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Hi Wil, I have to thank you for being so real. Your openness about mental health (among other people's) gave me a lot of courage to go ahead and keep finding a new doctor until something clicked. I am 28 years old and I was just diagnosed with ADHD yesterday, and everything just makes so much sense. I feel like I can actually get myself together again, knowing there are resources out there and what to call my set of difficulties. So thanks. <3

I am so happy for you! In my experience, treatment is a journey, and the first few weeks or months can involve some starts and stops and occasional detours that can feel overwhelming, or discouraging.

I promise you, though, that it’s worth it to stay on the path and keep walking toward the rest of your life.

…this metaphor really got away from me.

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I just wanted to thank you for existing and doing what you do! The very first time I felt truly and completely validated was watching your videos! My mother is very accepting and supportive of my gender and sexuality, but sadly I can't say she made me feel really validated as a genderfluid individual. So, I actually cry when I watch your videos! I just feel so validated, and it makes me so happy that I actually start crying! So, again, thank you for existing and doing what you do! <3


I am so lucky to have you in my life. Knowing you’re out there makes me so happy💛💛💛💛💛

Sick Days

Wowie. I finally finished this :)

Pairing: Lin x reader 

Warnings: none

Requested: Yes, anon requested #1 (Please don’t leave me) and #29 (You said my name in your sleep) with a Lin x sick!reader Requests are always open and welcome!

Word Count: 1282



You woke up with the worst of headaches, and for once, it wasn’t because you were hung over from partying with your best friend, Lin.

You groaned and tried to stand up out of bed. Nausea racked your body. You sat for a moment, holding your head, before venturing into the kitchen to check your temperature.

“100.9” you read aloud. “Looks like I’m going to do the show sick tonight.” Lin, being the best bestfriend ever, had gotten you a job as the stage manager for his show, Hamilton. You had yet to take a sick day, and you weren’t about to start now.

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i kept putting making this off in the vain hope that i would still actually finish something this year but lmao

but making this, it made me happy to see how much i actually drew this year because it kind of feels like i was just art blocked all the time, and it’s extra nice to see how much of the stuff i drew i actually find myself liking.

january: first gangster AU pic! i drew some other pics i really liked this month as well, but i figured since this was the one picture that started my awful descent into this awful thing, it should be the highlight.

february: it’s coloured, therefore i like it.

march: baby!sans makes me happy

april: again drew a lot of stuff i still like, including the one with mob!sans doing stand up, him getting the snot beat out of him and some other awful things, but in the end i chose this one because i think it has a nice atmosphere.

may: i was really art blocked in may and this was pretty much the only proper thing i managed to draw during that month, and it had to go and cause some stupid drama that i was neither prepared nor willing to deal with. it still makes me a little sad, because i really liked - and still like - this pic and the AU to go with it, but i haven’t really been able to do anything with it since then because of that bad experience.

june: why is june always the month when i draw nothing

july: barely drew anything this month. still, pretty fond of the sleepy boy.

august: not my favourite of this month, but the most presentable and “mainstream” (???)

september: again, not my favourite of this month - personally i’m by far the most fond of the 18th century fencing sanses - but the one i spent the most time on.

october: idk october was very boring art-wise

november: as with august and september, not necessarily my favourite but it is the most presentable and the one i spent most time on. my own personal favourites are the pool-playing mob!sanses.

december: lot of stuff been going on, haven’t had the energy or the correct mindset to really draw anything, just making shitty boring sketches that i don’t know if i’ll ever finish.

all in all, i feel like it was an okay year for art? i don’t know if i’ve improved at all but at least i’ve been drawing a lot and having fun with AUs and stuff. here’s hoping 2017 will be a good art year too.

I love you - Changkyun (I.M) scenario (Requested, fluffy)

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Anon said:  changkyunn fluff please :)))) storyline is up to you!

Genre: fluffy
Members: Changkyun x You
Word count: 1943

Your friends and you walked inside of fast food place who was filled up, because that was the best food place in town. Everyone loved going there. Mostly everyone from your high school come and hang out.
There was always those popular groups, geek groups and just ordinary groups. You are in the ordinary one, all of you don’t care and just enjoy life.
All of you find a table and sit down. You smiled talking and took off your jacket. As you look up right on the left you spot a cute guy at the table, hanging out and eating with his friends too.
You saw him couple of times in school. He seems like a really sweet and good guy.

As you all ate, you look at him again and he was this time looking at you, right at the moment where you took a huge bite of that delicious hamburger. You smiled putting your hand over your mouth not believing he saw you eating. He smiled too and looked away.

“What’s up I.M! Fellas!” your friend Tyler smiled as he walked in and greeted all of them. He came to your table and sat down.
“You know them?” you asked, just being curious
“Yeah, they my friends. Whaat you noticed someone?” he wiggled his eyebrows
“No” you laugh and drink your soda

Later on, Tyler looked at his phone.
“They want us to hang out with them? So you all wanna go?” he asked and everyone said yes, so you agreed too.

As all of you walked outside, you guys were a group of about 9 or 10 people. Some of you had to meet each other.
“Changkyun, but they call me I.M” Changkyun smiled at you and extended his hand
“I am Y/N. Nice to meet you” you smiled and shook his hand

Mostly Changkyun and you talked, got to know each other better. You two had so much in common.
The night was getting late, still both of you didn’t think about the time.
“We will go home Y/N”
You look at Changkyun. Both of your eyes were looking at each other, they were saying “I don’t want to go”, “I don’t want you to go”. You look on the ground and smile a bit.
“I want to stay but-“
“So stay” Changkyun said

You turn your head towards Tyler and rest of them.
“Then we’ll see you tomorrow Y/N” they all smiled and headed back home

You turn your head towards I.M and he smiled.
“I saw you taking that big bite of that hamburger” he laughed
“Oh my God” you said and put your head down
“I was thinking like “This girl can eat!” “ he laughs and you push him a bit

Around 2AM, you realized you really need to head back home.
“I’ll walk you home.” I.M suggested
“You don’t have to. It’s late.” You smiled looking at him
“I don’t want you to go alone home at this time. So I am going girl” he points fingers and two of you laugh

Walking to your home was again nice, and fun. There is just so much stuff to talk about.
“Mind if like I have your number?” I.M scratches back of his neck looking at you
“Yeah, sure” you smiled and took his phone

“Thank you… For walking me home” you look up at him
“No problem Y/N… I’ll see you in school” he nods his head
“See you there” you smiled and waved as he walked away

I.M and you started to hang out more and more. You guys spent so much time together. Two of you would go and eat that fast food place, go grab some coffee, study together. His and your friends started to wonder what is going on between two of you.

