is almost a reflex


I drew an Angry Ambitious Child with his edgy fashion while listening to Marina. (Aka, when is someone going to make a Yurio-centric AMV to “Oh No!” because.. honestly).

I really love Yurio’s costume design ahah! those studs on his backpack… the hoodie worn UNDER the jacket… im dying it’s so perfectly Angry Teen hehe

Yuuri and the Ring (ep.10)

Disclaimer: The interpretations below are subjective and I do not claim that it is the only interpretation. 

Yuuri is a pretty reserved character. He’s pretty shy and as Victor puts it, without liquor, he has a hard time even talking to others. He also isn’t too comfortable about having his personal info put everywhere. This is evident in his reaction when his skate of “Stammi Vicino”, a very private event where he only wanted Yuuko to see at that time, is put on the internet. When the video goes viral, Yuuri is so shocked/mortified that he actually disassociates himself from this reality and goes to sleep.

However, this is what makes Yuuri’s response to Chris asking him about the rings so interesting. Initially, Yuuri was mortified that someone took notice (boi what did u think was gonna happen…).  He immediately covers it up. It’s almost like a reflex signature of his shy personality when something personal is revealed.

However, when Victor reveals his ring, Yuuri does so as well. Note that while Yuuri still has that “oh crap oh heck y is this happening” look of mortification on his face, he voluntarily shows off the ring. In fact, he uncovers his hand just so that the ring is visible, a position which shows that he is still definitely freaked out about his predicament. 

However, let me repeat. He does not cover up the rings. Not only does Yuri not direct attention from the rings, but he ALLOWS THEM TO BE IN THE CENTER OF ATTENTION. This shows that while Yuuri is embarrassed of perhaps the attention directed at him, he certainly is hecka proud of the rings itself. Even when Phichit publically yells about a Victuuri marriage, he still doesn’t move to hide the rings.

I feel like this really does embody the love Yuuri has for Victor. Whatever the rings may have meant to him, Yuuri knows that it is a sign of the love between him and Victor. The fact that he is proud of them and shows them off, in the end, indicates so much growth and maturation in their relationship. 

Late night cuddling (Wonwoo)

wow I really need to get around to finishing up that Cheol smut but here’s a filler of a best kind!

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The 8 | Seungkwan | Vernon

  • every now and then Wonwoo would have those nights when it’s difficult to fall asleep - those would happen more frequently when he’s stressed, and to you it seemed that the further into winter you went, the more it happened
  • that night was one of those: you’d have almost fallen asleep when Wonwoo turns on his little lamp and grabs a book from his bedside table
  • you stir awake and turn around, opening one eye just enough to see Wonwoo with a book in his hand and his glasses on
  • “Can’t sleep?”
  • he’d rarely ever give a verbal reply and just shakes his head instead, and sometimes he’d flash you the smallest of smiles while doing so
  • you let out a quiet sigh and get closer to him; it’s almost a reflex for him to let go of the book with one hand so that he can lift his arm enough for you to cuddle up to him
  • with his arm lowered again, you’re resting your head on the front of his shoulder, eyes looking lazily at the text in front of you and your own arm slung over his stomach
  • “What are we reading tonight?”
  • Wonwoo chuckles quietly, knowing full well you wouldn’t be reading more than a couple of words here and a couple there
  • “’Me before you’.”
  • “Again?”
  • he chuckles again and presses a light kiss to the top of your head
  • “It’s a good book.”
  • “I know… but it’s so sad.”
  • Wonwoo smiles to himself and leans his head a bit on yours
  • “That, too.”
  • you let him focus on reading while allowing your eyes to wander from word to word, most of which don’t really register in your tired brain
  • his calm heartbeat and the calming sound of pages turning, however, do
  • eventually you yawn and snuggle better into him
  • Wonwoo puts his book down and strokes your hair slowly
  • “Good night, Y/N.”
  • half-asleep or not, you smile and hug him right before falling asleep

Admin Scooter


I’ve been kinda distracted lately by this game so I need to get this out of my system ;;

edit: I feel too awkward to re-upload the post lol anyway I added V! and should’ve said this before but feel free to use as icons with credit!

