is acknowledged by the media

I’m honestly not surprised at this while “Dear White People” thing. It’s basically catered towards tumblr. Don’t bother looking in the tag; it’s as racist as the name is.
It even goes as far as to mention beating white people for their racist views. As opposed to acknowledging everyone even (and nowadays especially thanks to the media and wonderful websites like tumblr ) “poc” can be racist. And that violence is never an option unless it is self defense of a physical attack upon you.

I once read in a book for class that Native American women are the least represented demographic in US media. I don’t want this to be true in the sapphic community as well.

Here’s to Native wlw who aren’t recognized or acknowledged at all in the media or the community.

Here’s to the Native wlw who are rejected for their dark skin, fierce features, and anything else that should be revered for their defining traits that unify a nation of people.

Here’s to the mixed Native wlw who are rejected for being white passing, too black, too anything and “not enough” Native. Your identity is real and valid.

Native wlw are glorious and important and deserve love in a community meant to uplift those who are forgotten by the rest of the world.

its so important to have disabled presence in children’s media, disabled kids grow up with really harmful messages about being burdens, ugly and unwanted and that needs to be challenged, we need to be showing disabled kids that they’re valued and amazing

like I remember a few years ago here in the UK, there was a disabled woman, Cerrie Burnell, who’s right arm ends a little past her elbow, who did some presenting on kids tv and parents wrote in and complained about her and said she was scary for children and shouldn’t be there because she was disabled

children are seen as being needed to be sheltered from the ~terrifying~ and ~horrifying~ reality of disabled people and that really hurts disabled kids and also massively contributes to adults hating and fearing disabled people since that’s what they were taught to do as kids

whether it’s disabled presenters or disabled characters, children’s media has to do more to acknowledge and celebrate disabled people

I just have to say, I love Daisy Ridley so much!  I admire her because she is talented, kind, and incredibly positive.  I love how passionate she is about the role of Rey and Star Wars in general.  I love that she promotes the movie in funny videos and connects with her fans.  I love that she acknowledges Reylo and has liked Reylo fanarts on social media in the past.

What I love most is seeing a woman who has serious illnesses that only affect women starring in a lead action role.  PCOS and Endometriosis are no joke…they can be incredibly painful, exhausting, and can cause an imbalance of hormones which can affect your physical and mental health.  If you have never experienced it, you can’t understand the toll it can take on your body.  Women have different experiences with PCOS and Endometriosis, different symptoms can occur in one woman that does not in another.   

I remember reading an article about Daisy having to eat so much of the bread Rey eats in that one scene in the movie.  She stated how exhausted she felt after eating so much of the bread which is an effect of the PCOS.  People with PCOS tend to produce too much insulin which in turn causes extreme exhaustion.  I’m not talking about I’m tired and I could use a nap, I’m talking about I could stay in bed and sleep for days and still feel exhausted.

It is amazing watching Daisy overcome both of these illnesses and rock the role of Rey, which is intense both physically and mentally.  I appreciate her candidness about her illnesses in the past, it has helped her fans who have to deal with these illnesses greatly.  

Daisy, you rock and I love you!  Thank you for being an amazing role model and inspiration to women everywhere including us who have PCOS.


Some great things Team North America gave us

- Connor being captain and foreshadowing that he might become the youngest captain in nhl history

-Matthews and McDavid playing together like they have been for years

-Matthews playing like he’s been in the nhl for years despite never playing a game

-That Eichel goal assisted by Matthews and McDavid (what dreams are made of)

-The speed ofc

-Gaudreau’s goal (you know the one)

-Drouin being on the team

-Parayko quietly shining and helping out his team

-The media actually acknowledging how good Parayko was

-Nuge and Johnny Hockey looking like two of the youngest on the team despite being two of the oldest

-Ekblad looking like one of the oldest on the team despite being one of the youngest