“Y/N” your friend walked over to you
“Yeah?” you smiled
“Umm… I.M and you been really like hanging out a lot”
“Yeah so? I mean we are just friends” you laughed being a bit confused

I.M and you were friends. Eventually later on you found yourself a boyfriend. You were happy with him and kept the same friendship with I.M as before. You didn’t want it to change.

“Tell me one thing Y/N” I.M spoke standing next to you at the bus station, with rain pouring down
Your head turns and you look at him.
“Are you happy?” he kept looking forwards, watching the rain fall on the ground
“… I am” you spoke

I.M nods his head.
“Because I don’t want you to be with someone who doesn’t treat you right” he slides his hands in his pockets
“What are you talking about? My boyfriend is a good guy” you were a bit confused
“Maybe yes, maybe not”
“What are you trying to do here Changkyun?” you spoke coldly, saying his full name.
“I just don’t want to see you hurt”
“I am fine and happy right now-“
“Right now” he laughs a bit
“You know what, fuck you Changkyun.” You said and pushed him out of the way and started to walk home just walking
“You’re going to walk home in this rain?!” he shouted
“YEAH I AM” you shout back
“Well have fun!” he shakes his head and watches you leave

After few days, I.M and you didn’t speak that much. You were still pissed off at him, but still had your problems in your relationship and school. You missed laughing with I.M, missed his jokes and everything.
But still, you hate him.

You open your front door and see I.M standing. You sigh and start closing the door right away but I.M puts his hand on the door stopping you.
“Come on Y/N” he laughs
“Fuck you, fuck off” you tried to push the door to close them but kept failing

I.M opens the door pushing you away a bit.
“I know you miss this face. I mean me” he stood in front of you
You punch his arm hard.
“Okay I deserve that” he nods his head rubbing his arm, to make the pain go away

Two of you stood looking at each other. You grab his T-shirt and pull him into a hug.
“I hate you but I still love you” you said
I.M smiled softly and wraps his arms around your waist.
“I missed you too”

There was a birthday celebration at fast food place. Since they were like disco type of thing.
Your friend had a birthday and you were invited, so was I.M and all others.

Your crew, I.M and you danced together and sang songs, just enjoying the night.
Your boyfriend came next to you grabbing your arm. Looking over at him, he just pulled you with him to the side.
I.M observed two of you.

“Why aren’t you with me?!” he raised his voice at you
“Obviously you are too mad to be at this party. Why should I be sitting down?” you laugh looking at him
“I can’t believe you are being like this! I bet you would even cheat on me how “boring I am” “ he looks at you being annoyed
“Stop it.”
“Stop what huh?” he got closer to you
“You would do it” he pushes you a bit and I.M jumps right away and takes your hand, looking at your boyfriend.
“Why are you pushing her asshole?” I.M was angry
“I.M-“ you tried
“What are you? Who are you to her? AND no one tells me what to do”
“Fuck off right now” he added
“You can go home” I.M spoke
“Y/N we’re going.” He said taking his jacket

You kept standing behind I.M.
“Y/N get your fucking jacket and let’s go” your boyfriend raises his voice again
“I don’t want to go” you spoke
“Then we are fucking done.” He said and leaves, shutting the door loudly

I.M turn towards you, hugging you straight away. You tear up and hug him back.
“Do you want to go home?” I.M whispered to you and you nod your head quickly wiping off your tears
“I’ll get your stuff” he spoke and you walked outside waiting for him

Two of you walked into your room. You took off your jacket and threw it on a chair. Taking off your heels, you lay down on the bed and soon after I.M joins you.
You cuddle up next to him, and he held you in his arms.
“Thanks” you look up at him
“Always here to protect you” he smiles a bit and two of you stare at each others eyes for a while.

You never noticed how much he actually is beautiful. How he always was there for you, would do anything for you.
You smiled a bit. Soon after two of you start to lean in, but he stops.
“I think It’s not-“
“Right. I know” you finish for him

Either way, I.M pulled you close to him again. You could feel his lips on your head.
“I love you” he spoke quietly as he played with your hair a bit
“I love you.” You smiled and buried your head into his chest

“Why did you buy me my favorite chocolates?” you laughed looking at I.M
“To make you happy” he smiled, and kept looking at the box
“WELL OPEN IT” he suddenly shouts
“OKAY” you laughed

As you open the box, there was a paper saying “Will you go to prom with me?”. You look up at him and he already held red rose in front of you with a smile.
“Yeah I will” you smiled widely and hugged him

Both of you liked each other. A lot. Since that night, both of you felt this way.
Everyone knew it, except you two.

When I.M saw you in your dress, he was standing with no comment. You were breathtaking. You were so beautiful.
You smiled feeling shy because I.M didn’t take his eyes off you.
“OH MY GOD!” he shouted putting his hands on his head
“WOW” he added and points at you
You laughed and stood in front of him
“I was like, I didn’t know what to think when I saw you” he smiled and hand you a flower bracelet
“You look handsome yourself” you smiled and blushed a bit

Whole night long you didn’t stop dancing, laughing, smiling, singing, drinking.
It was one of the best nights of your life. I.M took your hand and lead you through the crowd and two of you started to jump and dance.
“How can you be so beautiful?” he got closer and said to your ear
You smiled looking at him.
“I love you” you said and hugged him. Lights go down and slow song starts.

“Oh wow… I am not a type to dance to slow songs” I.M laughs
“But….” He smiles and extends his hand
“Can I have this dance?”
“Of course” you smiled and put your hand in his

I.M’s hands were on your waist, and you held your arms around his neck.

“I never knew… I never knew you can have moonlight in your hands, till the night I held youu” you sang quietly and you smiled as you noticed I.M is watching you all the time.

