is adam still in hell

  • *Dean finds himself, once again, in Hell, standing next to a blonde-haired man*
  • Man: Knock Knock
  • Dean: Who's there?
  • Man: Adam.
  • Dean: Adam who?
  • Man: Adam Milligan, you asshole! I've been stuck down here for like 5 years and you haven't even TRIED to get me out! Ring a bell??
  • Dean: Oh shit that's right...
  • *Dean looks around awkwardly*
  • Dean: So, uh...How's the weather been down here?
  • Adam: Hot, you asshat.

The family business!

i want a supernatural episode where there’s a knock on the bunker door and when dean answers it, he just gets punched in the face and adam’s there and dean’s like “the fuck?” and adam is like “you left me in hell you whorehound” and storms past him and deans like “where are you going” and adam just calls over his shoulder like “i’m gonna go punch sam too”


Part Four of You’re in Supernatural 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x Sam, Reader x Cas, Reader x Crowley, Reader x Adam, Reader x Lucifer

word count: 1,404


“Y/N, pay attention to me.” Lucifer whined. “I’m bored.”

“Shut up.” You snapped. “I need to sleep.”

“But I’m bored.” He whined, walking over to your little corner and wrapping his arms around you.

“Go to sleep.” You groaned.

“Angels don’t sleep.” He reminded you. “But look at this. Look, I have a forked tongue!”

“Bloody hell,” You pulled at the roots of your hair in frustration. “No wonder God threw you out of heaven. Daddy watch this. Daddy pay attention to me I’m bored.”

Lucifer gave you a wicked grin. “There’s my little firecracker.”

You sighed, getting up and walking to another corner in the cage before laying down on your side. If only you knew a way that would shut him up.

“Wait, who’s that in the corner?” You asked, noticing a body sitting in the corner across from you for the first time.

“That’s Adam.” Lucifer shrugged. “He lost his mind about a year ago.”

“So he just randomly lost his mind one day all on his own?” You gave him a pointed look.

“I was bored.” Lucifer shrugged.

You smacked Lucifer’s chest. “That’s so rude!”

Cautiously, you walked to the corner where Adam sat, rocking back and forth. “Adam?”

“They left me here,” He hissed, grabbing onto your arm. “They left me here.”

Lucifer stepped in and pushed him off of you. You stumbled back, feeling a little sorry for the forgotten Winchester.

“Where’s Michael?” You asked Lucifer.

“He ditched his vessel and went back to heaven.” He told you before pointing to Adam. “Then I got bored.”

You walked away, going to the last free corner, ignoring Lucifer’s shouts from behind you.

“Y/N, don’t ignore me.” Lucifer walked over to your corner and picked you up, putting you in his lap.

“If I let you hold me will you let me sleep?” You sighed, wanting nothing more than to get a few hours of sleep.

“Of course.” Lucifer kissed the side of your head. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

You closed your eyes and sighed in content, happy to finally get some sleep.

“Y/N!” Dean’s voice echoed throughout the room.

“Dean!” You shot up out of Lucifer’s lap and ran to the edge of the cage.

“Crowley, get her the hell out of here.” Dean snapped, pulling on the metal bars.

“Y/N’s not going anywhere.” Lucifer wrapped his arm around your waist.

“It’s your fault I’m in here in the first place.” You snapped.

“Because you’re the only human that I like.” Lucifer said like it was meant to be obvious.

“Y/N, I will get you out of here. I promise.” Dean told you, ignoring the devil’s last comment.

“How exactly did the character in the show get out?” Sam asked, standing next to his brother.

“That’s just the thing,” You let out a deep breath. “This didn’t happen on the show.”

“That’s fan-freaking-tastic.” Dean threw his arms in the air.

“Y/N,” Sam asked calmly, “How exactly did you get in there?”

“I turned the light switch on and he somehow used his angelic powers to get me in here.” You shrugged. “I don’t know what he did though.”

“Alright this is what’s going to happen,” Dean’s posture went rigid. “We’re going to turn the lights back on and you’re going to let her out!”

“Hmmm,” Lucifer pretended to think about it for a minute. “No.”

“I thought you hated humans.” Sam asked him. “Why would you want to keep her in your cage?”

Lucifer looked at Sam. “Jealous?”

“No-” Sam began but Lucifer cut him off.