-When everyone crowded around Johnny and we saw how tiny he actually is

-Just Dylan Larkin

-Probably the best 3 on 3 overtime ever

-MacKinnon’s OT goal

-Rielly’s reaction to MacKinnon’s OT goal

-Morgan Rielly when MacKinnon scored in overtime

-Rielly jumping and screaming when MacKinnon scored and then holding everyone up bc he was watching the replay

-Rielly’s ‘oh my god’ when he was watching the replay

-Even though it was heartbreaking Tim and Sid’s feature after they got eliminated

-Oh yeah and that one Leafs defenceman reacting to MacKinnon’s OT goal

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How can you love Ariel when she gave up her voice for a man??

Because I’m a human capable of critical analysis with multiple thoughts about a piece of media, of enjoying something while acknowledging it contains ‘problematic’ content, and of just straight up just loving a film from my childhood.

Not everything you consume has to be 100% pro feminism veganism anti climate change save the whales. It’s okay to switch that side of your brain off and sing along to a Disney movie that was made 40+ years ago.

Anyway, I always saw Ariel as a fierce, strong willed and independent character. Unlike her sisters, she refused to settle for the life her father planned for her, remaining under the sea. She wanted to explore - and did. She wanted to find love - and did. Some princesses waited around (or slept) and hoped a prince would come to them, she went out and made it happen. She took a gamble for love, and I don’t think that’s inherently wrong. She’d been dreaming of escaping her life and adventuring on land for years, he was that opportunity.

Finally, she was only 16. I’m sure as heck not going to chastise her (or a film) for her decisions at that age, I know girls who did things almost as wild for a boy at 16. I still think Ariel is a confident, funny, passionate role model but I really just answered the question from a much simpler place. She was my favourite Disney princess growing up and still brings me joy to this day. It’s okay ☺🐠

clown names discourse tl;dr at bottom

So from reading the actual screenshots here’s what I could gather:

  • Roxy posted a picture in her discord server of Akari Akaza from YuruYuri, in which someone quickly responded with “anime is banned” (I assume they were uncomfortable with that anime, but nothing directly was said)
  • Upon saying “anime is okay”, she was asked to “name one good anime”. She named Madoka Magica, nge (which she was told sexualizes 14y/o’s. Dont know cause I’ve never watched it), and Yuru Yuri.
  • Roxy then posted 3 images of Yuru Yuri communist memes, and then a video of a scene from the anime. She screenshotted this and posted it on another discord server saying “nothing is funnier to me than posting anime in chats and have a bunch of 14 year olds who are first learning politics try to prove that im problematic”
  • In the initial discord server, someone posted a screenshot of her saying that in the other discord server and asked for roxy to explain herself. After a long winded discussing about nobody calling roxy problematic, how it was a “coincidence” that she called them 14 y/o’s when there were 14 y/o’s in the server (to which she replied that was her go-to age group), and how she often posts the same things in different servers at the same time, the conversation was over.
  • A month later, she got flak for saying that the Dragon Maid anime was part of her server’s culture because it has “Transphobia” and “Pedophilic” facets to it (I dont know, I haven’t watched it).
  • She proceeded to defend the anime. After a few messages back and forth, the person she was arguing with said “why don’t you just admit you’re mad that your pedo friend got kicked”
  • She responded by saying that the person was not her friend, but roxy admitted to originally defending the person (I can only assume because someone called them pedophile). She went on to say that once there was concrete proof, she admitted they were a pedophile.
  • Some more stuff was brought up about her posting the three Yuru Yuri images and how she needed to apologize because she made someone uncomfortable.
  • The people requesting an apology went on to say she has a “weird complex” of saying people are calling her problematic when they disagree with her. Roxy denied this.
  •  A lot more messages went on about Roxy needing to apologize for posting more images of the Yuru Yuri anime, to which she eventually agreed was a shitty thing to ignore on her part.
  • After more accusations of her being a pedophile for liking the Dragon Maid anime, she stated that someone can like something while acknowledging its flaws. 
  • Finally, someone called her racist for having the url “nekommunism”