He stops smiling, he moves his hands and cups your face. Leaning in and pressing his lips against yours. You smiled under the kiss.

His lips were soft, sweet. He tilts his head to give you couple of pecks on the lips. Until he moved away. You smiled and put your head into his neck. He hugged you tightly.

“I love you” you hear him say.

Grocery Store

Genre: Fluff.
Pairing: Taeyong x Reader Summary: For some reason, you always hated going to the groceries. But one guy changed it all.

A/N: This is based on a true story that’s been going around in Twitter, though I tweaked a little parts in it. But I hope you like it!

“Y/N! Can you please go to the market and buy the ingredients that I’ll be needing to bake this cake?” Your mom said, earning a groan from you but you were left with no choice but to comply. You always hated going to the groceries for some reason, it takes time for you to find the things to buy. You hated the long line when it comes to paying. After you slipped on your jeans and oversized t-shirt, you didn’t bothered combing your hair.

You left after your mom gave you the money to shop, reminding you once again to be careful. You only gave her a nod and left to the market while you slipped your earphones on. It didn’t took you long enough to arrive as you headed inside the grocery store and went to the push-cart section to get a small one. You were busy going around in the store that you didn’t noticed a guy was following you, or so you thought.

Taeyong’s POV :

I felt really flustered when my mom asked me to buy her pads, it’s such a shame for guy to be seen buying out pads. A sigh escaped my lips knowing that I can’t decline my mother’s offer, she gave me a grateful smile and blabbered things like how she was lucky to have a son like me. I only gave her a smile and nodded as I headed off to the market.

Once I got inside the market, I almost bumped into a girl who seemed to be in a hurry. I only looked at her before grabbing a basket and tried to find where the pads sections are. As I was looking around the market, the same girl kept running into me.

I grew curious of her suddenly, then a thought came into my mind. I decided to finally follow her. Feeling quite uneasy of what I’m doing but I’m just about to ask something to her. When I saw her walking to the napkins section I gathered up my courage and walked towards her as I tapped her shoulder.

“Excuse me?” Taeyong said, making you jolt up a little. Your breath getting caught in your throat as you were mentally squealing inside when this cute guy approaches you “Y-yes…?” You almost stuttered but tried to get yourself together. Taeyong smiled and you melted, he cleared his throat “I need help, it’s my first time buying napkins and I dont know what to buy” He said looking confused and cute. You giggled at his cuteness and nodded so you helped him out and told him the different kinds of napkins.

“Who is this for again?” You asked as the both of you headed towards the cashier “Ah.. it’s for my girlfriend.” Taeyong said, of course. You thought, feeling sad but who wouldn’t have a girlfriend for a guy like him? He’s so handsome and cute, you thought as you managed to smile at him

He offered to carry the bags for you when you both paid “Oh, no it’s okay” You said, smiling at him but Taeyong being the stubborn guy he is insisted, which eventually you gave up and let him carry your bags.

As the both of you walked together, you notice he wanted to say something. And when he finally looked at you and grabbed your arm, he cleared his throat and started off “Actually… these aren’t for my girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend, and they’re actually for my mom. I lied because I was nervous and I thought you’re really cute..” Taeyong said, as he feels like his cheeks are already tinted pink by now. You couldn’t help but explode in happiness as you smiled, He took your grocery receipt and wrote his number “I’m Taeyong, by the way. Make sure to give me a call, okay?” He said winking at you. Which made you blush and shy of course. “No pressure, only if you want to.” He said, winking again making you die inside as you gave him a nod “And when you text me, just say cute girl from the groceries then I’ll remember.” He said as he smiled at you, before the both of you parted ways.

As soon as you got home, you dropped the bags on the kitchen and ran inside your room screaming “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!” You said, as you try to calm yourself. Your hands were shaky when you took out your phone. You saved his number first before giving him a message.

You: Hi, I’m home!
- Cute girl from the grocery store.
Taeyong: Oh hi! You never really told me your name, so I’ll just call you cute girl with the groceries. ;)
Taeyong: But it’s too long so I’ll just call you cute girl. ;)
You: Oh, my name is actually “Y/N!”

And suddenly you thought maybe going to the groceries store wasn’t so bad after all.

A/N: This is my first time writing off a fanfic which based on a true story. If you’d like to know the story, this is the link! ( )

Now enjoy. ;)

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*opens up wallet* how much do you require as a bribe to write a follow up to your f/s fic where she tells him she's pregnant???

part i

The sound of gunshots up ahead, muffled by the rumble of the earth above them, means that when Jemma says his name Fitz almost misses it.

He glances back at her over his shoulder, just as she reaches out a hand towards him through the rising dust and darkness, her eyelids fluttering shut.


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Happy birthday Johnny Depp!!

Happy birthday my love! I wish I could say a personal message to you in person, but I’m happy that I’m writing you a message at all. I’ve said this before, but I just want to say it again: thank you. Thank you for everything. I can keep saying it until I have no breath, but it will never mean the same as what I actually feel. Thank you for making us smile, and making me so damn happy that my face starts to ache. It’s the best god damn feeling in the world and I hope that you’ve felt that happiness before. Happiness is special and a gift that you have all given us, and I will cherish that gift until the day i die. Thank you for creating such relatable, inspiring and original characters that don’t make us feel as lonely as we used to be. They help us learn things, appreciate things and teach us ultimately that’s it’s okay to be different, and we should celebrate our individuality. Thank you for, being famous but remaining as selfless and as humble as you are. There are going to be people out there who want to put you down, and say you’re a terrible human being, but they’re not the people who visit children in hospitals, who stay up for hours on end to make sure every photo is signed, who records his voice to help patients wake up from comas, and so much more like you do. Thank you for loving us, caring about us and making sure we’re all okay. We all fall down sometimes and that’s okay, but you’re always there to help us back up. I know you’ve struggled, and we will always do our very best to make you feel special and loved, because you are so much more than an ‘idol’. You are a hero, a saviour, it indescribable. But most importantly, you’re a human being, and your happiness is the most important thing to me, and to many of us. I have found passions that I love because of you. Drama, because you have helped me develop my creativity and confidence, even if I am labelled as someone who should not be doing drama because of my social anxiety, drama and acting has become my kind of escape, where I can be anybody that I want to be. I’ve also found a love in painting and drawing. I mostly draw you and things from your films, but I’ve found an honest passion and I feel like it’s because of you. And through everything, you have become the brightest damn star in the universe, and you continue to shine, and that’s want makes me beyond happy, it makes me feel loved. So thank you, I love you and we are always with you no matter what. Keep shining my love, you can never keep a good man down. Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!!