The New Girl - Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski AU Imagine

Request by Anon: Scott and stiles both have a crush on you, but they don’t realise that they both like the same person. When they find out, they make it a competition on who can impress you the most

Word Count: 2,227

Warnings: None

[My Teen Wolf Masterlist]

Originally posted by whovian182

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Stiles said quickly, almost like a reflex, as soon as he collided with someone when turning the corner of the hallway. Books fell to the floor and loose papers flew up in the air before gravity slowly pulled them down to meet the books on the floor.

“I wasn’t watching where I was going,” Stiles continued to apologize as he collected the mess he caused.

“That’s alright,” the girl spoke, causing Stiles to stay still. Her voice was so soft and sweet, almost angelic. He had never heard anything like that before, let alone cause him to paralyze as the voice sent a shiver down his spine. He looked up and saw the girl’s shiny and soft golden hair was covering her face like a curtain.

“It’s my fault.” She gathered all her stuff and dusted herself off as she stood up. She finally looked up and noticed the scrawny brown haired and matching brown eyes staring back at her. She couldn’t help but smile at him. 

Stiles was suddenly at loss for words when her perfect thin lips formed a beautiful smile that would put the stars to shame. “I… uh… umm,” he cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure. “Hi. Stiles.”

“Stiles…?” She asked confused.

“My name,” he said, still finding it difficult to talk. He ran his hand through his hair, causing it to look messy, in a good and sexy kind of way. Stiles sighed. “Let me try this again.”

Y/N giggled at his adorableness. The sound was music to his ears, which once again caused him to lose focus. He shook his head. Get it together, he told himself.

“Hi,” he extended his hand. “I’m Stiles.”

She smiled as she took his large, rough hand in her small and soft one. “Nice to meet you, Stiles. I’m Y/N. I’m new here." 

"Would you like me to show you around?” He offered.

“I’d like that,” she smiled as Stiles led the way to her next class.

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anonymous asked:

7 + Jungkook! (it can be as smutty or as fluffy as you want to make it, it's fine either way! Thank you!)

Jungkook + A Love Bite

“Look, isn’t it cute?” You held up the turtleneck you’d bought for your boyfriend up to him. It was a little oversized and made with the softest material you’d ever touched so you thought it’d be perfect for him. It was also the most expensive present you’d ever bought anyone.

He wrinkled his nose. “I’m not really a fan of turtlenecks.”

You frowned and hit his arm. “What the hell, Jungkook? I took time picking this out because I love you.”

“I just don’t like the way they feel. I wouldn’t wear one normally unless I had something to hide.” 

He said it casually, looking down at the sweater now that it was in his hands. You took the opportunity before he could catch you. Jungkook had surprisingly fast reflexes and you almost never took him by surprise, but his eyes were on the sweater and you could tell his mind was on how not to break your heart.

You gripped his shoulders and latched onto his neck, kissing and sucking at his skin before he could come to his senses.

You could tell when he’d finally caught up with your actions when his hands came to grip your hips and you heard the little moan in the back of his throat. You kissed him until he was whining against you, his hips pressing into yours, and you were certain you’d made your mark then you pulled away.

His face was flushed and he was digging bruises into your hips. He looked at you like he’d already forgotten about the sweater but you picked it up from where he’d dropped it and held it to his chest. “Now you have something to hide.”

He blinked as he came back to his senses and his mouth turned up in a smile. “No fair.”

You reached up on your tiptoes and kissed him, a sweet small kiss on his parted lips. “I never said I’d play fair.”

Never Been Better

Prompt: Peter Parker and you have been grouped together in a group project. Maybe this stupid crush wasn’t one sided.

Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Hey! I hope you guys like this! Peter Parker is just so adorable in my eyes! I’m always open for requests!

Originally posted by comicbookfilms



Science is probably the most boring subject there ever was. While in class, the teacher’s voice slowly drowns out and I can’t hear a thing she’s saying. Even while I have science, I love that class the most. Because Y/n’s in that class. She sits in the row in front of me and I can’t help myself from looking over at her. I can’t help it if I forget that I’m in class and I get caught up just staring at her like a fool.