TL;DR: Clown names was accused of ignoring someone being uncomfortable about a certain anime, to which Roxy agreed was shitty on her part. She was then accused of being a pedophile for a) initially defending someone who was accused of being a pedo without proof, and b) liking Dragon Maid anime. She denied this by saying that someone can like a piece of media while acknowledging a shitty facet of it. She also said she admitted the person she defended was a pedophile once there was concrete proof, and she said she didn’t want to accuse someone without proof. I dont really understand why half of the shit that happened happened because it’s just all really stupid, but yeah.

Would it really kill a tv show or movie to show female characters “first thing in the morning” with actually no makeup on, instead of full foundation, combed and filled in eyebrows, highlight, light eyeshadow, nude lipstick, and fashionably tousled hair and expect us to accept that they “just woke up like this” because I feel like a) that’s super damaging to women who are struggling to accept their natural face and b) contributes enormously the unrealistic expectations men have. Seriously having a character look perfect in one scene and a little blotchy in the next wouldn’t kill anyone. Media acknowledgment of how humans actually operate wouldn’t kill anyone.

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He's placing so much emphasis on joining the success of Louis and Niall. He's giving them the respect the media outlets didn't and the acknowledgement that they have done spectacularly well, and Harry didn't know if his song would be received just as well. I love that he's mentioning that!


i love john’s character arc because it acknowledges something you don’t often see in media, which is that if you’re bisexual, internalised homophobia does still deeply affect you and influence your life. 

people act like if you’re bisexual you have less self-hatred because you can ‘pass’ as straight, but the thing is, if you do have some of that internalised self-hatred, no matter how strong, the insidious nature of bi erasure constantly reinforces your guilt. 

i feel like there’s this unspoken misbelief that if you’re bi, and you for whatever reason don’t feel free to embrace that identity, you can simply “pick a side” out of ‘convenience’ — that you can ‘settle’ for only being in heterosexual relationships because that’s a choice you’re perceived to have.

but over the course of john’s character arc you can see that, even though he’s attracted to both men and women, he’s trying to force himself to be the type of person who only has heterosexual relationships, and gets married and has 2.5 kids, and doesn’t take baths unless they are for ‘medicinal purposes’ god forbid something get misconstrued (baths are gay now. sorry, guys.)

and within S3/4, especially the latter, you can see that it absolutely tears him apart trying to be someone he’s not. and he’s not even gay. he’s bi. and that’s the thing. it’s easy on a surface level to assume that because john’s attracted to women he can just ‘choose’ to love them, but that’s just not the hand life’s dealt him.

the people he has happened to have relationships with that have had the emotional context and brand of intimacy that suits john’s personality have so far been male (sherlock/sholto). that’s by chance how things worked out.

you can’t choose to fall in love with someone or not.


“You’re sort of famous and we vaguely know each other through bumping into each other all the time but the media thinks we’re dating” AU with Jason and him as the sort of famous one please? If the request box is full then ignore this. By @natasha-baggins

Okay! How about Jason founding out his girl is a Victoria Secret angel, and he gets all jealous and fluffy when other people stared at her, but then gets even more jealous but proud like a momma bird when he saw her walked down the path with his huge ass wings, posing for him and all that. Resulting to some..*coughing*smut*coughing*. You can ignore that s… thing if you want though. Love you!

Note: I tried my best but this still sucks. Sorry it does

“IS THAT GIGI HADID?” Tim gauged at the sight and run from Jason’s side to chase after the blonde.

“Isn’t she still with Zayn?” Dick asked, letting a small chuckle leave his lips

“Yup” you popped your lips in an effort to make them look plumper.


“She’s with the Weeknd, dumbass” Jason said and burried his head in his palms, trying to shake off what was happening around him.

