is actually really gross


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.

Realistic fanfictions

“Our lips finally met. He tasted like those burritos he had for lunch. This is actually really gross. Oh god, I don’t want to ruin the moment though. I wonder if I have any mints in my bag I can give him. This was a bad idea.”

I love Rory and I always will, but I was so disappointed in her for sleeping with Logan when he was engaged to someone else.  I didn’t really believe it, either. It made sense with Dean because Rory was so young and kind of justified it with Lindsay being the ‘wrong person’, and did it out of loneliness and fear, but she’s grown up and isn’t in the same mindset.  I’d include Paul in this, but he’s obviously written as a joke and not an actual person.  Anyway, it’s a really gross storyline and I’m disappointed.


Harry can’t wink, pass it on.


TG: your point?

TG: its still good

EB: blegh.

Me: wow I love the fact that Jughead is a cannon asexual and the way Riverdale is erasing that is really gross

Some Aphobe: actually sweaty he doesn’t like girls so he’s gay

Me: while in most circumstances that would be a fair interpretation and it’s not my place to tell you how to headcanon a character in this case it has been stated both in canon and word of god that he is a touch repulsed aroace

Some Aphobe: why are you so homophobic

The super excited liberal ideology surrounding voting, as personified in the archetypical celebrity endorsement, is really gross. When you have actual scientist Bill Nye acting like voting for Democrats will put an end to climate change, an actual scientist who realizes how deeply fucked we are if we don’t get our shit together, you know that capitalist ideology is a powerful powerful thing.

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I bring birb to hoomom today! But she not let me into houze wif it. She say "iz gross" but that is false? Iz actually really tastey and I being very nice to give her! i think hooman is rude 😿


Breaking stereotypes about inferior Fe

There are two opposed ideas people seem to have of inferior Fe: I’m a cold hermit who hates everyone and doesn’t want to socialize ever because people are gross or I’m uncomfortable with feelings but actually really care about people, I just don’t know how to convey it and come off as cold. Usually, neither of these are true. 

Here is what it mostly means to have Fe as your inferior function: 

  1. The more unhealthy, the more you seek for approval. I don’t know where this usual stereotype of IxTPs not caring about what others think of us comes from, but it’s ridiculous. You totally can get there, but many of us do care about how people perceive us. The thing is that we mostly don’t care in an emotional way, it’s more of a need to fit in and feel like a part of something rather than wanting to be accepted and loved. 
  2. Ergo, we are not hermits. If we have very toxic Fe, we may believe we are better off alone, push people away or just think there’s no way we could fit in anywhere. Funnily enough and contrary to popular belief, a lot of the time we don’t do it on purpose. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have marginalized our own selves until it becomes obvious to us.
  3. Our emotions are more present than our feelings. When we are aware or it becomes clear that we are ‘feeling’ something it’s mostly an emotion. They are short lived experiences. Our feelings aren’t really intense at all. We do have a much stronger ability to think than we do to feel. Our emotions, though, can be very intense. That’s why we can get really mad or upset but get over it soon. Our problems are solved quickly because they exist according to our emotions, not our feelings.
  4. Our Fe makes us feel lonely at times. Regardless of how many times an IxTP says they are completely okay with being isolated 24/7 (if they are), only someone who is seriously mentally ill would be okay with it. We can feel very alone sometimes or wish we had stronger Fe to be able to feel a part of something. 
  5. The thing is sometimes we don’t push people away because our feelings are unconvenient or because we’d rather be alone. Sometimes it feels impossible for us to create real, strong bonds with other people and, as I said earlier, we end up isolating ourselves to an extent without realizing it. If the Fe is unhealthy, it’s not that we avoid human connections, it’s that we feel unable to create them.
  6. We suck at externalizing our feelings because of our weak Fe, that bit is true. But it’s not only in public. It’s not only being unable to show certain signs of affection because it’s not in our nature. It’s not only becoming aggresive because we are overcome with negative emotions. We also have trouble externalizing our feelings when we are alone. Some of us may sometimes fake cry when we are alone because we feel the need to match up our exterior with how upset we feel. Most of the times I have cried, it has been forced. This is just an example of the ridiculous coping mechanisms some of us have. 
  7. While we have times when we have a lot of emotions, we also have times when we feel completely emotionally detached. Yes, we have times when even we feel like cold robots unable to correctly interact with people. This is unhealthy, but many of us have been there. I think (almost) every IxTP has gone through a period of their life where they just approached everything super rationally and didn’t even acknowledge that they had any sort of feeling or emotion.
  8. Whether we want to or not, we experience feelings in a completely different way than most people and sometimes what seems like a small amount of affection for others may seem like a big deal to us. I think this really relies on the amount of life/emotional experience you have had.
  9. Something nice on our side: We can mold and control how we feel most if not all of the time! When I’m sad or when I’m happy, all I need to switch my mood is to set in my mind that I could change my mood by listening to a different song or getting my mind off a certain topic. I think we mostly choose to be sad or happy depending on what resonates with us better at that moment. We have a huge capacity to manipulate how we feel. More than how we feel, how aware we are of it. We can disconnect ourselves from a certain feeling or our awareness to it easily. 
  10. Last but not least: We do care. Differently, but we do. Maybe I just haven’t met the right crowd of people, but with most human beings, I’m not aware 24/7 of what they mean to me or how much I appreciate them constantly. You probably have heard that IxTPs will show they care by spending time with you or doing nice things for you rather than verbalizing how we feel. That’s true, basically because we can manipulate our words, but we mostly do what we want to do, so if we hang out with someone or do something nice for them, it’s because it pleases us to do so, and therefore, wether we are aware or not, we care.