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BTS as Flirty Starbucks Guys - Jin

Request by@belikelasagna: Annyeonggg Request: Them as flirty Starbucks guyss Hope you don’t mind me requesting reeeally often!! :))


This is it guys, this is the last one, I can’t believe it!🙊 😭

I had so much fun coming up with all their different scenarios and writing each member’s drabble🙌It made me realise how much I miss writing, so if anyone wants to request drabbles again in the future, I am 100% okay with it!😘

Jin’s took me the longest to write, but that’s only because I was away for a week after I had started his😅However, his is also the longest and I’m actually extremely proud with how it turned out🎉

Thank you as always for all the follows, likes and reblogs😘your support means the world to me and makes my heart so happy whenever I see the notifications💖

Let me know what you think and, as always, feel free to make requests (HERE)

I will update my Masterlist soon and I promise another update for Heartbreak Girl is coming, but I was busy working on this😅



Member: Jin

Length: 1966 words

“Okay, so who thought they had the right to put up a non-work related sign in my Starbucks?”

“Uh hyung, technically it’s not you–” Hoseok trails off at Jin’s look as he continues to scold his friends employees, with his arms crossed during their regular Friday morning staff meeting.

“As long as I am Manager, you are under my roof and will follow my rules and – oh my God Kim Taehyung if you want to live you will get off your phone right now, or I will end you and take away your cupcake decorating privileges!”

Not surprisingly it’s the threat of revoking his icing privileges that makes Taehyung stop texting and put his phone away with a pout, Jimin standing next to him patting his back as sympathetically as possible – which is quite hard when faced with a pouty 21 year old who looks like a grumpy 3 year old about to throw a temper tantrum ­– but he tries and Taehyung shoot him a small smile for that.

“Back on topic,” Jin sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger before taking a deep breath and looking at the 5 faces in front of him.

Wait, 5? That doesn’t seem right.

“Where’s Yoongi?” Jin is about 1000 percent done with today already, but as he’s about to take out his phone to call said missing person and tear him a new one because he just wants to get through one staff meeting in peace, Yoongi walks through the door – the usual frown on his face more prominent than normal.

“Before you say anything, I know I’m late and I apologise. It’s not my fault though because someone,” Yoongi is glaring at Hoseok who looks like he’s trying to wish himself invisible, “took my house keys when they left this morning because they seem to have lost theirs again, so I had to wait for the Building Manager to come lock up with his keys because frankly I don’t feel like being robbed. So, I’m sorry I’m late, but blame this idiot.” He’s stalked over to Hoseok now and smacks him on the back of the head before shuffling over to his spot behind the pastries and sitting down.

Everyone, excluding Yoongi and Hoseok, look back and forth between the two before Jin sighs for the umpteenth time and fights the urge to smack himself upside the head for ever thinking is was a good idea to hire his friends.

“Right, before my head explodes, here’s a quick summary of the important parts of the meeting: 1) Namjoon is not allowed to work with glasses or mugs anymore, Head Office is tired of having to restock our First Aid kit so frequently, 2) Someone has to supervise Taehyung while he decorates the cupcakes to make sure he doesn’t eat majority of the icing again, 3) I don’t care how much you hate making them, if someone asks for a Unicorn Frappuccino, you will make it. No lying and saying we’re out of product again Yoongi because then I will make sure you are the only one who makes them. And lastly 4) No putting up signs that are non-work related without asking me first. That’s that, everyone please carry on with work for today.” With that, Jin turned around to face you – who had walked in during the middle of his rant meeting – and smiled.

“Sorry about that, just finishing up a meeting. Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get you?”

Forcing yourself to hold back the laugh from what you were about to do, you kept your expression calm as you smiled and ordered, “A Grande Unicorn Frappuccino to go please.”

As soon as your order left your mouth, it seemed as though the 4 guys (you would call them men but they didn’t seem old enough to warrant that and they were much too attractive to be boys, because that word just made you think of your little brother) behind the counter and the 3 in the process of walking onto the floor all visibly flinched, before carrying on as normal and Jin – bless nametags – sighed very softly, about to key in your order.

“Wait,” You all but shouted, not wanting to make Jin have to cancel and start again.

He jumped slightly at your raised voice, not expecting it, but stopped nonetheless to look up at you (well, down, because damn he was tall) quietly waiting for you to continue.

“I was joking about the Unicorn Frappuccino. I know eavesdropping is terrible but I heard you mentioning it and I honestly couldn’t help myself. I thought it would be funny and lighten the atmosphere because it was so tense, but obviously I’m horrible at jokes and I’m sorry.” You bowed your head slightly in apology and let your hair fall forward to somewhat hide your rosy cheeks, but then you heard a light chuckle that soon turned in to laughter and you lifted your head to find all 7 guys looking at you in amusement or in the midst of laughter.

“Oh thank God.” Namjoon – seriously, bless nametags – sighed in relief and Jin turned to him while still chuckling and pointed a finger.

“Why are you thanking God? I’m the one who would’ve had to make it.”

“I know, but somehow we all end up covered in ‘Unicorn Blood’ regardless of who makes it and the less of that rubbish I have to avoid, the better.” He’s grinning now and the other guys are all nodding in agreement as Jin turns back to you, still smiling.

“Now that you’ve saved us from being covered in what we like to call Unicorn Blood, what can I get for you instead?”

You’re smiling now because for once your joke didn’t horribly backfire, and briefly glance up at the menu before deciding. “I’ll have a Tall White Hot Chocolate and one of those really cute cupcakes iced like a Bee.”

“Finally!” You jump at the shout coming from one of the guys on your side of the counter and let out a squeal that turns into another bout of laughter as the guy who shouted picks you up and spins you around. “Someone gets my creativity.”