He knew he should have never brought his brothers to a Victoria Secret event. Not only were they chasing after the models, especially Dick, but they didn’t even acknowledge the media that was all around, they’d take photos with them and post them on Instagram and Snapchat as if he had told them to do that exactly. What part of “stay in the fucking front line and don’t move from there” they didn’t understand.

“Uhm, Abel’s with Selena, Jason, what world do you live in?” You laughed at him as your make up artist did the final touches to your make up.

“Wait up. You know Selena Gomez?” Dick asked, wide eyes. “Don’t tell me you know Beyonce too” He turned his gaze to Jason, praying he knew Beyonce too.

“No.. I’m sorry, but Selena and I are friends. I could get you tickets to some event of hers though, I mean it won’t be hard right?”

“I think I’m going to cry” Dick fake sobbed with his hand on his heart and then left, off to find Sara Sampaio as he had mentioned before.

“Ugh finally he’s off” Jason sighed and you got up from your chair to let sit in order to get on his lap.

“Let them have some fun, Jay” you smiled and wrapped your hands around his neck.

“How many times are you up tonight”


“Two?” Jason’s eyes widened as you purred against his neck. “You got wings today?”

“Yes” you giggled.

“How the fuck im I supposed to contain myself and not jump on you while you’re walking down that run way. In some goddamn lingerie” at this you laughed again. You knew how jealous Jason could be when it came to your job. He hated to know that others would look at you and your body while you walked down in some underwear - and oh the times this “underwear” was see-through- like seriously, what kind of guy in his place would be able to cope up with that.

“You will, because reporters are everywhere, and I have an interview tomorrow and the only thing I’m going to be asked about is if I’m dating you. They’ve seen us out, a hundred times.” your face was dropping little by little as you spoke with your head glued to the crook of his neck. Jason rubbed soothing circles on your back, being extra careful not to mess with your satin robe, he already knew what was the price of ripping one apart.

Leaning on Jason seemed to be the best idea to calm you down. His even breathing making his chest rise and fall, it always calmed you and at a time like this, you were thankful that he had come at this show. All your stress and worried and been gone by the time they had called you to get dressed and with a last kiss you watched as Jason retreated to his usual seat. In the front line waiting to see you. You knew he couldn’t help but be so very jealous, but maybe that was one more thing that you found so beautiful on him.

“So where’s Tim?” Jason asked as he watched models come and go, flashing smiling and swaying their hips.

“He was with Kylie Jenner the last time I saw him”

“Ughhh” Jason’s face screwed up in fake pain at the sound of the name.

“We’re probably going to end up having a ‘keeping up with the Waynes, really, really soon”

Jason chuckled at the comment. He could only imagine what kind of mess this reality show would be. If Bruce ever allowed it.

“Man these are some huge ass wings” Dick spoke in amusement the moment you appeared on the runway, causing Jason to avert his gaze from the singer and right on you, only to smile once again.

He raised his hands in the air and started clapping, screaming “I love you’s”, loud enough so the live music wouldn’t overdo his voice.

With a look at him, you smiled wider and posed, having already reached the edge of the runway and then with a playful turn you started walking to other side.

You only made a small stop to blow a kiss to him and then with a wink you were gone, off to change as quickly as you could.

