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Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

Imagine Tom talking about you in interviews after your child is born:

Pushy Interviewer: So were you there? Did you watch? With my kids I couldn’t watch so I just stayed up by my wife’s head.

Tom: Yeah, man. It definitely is a lot to take in, but I consider it an honor. You know, I grew up in a family of all boys, but my mum always made it very clear our whole childhood that having a baby was like– the most painful thing on this Earth and we needed to respect women for doing that.  

Interviewer: She raised you right, huh?

Tom: I’d like to think so. After we found out she was pregnant, one of the first things she decided was that she wanted to do it naturally. Which, you know, I really respect that. I can’t imagine what that must feel like, so I think it was important that I just be as supportive as I could. The whole process was insane. She did great.

Interviewer: Did you actually cut the cord? I did that with my son.

Tom: I actually didn’t. But I caught her. It was the craziest thing, man. The doctor was there and they said to give one more push and then the nurse literally like grabbed my hands and the doctor guided my daughter into my arms. It was the best moment of my life. I cried.

Interviewer: That’s amazing. Were your parents there?

Tom: Hers and mine both were out in the waiting room. We waited to find out the sex so I got to come out and say it was girl and everyone cheered and my dad cried. It was pretty great.

Interviewer: Now, you guys are both pretty young still, and you’re carrying a massive franchise on your back. How is that going to balance with parenting?

Tom: You know, that’s a good question. I think, for me, it feels really important to be present. I think in this industry, a lot of actors, men in particular, get to have a spouse and a family, but then their job is this separate life and they kind of go away and work and travel the world and leave their partners behind. And that isn’t to pass judgment– different things work for different people. But that was something we talked a lot about. I didn’t want my role as a father to be a side job. So I think for now, the girls will travel with me wherever I’m shooting. 

Interviewer: Wow.

Tom: Yeah, it’s a big sacrifice, on the girls’ part. I mean, the baby won’t remember it, and we haven’t decided what we’ll do when she’s school aged, but it’s a real privilege to be able to have a partner who believes in what I’m doing so much that she’s willing to come along for the ride of it. My hope is that I’ll be able to be a really involved father as a result of it because, you know, I’ll be able to go home to them at the end of every day. Try to be as normal as possible.

Interviewer: Do you have any pictures?

Tom: Do I ever. She’s the prettiest little girl in the world, mate.

           “Does it need to be resized or something?”

           “Hm? Oh, no.” Steve answered, looking up from his hands. He’d been staring intently down at them for a while. More specifically, he’d been fiddling with the thick, glittering band wrapped around his finger.

           “Is it stuck?” Tony prodded, “I assumed you hadn’t been taking it off because you liked it…”

           “It’s not stuck.” Steve replied, and went back to gazing at his hand and twisting the ring around. Tony squinted his eyes, as if doing so would somehow give him a clearer picture of what was on Steve’s mind.

           “Do you like it?” Maybe it was too ostentatious? The ring was made of a vibranium alloy –specifically designed to withstand Steve’s violent lifestyle- and studded all around with gemstones, which were set deep into the metal so they didn’t pop out every time Steve slammed it into some bad guy’s jaw. Tony was trying his best not to go too overboard with everything, the ring, the proposal, the wedding that was fast approaching, but maybe it was still too much. Frankly, if Tony thought he could get away with it he’d have put the hope diamond on Steve’s finger. He’d have given him the moon.

           Steve just smiled and shook his head, and Tony couldn’t tell if it meant of course I love it, what a stupid thing to ask, or why on earth did you give me this gaudy eyesore.

           “I’ve just been thinking.” Steve said, finally, “I’m trying to figure out how to ask for something.”

           Tony sighed, relieved that there was no crisis, and closed the distance between them. He pressed himself against Steve’s broad chest, wrapped his arms loosely around his waist and smiled reassuringly.

           “Honey, you don’t have to be so embarrassed about asking for things.” Tony said, gazing up into Steve’s eyes, “First of all, you hardly ever ask me for anything, and when you do it’s usually some kind of wonderful, exciting sex thing and I am pleasantly surprised… If this is another sex thing then, god, I mean that’s… you’re so… I’m getting sidetracked. Second, no, third, I will almost certainly give you whatever you want because, as I’ve said before, I love to give you things. I wish you’d let me buy you more- and I know you say you don’t need anything but that’s not really the point of the exercise. I’m getting sidetracked again. I’m just saying if the moon was for sale…”

           Steve laughed. Tony felt him relax a little, and couldn’t resist leaning up for a kiss, which Steve seemed more than happy to give him.

           “It’s not a thing, exactly.” He said, when they pulled apart, “And you can say no.”

           “I know.”

           Steve took a breath, “When we get married…” Steve smiled brightly when he said the words get married, and Tony was reminded again exactly why he’d decided to do this terrifying thing, “I wanted to take your name.”

           Tony was taken aback. That wasn’t a possibility he’d actually considered. “You mean, legally? Changing your name?”

           “I know it’s a little old fashioned.” Steve admitted, his brow furrowing, “I just think when two people get married they should have the same last name. It feels… normal, and that’s usually in short supply.”

