a popsicle; he laps it up and when it runs down his hand, he’ll gently suck on the side of his palm. Kageyama always drops his food when he catches this.

Nishinoya seems to hate wearing pants or even gym shorts whenever he’s relaxing. He likes to lounge in his briefs which outline every bit of muscle around his groin. He also likes to kneel when he’s doing something and it tends to show off his plump and soft bottom. He also bounces up and down while kneeling when he’s excited. Asahi always seems to grab for it when it seems almost too close to him.

Oikawa is a tease. He likes to make lewd girly moans to tease his teammates when one of them gets confessed to. He also likes to repeat the pillow talk of previous endeavors to Iwaizumi to tease him but will do it in a low sultry voice. Iwaizumi tends to break whatever is in his hands when this happens.