I have read a lot of posts on inferior Fe but there are many areas that I hadn’t seen covered, so I decided to just do it myself! Maybe they don’t all apply to every single IxTP, but you can get a general idea of what is truly going on within us.

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A doctor being “fascinated” by mental illness does not automatically make them more qualified to treat it though. Like, psychiatry is a very humanized field of study. You can’t always just fix sad people by only catering to their biological needs. In fact, if you’re fascinated for the wrong reasons, it’s actually really gross and exploitative. Jonathan did it wrong and Harley did it wrong. Jonathan wanted literal lab rats and Harley wanted to literally exploit mentally ill patients for her own personal gain. They both suck, tbqh.

useless voltron headcanons:

  • Lance obviously has the best skin. Not only does he use a bunch of products but his skin is just naturally like really soft like a baby’s? 
  • In contrast, Keith has the best hair. this really baffles Lance who thinks his mullet is lame and believed that his hair must be like really tangled and gross but? it’s not? it’s actually really nice and soft and clean? its a mystery. but how does Lance even learn this ;)
  • Hunk may love his food but Shiro is the cook. he makes really great traditional japanese meals which have Hunk drooling and asking for recipes which Shiro can’t give out because their his grandma’s secret recipes and remind him of home.
  •  Pidge doesn’t actually need glasses. Well, not originally anyway. When matt left for the kerberos mission, he left his big clunky glasses behind in favour of contacts. Pidge kept them, both to help with their disguise upon entering the garrison and also to keep a part of matt close. After so long of wearing prescription glasses however, Pidge’s eyes get used to them so their vision isnt so great without them anymore. they don’t really mind.
  • Allura is the best at combat. She’s been trained since a child to fight and defend herself and training five human paladins is so hard because why? are? they? so? weak? compared? to? Alteans??? Anyway, Allura could bench press Shiro with one arm and use the other one to smack Lance for saying something stupid.
  • Coran had a son a little older than Shiro. He didn’t make it to the cryogenic pods in time.

Do we actually have to explain why some people don’t like shipping Briala with the woman who arranged her parents deaths, lied about it, let her kill someone else for it, and decided to burn down an elven settlement because of a play after she told Briala she would help the elves? Like, do we need to have this conversation at all? Who doesn’t get that this is an extremely problematic ship with an awful power dynamic?