           “Hey, no need to justify it to me!” Tony said, “If you want to change your name that’s- actually that’s a little fantastic. Why the hell did you think I might say no?”

           Steve shrugged “It’s not like Stark is just a regular name. It’s important, and you put it on everything-“

“Not everything,” Tony said, looking very pointedly at Steve “Just everything that’s mine.”

Tony got a little thrill seeing the blush spread across Steve’s cheeks. He blinked a few times, apparently clearing his head, before he continued, “Um… I’d just understand if you didn’t want to share it with me.”

           “I want to share everything with you.” Tony said without thinking. His eyes widened as he realized what had just come out of his mouth, “Um… and it’s not like Rogers isn’t an important name, so there’s no reason to be intimidated.”

           “Please, Tony. I’m pretty sure most people really believe my last name is America…

           “Now there’s an idea! Mr. and Mr. America.

           Steve laughed again, and Tony pulled him closer. He would never get tired of hearing that.

           “Sometimes… not all the time, but sometimes, it feels like being Steve Rogers got taken away from me.” Steve explained, “I didn’t have a choice, but with this… choosing to give it up. For you, I could do that. I really want to.”

           Tony let go of Steve’s waist to hook an arm around his neck and pull him down for another kiss. If the ring was Tony’s way of saying I’m not going anywhere. You can stop worrying, then this felt like Steve’s answer. I’m not going anywhere either. Not ever.

           “Steve Stark… Steve Stark. That’s really not terrible.” Tony muttered. He pressed a quick kiss to the side of Steve’s mouth, “I could get used to that.”

Realistic fanfictions

“Our lips finally met. He tasted like those burritos he had for lunch. This is actually really gross. Oh god, I don’t want to ruin the moment though. I wonder if I have any mints in my bag I can give him. This was a bad idea.”

imagine hating women so much that you can’t even handle a beautiful canon friendship between two female characters because you’re too threatened by the fact that they’re romantically shipped by the fandom 

Few things I’ve noticed from my third read of Captive Prince:

  • It is explicitly said that Damen is a bisexual man with a preference for women. 
  • The first exchange between Damen and Laurent was actually won by Damen, with his iconic “I speak your language better than you speak mine, sweetheart.” 
  • How unsettled Laurent is by how honorable is Damen is actually really sad. And gross. Laurent deserved better than to grow up in an abusive court that is constantly making jokes about him, his sexuality, and his body. 
  • Erasmus has an incredible intuition. He’s also the first to notice Laurent’s kindness. 
  • Laurent had every right to have Damen punished after what happened in the baths. Considering his backstory and who Damen is.
  • Many things Laurent says about others can be interpreted as projected self-hatred and that also makes me sad and upset.
  • Nikandros deserves a break. Laurent deserves a break. 
  • When people draw "gender bends" of the Dream Daddy guys (especially of Damien): 😓😥
  • When people instead just create original mommy characters for a dating sim: 😚😊

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anon said : can you do a yugyeom enemy to fwb smut where the reader is a bit younger? thank you!

Summary : You say you can’t stand him. He tells you to take a seat then.

Warnings : language, smut

Word Count : 2.8k+

If Yugyeom interrupted the lecturer one more time, you were going to take the stapler off of the desk and staple his lips shut. Okay… not really. That was a really gross thought actually. You discreetly shook your head, trying to get the image the thought had conjured out of your mind.

You had been thrilled to be selected as a TA during your first year of college. The thrill had lessened slightly as the year had progressed. Honestly it wasn’t the job that had lessened the thrill. Everything would have been fine if Yugyeom wasn’t a student in the only class you were working as a TA in.

Yugyeom. College Junior. Majoring in dance. Minoring in music. A complete jerk.

It seemed that he’d made it his job to annoy every serious college student, go to every college party, and to have sex with every hot college girl. And one more thing… what was it… oh yeah! He’d made it his job to annoy the shit out of you.

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White-haired!Midori for your viewing pleasure ~

Breaking stereotypes about inferior Fe

There are two opposed ideas people seem to have of inferior Fe: I’m a cold hermit who hates everyone and doesn’t want to socialize ever because people are gross or I’m uncomfortable with feelings but actually really care about people, I just don’t know how to convey it and come off as cold. Usually, neither of these are true. 

