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I forgot that Lila and I are connected on Instagram. She rarely uses it. But, yesterday I posted that name change announcement, but hadn’t mentioned it to her, and now I have a gut clenching stomach ache about it. She’s out with a friend right now, so I need to sit on it for the moment. I deleted the post in a weird panic and holy shit, my face is about to explode from the stress. 

Everything is terrible. 

anonymous asked:

top 5 larry moments

“top 5″ alright anon let’s be real i’m probably not going to be able to keep it at five but i’ll try my hardest!!

in no particular order and none of the images are mine:

1. otra montreal when harry went mental and ranted about poutine for five min. and louis just ???? exploded??? with ??? fond??? he couldn’t contain it??? 

let me tell you, i was catwalk front row RIGHT NEXT TO THEM with it happened and seeing this live changed my whole entire life. louis tomlinson loves harry styles and it’s beautiful. 

2. ok this is …. super random and i cannot find the gif which is extremely irritating but whatever. in their doc a year in the making there’s this little moment before they perform on red or black where they’re all in a circle and harry claps zayn’s hand and then louis’ and louis says “let’s make everybody proud” but he’s holding harry’s hand and he’s only looking at him and it lasts like a fraction of a second but i always thought it was so sweet. harry was super crazy nervous and louis was just…. focused on him and being positive and reassuring for him. 

3. that m&g in 2012 when fans were focused on harry and louis was feeling a little needy and ignored and harry just….

4. that old interview where the lady is asking harry about louis as a flatmate and he’s all nope he doesn’t wash anything, he doesn’t cook, he does nothing and she’s all “hopeless, hopeless flatmate!! wouldn’t you rather be with one of these guys?” and harry says no with the smuggest face ever ???? 

5. this moment: 

they!! are!!! best!! friends!!! they make each other laugh!!!!!! 

BONUS: every single time louis mentions that fucking first meal he cooked as the most romantic thing he’s ever done when there’s photographic evidence of his first cooking experience being for harry

closet??? where???

SECOND BONUS: every single time they talk in sign language. i know not all of them are proven/100% right but idgaf it’s the cutest headcanon ever and i am living. 

THIRD BONUS: every single time louis kicked that bottle out of harry’s way during the otra tour because he wanted to make sure his baby could climb without obstacles 10/10 A+ larrying. 

FOURTH BONUS : when louis thought harry and his lil’ robot app were the cutest thing he’d ever seen in his whole entire life during that one interview with grimmy 

honestly control your face lewis 

FIFTH BONUS: every single time they try to deny their relationship and it’s a hilarious disaster. my personal favourite one is that time an interviewer showed harry pictures of louis and him kissing and he deadass had to scrutinize that shit for a solid 20 sec before saying it’s photoshopped instead of automatically saying it’s impossible for those pics to exist in the first place. 

i could keep going but i’m already five over…. let’s just say i love them <3 

(ask me my top 5 anything) 

im trying to figure out whether or not kira would feasibly kill yoriko in an unfortunate situation which would actually require him to make that sort of decision and the answer is i don’t even know

trying to reflect on his relationship with his dad makes it kinda blurry. yoshihiro’s already dead, after all, and while kira seems to only passively accept his help, it’s not like he’s the type of person who goes “I’ll kill you if you fail me” or whatever, because his dad fucked up on making bodyguards for kira like 10 goddamn times and each time kira was like [shrug]. the closest he got to actually threatening yoshihiro was by passionately grabbing his photo when arguing about killing hayato. and when yoshihiro was eventually Accidentally Exploded, I can’t tell if the negativity kira gave off was from his father dying or from being tricked by josuke (and i’m heavily leaning towards the latter)

so like

i actually think there’s a good chance he might actually have a no-kill policy on yoriko.


This week has been amazing! Look at them! Just wow… W O W !
But you know what would make this week even better? Like a million times better….? I’m looking at you Julie Andem, please put us out of our misery and do something! I’m poking you with a stick and it’s about to break 😭


Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

more fics about friendships that are structured just like ship fics

specifically like pining ship fics oh my god

  • forced to share a bed becomes “accidental sleepover, I didn’t realize adults could do this and I should be chill about how happy it makes me, but no one’s ever braided my hair and gossiped with me before, but I gotta play this cool because I don’t want to be pathetic, and I don’t want to be the person who likes the other person more, but g o s h, I want us to be friends, and not just friends, besties
  • the coworker at your bakery/coffee shop/library/spy organization who smiles at you every day and asks about your weekend, but you can’t tell if they’re being nice or what, or if they’d actually say yes if you invited them out to coffee to talk about that hiking trip they went on, you don’t want to make things weird but work would be a lot easier if you had a friend
  • you’ve just moved to a new city and you cannot believe how many times you’ve had to knock on your neighbor’s door, but you didn’t pack like any of the things you need, and they don’t seem effusively happy that you keep asking to borrow shit like a vacuum or duct tape, but they also don’t rush you out of the door, and when you return what you borrowed, they ask you how it went, and one time you told a joke that made them laugh and you felt so good about it, you kept riffing on the joke for the next ten minutes and it isn’t until you went back to your place that you realized what an embarrassment you are
  • enemies to friends where you have to work with someone that you hate oh my god you hate them, and then you spend time with them, and then you don’t hate them quite so much, but stopping hating them? almost feels like? defeat?? you’ll stop acting like you hate them when they stop acting like they hate you, and honestly you’d really like them to stop acting like they hate you because they are the only other person you know that’s ever shared your interest for cold war spy thrillers and maybe this is the time for the book club of your dreams
  • your partner has a best friend and you’ve never hung out with them without your partner but now you are coordinating with the best friend for your partner’s surprise party and they are just the funniest, the sweetest, the nicest, the coolest, and suddenly your partner is concerned because you and your best friend are hanging out all the time, which is…great…awesome…….suddenly becoming the third wheel is just the funnest because who doesn’t like wheelbarrows (it becomes a whole Thing, and ends up resolving in a disney channel esque lecture of someone being like "Guys You Can Have More Than One Best Friend”) 
  • you’re lonely and it sucks and it’s not the kind of thing that you can admit because you’ve got your pride, you don’t want to look desperate, you can’t tell people about loneliness without making them wonder what’s wrong with you because shouldn’t you have friends? who doesn’t have friends? but it’s gotten to the point where you look forward to buying groceries because you can make small talk with the clerk, you look forward to work because maybe you can slip in something personal in the course of talking about business, but if anyone asked you how you were doing and if you wanted to hang, you’d panic and say that you were busy. and you want to change. you in fact need to change, but. yeah. it’s not an easy thing. and there’s no easy solution. and this is a 100k fic about you slowly assembling a friend group, while having really zero practical experience with friendship, and it’s a gentle epic with the highest stakes, oh my god, just the highest
  • you and an acquaintance become friends with benefits. things become unexpectedly awkward when you learn that the real benefit………..was friendship 

Take a moment to think of just
flexibility, love and trust

Loki (of course) will be in Thor 3, and so will Doctor Strange. 

That means Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch will be in a superhero movie together.

They both play sarcastic characters

These characters may interact





f*cking…. captivating……..


everybody in the house is kinda scared of the spider but nobody can take one for the team and throw it out 

Mob feeds it grasshoppers and caterpillars from Reigen’s garden

also nobody knows why theres a tarantula in a bathroom in the middle of a city

(thank you anon for the superb idea!!! coincidentally it fits perfectly with the general theme of ritsu being scared of bugs lately and I just have to add a small thing for it)

and yep request is still open ayyy