You grin, patting him on the back when he puts you down, and turn back to Jin who is staring at the guy like an annoyed mom.

“Taehyung, how many times do I have tell you? You can’t hug every person who chooses one of the cupcakes you decorated.” He looks exasperated and Taehyung ducks his head bashfully.

“Sorry hyung, I just got excited.” He turns to you, bowing slightly, “Sorry uh Miss–”

“Y/N.” You cut in when he looks confused at how to address you.

“Right, sorry Y/N-ssi for hugging you without permission and out of the blue.” Taehyung shoots you a cute boxy grin and you can’t help but grin back.

“It’s okay Taehyung-ssi, for what it’s worth, a beautiful cupcake like that deserves a hug.” You emphasize the ‘Be’ in beautiful and Taehyung practically beams at you, blushing and bowing in thanks this time before continuing with sweeping the floor and singing softly to himself.

“That was very sweet of you Y/N-ssi.” Jin’s voice makes you turn back to him and he has such a fond smile on his face it makes you want to melt into a puddle of – well – you. “I love the way you espresso yourself.” He jokes with a wink and you can’t help but break into laughter.

“Does no one know how to read? I put that sign up for a reason, to escape this torture.” The grumpy looking guy behind the cakes and pastries moans and Jin suddenly rounds on him.

“Well I didn’t say you could put it up Min Yoongi, so suffer in silence.” He scolds but also blows him a kiss sarcastically and grumpy guy – Yoongi – rolls his eyes.

You quietly laugh to yourself while watching their exchange and can’t seem to keep your smile off your face even when you leave 10 minutes later, hot chocolate and cupcake in hand.


“Jungkook, how many times have I told you not to put the cleaning products on the top shelf when you know it’s Jimin’s turn to clean the next day?” Jungkook looks down at his feet as he gets scolded by Jin for the sixth time about the same thing as Jimin stands off to the side, grumbling to himself and Yoongi sits in his spot playing Angry Birds on his phone – a usual Thursday morning.

“I swear I heard you saying that to him last week, or am I experiencing déjà vu?” You joke lightly at the familiar scene before you and Jin turns to shoot you a smile before a pained look takes over.

“Nope, not déjà vu. I just keep having to repeat myself like a parrot and hope it’ll sink in.” Jin sighs dramatically and you, Yoongi, Jimin and Jungkook all breathe a laugh at his antics.

“It must be tough being a single parrot, raising six kids on your own.” You manage to keep a straight face when you speak up, although it’s hard to maintain as soon as Jin and Jimin start laughing at the bad pun, Jimin practically collapsing onto Jungkook who looks like he’s fighting a smile.

“You know, good help is Soy hard to find these days.” Jin cackles, crossing his arms and shaking his head like a tired parent and that makes you crack, bursting into giggles and having to lean on the counter for support.

“Two in one, I’m impressed.” You wheeze out and the smile Jin sends your way makes you catch your breath for something other than laughter.

“Hey Yoongi-hyung, didn’t you say the one day that if you hear another pun/pick up line thing, you’d quit?” Jungkook suddenly pipes up and Yoongi – who had been banging his forehead against the counter ­– whips his head towards him, hard stare already on his face.

“I did not.” He huffs, crossing his arms and hardening his glare even more.

“Uh hate to tell you hyung but, you kind of did.” Jimin speaks up and is almost instantly on the receiving end of Yoongi’s death stare.

“Can both you brats shut up? I didn’t mean it like that Jin-hyung.” He’s now facing Jin with an apologetic look on his face but Jin just shrugs.

“Go ahead, quit, or don’t. But don’t expect me to stop making jokes just because you don’t like them, because I won’t.” Jin retorts sassily and Yoongi opens and closes his mouth a couple times like he can’t quite get out what he wants to say, and in the end just settles for a nod before going back to Angry Birds on his phone.

Jimin and Jungkook start bickering again about Jungkook being a brat and putting stuff where Jimin can’t reach, and Jin turns back to you with a sigh and a soft smile.

“What can I get you Y/N-ah?” He asks sweetly and you return the smile, taking a deep breath before speaking.

“Your number would be nice because I kind of like you a latte.” A nervous giggle slips out and you look down at your hands, not able to meet his gaze.

“Well Y/N-ah, I think I’ll have to hold the sugar in my drinks from now on because that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.” Jin’s response makes you look up and you’re pretty sure you both have matching smiles on your faces right now.

“That’s like one of the most commonly used lines though.” Jungkook mumbles.

“I bet you wish you quit now.” Jimin whispers to Yoongi.

And Yoongi just groans softly and starts banging his forehead on the counter again.

this is horrible

stalking Adrian is such a horrible thing and why do people feel the need to do so? His privacy has been intruded and you freaking 90% of the phandom who thinks it’s okay to do so, really makes me sick. This poor boy is getting harassed and bullied. I hope he’s okay. Like I’m tearing up thinking about how angry or upset he could be right now. @/danyulwaddup on Instagram, I hope you are happy for starting this up again. Knowing personally how he could feel right now kills me. We 10% of the fandom that actually cares, apologizes in advance for the rest of the fandom @danisnotonfire and @/adrian. 

To everyone

Subaru’s blog entry
2017/6/6, 20:46

It has been about one month. It took more time than we thought but finally we could tell it everyone. I will return to this tour at our live in Takamatsu on June 11th.

The polyps disappeared and I got the official attestation from the sensei who was in charge of my case for the whole time.

When I returned to Tokyo all alone one month ago I felt so sorry and miserable. It felt like I lost to myself and asked myself why I’m even in Tokyo now. It was the first time I had such a bad feeling and couldn’t make myself feeling better at all. But during rehability I was able to start having normal conversations again little by little and also came to sing songs again little by little. I was sent live footage of the three members and was contacted by the members and staff often to talk to them. I realized I’m actually doing what I should do naturally. And when the concerts and instores started I even got nervous!

While the three of them were performing without me, they told me that they found something that was hidden from them until now.

When I heard this I was really happy. My return to the band got delayed and nobody knew when I will come back. But they were fighting together with the fans during that time… Seing that made me really proud. We will grow all together and will become cooler than we can even imagine.

