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rhetoric is literally just the way words are placed in a sentence

thats where “if i replaced this with “gay people” it would be homophobic” comes from. you need meaning to the words to really have anything resembling bad practice

“trans people should stop existing” and “cancer should stop existing” have the same rhetoric, but because its not even remotely on the same level, it doesnt make the latter a bad statement

your argument only works if the substituted phrase is of equal or more significant “value” in relation to the original, i.e. “jews should die because theyre genetically inferior” vs “autistics should die because theyre genetically inferior”. autistics have been affected by eugenics, and us jews by nazism and antisemitism, meaning their rhetoric is comparable. “i dont think trans people are people” and “i dont think cishet aces are lgbt” are not the same because the latter isnt of equal or greater “value” to the former, its actually lesser because aces dont face systemic oppression outside of tumblr

its really not that hard

Jolene - Dolly Parton

I’m dedicating today’s post to one of the best songs EVER (I will fight you over this if necessary). What’s not to love about Dolly in general? She’s a ridiculously talented singer, songwriter and musician. I’ve been lucky enough to see her live and she played 7 different instruments during one concert! Jolene is the ultimate Dolly song for me though. The guitar riff, the lyrics, Dolly’s vocals….the only bad thing about it is the fact it’s just 2.30 minutes long!

Gotta start off with Dolly belting it out live, wearing what is probably THE ugliest onesie on the planet (matches her eye make-up though)

Honestly never thought I’d post a Miley Cyrus video on this blog (not that I have anything personal against Miley, she’s just not really my cup of tea musically), but she has a set of pipes on her, and this cover is excellent. I honestly CANNOT believe that this video has had nearly 100 million more views than Dolly’s video though…WTF?!

I first heard this remix at the end of Todd Terje’s set at Glasgow’s infamous Sub Club (officially one of the greatest clubs on the planet…and that’s not just me being biased, it’s a well know fact!) It was a truly magical moment when a club full of ravers started having a singalong to it.

Jolene slowed down to 33rpm is a total trip and takes it to a whole new level.

Happy Dolly Day fellow tumblrites!

peachdoxie  asked:

What's the most interesting thing about tumblr for you linguistically?

It’s totally the tags.

Those tags where people write essays. I’m obsessed with those. They’re downright amazing linguistically!

I even proposed to do a research experiment on phrases, the juncture of syntax and semantics, and tumblr tags for my Computational Corpus Linguistics course. The teacher approved the project, but I ended up discarding it for a later time because of how difficult and involved the task would have been. There were too many problems to work out in the experiment and I realized I didn’t have enough time to do what I want.

The tags are intriguing for multiple reasons. They frankly make me run around like a chicken with his head cut off - except happier.

  • Syntax and Cognitive Science The tags show some very interesting things about phrasal structure. People divide up long sentences in tags during pauses. It’s unique “punctuation” and it says a lot for how people chunk thoughts, process them, and organize longer statements. It’s interesting where you see punctuation added or deleted; it helps you see cognitively how people are processing phrases.
  • Semantics The tags are full of very interesting expression techniques. One of the problems of written language has been that it lacks body language, which constitutes over half of our expression in conversation. It means that written language can be very easily misinterpreted for intent (think of how many texts get misinterpreted). But tumblrites and other social media savvy people have compensated and made written language HUGELY expressive. You see it in the tags. You see people use unique punctuation effects like deleting spaces, intentionally misspelling words, adding capitalization, and much more. There are emoticons, keyboard smashes, explosions of exclamation marks, and so many beautiful ways of expressing emotion. And people use lots of words in fascinating ways to get their thoughts across. It’s endless.
  • Diachronic Linguistics Historical linguistics is really cool. It’s about language change. Internet speech in tumblr has the latest, newest words and word units out there. You see so much beautiful language change happening. It’s how “Rickrolled” became a verb and “smol” grew its own set of recognized connotations. Word meanings change, take on new meanings, are filled with so much amazing sociolinguistic context. Abbreviations are made for fandom content. Abbreviations eventually become treated like real words, and then they take on new suffixes and become verbs and adjectives and nouns (”I lol’ed”). There are certain phonotactic paradigms English speakers subconsciously follow for creating new shipping names; I’ve even seen a linguistics paper on that topic. People are able to understand new terms they’ve never seen before; I’ve never heard of “Ruffheat,” but if someone said that to me, I’d know right away they’re talking about a Ruffnut x Heather ship. If someone told me “Hiccaang,” somehow I’d be able to figure out they’re talking about some Aang x Hiccup crack ship. We can just do that automatically because we’ve built our own compounding systems! And not only do we do that, but language changes SO FREAKISHLY RAPIDLY on tumblr it’s constant excitement.
  • Sociolinguistics Language varies based upon different groups we are a part of, and tumblr is full of many communities. Fandom communities, the science side of tumblr, the social justice community, and more are all out there. Each group has its own diction, vocabulary, and more. It’s also amazing how this collides with the fact that tumblr is global; the conversations arising aren’t just from native English speakers, but individuals whose first language might be Malay, Khmer, German, Korean, Japanese, or Finnish.

