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SO i just saw the gif set where kara's like "i'm supergirl, i don't run from anything" and abusive hell goes like "yeah it's ONE of the more annoying things about you" LIKE??? i'm so mad bc when kara's talking you can like see a little smile?? like she's proud of herself and mon who just keeps shooting her down?? HOW DO PEOPLE SUPPORT HIM like how fucking dare you i hope he dies a painful death

if they weren’t so homo/transphobic i’d actually feel sorry for karahell shippers. if they really think a boyfriend who constantly puts you down and tells you how “annoying” and “selfish” you are is goals then that’s really sad.

Today I’ve just been thinking about boxer!Chloe and it’s ruining me omg.

Like imagine if she finally goes to see a therapist or just talks to someone about her anger and attitude and they’re like “Maybe you could let out your anger through a sport or something.” and at first she’s like wtf I aint getting my hair messed up. But then goes to a boxing class one day just because her father kept suggesting it and she felt bad saying no. And so she goes and thinks she’s all that but then the teacher is like “Oh, okay if you’re better than this then try to take me down.” and she takes the challenge cuz she’s Chloe and gets taken down and the teacher/coach(?) is like “See class, you have to do this and blah blah.” And Chloe starts going everyday to get better and better so she can defeat the guy and just starts liking it a lot. She starts doing matches with people and gets stronger and stronger and is just much more calm at school with everyone and more mellow. And she even picks up Adrien sometimes to show him her strength and he’s like hella impressed and she always gives him piggyback rides when she sees that he’s sleepy or stressed. And like she isn’t afraid to get sweaty anymore and sometimes she’ll have these badass looking bruises or something on her arms and takes pride in them cuz she won those matches and arm wrestle Kim and Alix all the time and they become friends. And just pls. I just really love boxer!Chloe  

The future broken Takumi...

Okay, I’m not sure if someone discussed this matter before but I’ve always loved how we see Takumi so different in the future sequences of NANA.

The once domineering Takumi Ichinose is in the future more subdued, more wistful and melancholic than we ever knew him. He dotes on Ren and Satsuki, seems genuinely pained by the estrangement from Hachi and hopes to have her back. But he thinks she will never forgive him. Now there has been many theories as to the reasons for the future Takumi-Hachi estrangement, and as far as we know, it could be his betrayal with Reira, but I don’t want to write about this here.

What i want to talk about is the reason for the Takumi softening that we witness. It could be a combination of things. It could be general maturity. It could be the reality of being a father. And more importantly it could be that he simply put things into perspective after Ren died. 

But there’s something else…

I personally think the reason why Takumi truly regretted the decisions he made to protect Trapnest is because of Reira. I think only Reira could have disillusioned and influenced Takumi this much. It is said more than once in the flashbacks and current sequences that Takumi’s main motivation for making Trapnest was this:

It is implied in the flashback that this was not just the inspiration to start Trapnest but also one of the (if not the only) major Takumi motivations in the life he wanted to build for himself despite his father’s cruelty. He put all his hope on that one thing he thought only he could do. Which is a ridiculous dream of course because it is entirely based on another person. But Takumi always mistakenly thought he owned Reira, she was his literal songbird. That’s why I think the thing that hurt him the most and changed his attitude in the future was Reira finally finding her autonomy and independence after Ren died. 

The Takumi spell over Reira was already being removed before Ren’s incident. Look at Takumi’s reaction when Reira started for once to challenge his illusion:

Takumi doesn’t usually get Yazawa’s vacant eyes and blank background treatment as do many other characters. He takes himself too seriously for that, but in this one incident, the world he fought so hard to build was starting to crumble, and Reira knows that. She knows that very well.

That’s why I think it was mainly Reira’s doing. If Reira, after accepting the reality that Ren died, told Takumi that the one who actually pushed her voice to the limit was Ren’s guitar and not Takumi, that since Ren’s dead, she will never sing for him anymore… I think that would have been the breaking point for Takumi. From then on, he would have started to see everything differently and regretted all those choices he made that hurt so many people and did nothing.