We and Royz know what it means to stand still for a moment and I could also see things from a point of view where I’m not really part of it. I think my awareness of that is rising. It made me think that I want to meet you and know more about songs/music. I came to like it even more and want to appreciate it even more.

And still I also think of now as “important time”.

Finally I can just write it like that!!

I think it’s wrong to complaining on twitter about everyday stuff (笑)
But it’s also wrong to not say it and inform you about things because that will cause worries as well.

To make plans for the future is harder than I thought!
To tell the truth…
I’ll say it at a concert. (笑)

I want to start anew with many things at the concerts, so it’s only a bit more of waiting to be able to talk really freely again!
It might be annoying but I really want to change things!
Until then I want my body, voice and power to go back to normal.
I’m restless but I really want to tell you all soon!

I have to be there and there’s something I want to do, so I want to come back soon.

I’ve caused you worries. Sorry for not being able to come.
Thank you. I will continue giving my best.

Amnesia (c.h. imagine)

A/N: this is for @cal-puddies blurb night! I know that the blurb night isn’t until tomorrow, but had some inspiration and wanted to write something now. I hope you don’t mind :) this is also a little longer than a blurb, but I got carried away. Sorry!

Summary: Calum misses his ex girlfriend, (Y/N). Based on the song Amnesia by 5sos.

Warnings: swearing

“How is she?” I ask, glancing over at Luke. “Sarah says she’s doing fine.” He says quietly, texting (Y/N)’s best friend. I scoff, throwing down the Xbox controller I’m holding. “I bet she isn’t.” I mutter. “Why don’t you call and find out, then?” Michael asks, a hint of attitude laced in his tone. “You fucking know why.” I snap, getting up and walking to the kitchen. I hear Ashton tell Michael to stop being an idiot. I bet you’re wondering why there’s so much anger in me. Well, let me tell you why.

(Y/N) and I dated for almost two years. I had been touring for five when she decided to leave. Touring for five years takes a toll on you. I mean, it definitely had on me. I was tired all the time, and yet all I seemed to want to do was party. She didn’t understand and got sick of me rarely coming home and seeing lipstick on my neck the nights I did show up. I still remember everything about her. It makes me physically sick to think of her, especially now that I know she has another boyfriend who probably treats her like shit.

I remember the day she told me that she was leaving. It was in August and the leaves had just started to change colors. She loved that; loved seeing all the reds and oranges of the leaves. I had come home after being gone for a week. She thought something had happened to me, but in reality, I had just been at Ashton’s partying with Mitchy and his friends. I hate myself now for not calling her that week to tell her where I was. But honestly, I don’t think calling would have changed her decision to leave. She was tired of me being gone and distant and made that very clear when I walked through the front door of our apartment.

She cried as she packed her stuff. The mascara ran down her cheeks and had made me ache to wipe the tears away. I didn’t, though, because I knew she wouldn’t like it.

I slam my hands down on the counter as I curse myself for not going after her when she walked out. We made so many wishes together at the beginning of our relationship. She wished that we would get married and have a little family of our own someday. And damn it, I had promised that I would give her that.

I can’t sleep now. Every time I try, I think of her. I think of how it felt to fall asleep next to her and every good memory we ever made together. Fuck, I miss her. I dig my phone out of my pocket and unlock the screen. Her picture still sits as my home screen. I don’t know why I still have it, but I do. I have every picture she’s ever sent me still on this damn phone and even though it kills me, I refuse to delete them. I feel alone without her. She made me alive, made me so happy. Seeing her picture makes me have that feeling again.

I heard that she’s doing well and that this new guy is making her happy, but is he? Is he actually making her as happy as she was with me? Was she even happy with me or was it all just a lie?

I can’t stop myself from clicking her name in my contacts. I put the phone to my ear as the ringing starts. It goes to voicemail and I take a deep breath.

“Hey, angel. I know I’m the last person you probably want to hear from, but I need to hear your voice. I’m so sorry about everything. I should have fought for you. I love you. Please, just call me back. I need to hear from you that you’re happy and that you’re doing great.” I end the call and put my phone down as a tear roll down my cheek.

A little while after the boys leave later, there’s a knock at the front door. I sigh, looking around for a phone that one of them probably forgot. I get up and answer the door, surprised when I see (Y/N) standing there.

“I’ve been listening to your voicemail for the last hour trying to think of something to say. I want to say that I am happy and that things are going great for me, but it’s such a lie, Calum. I miss you so much.” She says, tears rolling down her cheeks.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sarah, I hope this isn't too much to ask but I just had a bad day so can I have some otayuri head canons?

Ahhh, I’m sorry you had a bad day, nonny! :( You caught me just after I finished watching Ex-Girlfriend Club with my floor-mates, so have a rewritten scene from the show:

  • Otabek and Yuri are fake dating for ~some publicity reason~, and they’ve tried really hard to line their stories up and whatnot, but they still get thrown when someone, probably Victor or JJ because they have no tact, ask about the first time they kiss. 
  • This is not a thing they’ve discussed beforehand, because it’s not a question they figured they would get from the press, and Yuri fumbles around for an answer that will sound the perfect combination of vague but true for quite some time until Otabek cuts in with…well, not exactly a lie.  
  • “Three years ago, when we weren’t exactly in a relationship, there was an instance where we were separated for three months. He wasn’t around, he wasn’t picking up calls, and I missed him so much, so I went to find him. Without a plan. It took me two hours by car to get to him, just so I could see his face even just for a while. He was…being set up with another boy, when I found him that night.” // “And then? You just left? You can’t have just left!” // “That’s right. If I just left, we’d remain forever as friends. So…I entered the bar mindlessly. Yuri was surprised to see me. He was without words, so I, too, without words…kissed him.
  • Yuri is sh00k, because he doesn’t remember telling Otabek about that night, doesn’t remember telling Otabek about anything that happened in the three months break he took from skating to try to get over his feelings for Otabek, but it did happen. And the only way Otabek would know is if Otabek’d actually been there, like he said he was. 
  • They have the why didn’t you tell me? // how could I when you looked like you were so happy? conversation later that night, when they’re finally alone. It results in angry confessions of love being blurted out, and both of them making out. 
random two-bit headcannons