Sometimes she turns around and almost catches me, but my reflexes help me jerk back up in my seat and look somewhat normal again.

Well, it’s Friday again and I have no idea what the teacher has been saying for the past half hour. But off into the distance I hear something similar to, “You’re going to be paired into groups to finish this project. I want this done and submitted by Tuesday.” Hearing project I sit up and stare wide eyes at my teacher. What?! I have no idea what she’s been teaching and now she wants a project done?! What are we even suppose to do anyways?

I start to look around at the people around me to see if they took notes or not but it looked they all looked as worried about this as I am. God, that doesn’t really help. I look over at Y/n and she looks as calm as ever with her glasses perched on her nose and her hair tied in a ponytail. Sighing, I remember that we had to get into groups. I’m not every…. Social. I barely talk to anyone and there’s no one in class I know.

Already dreading this project, I come to full alert when I see Derek, the senior that sits behind Y/n lean forward. I don’t hear what he’s saying but just from the fact that he’s so close to Y/n puts me on edge. She doesn’t seem too thrilled that he’s talking to her either but she puts on a polite smile. Derek wasn’t….. The smartest in the class, you could say. He wasn’t a bad guy, just too cocky for his own good.

Y/n starts to look a little frustrated and worried. I was help when the teacher spoke up again and the class quieted down. Unfortunately for you guys, I will be assigning your partners. “Megan, Porter. Dean, Beatrice. Ellen, Darren. Derek, Shawn. Y/n, Peter,” My eyes widen. I couldn’t believe my ears. Every noise around me started to fade as I start to panic a little on the outside,

This is my chance! This is what I’ve been waiting for. This is the perfect time for you to make a move on her! Then why is your heart beating so fast?! GOD! Get up! Introduce yourself! Come on. You can do this.

I hype myself up to get my ass up and go talk to her. When I finally turn to her, I see that she’s already looking at me. Only really concerned. Not the best reaction but it could be worse. I get up and walk to her desk and give her a small smile. “Hi, I’m Peter. Parker. That’s my last name. It’s nice to meet you Y/n. Do you have any idea what this project is? I wasn’t listening to be honest. I’m kind of freaking out. I have no idea what to do and since it’s over the weekend, that might make our schedules clash. But you know, whatever is nice for you. Hey, if we are to meet up, I’m going to need your number so we can make a date and time. Here.” I realize I was going on and on and ranting after the second sentence but I couldn’t stop myself. My mouth would not stop! My face started to heat up half way through that little speech but god! I couldn’t shut myself up and now she probably thinks I’m insane. Holding out my phone, I just stared at the edge of her desk while hoping the floor would open up and swallow me.



Well. That was something. In front of me right now was Peter Parker. Probably the cutest guy in school, but also the biggest dork there ever was. I knew he…. liked me? Hard to tell since we’ve never actually spoke to each other before. I know he looks… well, stares at me in class. He’s not exactly very good at hiding it. But that just makes him more adorable in my eyes.

I could tell he was nervous talking to me from his blush and the fact that his sentences are blending together and nothing was making sense. That made me feel very flattered. No one has been nervous or flustered talking to me before and I love that I made him react that way. “Hello Peter. Nice to meet you too.” I grab the phone from his hand and smile to myself when I notice that he still hasn’t looked at me. “I’m quite bust on Sunday, if you would like, we could meet up at my house on Saturday night. Let’s say around 9pm. I know it’s the weekend so I hope it’s not clashing with any prior commitments you’ve made.” I finish typing in my number and hand it back to him. Looking up at him, I notice dark circles and some faint scars on his face. I’ve never noticed that looks tired before.

He lets out a small cough and says, “I think I’m free on Saturday. I don’t have plans this weekend but I don’t know if my Aunt May needs help with anything around the house. But I’ll remember to tell you before that day comes. I’ll talk to you later then.”

Before he’s too far, I reach out and grab his wrist. He jerks in shock and turns to look at me with wide eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you Peter. Truly. I’ll see you later.” I make sure to keep eye contact with him. As his cheeks starts to turn redder, I feel mine does too.

He jerks his head with quick nods and hurries back to his desk.