Reira and Ren’s relationship in the manga is one of the strongest and healthiest. Ren was always looking out for Reira and wanting to find someone who could save her (for sometime he wanted Yasu to do it)…He never realised that it was he, Ren, who was saving her all along, even by dying. 

morning  glitter bombs.  observe my son on  this billboard.  i’m crying  ; A; 

oh god… just a thought, maybe this fitness challenge is not literally Cap challenging a bunch of high school students to beat his running record? Maybe it’s idk, Cap challenging these sedentary mobile phone addicted youths to do a bunch of totally doable exercises and they’ll do it because they look up to him?

Who Wins the Bet? (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Prompt: Idk maybe a jughead smut if ur ok with writing that? Like reader and him have a lot of chemistry and sexual tension and the gang has bets on when they’ll finally swallow their pride bc theyre both too stubborn to admit they like each other and like maybe at a party things between them get heated and it leads to smut? Im rlly bad at explaining things this is both vague and specific im sorry lol

A/N: Hopefully this is what you wanted!!


Warnings: Smut! 

Who wins the Bet? (Jughead x Reader Smut)

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Knox: I’m sorry about all that in there, my family always seems to ruin anything I do…

Allison: Don’t apologize! I honestly thought that was adorable. Your brother obviously must care about you a lot to pull something like that off. Kale was pretty cute too.

Knox: I don’t know if care is the word I would use, but yeah, I guess so.

Friends…. unfriend, unfollow, and block the weird negative people in your fandom life, you deserve to have a safe, healthy, and compassionate online space! Enrich your fandom experience! Years of being in fandom made me realize that the best way to counter any irrational shipper or character hate is to share and make more fanworks and spread the joy!

(Unless they barge into your space and make a mess with their hate, defend yourself of course!)

I’m just worried about you all, don’t make them ruin your experience and personal life!!! 😢

Hugs and love from Mushroom!

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I'm so upset because of this episode. :( I hate it so much. The way they resolved the SplitQueen arc means Regina will forever be split in half, what kind of ending is that? The EQ half of her will be separated from Henry&everyone else in her family forever and we'll never get "our Regina" back bc this one is just half a person. :( I've never seen a character so completely destroyed in 1 episode. I need someone to make me feel better about this because my favorite character is completely ruined.

I think it’s important to remember that the reason we all wanted her to re-merge was because it was so important for Regina to realize that her dark parts were not garbage to be thrown away, but parts of what made her who she is, and that that was okay, and that she was worthwhile, and lovable — that good can come from broken, as Lana says. 

And Regina DID realize that. That was the important part of this episode, I think – this was a huge one for Regina. The problem is, she realized it too late for them to be physically re-integrated. She didn’t realize it until after the EQ had cut the ties that bind them, so to speak. But I feel like she did the best she could under the circumstances – she had her moment of realization that the person she was about to get rid of was, in fact, her. She remembered that the EQ was so full of self-loathing that she couldn’t stand the sight of all the things the other Regina had, all the things she represented. She recognized that those dark parts of herself were parts of HERSELF. And that they were necessary for her to become who she was.

That the light needs the dark like the dark needs the light. 

And then she did her best to rectify it. She couldn’t merge them back, but she could give Queenie some of that love and affection that that helped Regina to find her way to redemption. She could take back some of that darkness that was weighing the EQ down like chains. She offered herself love, and she offered herself forgiveness, and she accepted her dark deeds and chose to tell the very embodiment of them that she was worthy of love – and not only external love, but love of self, which she knows the EQ has, y’know, none of.

So I think that’s huge.

And I think with that mixing of light and dark, no, she maybe won’t ever be exactly the same as she was, but she has more of herself back now, and Queenie has more of what helped Regina to heal, and I feel like depending on their journeys moving forward, they’ll sort of end up evening out to two sort of clones of the Regina we’ve known and loved all these years. She’s not half of a person anymore, she’s two people, with a bit more of this or that aspect of her personality, but I think what we’re supposed to take out of that mixing of light and dark is that she’s taken on more of those “dark” traits that have been missing since she’s been split. 

And I think it’s important to remember that Regina and Queenie have all of the same memories and experiences up to the split. Regina just helped them to even out a bit emotionally – she helped Queenie to FEEL the love that she remembers receiving. She helped herself to FEEL the darkness that had been a part of her for so long. 