- tbh two would be the one who would start laughing in the middle of a test

- he loves mickey mouse with a passion because he is a child at heart

- he will never really ‘grow up’ tbh

- he was judged a lot in school and that was one of the reasons why he dropped out

- i rly think that two hides his emotions and he just laughs it off

- but then he cries when he is alone (this makes me sad)

- when he is feeling down and actually says something to the gang, they make him smile again


- he has the cUTEST smile when he’s rly happy

- he is secretly a crazy fanboy (fite me)

- he has so many posters in his room oml this child

- the only memory two has of his father is when he walked away for the last time

- he had a really close relationship with his father and when he left, two-bit thought it was his fault

- his mother tried her best to not make him feel this way

- but it never worked

- in simplest terms, two-bit doesn’t tell anyone about his past or his feelings

A/N: i am rly sorry but these are terrible. hope you liked!

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Late night

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: A Jungkook fluff when I’m his pregnant wife and the baby is kicking me so I wake up in pain so Jungkook comforts me! 

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

You cringed in pain looking over at your sleeping husband. He was so calm and you knew that he’d been working so much lately that you couldn’t bear to wake him up. Slowly you tried to get yourself out of the bed and went into the living room, sitting yourself down gently on the couch. 

“….When will you let me sleep, huh?” You said, looking down at your stomach.

Jungkook felt it when you got up, waking up. He dragged himself out of bed to look for you.

“Y/N?” He asked, seeing the light on in the living room.

“Oh. S-sorry. I wasn’t trying to wake you up-”

He walked over to the couch, crouching down next to you.

“Is something wrong? Are you okay?”

You took his hand and placed it on your stomach.

“It was cute at first but now it keeps me up because of the pain.”

Jungkook rubbed his hand slowly up and down your stomach, trying to soothe the baby. He knew there wasn’t much he could do but he felt bad seeing you in pain all the time. 

“I’m sorry…” He spilled out as if it was his fault.

You looked over at his messy bed hair, and concentration as he rubbed your stomach. You smiled at him.

‘I’m not. Even if it hurts, you and me get to have this kid. I don’t want you to have any regrets about this- Ow….!”

He looked up at you, worried. “Is it worse? What should I do?”

You winced, shaking your head. “I’m fine…Sometimes he likes to kick extra hard.”

Honestly, he looked more worried than you felt. There was a small comfort to that. He wanted to be part of everything that happened with this kid and doesn’t want to make you do anything on your own. You guessed it was because he felt slightly responsible even though you both agreed to it or maybe it was the guilt from him constantly working. Jungkook laid his head on the couch next to your side, still trying to calm the baby down. He leaned forward and gave your stomach a light kiss. You started to feel sleepy again since it was actually working.

“I guess he already prefers his dad.” You joked. 

Jungkook smiled. “I think he just missed me. I’m not always home.”

“That makes two of us then. But i’m sure he will understand that you’re working hard for both of us. And we’re both happy that you’re doing something you love.”

You yawned, closing your eyes. After you finally fell asleep on the couch, Jungkook fell alseep next to you on the floor. Things might be a little more stressful and different with you being pregnant now but he was just as sweet and caring as always. You already knew he’d be a great dad. 

Dear Mom iv.

[A little note: While I’m still riding out the rest of my the freshman high, I know how weird that sounds. I thought it would be great for another Dear Mom. Probably the last one and kind of fitting since it’s the end of the semester. Here’s a Dear Mom of self-reflection and an optimistic outlook for summer!]

Dear Mom,

You were right. You were right in the mom way you’re always right about everything. Just please don’t respond to this with I-told-you-so. Though I don’t like admitting it - things did get better. You should frame this when you get the chance because this is probably last time I’ll ever tell you that. But like I said, in the moment - we don’t think about that. About everything getting better. In the moment; it’s just all bad. All awful. It’s terrifying and we don’t know how to get past it. How to see the good. But somehow, we do. Somehow; we manage to bury it, even the really hard parts and find a way to cope, to move on. I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I could be the type of person to just wait for life to get better. And the only thing that kept me going was thinking about coming home. About the chicken alfredo you promised me on my first night back. About seeing you and dad; telling you all this stuff in person instead of writing this letter.

Finally, it’s starting to feel like spring. The season of new beginnings. The weather is perfectly sunny.The air smells different, like I can inhale all the fumes of the wonderful flowers around campus, blossoming underneath the watchful gaze of bees. Like I can picture how soft they’d feel, rubbing the soft petals in between my fingertips. The best part about spring is I feel more myself again. I was beginning to forget what that felt like. Our dorm doesn’t feel like we’re all stepping on eggshells around each other anymore. Now when I’m home – I remember how to smile, how to laugh. Remarkably, it doesn’t feel like my world is ending. It’s like you said - just another one of those little bumps in the road on our journey. Our strange journey in figuring out who we are. How weird is it that I actually understand some of the advice you used to give me in high school? I used to roll my eyes, but now that I’m here it’s starting to make sense. Maybe it’s always been that easy. Or maybe I’m finally starting to grow up.

I guess what I’m trying to say - it’s all starting to feel normal around here again and the focus I’ve been missing is back. The last pages of my novel are sitting by my desk, waiting to be finished. I’ve pretty much poured everything I can into it. I know you’re probably interested in an update – and you’ll be happy to know that I’m pretty sure I’ll be finished in time. In fact, I’m meeting Gabriela tomorrow for the last home stretch. But before you start planning some crazy surprise party for me– don’t forget that I still have to get through the dance and saying all my goodbyes to my friends before summer starts. I thought my exams were the hardest thing I’d have to worry about. But somehow, I don’t think saying goodbye is going to be easy - even if it’s just for the summer. We’ve been through so much. I’m probably going to cry. These guys have pretty much become my family. My family away from home. I know it doesn’t seem like that all time; especially when I’ve been complaining about how much distance there’s been between us - but that’s what they are. We’ve pretty much mended all we could. It only took the end of the semester to realize it.