So yeah. And where you see all this amazingness the most is in the tags.

Believe me, I tag browse a lot because the content there is GOLD. Pure GOLD.

Someday I do hope to take my tumblr experiences and conduct a legitimate linguistics research study. It can teach us a lot about contemporary English, internet English, and how it’s used around the globe linguistically.

People are seriously whining about the lack of “PoC” in Beauty and the Beast 2017 and it’s ridiculous.

That is a DIVERSE cast. A couple of interracial relationships (or as I like to call them, relationships), the religious chap who runs the chapel where Belle borrows books from (such a great character), quite a few other villagers…

Be honest. Any white people at all would be offensive to some of you Tumblrites. Never mind that the story is set in ye olde France.

And then you have people getting upset that it’s Lefou who is the gay character and not Cogsworth and Lumière.

Because GOD FORBID two men have a strong platonic friendship. If two men are friendly then it MUST be because they like dick.

These of course are the same people who complain when a male/female romance is pushed in movies and say: “Why can’t men and women just be friends!?”

Thus the trend to have Disney Princess movies with no romantic interest for the lead (which these people all celebrate because most likely they’re all basement dwellers who can’t get a date of their own).

That feather duster that Lumière has ALWAYS been romantically linked to throughout the years? Well fuck that, right?

And I know the moral outrage people will whip themselves into over this post. It’s all so predictable.

Disney cannot win with you people. If they have a great cast with lots of diversity it’s never enough diversity. If they have a LGBT character it’s the “wrong” character.

Even when these historically traditional companies are doing the right thing and dipping their toes in the water (they are businesses after all and money and retaining their audience is important) you’re still pitching a fit because it’s not a 2hr LGBT movie straightaway.

People are actually moaning because Josh Gad, a straight man, played a LGBT character.

Do you hear heterosexuals moaning that ladies man Gaston was played by Luke Evans, a homosexual man?

Take a look at yourselves and get a grip.

  • Anti-Tumblrite: Autism is a mental illness!
  • Me, someone diagnosed with autism: Actually, it's classified a developmental disability, according to the CDC, the DSM-5, and the entire field of psychology. Autism is also one of the most well-known developmental disabilities, which typically involving delays of speech and socialization, primarily in children. Developmental disabilities differ from mental disabilities or disorders in a number of ways, and shouldn't be lumped together. Likewise, developmental disorders and mental illnesses thought processes and behavior in different ways, such as developmental disabilities usually being diagnosed in childhood, or under the age of 18, whereas mental disorders are usually diagnosed in adulthood. Additionally, these disabilities or disorders differ in duration and treatment. Developmental disorders are lifelong disabilities, whereas mental disorders may not be lifelong. While autism cannot be treated with conventional drugs or medicine, some mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, can. Some patients may suffer from multiple conditions, including combinations of developmental disorders and mental illnesses. However, having autism doesn't always mean that a patient also has a mental disorder or disability.
  • Anti-Tumblrite: You just want to be a special snowflake! Stop saying, "autism isn't a mental illness, that's ableism, reeeeeeeeeeeee"!
  • Me, someone diagnosed with autism: *looks into the camera like I'm on the Office*

anonymous asked:

Tbh I see a lot of kids getting bullied over doing pictures of genderbends, and while I think the criticism over the term and concept has some merit, shaming amateur artists over such an innocuous exploration of switching gender norms seems to just be straight up bullying to me. Criticism of a thing is valid but bullying is not criticism, yeah?

yeah basically this. if u wanna criticize the concept i can see valid reasons for doing it but when ur going after 13 y/os because they did something Problematic™®© and u never even explain why, u just go in guns ablazin ready to kill everyone with ur self righteous words, ur just a dick. there’s no need to get vicious over smth like this lmao chill @ everyone

how to start a studyblr

what is a studyblr?

  • studying + tumblr
  • its a community of people documenting their academic journey and helping others with study tips and motivational things

why should i have one?

there are a lot of reasons but here are a few:

  • keeping yourself accountable
  • sharing your success with others
  • lotsa support from the community
  • learn how to be a better student + more effective life in general
  • inspiring aesthetic
  • get motivated
  • so many helpful masterposts and tips
  • make friends
  • get more focused
  • so much more aahh i love studyblr


  • a name
    • get a cool url, most people just put down their name then add “studies” at the end
    • but you can do whatever you want, just make it your own
  • a goal
    • know why you’re doing this. 
    • is it to help others with content you make?
    • remind yourself to keep going?
    • take care of yourself? etc.
    • whatever reason you have, its a good reason to start a studyblr
  • a theme

what to post

  • masterposts
  • studyspo pictures
  • your academic achievements
  • study tips
  • quotes
  • etc.
  • basically anything related to general studying stuff

what if i’m not good enough to be a studyblr?