  • Who finds it funny that the people who preach about tolerance are always the least tolerant? 
  • Who finds it funny that people who preach about discrimination are always the most discriminatory? 
  • Who finds it funny that people who believe the Russian Hack conspiracy theory won’t even consider the illegal voters’ theory? 
  • Who finds it funny that people who preach against violence are always looting cities, destroying property, beating up random strangers, and defending thugs who draw weapons on cops? 
  • Who finds it funny that people who believe and adhere to the mainstream media won’t admit or acknowledge that the mainstream media was wrong, bigly throughout this entire election? 
  • Who finds it funny that people who blame Russia for hacking emails won’t acknowledge the information that was revealed in the emails? 
  • Who finds it funny that people who voted for Hillary spend their time stalking Trumps Twitter just so they can complain and insult him multiple times per day? 
  • Who finds it funny that the people who deny pizza gate are the ones who are trying to normalize pedophilia? 
  • Who finds it funny how upset these people get at literally everything Donald Trump says and does? 
  • Who finds it funny how these people mocked Donald Trump for “not accepting the elections outcome” yet here we are a month later and neither the protests, the hash tags, Jill Steins recounts nor the death threat brigade to the Electors could change the outcome? 
  • Who finds it funny that the people who are preaching about popular vote are the same people who were preaching about electoral college before November 8th? 
  • Who finds it funny that these people blame white supremacy for Trumps electoral college victory yet they don’t realize if white supremacy is a factor then it would be even more effective if the election were based on popular vote? 
  • Who finds it funny that people who call Trump a racist refuse to acknowledge all the things he has done over the years to help minority communities? 
  • Who finds it funny that people who demonize the President of the United States are the same ones who try to humanize and sympathize with radical Islamic terrorists? 
  • Who finds it funny that they will call any white guy a Nazi white supremacist without even thinking about it yet they won’t call a Muslim a terrorist after they’ve attacked people with a butcher knife or plowed through a crowd in a large truck? 
  • Who finds it funny that the people who keep falling for 4DChess don’t understand how badly they get duped every time? 
  • Who finds it funny that the people who preach about free speech are always the ones who are telling others what they are or are not allowed to say?
  • Who finds it funny that the people who say we should let our children figure out who they are on their own only to censor the people the children look up to because they counter the establishment media lies and propaganda? Can’t have the kids thinking for themselves, can we?
  • Who finds it funny that the group known as Antifa who claim to be anti-fascists are behaving like fascists?
  • Who finds it funny that modern feminism is not for equality or even for all women as it devalues conservative and pro-life women and vilifies men?
  • Who finds it funny that political correctness is an oxymoron?
  • Who finds it funny that Social Justice Warriors are anti-social justice and are just political pawns paid by George Soros to create chaos for political agendas?
  • Who finds it funny that universities and colleges are now indoctrination centers for Marxist ideology?
  • Who finds it funny that the Left think Donald Trump will divide America when they ignore the fact that Obama had already done that? (with the help of MSM like racebaiting CNN, Buzzfeed and MTV)
  • Who finds it funny that the most divisive methods of dividing the people is identity politics?
  • Who finds it funny that the LGBTQ+ claim to be born that way yet have infiltrated education system to force their ideology onto children as young as 5 in some nations to reject their biological sex and confuse them with Tumblr gender theories? (

The hypocritical Regressive Leftists don’t find it funny because irony, reality, truth, accountability and self awareness is completely lost on them.

We should be really really clear here: Putin did not hold a gun to people’s head and force them vote for Trump. The vast majority of white men and women who voted for Trump exercised their free will and did that all on their own, even knowing full well who he was and what he represented. And I am unconvinced that there were large numbers of voters who were undecided or intended to vote for Clinton, but then suddenly changed their minds after reading about the Podesta emails.

So it’s misleading to say that Russia “hacked” the election, because it implies Russia somehow gained access to American voting machines and then flipped Clinton votes to Trump votes. That did not happen. The words used to frame the narrative matter, and the narrative of “hacked elections” is intentionally disingenuous. 

That all said, it’s important to acknowledge that Russia obviously did use the press and social media to try to influence the outcome of US elections — similar to how the DNC worked to influence the outcome of the Democratic primaries — and it’s a foregone conclusion that Trump knowingly accepted the help (and money, probably) of a foreign power to “win” the election.