I let out a little chuckle and turn back and waits for the teacher to start teaching again.


It’s Friday night and still there was no reply from Peter. I hate to admit that I’m constantly checking my phone to see if he messaged me. Does he not want to meet up? Is he busy? Is he with someone else? What if he’s in trouble somewhere?!

Before my mind could go running off, a notification dings from my phone and I’m embarrassed to say I rushed to open it.

Peter: I can come on Sunday. Can’t wait to see you then :)

I fell asleep with a smile on my face that night.


Saturday came and passed in a blur and now I’m sitting in my room anxiously waiting for Peter to ring the doorbell. I know that this is stupid. It’s just a science project on the mitochondria, but I can’t get my heart to stop beating so hard.

Finally, the doorbell rings through my house and I slowly walk out of my room to the front door. Not wanting to look too eager.

Opening the door, I smile up at him. “Hey.I have everything set up in my room because the computer’s there but if you feel more comfortable in the kitchen, we could do it there.”
“No. It’s fine.” Peter’s eyes are flickering around the house as I walk him back to my room.

“Alright. Let’s do it.”

Hours later I realize Peter does not focus in class, whatsoever. But he catches on quick and we were nearly done with our project. Peter lets out a long sigh and flops down on my bed making me bounce.

“Can we take a break?” He asks.

Flopping down to lie next to him, “Sure. We’re almost done anyways.”

“Mind if I get myself a snack?”

“Sure. You know where the kitchen is. Check the pantry. I’m not exactly sure with what we have right now.”

“Alright! I’ll bring back something too.”

He bounces off the bed and out my room. I continue to stare up at the ceiling. God. He was adorable today. Some silly crush keeps making me look at him and it’s like I see little hearts flying around him. I sit back up when I hear his footsteps come closer. I see him fill the doorway with a plate of chips and a few pieces of fruit.

“Hey. I wasn’t exactly sure what you wanted to eat. So I just grabbed a bit of everything. I hope that’s ah!” Before I know it, he was tripping over our books lying on the floor and tumbling straight at me. He knocks into me and I fall back on the bed. I look up to see Peter managed to stop himself before he fell on top of me.

I gasp when I realize our faces were mere inches apart.

I notice a blush starting from his neck slowly climb up his face to reside on his cheeks.

He blinks nearly a dozen times in a matter of a few seconds and starts to stutter out words. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. I- uh, wasn’t seeing where I, um, was going. You okay?” He was looking at my shoulder, refusing to look me in the eye. That made me smile at him. He’s so goddamn adorable.

I reach up and lay my hand on his cheek and whisper, “I’ve never been better.”

He stares at me wide eyes as I pull him to me. I think I hear angels singing when his lips finally touch him.

“Never been better.”

Evak Drabble-- prompt: Hangover

Ya’ll I’m going to be honest. This was modelled greatly on how I woke up this morning. And this has no redeeming quality. bordering on crack.


Isak does not know whether or not he is currently among the living.

His head is muddy, murky, dark and filled with a sort of pounding he had only ever dreamt of in the movies. He knew, logically, that he must still be alive, because he’s a fucking fantastic person and if a heaven such exists, he’d be in it, and there was supposed to be a nice absence of pain.

So he must be alive- as much as he doesn’t want to be.

“Baby,” he hears a gravely voice groan out somewhere to his left.

“No,” Isak moans out, turning to his side, “No baby here.”

Almost reflexively, Isak’s right hand clenches and it’s only then he becomes aware of the mass cradled in his hand. He peels his eyes open, regretting it immediately, but pushes through and sits up.

What the fuck.

The apartment is a mess, no way around it. There are empty beer cans and wine bottles, broken and leaking red solo cups scattered on every surface imaginable.

And there was an empty Vodka bottle on Isak’s hand. That could not be good. He dropped it and watched it roll to the ground.

Mahdi and Magnus were both passed out on the floor near the far window; Magnus propped against the wall, holding his own bottle like a teddy bear, and Mahdi was sprawled out in front of him.

Jonas was no where to be seen, but Isak could distantly make out his shoes by the door, so he must be somewhere.

And Even.