“It’s okay if you are,” Lucifer drawled on, “I know that I’m irresistible, but Sammy, you’ve got to let me go. Our summer fling is over and I think it’s time that we start seeing other people.”

“How have you not stabbed him yet?” Sam asked in disbelief.

“I don’t have a knife.” You shrugged.

“This is all your fault!” Dean turned on Crowley. “If you hadn’t brought her to hell none of this would have happened.”

“My fault!” Crowley screeched and pointed at Cas. “That one didn’t want to go in.”

“I told you that I did not think it would be a good idea!” Cas raised his voice. “Now look at Y/N! She is trapped in the cage with my brother.”

“I’ll take good care of her, Castiel.” Lucifer winked at Cas as he pulled you closer to his side.

“There’s only one way Y/N gets out of that cage.” Crowley spoke up. “And that’s if he gets out too.”

“No.” You said immediately. “It’s not worth it.”

“I’m not just going to leave you in there.” Dean threw his arms up in exasperation.

“You have to.” You insisted. “If you let him out, he’ll just start the apocalypse all over again.”

Lucifer looked offended. “I can behave.”

“That’s what she said.” Dean laughed, making Sam give him a bitch stare.

“Really, Dean?” Sam deadpanned.

“Oh c’mon, that was a good one.” Dean looked offended.

“Listen to moose, squirrel.” Crowley muttered.

“I guess we have to let them both out of the cage.” Sam sighed.

“No!” You shrieked. “You do not let him out under any circumstances.”

“Y/N,” Lucifer placed his hand over his heart. “I’m offended.”

“Yeah it sucks that I’m in here, but I would rather be in here then out there knowing that he would be loose.” You continued, ignoring his comment.

“You’ll be stuck in here forever.” Sam reminded you.

You visibly cringed at the thought. “Just find an alternative.”

“That’s it, I can’t leave her here like this any longer. Crowley get them out of there.” Dean looked at you with his pain filled eyes.

“Dean-” You began but he cut you off.

“Y/N, we’ll deal with the consequences later.” Dean told you. “I just want you safe.”

Crowley flipped on the light switch and grabbed a key from his pocket. He cut his hand, letting a few drops of blood fall onto the key before placing it in the lock and turning it.

Lucifer let his arm fall from around your waist and ran as fast as you possibly could into Cas’ arms.

“Y/N!” Cas hugged you back. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” You gave him a genuine smile and walked over to Dean.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” Dean wrapped his strong arms around you.

“Dean you should’ve left me in there.” You mumbled against his chest.

Dean shrugged, giving you a smile. “You’re a Winchester now. We’re not going to leave you in hell.”

You gave Dean a pointed look. “You left Adam in hell.”

Sam peaked inside the cage. “Is he still in there?”

You walked around, looking into the entrance of the cage and pointing to the far right corner. “Right there.”

“Adam?” Sam asked quietly.

“You.” Adam screamed in rage. “Way to come back for me!”

“Adam-” Dean began but Adam cut him off.

“No!” Adam threw his hands up in the air. “I quit! I quit this family! You try living with that thing for God knows how long. Do you know how many times I’ve listened to Sympathy for the Devil?”

Adam turned to you. “Good luck, Y/N. I wish you the best. Now, Crowley, how in the hell do I get out of hell?”

Crowley pointed to the staircase to his left. “Right there.”

Adam walked up the stairs in a huff. When he was gone, everyone stared at each other in shock.

“Jeesh.” Lucifer whistled. “I guess he’s the drama king of the family.”

“Well,” Dean said. “C’mon Y/N, let’s get you back to the bunker.”

Lucifer linked his arm with yours. “I’m ready when you are.”

“Will someone please stab him already.” Sam groaned.

“Sam,” Lucifer sighed. “I know that I broke your heart, but violence isn’t the answer.”

“Neither is that haircut.” Crowley snapped.

“Y/N thinks I’m more attractive.” Lucifer fired back.

“No she doesn’t.” Crowley argued.

“That’s not what she’s thinking.” Lucifer winked.

“Cas,” You whispered, gripping his arm. “Now would probably be a good time to get us all out of here.”

“Yeah.” Sam agreed.

“Preferably before they start fighting over Y/N’s love.” Dean winked at you.

You rolled your eyes and placed your hand on Cas’ shoulder, watching as Sam and Dean did the same.

In an instant, Cas flashed the four of you back to the bunker.