  • you are
  • i am a mess and i am doing fine as a studyblr
  • anyway, people don’t make studyblrs because they are perfect
  • they make them to be better students and/or to help others succeed
  • you do not need fancy stationary or anything either, all you need is a dedication to academics (or the goal to eventually be dedicated)

blogs to follow

there are so many great studyblrs out there! but if you want some to start with to follow:

getting followers

  • i’ve noticed that i get a lot of new followers after posting a good masterpost
  • join in for studyblr awards and blogrates! great and positive exposure! in fact, I have one going on right now! // here’s the link //
  • reach out to the community! some blogs (like me) will maybe even make a post about you if you ask
  • message or ask me anything, i will likely check out your blog and follow you
  • lots of us follow back
  • more content = more followers, as long as it is good content
  • excessively tag your posts (below)

hashtagging your posts

you have to tag your posts for exposure!

  • popular, general tags:
    • #studyblr, #studyspo, #studying, #school, #studivation, #studispiration, #study motivation, #study inspiration, #productivity, #organization, #onmydesk
  • individual studyblr tags (these tags belong to a studyblr that created the tag, if you tag one of your posts with them, the studyblr will see it and usually reblog/like it)
    • #studisimpli, #elkstudies, #heysareena
    • there are tons of others, most have their tag in their description

getting motivated

  • search the above tags and find some aesthetic goals, some motivational quotes, and all that great studying stuff and keep it in mind in terms of your own goals


  • don’t make your studyblr a side blog. mine is and i hate it
  • if you have trouble with finding ideas for posts, ask your friends what things they have trouble with in school, then write about how to fix it
  • enter studyblr contests! they are great for exposure
  • post regularly
  • make a good first post introducing yourself, i got tons of followers from just my first post
  • if you have a friend on studyblr, like and reblog each other’s posts, it helps get them out there
  • believe in yourself, you can do it

other masterposts by me

dear children of tumblr
its okay for you to not be able to relate to a given problem 
its not a competition
you dont have to look at every single problem, issue, diagnosis or bad experience and try to find a way that you can relate to it so you can list it in your sidebar or use it to somehow build this facade of being more Interesting and Broken 

Posts on this hellsite dot com
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Some blogger:</b> Hey look at that article ! [ Link / picture of an article where some dude gets any sort of social penalty because he was racist/homophobic/transphobic etc ] Looks like we got some justice! That's so cool!<p/><b>A dude with a pony icon who's probably wearing a fedora unironically in his moms basement:</b> Hm. How unsightly. Do you not think the reaction of the authorities in the situation was a little exaggerated ? Such drastic measures were not needed. Have they not considered the feelings of the so called aggressor ? I wouldn't expect you to understand... after all... you are a tumblrite...<p/></p><p/></p>
Addressing the "problematic" complaints against Undertale... Again...

Once again people have taken it upon themselves to attack an inclusive and diverse game, blatantly acting for attention and the feeling that what they are doing is actually helping anyone or in the best interests of minorities. It’s quite pitiful really, go out and pick up trash and invasive plants like I do, you’ll help actually make a difference that way. But then again, these people don’t really care about doing hard work to help make things better, they nitpick to make themselves feel like they are helping shape society when in reality they just act annoying and pathetic. These are the people the rest of the Internet call “Social Justice Warriors”. I will grant their wish for attention, but they aren’t going to like the attention they get…

First off, the claim Undertale is not really diverse and inclusive as people claim because there is no explicitly non-binary or asexual or aromantic or pandemiorbitoparasexualromantic characters and thus is “problematic” (here is a way to tell if something is actually an issue, if they use this word to describe it, it’s most likely not).

Frisk is a small child, and contrary to what Tumblr would make you believe, it is not normal to introduce yourself with your gender, religion, sexuality, orientation, pronouns, physical sexual status, horoscope, or dietary choices. This is especially not normal for a small child. Imagine an 8 year old attempting to explain what non-binary is to a Temmie. It would take weeks. The only thing Frisk is explicitly mentioned as being is a human child.