Oh! And before I forget - it looks like Chris’ Second Chance Scholarship is going to work out after all. It’s not that I didn’t believe in it Mom; I was just never completely sure that the rest of Hartfeld would believe in it too. I kept hoping they would – but to see it actually happening is amazing. It’s going to change a lot of lives. I can feel it. Chris’ been a lot better now that he’s got more time on his hands. We hung out the other day – just the two of us and he confessed how much he misses me, how much he misses us. I’m not going to lie I had a few close calls of tearing up but I held it together. It’s just nice knowing he misses us as much as we missed him. 

Kaitlyn and I are back together again – the way it’s supposed to be when you don’t give up on someone. It was really scary for awhile there, I was afraid of losing her. She came home bursting into tears about nearly flunking out of all her classes. We all swore a solemn pact to help her- even if it meant all night (and believe me it did). “No one sleeps and no one get’s left behind.” That was my motto that night and in the morning we staggered around all haggard; zombies mumbling under our breaths but hey we did it. We survived. I’m seeing more and more of the Kaitlyn I used to know and frankly I’m just relieved that she’s back. I really missed her. I’m pretty sure she’s going to pass; plus I lent her my lucky charm bracelet just in case. 

We went dress shopping with Abbie after finals. I wasn’t looking forward to the dance at first, but as the date grew closer - their excitement became infectious. Plus, it feels good to spend some quality girl time. No drama - just  three girls hanging out. Everything with Tyler seems to still be going well – Abbie’s grinning from ear to ear about plans of meeting each other’s parents over the summer. They’re so adorkable, and for the first time; I’m not jealous. Not even a little bit. I’m honestly just really happy for them, even though they make it look so easy. 

They aren’t the only insufferable couple though - Brandon’s back from Peru and Zack’s been over the moon since. It’s great to see him smiling so much again, especially since it’s such a stark change from the Zack I’ve been moping with for the last couple weeks. Now who am I going to watch cheesy romance flicks with and cry over ice cream? I’m pretty sure I’ve barely seen one without the other since Brandon’s been back. They’re sweet, like nauseatingly sweet - but in a good way. 

James is the only one that I’m kind of worried about. Everyone else has their bearings, and seem like they’re all looking forward to our last night together. But I think James is still kind of heartbroken that things didn’t work out the way he wanted them to in Hollywood. Is it wrong for me to just be grateful - to be happy that he’s back? I really wished it all ended differently for him; but I don’t think it’ll be his only chance. James is a brilliant writer. Sooner or later someone else’ll come along and appreciate his art the way it’s meant to be appreciated. But in the mean time, at least he’s spending the last few days with us. The people that want to always have his back. 

I keep hoping to bump into Zig around campus but I haven’t had much luck. I don’t even know why I’m looking for him. It’s unexplainable; he’s just some guy Mom. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m starting to know the real him after all our confessions on the rooftop last night. Maybe I’m starting to get to know the real Zig, and not just the parts he shows everyone else.

I’m not thinking ahead anymore - wondering what could go wrong before it does. I think I’m finally taking a page out of your book. Stop worrying and just enjoy it. And now all I’m thinking about is the killer dress I’m going to wear tonight and having fun with my friends on our last night together. I think I can hear Abbie and Kaitlyn laughing about something down the hall. I think they’re heading here to make sure I’m getting ready for the dance on time. 

So thanks for listening Mom. Thanks for always being there. I guess no matter how old I think I am; I’m always going to need you.

Emotional (D.L.)

I didn’t even know what time it was when we decided we’d go inside and make ourselves comfortable to go to sleep. This house party at Dereks place had been going on for hours, and let’s just say, we were pretty wasted. I wasn’t drunk to the point where I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was drunk enough to be talkative and fun and just giggly. 

When we, and by we I mean Derek, KDL, Tyler and his girlfriend, reached the living room, the couple immediately took the couch and made themselves at home, clearly ready to call it a day. Me on the other hand, I wasn’t really in the mood for sleeping yet. We were having so much fun and I just didn’t want the night to end too soon. I just kind of got to know them all, over Derek, I may add. Derek, who I have been seeing and talking to for about two weeks. By seeing I mean that we only had one sort of date yet; we went to Venice spontaneously and got food afterwards. You could say we were intrigued with each other, we talked and texted a lot and it was obvious that we had some sort of connection. 

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Tentatively poking my head out

Some may have noticed that I’ve been posting a little bit lately, kind of taking hesitant steps out of my anxiety-induced hiatus. Yesterday I even posted one of the stories that I had previously only sent to my mailing list a couple months ago. People seemed to like it, so …

I’m considering beginning to post chapters of the Deaf!Phil AU I’m currently working on (with four chapters already having been sent out to the mailing list). This is the first AU I’ve ever written, though, so I’m even more nervous about posting it then I would be about posting my usual style of fic.

I don’t know why I’m even posting this, because I’m not really looking for encouragement or anything like that. I guess I just wanted to share that I am actually considering starting to put more of my writing out there publicly again, because it makes me kind of happy to feel like a contributing member of the phandom again. I missed you guys. 💜

Take Care of You - Jamie Reagan Blurb

Originally posted by nephelite

Your POV

I glare down at my left leg. I feel Jamie yank my hair lightly, making me look at him.

“Stop glaring at your leg.” He scolds, a small smile on his face.

I start to glare at my leg again, “No. I can’t walk properly for the next two weeks, it’s embarrassing.”

He chuckles, pressing a kiss to my forehead. “It’s no embarrassing. You just don’t like not being able to do anything.” I move my head slightly to see him from the corner of my eye, he grins. “I, for one, am happy that this happened. I actually get to take care of you for once.”

Jealousy (MC x Kaitlyn).

“So what time are your friends coming over?” Kaitlyn asks as she helps you set up the table that you’ve brought up to the rooftop.

“Um,” you say, pausing to take our your phone and check your text messages. “Ryan said they just reached the edge of campus so they should be here soon.”

“So if I remember correctly,” she says, beginning to tick the items off on her fingers, “there’s Ryan, your best friend from high school, Ash, your old neighbor and childhood friend, and Jackie, her boyfriend.”

“Yes, you do listen!” you say playfully, leaning up onto her tip toes to give her a quick kiss. She rolls her eyes but kisses you back.

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