Think of all the countries Trump has insulted. Not just Mexico and Muslim countries, but think about all of the NATO allies he’s insulted - often saying they aren’t pulling their weight, or that they’ve been “ripping off America.” And now think about how many times you’ve ever heard Trump insult Putin or Russia. It hasn’t happened. Not even one unflattering comment. Trump is a willing Russian pawn. Putin’s little orange lapdog.

Witchcraft and bisexuality, what more can I ask for

First few words about the episode before opening my dash…

The promotional clips gave away a lot of the episode, which is something I always have a lowkey problem with because it happens so often that they spoil pretty much entire episodes with the promotional material (the first promo for 12x12 at least seems to be good on that front, it doesn’t really say much lol) because for good chunks of the episode I was like “yeah I know that, now make something happen I don’t know about” which is not a really cool feeling and kind of ruined the experience of watching the episode a little for me. But this is not the episode’s fault…

I must say, a lot of things didn’t happen as I expected, but mostly better tbh! I also spent the last week imagining which previous episodes this episode would reference, and definitely I didn’t expect to be smacked with glorious siren feels and a callback to the “did you service Oberon” moment in 6x09 just to name two because of reasons… In general the bisexuality vibes were so highkey lol. I expected that the episode would contain bits of bi Dean subtext, but I expected something more on the lines… “oh Dean happens to ride a bull *wink wink*”, not “Dean explicitly seduces a person by showcasing how awesome he is at riding Larry and that is also emphasized by the episode as much as it can possibly get by making it a major focus of the emotional narrative”. Or making it stand out in Dean’s attention that sirens can look like guys.

Rowena is also implied to be as straight as her hair. Speaking of which - Dean being nice to her destroyed my heart. You know, I expected the dynamic between Dean and Rowena to be slightly different - to fit more in the mother-child theme of the season, instead Rowena’s role in the episode was less about general themes and more about herself. The episode showcased that what she needs is a friend - all the relationships she’s had with people have been about power dynamics or about her using them or them using her. How many times do you think she was complimented on her hair or being told she’s cool by someone with zero ulterior motives? And she ends up being open and sincere with that Dean, knowing it won’t last and it’ll mean nothing.

Basically we got some Rowena backstory in relation to herself specifically, a lot of reveals of her feelings and personal struggles, and a huge banner “the witches-men of letters storyline you were expecting is here!” so I call it a win.

My Cuthbert Sinclair radar keeps beeping - last episode with Lily using soul magic (including not to age), now not just with explicit references to the MoL and witches, but with highkey general parallels to Blade Runners, in a way that contrasts Magnus with Rowena again after The Werther Project, and you might have noticed this is absolutely my jam.

In hindsight obviously an episode with Sam asking Rowena for help and a degenerative magical illness was going to parallel The Werther Project so strongly (other than the magic book paralleling Nadya’s codex, there were even Purgatory feels from Dean chasing the witch in the woods, and the broken glass shards were also a callback). And a parallel to The Werther Project obviously means a parallel to Blade Runners. For a person that seeks for Magnus hints everywhere, I am disappointed in myself XD

The reconstruction of Dean’s night in the bar and with the lady was very well done - I didn’t expect Dean to actually have fun with the lady but it turned out better, because it has multiple purposes for the narrative. First of all Dean is put in a “feminine” role: he seduces his partner with his Larry-riding skills (which we see a woman do in the scene when they question the bartender, and the bull being called Larry in general clearly showcases that it’s an activity that straight male patrons don’t do), and the cover story Sam uses is Dean having been roofied, which leads the lady to apologize for having taken advantage of him - of course that is a thing that can happen to everyone regardless of gender, but we know how “traditionally” it’s girls that get roofied and taken advantage of sexually. Furthermore, rarely in media you see an acknowledgement that that can happen to men too, and the episode not only doesn’t treat it like a joke (of course we know the events didn’t involve roofies or sexual assault, so the scene was light for us, but Sam’s cover story involving roofies was meant for the bartender to take them seriously) but it hints - again - to the fact that Dean has a history of that.