As for her being separated from Henry, that is one part that I cried foul on. lol It’s hard to imagine a version of Regina that would willingly walk away from Henry. But I suppose, she knows that he is safe and loved, and that he loves her, that he is with “her,” and I think that maybe she can justify this as the right decision for them. Just like she made the right decision for them in season two by letting him leave with David because she may not have been able to be what he needed right then – I don’t think Queenie is quite evolved enough to be Mom right now. I think she proved that by Cora-ing the crap out of him a few episodes back. I mean, I would LOVE to watch her grow into that relationship— love love love it— but Lana Parrilla’s gotta sleep eventually, you guys. lol

Anyway this got long, but – tl;dr: Regina accepted and chose to love the darkest parts of herself. She accepted them as part of her, and part of who she is. And she did the best she could to restore some of that balance, and give her other half a second chance at hope and happiness when actually merging again wasn’t possible. So I think that’s good, I think that’s hopeful. I don’t think it’s the ideal resolution, but I think it was really important for Regina to come to that place of realization.

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I was playing a game of fantasy D&D out in the quad with my co-workers and the reclaimers overheard our encounter with the "Cyan Vests" and just started laughing at us?? I mean, the Cyan Vests were really cool and mysterious and now i just feel like they are a ripoff of something that i dont know about and the reclaimers ruined our fantasy D&D campaign. :(

I think most who have depression, anxiety or any kind of disorder
of that nature
Knows the look on someone’s face
When they finally get up the courage to say that something is wrong
And you get the look
of judgment
Like you’re being dramatic
When you’re literally falling apart
I know everyone deals with that
But when it’s tearing your body mind and soul apart
Something is wrong
We shouldn’t be judged for trying to talk about it
The walls are cracking
Your mind and body are in ruins
And people just want you to shut up
And tape up the pieces
Because seriously how bad could your life really be?
You have no reason to be sad or anxious
—  Chapters from my life

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In the years I've been playing Magic, I've never found commentary and content as wholesome as yours and a number of others on this site. In a world full of toxic MTG subreddits, hellscape Facebook groups, and forum threads complaining about Modern Masters 2017 ruining their collections, I just want to say how grateful I am that there are folks like you keeping this community so positive. I pray to the mighty Storm Crow that your next booster box is full pimp foils. Keep up the good work!

Right back at ya!

No. No. No.

Never again in your life tell me I’m a murderer because I eat animals. Bitch, I fucking tried going vegan and almost fucking died from it! My body needs the meat, dairy, and eggs. Yes, I help out on a farm, and I do eat way less meat than before, but that’s not going to stop my intake of animal products.

And what type of fucking bullshit is: “You’re too pretty to be a meat eater.”

How about you shove it up your ass and choke on a marsallow.

Ruined my fucking day today.


They blurted it out at the same time. 

Abby & Rita: “I wanted to apolog - ”

Abby: “Sorry, you go.”

Rita: “No, no it’s okay, go ahead.”

Abby: “I wanted to apologize for the other day. I realize that my behavior hasn’t been appropriate in a lot of ways. That’s not fair of me. I don’t want you to have to worry about my intentions. I don’t want this to ruin our friendship. You’re the most important person to me in the whole world right now, Ghost.”

Rita: “Your intentions? What do you mean?”

Abby: “What I mean…is that what Daryl said is true. I’m…”

Abby paused for a long while and sighed out her nose. Whatever was brewing in Abby’s mind was difficult for her to say.

Abby: “I, uh…I did date him. A few years ago, we had…it was like…like a sex thing. It wasn’t serious. At least I didn’t think so. Clearly she -  he - felt differently. The reason Daryl assumed that you and I did those kinds of things is because I’m a lesbian. Apparently it’s completely unbelievable to him that I could be friends - and only friends - with an attractive girl.”

Rita’s head swam with this new information, yet there was one thing that stuck in her head more than anything else. Abby called her attractive. What did that mean? Rita wanted to ask any and all follow up questions - I’m attractive? In what way? When did that happen? Does everything think so, or is it only you? However, she quickly determined that she ought to avoid any topics that could land her in hot-waters with Abby again. So she opted for the most obvious question. She stammered it out, unsure, yet earnest. She didn’t want to offend.

Rita: “What - What’s a - a - ?”

Abby: “A lesbian? Listen, I know you’re all innocent and naive and all that, but you really have to start reading up on this stuff, okay? It’s alright, I’ll tell you. I’m a lesbian. That means that I am attracted only to other women. I fall in love with women. I have sex with women. Not men. Do you get it?”