Isak wants to laugh if it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Even was under the coffee table, just below Isak’s position half- hanging off of the living room couch. He was shirtless, apart from a purple feather boa, and covered in black sharpie from chest to happy trail.

“Oh my god,” Isak whispered, eyeing the larger ‘property of Isak’ just above the space where Even’s abs met his waistline.

Even groaned again, rolling to his side, eyes blearily finding there way open and focusing almost immediately on Isak.

He squints, “What the fuck is on your head?”

“What?” Isak panics.

Last year, Mahdi had passed out at a party and Isak, who may have been slightly resentful of the way he so easily got along with Jonas, may have accidently bleached his hair. While Mahdi never found out who had done it, Isak immediately half- lunges, half crawls to the mirror hanging just around the corner.

His hair was fine. Flat curls and a bit greasy, but unharmed. Instead, a bright tiara with Happy New Year! and a bunch of pink feathers now adorned the mess of curls.

“Huh.” He debated taking it off, but fuck, that would require a lot of effort.

“Evi,” Isak called out, wincing at the volume.

“Did you say baby?”

Isak rolls his eyes, “Jesus Christ. Evi.”



No. I can’t move. Ever. I don’t think I can ever move again.”

And he says Isak is the dramatic one.

Isak takes another step, and catches whiff of a half drained beer bottle. His stomach roils and he barely has enough time to make it to the bathroom before he’s throwing up everything in his stomach.

Fucking shit, the new year was off the a rough start.

When he’s done, he moans and lays his head against the cool toilet bowl.

Isak could nearly cry from relief when he feels cool hands running through his hair, brushing it back from his face as he leans over the toilet again.

“This fucking sucks.”

Even hums, eyes still squinted but not shaking, like Isak was.

“You look like shit.”

Isak glances up at his boyfriend, “You don’t look so great yourself. And you smell worse.”

Even lets the ghost of a smile contort his face. “Yeah. Have to say, I’m digging the ink though,” he glances to his stomach, “property of Isak’, huh?”

Isak weakly put his hands up, “I don’t remember a thing.”

“Hmm,” he couches down until he’s sitting level with Isak. He gingerly flushes the toilet when Isak heaves again, rubbing his hands over the back of Isak’s neck.

“Eh it was a pretty good night though, yeah? New Years?”

Isak groaned, but nodded gingerly, “I think I told Eskild that I bottomed.”

“Baby, everyone already knows you bottom. I promise you it wasn’t a surprise.”

“Fuck you.”

“Maybe later,” Even heaves himself up, “I’m going to attempt to make some food. Call me if you need me, yeah?”

“Will you make me bacon?” Isak calls out as Even is half out the door, “And orange juice? And some fucking eggs? And sausage! Evi? Evi?”

Kakashi and Yamato

Their canon relationship is SO interesting to me. Like, Kakashi seems to trust Yamato and his abilities so thoroughly that he relies on him without even giving it another thought. It’s almost like a reflex. He trusts his team to him without blinking, he doesn’t even pay attention to Naruto’s training despite the fact that he could transform into the freakin’ tailed beast at any moment because Yamato is there and he’s clearly got it…it just seems unparalleled to anyone else in the series except Gai.

The funny part about that is that Kishi seems to have dropped the character after a certain point, which makes one want to diminish his importance in the series automatically. But in the new Naruto Gaiden series, Kakashi basically states that Yamato is “on it” in regards to a new threat (or Sasuke…I didn’t really understand the conversation) which means that despite Kishi seeming to ignore the character, Kakashi still depends on Yamato like TWELVE YEARS later. And if he is, indeed, referring to Sasuke…that’s a big freakin’ deal. Sasuke is kind of incredibly powerful -and kind of an asshole. So not only is he strong, but he’s hard to deal with. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that’s pretty telling.

Not only all of that, but Kakashi also seems incredibly comfortable around Yamato. Take this for example:

When this happened, I sat back in my chair and was like “wow what the…when does Kakashi ever get that close to people?”

When does he, though? The only other example I can think of is when Gai gave him a piggy back ride to Konoha because he was too weak to stand. The only OTHER example is when he carried Naruto because HE was too weak to stand. But, on a regular basis, he just doesn’t. Not in the manga, anyway.