Also, the line first action in I don’t know how long and it’s like it never even happened is extremely significant - it’s another instance of the show taking something from subtext and giving us a textual confirmation. We suspected that Dean hadn’t been with someone sexually in a long time, but of course it could be argued that it had happened off screen - now the show spells it out for us. It’s also symbolically significant that the relation with the bartender “is like it never even happened” but I’m going to dedicate another post about that some other moment.

Anyway - Dean won’t let you give him any shit for loving Dory okay?

This is the first and last time I will explain myself on this topic...

I want to say that I think Camila and Lauren are both admirable human beings and amazing women. I admired the bond they displayed from a distance and enjoyed shipping the moments of chemistry captured. But this beautiful thing has turned into something ugly. Because of invasive “fans” (using that term loosely because real fans wouldn’t attack the girls or their friends and family) took things too far. With that being said, my opinion on Lauren’s tweets is simple. Do I think she should not have engaged with the trolls and entertained their madness? Absolutely. Does she have the right to respond and express her frustrations? Absolutely. I don’t fault Lauren for having a slight melt down yesterday. Nor do I think she needs to “be more like Camila” in the general sense of the word. I just think silence is the best way to handle situations like these. As we all see her words did nothing to assuage the fandoms overly invasive opinions or reactions to all that’s happened and been revealed in the last 48 hours. I was once told that the best way to deal with hate is to not give it your energy. So…while I do believe Lauren is well within her rights to be angry and fed up with the nonsense. Giving it any energy is time not well spent. There will always be creeps and there will always be trolls. She has already addressed Camren and now Laucy. She should let this be the last time she acknowledges both on social media. And let the minds of the crazies do what they do. Because she will never be able to control the thoughts or reactions of others. So why even try. If she wants us to only focus on the real and relevant issues she should continue to do what she’s been doing. Ignore the BS and promote the agenda of a equal and loving world for all humans. She has such passion and a heart for the people and she shouldn’t let anything or anyone distract her from her true gift… Activism! Hopefully my perspective is a bit more clear. And if not then I’ll leave you all to your misinterpretations. I’m only here to promote positivity and ship two amazingly beautiful and talented and intelligent young ladies. Beyond that I have a life that means so much more to me. And this world is in desperate need of love and positive people so that’s all I’m here for. I love all of you no matter your opinion and no matter your ship. 😘💕 Nikki aka✌Dean Munch 🎓 (😂)

I do like how star trek did have a grim and sometimes gritty show in Deep Space Nine as it dealt with war and grey morality and trauma, but even that show found the time to have absolutely ridiculous romps like a 1950s spy thriller episode, or a baseball episode, or the episode where the gang gets together to bail out their favorite fictional character in a 1960′s casino VR game (and even in that episode they still managed to have a serious discussion the dangers of revisionism and erasure in historical fiction, but how you can enjoy media while still acknowledging its flaws and oversights)

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so obviously you're voting supercorp. Think about canon ships though?

Yes, yes I am. If they advance I will continue to vote for them. I do think about the canon ships. I have yet to experience POI in its fullness, but I support Shoot. I adore Lexa and will always support Clexa. I ship and am so proud of Sanvers and show my support for them and the fandom daily. The representation of canon wlw relationships is so incredibly important so I cherish the ones we have. However, in this specific case, I support Supercorp over all of them. Three reasons:

A) SuperCorp has more love and support than it is given credit for outside of the fandom. There are people out there that don’t take us seriously due to certain behavior and discourse but the fandom as a whole shouldn’t be underestimated or discredited for loving a positive and healthy ship. Multiple mediums of entertainment media have acknowledged Supercorp despite the fact that it is not canon. When this happens, it is often done in a way that overshadows K*ramel and the horrible path SG has taken them in all season long.

B) Again, I support the canon ships, but we have heard from all of them. We know their feelings on being part of a duo that has depicted such amazing relationships. I am interested in the views of those that realize the impact they’ve had and that they have the opportunity to do the same as canon couples.