Rita was hesitant. Her response was barely audible. Nothing more than a whisper.

Rita: “I - I don’t really understand all the sex stuff. I’m not sure how it - how it all works. I understand falling in love though. You fall in love with girls, not boys. I understand.” 

Abby: “Okay. I’m only telling you this because I want you to know that just because I’m a lesbian, it doesn’t mean that I’m trying to creep on you or anything. I get it. You’re not a lesbian. You like boys, like most girls do. You’re not looking for anything romantic to happen between us. I don’t want that either. We’re friends. That’s all. Alright?”

I just watched some Sherlock fan vids and now I’m sad and angry over series 4 all over again. Why is it that the main thing that gave me joy in this world was ripped away from me? I thought that I could still fully enjoy the show if I never watched series 4 again but whenever I watch an old episode or fan vid, the disappointment eats away at me once more. And it’s not just about Johnlock; it’s the fact that the writers completely ruined any character development, mistreated their female characters and don’t even care about their audience’s feelings. I know that I have other interests but I’m beginning to think that I will never love anything as much as I once loved BBC Sherlock.

Why I believe Sabine NEEDS to become the Mandalore...

With the introduction of the Darksaber into Rebels, it put spotlight on Sabine who for the most part was either overlooked or shrouded in mystery. Sure, we knew she was a great fighter and that she’d run away from the Imperial academy, but we never fully understood the emotional turmoil she was in until ‘Trials of the Darksaber’.

'Trials of the Darksaber’ was by far one of the best episodes in season 3, and it gave so many more layers of depth to Sabine. You watched her grow, and struggle, and fall down but still manage to pull herself back up. It made her character so much more relatable and interesting, and the creators began establishing that she had the strength to rise to the role of Mandalore. This was a storyline that I was SO excited about, until this line happened:

This one line, completely ruined 'Legacy of Mandalore’ for me.

To me, this line was basically the Lucasfilm team saying “She’s not going to be Mandalore.”

Now, I could handle that somewhat. It was disappointing but, I could live with it.

But it was the moment, only one hour after the episode had aired, that people began putting Bo Katan in Sabine’s place.

Now this made me so furious. I suddenly felt like Rebels was taking a backseat again, and the characters of the Ghost Crew were getting overshadowed by Clone Wars characters that keep reappearing.

I have no problem with Clone Wars characters in Rebels, IF THEY HAVE A REASON TO!

Ahsoka, yep, that made sense.

Rex, great! That story line with him and Kanan was perfect!

Hondo? Not really necesarry but… okay?

Bo Katan becoming the Mandalore instead of Sabine?

*Flips the table*

If this is true, then my respect for Rebels is slowly dwindling. Why can’t we let one of the main characters of Rebels have some kind of freaking importance in their own show!!! Why must Sabine and Zeb get downgraded to the comic relief or explosives expert, while bringing in a character from another show to have the spotlight?

It’s really sad.

It feels like the further we progress through the seasons the further we’re moving away from the focus of the Ghost crew. I understand that it’s about the formation of the Rebellion and all but still, I started following this show because I loved the six main cast they established in season one. I fell in love with every single one of them, and adored the family relationship between them all. So seeing the lack of Zeb’s story, Hera’s development, Kanan’s struggle with his blindness and now Sabine once again being shoved into the background, it really makes me enjoy the show less and less.

But I’m getting off track. Basically, Sabine has everything going for her. She’s House Visla, she’s strong, she can wield the Darksaber, and she is a selfless, noble leader. She deserves this opportunity.

So if Lucasfilm are truly going to pass this onto Bo Katan, I will be sorely disappointed.

If you’ve made it through my rant then congratulations (and sorry), and remember this is just my opinion. If you think Bo Katan should be the Mandalore then that’s great, it’s your opinion, I just wanted to express mine.

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Martin needs to release a romantic story (after ASOI&F is done) about the two lovers amongst the ruin of Valyria. I want a story about how they met. I want romance, love & fear quelled by love as they die together at the end of all things. Omg. That'd be amazing. A story set in Valyria. This needs to happen. Make this in universe legend an in reality book Martin.

Well, since it’s a song, I’d expect to see the lyrics first? Hey, if Tolkien could do it…