There’s also the fact that Kakashi mercilessly teases Yamato, to the point where anyone who cares enough to pay attention or analyze it will question whether or not he’s flirting. It IS in his personality to tease people, for sure. But, when you combine the trust Kakashi has for Yamato and how comfortable he is around him with his merciless teasing, it kind of makes me want to grin a little. CLEARLY Kishi isn’t actually insinuating anything is going on, but that’s why I find their relationship so confusing. Kishi creates this character with SUCH history with Kakashi, creates a rich friendship between them, and then disregards the character for like 400 chapters. I mean…Kishi forgets about characters all the time, but still. Why did he even bother doing it?

Also, and I have a feeling only KakaxYama shippers paid any attention to this scene, when Yamato and Kakashi were trying to explain chakra combining to Naruto during his training Kakashi REPEATEDLY shared inside looks with Yamato. Like, every time Naruto said something stupid, Kakashi would shoot Yamato a look like “ugh, do you see what I have to deal with?” and any time Yamato did something impressive, Kakashi would stand there looking all proud and not at all surprised, like “Yup, he’s a badass.” And any time Kakashi did something impressive, Yamato would do the exact same thing. I mean by the end of the two episodes I was just gob-smacked. It’s like they were both enjoying the other person showing off. Like they are both so clearly proud of each other it gives me cavities.

That entire interaction is incredibly washed down in the manga, though. To the point where this is the only thought they share:

The anime seems to LOVE embellishing their relationship, to the point where they insert scenes of the two of them having “moments” together which makes me and many other shippers basically 100% sure SOMEONE high up on the SP scale is a serious KakaYama shipper.

Although. Does anyone notice Kakashi loves whispering things to Yamato?

Just for a refresher, Naturo was standing like…on top of a freakin’ massive waterfall WAY too far away to hear them if they were just casually talking to each other. Whispering was unnecessary. Also:

Why is Naruto sleeping so far away from them? Did he feel like a third wheel? >:)

One last thing:

This scene is probably one of the most well known “moments” between them, but usually one where people realize Yamato idolizes Kakashi. But, what does this scene say about Kakashi? He may be a bit of a dick sometimes, but he isn’t usually the kind of person to take advantage of others. When I see this scene now, it feels like Kakashi is showing off. He clearly knows how Yamato feels about him, and I think he’s proud of it. He is showing off the power he has over someone who is powerful themselves. He never would have done this to someone who was truly beneath him, or significantly less intelligent than him. I think it is a huge ego-boost for Kakashi that someone like Yamato will get that flustered over him. You can probably REALLY read into this and say it’s almost a possessive act. Like “look how much power I have over him. He’s clearly mine.” 



Holy shit. I didn’t even realize how huge this was until now. Kakashi designed this entire training program knowing that he was 100% depending on Yamato to keep everything together. I don’t think Yamato had any idea how big of a responsibility this was until he actually started training Naruto. Kakashi is right that they dont have a choice but to try this, but imagine how much faith he has in Yamato to form this kind of a plan and actually put it into motion. What would they have done without him?


So. This entire arc was full of Kakashi/Tenzou moments of the two of them ALWAYS standing next to each other, reading each others movements/emotions and working together seamlessly. But this particular panel was really interesting. First, we have Kakashi and Tenzou talking strategies like they’re talking about the weather; clearly they’ve done this about a million times before. But at the end, I can’t tell if Kakashi is thanking Tenzou for his solid advice, or thanking him for considering him Hokage material. Maybe it’s both. Either way, Kakashi holds Tenzou’s advice and opinions in high regard. I find it very interesting that they have a secondary character this close to Kakashi, especially since he barely gets any time with Gai until shit starts going down with Obito.

More Than Curious

A late Valentine for @flusteredkeith. A little pre-Kerberos Sheith with some wingman Matt on the side. :)

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“That’s the new kid?”

Matt nodded, scraping at the metal mess hall platters for another spoonful of unpleasantly dry noodles. “Keith, yeah. Kind of a troublemaker, I heard.”