Here is what it mostly means to have Fe as your inferior function: 

  1. The more unhealthy, the more you seek for approval. I don’t know where this usual stereotype of IxTPs not caring about what others think of us comes from, but it’s ridiculous. You totally can get there, but many of us do care about how people perceive us. The thing is that we mostly don’t care in an emotional way, it’s more of a need to fit in and feel like a part of something rather than wanting to be accepted and loved. 
  2. Ergo, we are not hermits. If we have very toxic Fe, we may believe we are better off alone, push people away or just think there’s no way we could fit in anywhere. Funnily enough and contrary to popular belief, a lot of the time we don’t do it on purpose. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have marginalized our own selves until it becomes obvious to us.
  3. Our emotions are more present than our feelings. When we are aware or it becomes clear that we are ‘feeling’ something it’s mostly an emotion. They are short lived experiences. Our feelings aren’t really intense at all. We do have a much stronger ability to think than we do to feel. Our emotions, though, can be very intense. That’s why we can get really mad or upset but get over it soon. Our problems are solved quickly because they exist according to our emotions, not our feelings.
  4. Our Fe makes us feel lonely at times. Regardless of how many times an IxTP says they are completely okay with being isolated 24/7 (if they are), only someone who is seriously mentally ill would be okay with it. We can feel very alone sometimes or wish we had stronger Fe to be able to feel a part of something. 
  5. The thing is sometimes we don’t push people away because our feelings are unconvenient or because we’d rather be alone. Sometimes it feels impossible for us to create real, strong bonds with other people and, as I said earlier, we end up isolating ourselves to an extent without realizing it. If the Fe is unhealthy, it’s not that we avoid human connections, it’s that we feel unable to create them.
  6. We suck at externalizing our feelings because of our weak Fe, that bit is true. But it’s not only in public. It’s not only being unable to show certain signs of affection because it’s not in our nature. It’s not only becoming aggresive because we are overcome with negative emotions. We also have trouble externalizing our feelings when we are alone. Some of us may sometimes fake cry when we are alone because we feel the need to match up our exterior with how upset we feel. Most of the times I have cried, it has been forced. This is just an example of the ridiculous coping mechanisms some of us have. 
  7. While we have times when we have a lot of emotions, we also have times when we feel completely emotionally detached. Yes, we have times when even we feel like cold robots unable to correctly interact with people. This is unhealthy, but many of us have been there. I think (almost) every IxTP has gone through a period of their life where they just approached everything super rationally and didn’t even acknowledge that they had any sort of feeling or emotion.
  8. Whether we want to or not, we experience feelings in a completely different way than most people and sometimes what seems like a small amount of affection for others may seem like a big deal to us. I think this really relies on the amount of life/emotional experience you have had.
  9. Something nice on our side: We can mold and control how we feel most if not all of the time! When I’m sad or when I’m happy, all I need to switch my mood is to set in my mind that I could change my mood by listening to a different song or getting my mind off a certain topic. I think we mostly choose to be sad or happy depending on what resonates with us better at that moment. We have a huge capacity to manipulate how we feel. More than how we feel, how aware we are of it. We can disconnect ourselves from a certain feeling or our awareness to it easily. 
  10. Last but not least: We do care. Differently, but we do. Maybe I just haven’t met the right crowd of people, but with most human beings, I’m not aware 24/7 of what they mean to me or how much I appreciate them constantly. You probably have heard that IxTPs will show they care by spending time with you or doing nice things for you rather than verbalizing how we feel. That’s true, basically because we can manipulate our words, but we mostly do what we want to do, so if we hang out with someone or do something nice for them, it’s because it pleases us to do so, and therefore, wether we are aware or not, we care.

I have read a lot of posts on inferior Fe but there are many areas that I hadn’t seen covered, so I decided to just do it myself! Maybe they don’t all apply to every single IxTP, but you can get a general idea of what is truly going on within us.

Being judgmental isn’t just toxic and negative and gross, it’s actually really tiring. Going around and hearing people and then sending it through your filters in your brain of morality and seeing which side that person or that behavior comes out on — it’s just no way to live. It’s really a drag.
—  Comic Pete Holmes on coming to a new understanding of his Christian faith

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twitter[.]com/queenelizajane/status/876462812599533568 \ twitter[.]com/clarkextra/status/876471520947818496 - I hate blarkers so much.

This girl is the prime example why I support the idea of people showing their social media before they meet celebrities in real life. 

Her today:

Her every other day:

What’s actually really gross is how Taylor Swift fans are turning her sexual assault into another way to attempt to drag Demi.
Where are Taylors friends? No where yet here you are so concerned that Demi isn’t talking about it. For all you fucking know Taylor asked them not to speak about it. And why should Demi be obligated to talk about it when she isn’t Taylors friend yet Hayley, Zendaya, Selena, Jamie King, Hailee Steinfeld, Lorde, Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne haven’t said a word? Why aren’t they being penalized? You people are pathetic. Taylor Swift being groped is tragic but its not the only terrible thing happening in the world right now. In America right now there are minorities being terrorized afraid to leave their homes because there’s a chance that if they step outside of their home they will be killed. There is a chance that America is going to war. In America transgender people are having their rights taken away along with their lives and you’re worried about why celebrities aren’t talking about Taylor. She has the platform and the voice to speak out for herself, the minorities in America aren’t so lucky. Demi Lovato along with a bunch of other celebrities are giving a voice to the people who are at risk of being killed for being different. Next time you ask “where is Demi Lovato for Taylor?” Remember that 1) Taylor probably asked for privacy on this matter and 2) Demi is trying to help bring attention to the riots and terrorism and show her support for the people fighting against white supremacy. 3) if you aren’t going to rip out the throats of Taylors friends for not being vocal, why are you doing it to the people you know aren’t friends with Taylor.