As for Asexual, Papyrus could be that, seeing as how he only wants to be platonic with you and doesn’t show any sexual attraction, and you know, he is a skeleton so that kind of makes sexual behavior a lot harder. Toby couldn’t make 40 more unique monster characters with equal game play time to represent every relationship pattern, and if he could it would turn Undertale into a dating simulator (well, more of one at least) and would have to be not kid friendly to be explicit about asexual vs sexual relationships and all that stuff. Not really appropriate with a minor as the main character.

Now the final thing I see a lot, is the claim that Undertale can’t be diverse and all inclusive just because they made the humans ambiguous and that doing that is a cop out. This is just unreasonable. Only two humans are ever truly shown, one of which has ambiguous features. The rest of the character are monsters basically. The whole point about the other 6 human children is all we know about them is their soul color, personality, abilities, weapon, and armor. People can draw them as children with those items and soul colors, and choose the traits they imagine. There is no way 6 small resolution humans could accurately represent everyone without offending. Like, what do you want, the entire cast of the “it’s a small world” ride to climb MT Ebott? Frisk has an impossible skin color, yellow, to be ambiguous, Frisk could be any skin pigment you want if that really matters to you.

Now, I don’t know if it’s the same person with a bunch of blogs, but I always see posts about how no one draws any of the humans or monsters as having physical disabilities. Monsters don’t get illnesses, and Undyne has a missing eye, monster kid has no arms, and Mettaton is stuck in a metal cube for most of the game. If you want, any of the six humans could be deaf other than the blue soul given the whole dancing to the beat thing. any of them other than the orange soul and yellow soul can be missing an arm (Orange soul had more than one glove, yellow soul had a revolver, you would have a hard time loading it one handed). How would you expect this to be made explicit in the game? All the important wearable items and weapons owned by the past humans are able to be equipped by Frisk. How would Toby tactfully have Frisk steal a dead kids wheelchair and use it to bash monsters? Have you even considered how that would affect the story? A blind kid or a kid in a wheelchair hiking a mountain alone and falling into a hole?

Just imagine it, poor blind kid stuck forever trying to do the perception puzzle with signs and colored levers. Kid in a wheelchair rolling up to Toriel after being attacked by monsters, and she says her whole “do not worry my child, I will heal you!” Line, only to look down at this kid in a wheelchair looking up excitedly at her.
“Oh…erhhh….um… Oh dear… My child, I am so sorry, I meant I would restore your souls HP… We uh… don’t have a spell for fixing human spinal cords…”
Also, it would be pretty hard for them to leave when the only way out of the ruins is not up to code and is a staircase with no elevator or ramp.
“I know I do not want to let you leave the ruins, my child, but this feels really unfair and ableist, so I’m going to carry you down the stairs, turn around, and count to 100 to give you a head start, okay?”

Dark humor (that will get me in trouble) aside,
Toby did his best to make it so everyone could put themselves in the place of Frisk or relate to one of the other humans. It would be impossible to account for every medical situation. Do you know how many illnesses and medical problems there are? Can’t you just be happy how inclusive he tried to make it and stop nitpicking it trying to find something “problematic” so you can tell people to avoid a game or fandom and feel like you’ve actually helped save anyone? At least my nitpicking entertains people and teaches them science and logic, you simply want an easy target to get attention for. Watch out, you might just drown in it.

There’s this idea I’ve been seeing a lot in multi tumblr. I think it also applies to trans tumblr, but I haven’t really seen it there, at least not in as stark a phrasing as in multi tumblr. I don’t mean to condescend to anyone, but I think it could be useful to lay it out: there are people who can talk in your direction and still not be talking to you, because they don’t believe in your existence.

Multi tumblr is keenly aware of the existence of people who don’t believe in multiples. Even within the community, there are people who believe multiples can only exist in certain ways or come about by certain methods, and if you don’t fit their classification, they don’t believe in you, at least not the you that you actually are. They try to find out the “original” person in your body, or imagine one if that person is no longer available, and when they speak in your direction, they speak to that person. If you weren’t the first, then from their perspective, you don’t exist, and none of the things they say are actually said to you.

Trans tumblr often says things like “they hate us” or “they want to force us out of society,” but I’ve never heard it framed precisely as “they don’t believe we exist.” There seems to be an assumption that when you’re talking to a person who is anti-trans, they are talking back to you, albeit very rudely. But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. There are people whose entire concept of humanity is divided into cis male and cis female, and when they speak in your direction, they are speaking to the cis male or cis female they think you are. To them, you’re either lying, or else you’re “mentally ill” and can be cured by getting you to acknowledge your cis identity.

I’m not really sure what to do from there. I don’t know how to get people to acknowledge the fact that you exist. But I think this explains some of the failures trans tumblrites encounter when they try to get anti-trans posters to talk to them like human beings. The assumption of mutual humanity requires the assumption of mutual existence, and that’s already been undermined.