Shiro shrugged, chewing on a slice of stale bread. “I heard he can fly, though.”

“Better than you.” Matt chuckled and speared one of Shiro’s spare peas. “He broke your record two days ago.”

“Did he?” Shiro glanced back at the new recruit, sizing Keith up again now that he had a bit more information to work with. Keith seemed to notice and glanced up to catch his eye, almost daring him to keep watching. Shiro looked away reflexively, but when he looked back, he saw that Keith was still staring him down. This time, he didn’t back away from the challenge. He just smiled, eyeing the empty table around Keith and the rigid lines of his shoulders and back warning everyone to keep away. Then, he returned to his meal and pretended Keith wasn’t boring holes through him with an obvious glare. “Interesting,” he murmured.

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Cuddling with Castiel would involve:

  • Always has his arm around you in some way. I guess it’s just a protective thing with him.
  • Is the Big Spoon the majority of the time; again, a protective thing.
  • But then there are some days where Cas is so close to breaking apart. You hold him tight against you, head on his shoulder, and just whisper things into his ear that make him feel better. That’s the only way he’s the Little Spoon
  • At first, he was a bit awkward; not knowing where to put his hands and not really relaxing. But now, it’s almost a reflex to pull you close
  • Has a habit of playing with your fingers, hair, clothes, etc.
  • He kisses your forehead a lot while cuddling. Just out of nowhere, you’ll feel a little peck on your temple
  • Insists that you fall asleep during one of your cuddle sessions. Cas knows how important sleep is
  • “What’s wrong, Y/N?” “I just had a bad day, is all.” “….would you like to cuddle?”
  • Cas Cuddles always make you feel better

Requested by Anon~

@mommy-winchester @fortunatewriter

To a Darkening Sky

It took Kima fifteen seconds to come from sleep into consciousness, five seconds to blink the tiredness from her eyes, and precisely two more to realize that something was wrong.

Not wrong in the usual way, which could almost forgive the appalling slowness of her reflexes (almost). This was not the kind of wrong when she was jolted awake by the sound of screaming and battle, or came to with some beast’s teeth already biting into her flesh. No, this was the sort of thing that filled a quiet and darkened bedroom with its unspoken presence, made known only by labored breathing and the movement a bed made when someone collapsed into sitting because they couldn’t stand any longer.

Rubbing her eyes hard enough to see stars made the darkness recede a bit as Kima sat up and peered down the bed. It didn’t help much, but it was just enough to make out the dim outline of someone sitting on the edge of the bed, head in hands, and ever so gently shaking.


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In games and history books and military science lectures, teachers and old warhorses and other scholarly types lay out diagrams and stand-up models in neat lines and rows. They show you, in a methodical order, how this division forced a hole in that line, or how these troops held their ground when all others broke.
But that’s an illusion. A real struggle between combatants, whether they number dozens or thousands, is something inherently messy, fluid, difficult to follow. The illusion can show you the outcome, but it doesn’t impress upon you the surge and press of bodies, the screams, the fear, the faltering rushes forward or away. Within the battle, everything is wild motion and sound and a blur of impressions that flash by almost before they have time to register. Instinct and reflex rule everything—there isn’t time to think, and if there’s a spare second or two, the only thought in your head is “How do I stay alive?” You’re intensely aware of what is happening around you. It’s an obscure kind of torture, an acute and temporary hell—because one way or another, it doesn’t last long.
—  Butcher, Jim. “Grave Peril.” Penguin Group

a LONG masterlist of haikyuu fic recs, for that one anon who asked me for fic recs about two months ago

as u all may know i read and write quite a lot of fics so i thought hey why not throw some together!!

bolded titles are like my fAVS ok

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Dance With Me


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
 Can I request a Bucky x reader where they kind of recreate that scene in gotg where Gamora and quill are listening to music and they almost kiss but she hits him as a reflex because she usually does that to men who flirt with her? And she freaks out and runs away but then apologizes with a fluffy ending please?
Warnings: Slight violence
Notes: Part 3 of Well This Is Awkward will be up tomorrow. I hope you have been enjoying my work so far. Thankyou for 300 followers it means so much to me, so because of that heres a little treat for y’all. Enjoy! :)

To say you had little patience for men and their flirtation methods was putting it lightly. Whenever you and your friends would go out clubbing or to a bar you would always end up getting hit on.  It sucked, you just wanted a fun night out where you could hang with your girls, but no some meathead had to come ruin that by trying to get into one of your pants. This plus a quick to anger personality did not mix well. You were a part of The Avengers so were highly trained, this meant that whenever a guy would get to close for comfort you would break his nose. You couldn’t even remember how many places you and your friends had been kicked out of because of this, it both annoyed and amused them.

