is a win

A big confidence boost today from my design prof - he made a document filled with student examples for everyone to reference from for their tree layout revisions (we’re STILL working on it), and some of my foreground plants made it in (on the right)!! 

I tweeted this and most people focused on his many typos, especially this one haha: 


Karasuno in an International Tournament™

idk if this has been done before but CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING

• kageyama lowkey trying to figure out other countries hand signals & plays

• the absolute fuckery that is an american volleyball tournament

• tanaka and noya are definitely the most popular people there,, their loud personalities fit in perfectly with the north american players, who are essentially just screaming the whole time

• shitty english met with even shittier japanese

• practice matches with other countries two days before the actual tournament starts, & being put on “teams” with players from other countries

• “what the fuck is a toss, you’re a setter, you SET the ball” suga is personally offended by that statement

• girls and boys playing on courts right next to eachother?? booty for everyone

• where are the other countries managers?¿

• staying in a hotel would be an absolute mess

• ukai trying to prevent the team from over eating at the continental breakfast

• 2am runs to the 7/11 across the street with other teams

• yamaguchi meets his new love, cheeseballs

• tsukishima passively bragging to bokuto & kuroo about the tournament

• daichi giving up on keeping the team in check, and eventually joins in on their shenanigans

• taking a fat L against germany,,, why are they all so tall

• hinata getting teary eyed the last day of the tournament

(i really needed to share this, sorry about the format)

Not to be NSFW

but we all watched how close Jackson is to MX. How close all of Got7 is to MX. Like I really feel like Got7 would cry with MX if they won. Like i’m sure Jackson would love to be able to call Jooheon and not the manager. I’m sure BamBam would like to be able to call Wonho and not the manager. I’m sure Changkyun would like to call his parents. I’m sure Monsta X would like to feel like they’ve earned free time.


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