C) Look at the top 16 couples! 8 of them are wlw!! 50% of them are wlw! Not all of them are canon. I think this sends an important message. While there are shows out there that depict and represent these types of relationships, they are all under the impression that they have done well because they have one – as if they have met some established quota to satisfy us. Realistically speaking, that quota exists and that is problematic. LGBT+ representation should not be based on a “one is enough” ideal. Showcasing this much support for relationships like this, both canon and non-canon, is something that can help combat the notion of that quota.

So yes. I will always vote Supercorp. Obviously.

Source your aesthetics.

So this is an issue I wasn’t expecting in this community, and I’d like to address it. This is important. When you make an aesthetic, please credit the people whose images you’re using.

Photography is an art. Photography belongs to people. People own the pictures you are using. And they deserve credit. Taking a picture that belongs someone else is art theft, whether it’s a painting or a photograph. And saying ‘oh well it’s not mine’ isn’t good enough. You are not crediting the original artist if you’re not naming them. How is that crediting? There is no source, no way to find them, no acknowledgement. These are people with their own accounts and social media, and they’re sitting there without traffic. Their pictures don’t belong to us, they’re not ours to take, not ours to do with as we please, and the least we can do is link back to the owners. Because they created something that moved you! Something you enjoyed, something that reminded you or made you feel something. The least you can do is be grateful and respect those artists. Respect them by giving them the credit they deserve.

If you use and post art without sourcing, you are stealing these people’s work. You’re just taking their art and reposting it, but because you’re doing it to several people in one post, you feel like it’s okay. Look, I realize people aren’t doing this on purpose. No one’s sitting there, rubbing their hands together going ‘heh, no credit for you Mr. Artist’. People don’t know any better and because this community has no standard for this, it’s easy to join along. It’s easy to get away with it, because no one’s doing anything, and most people don’t realize it’s an issue. I get it – you can’t know, if no one ever told you. And we’re all weak for pretty things, and we’re all weak for getting them onto our blogs ASAP. But this is a standard we should have. Technically, what you’re doing is illegal. Sure, it’s not a big deal, it’s not commercial use, I get that, but it’s still not right.

And you are getting those pictures from somewhere. You’re looking for them, and you’re finding them. You have a link. It takes 5 seconds to link to where you got it from. It takes a little longer to check if that page is the original owner or not; about 1 minute for a reverse image search (google or otherwise). Look for the biggest sizes. Look for instagram and flickr links, or blog pages. If you see it on pinterest, check the sources there. Once you find the biggest (unedited, if you can tell) one, reverse-search that, just to be sure. Some images have been through hell, WeHeartIt and back and cannot be traced back, but you can at least put a few minutes of effort into it. And if you really cannot find the true owner, just link back to where you got it from.

Think about how you would feel if someone took your artwork and didn’t credit you. How would you feel if I just took that aesthetic you just made and posted it on my own blog? Without crediting you? Would saying ‘it’s not mine’ would make you feel better? I’m gonna go ahead and assume that if I just took your aesthetic and did that, you’d think I was a douche. The entire community would probably think that’s one hell of a douche move, and that it’s wrong of me to do. Now realize that this is what you’re doing to other people.

If it’s aesthetic you’re worried about, I got you covered. You can just put little links at the bottom of your post, like this:

x x x

or this:

(x) (x) (x)

or any variation really. Look up alt/unicode symbols and find what matches your aesthetic!

☼ ❂ ✷ ♛ ☩

TL;DR: Sourcing your aesthetics if important. If you are using artwork that belongs to someone else, it is your obligation to credit the rightful owner – because it’s not you. Please please please start sourcing your aesthetics.

(I would also really appreciate it if you could reblog this! I’d really love to see sourcing become more common in this community. Thank you very much for reading, and happy aesthetic-ing!)