 As you leant against the railing of the balcony, you felt the wind whip your H/C hair around behind you. Laying your head against the cold metal, you heard the door slide open behind you and then close again. Immediately you felt his presence, how could you not. “Y/N?’ his gravely voice questioned. “Hey Buck.” You whispered into the wind. “What are you doing out here, its freezing!” He asked, coming to stand next to you. “Just thinking.” You shrugged. Looking up to meet his eyes, you noticed the white cable from his iPod sticking out from his collar. “What you listening to?” You asked, nodding at his earphones. “Oh just a song by Benjamin Taylor.” He gestured at his earphones. “What’s it called?” you asked with a quirked eyebrow. “Wicked Way.” He smirked. Rolling your eyes you held your hand out for one of the ear buds.

 Bucky’s hand slowly pushed back a strand of your hair behind of your ear. Picking up the ear bud he placed it softly in your ear. The soft sounds of the music floated around you. Closing your eyes you got lost in the melody. You felt Bucky’s hand slowly grip onto your waist and his hand cup your cheek. Leaning into him you felt your nose brush his. Your eyes suddenly burst open as you panicked. Pulling your hand back you clenched it into a fist and sent it flying in the perpetrators direction, completely forgetting it was Bucky. You felt your fist connect with someone’s nose. Looking up you realised… you had just punched the guy you had a huge crush on. Gasping, your eyes widened and you covered your now gaping mouth with your hand. “I’m so sorry!” you exclaimed. “It’s okay.” Bucky muttered as he pinched the bridge of his nose “But why did you punch me?” Before he knew it you had fled out of embarrassment, slamming the door behind you.

 Sitting on your bed, you brought your knees up to your chest and leaned your head against them. You felt your salty tears run down your cheek and gather on the material of your jeans. You heard a knock at your door but chose to ignore it out of embarrassment. Minutes later you heard the lock click and heavy footsteps walk towards you. Refusing to raise your head, you felt the bed dip next to you and a strong-arm wrap around your shoulder. “Y/N, I asked Nat why you punched me and she explained that you didn’t like guys hitting on you. I found it quite hilarious actually.” Bucky said with a chuckle and a kiss to the head. “I am sorry Buck.” You whispered, “I really did want to kiss you.” You mumbled into your leg. Bucky’s hand gently lifted your chin and pressed his lips against yours. Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling yourself you got lost in the kiss. Pulling back to catch your breath you smiled and lay your head on his shoulder. “Y/N?” Bucky mumbled into your hair “Dance with me?” He said taking your hand in his. “Always.” You whispered back.


Gif source:  Hotch

Imagine being in a hostage situation and Hotch verging on desperation to get you safe because he realizes he’s in love with you.

——— Request for anon ———

He wasn’t himself right now. He hadn’t been himself ever since he’d gotten the call that one of his agents had been wrapped up in a hostage situation, and he’d been even less himself when he’d realized it was you. He knew this was not the time to act this way, because the situation inside that building was escalating, and you chances of getting hurt were getting worse. But some defiant part of him rebelled against all his training and experience, running the worst possible outcome through his mind on repeat.

And Rossi had noticed the unusually worried look in Hotch’s eyes, pulling him aside because of it, “Are you okay?”

For a moment, Hotch almost reflexively dodges the question, but then the rational part of his mind rears it’s head, “I’m going to need you to take the lead on this hostage situation, Dave.”

With a look, Rossi understands why, giving a solemn nod and a pat on Hotch’s shoulder as he promises, “We’ll get her back safe, Aaron.”