is a terrible human being

People be thinkin I forgot the shit they said. Ain’t no expiration date on disrespect.

imagine if it’s actually “apple tree yard” that airs tonight and the producers and writers get all happy because of the great viewer ratings and then someone’s like
“…sorry but no one was actually excited for your show. it was just the whole sherlock fandom hoping for a 4th episode”

I just realized something that makes me really sad, Allison never got to see the type of person Lydia is today. She never got to watch Lydia accept and love herself for who she, or see her best friend fall in love/ be in love with dorky Stiles. She never got to see her best friend be happy and have a guy who genuinely cares and loves her, she won’t get to hear how Lydia can’t breath until she is with Stiles, or see them be happy together. Allison knew who Lydia is/was as a person, but never got the chance to see her become the person she knew Lydia could be, and that makes me really really sad😭😩


Genre: Fluff + Smut but mostly smut
Rating: M
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Summary: You hate your best friend because she made you go camping. But you also love your best friend because she made you go camping.


You fuck Namjoon in a tent.

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Hey, full offense, but having “aphobe” jokingly in your title literally is mocking a-specs who’ve been abused because of aphobia.

To mock the real experiences those a-specs have faced is horrendous, and to act like they don’t exist is a form of gaslighting (and in some cases, rape apology.)

They’ve spoken out about the trauma acquired from aphobia and yet you willingly align yourself with it, whether because you think asexual and aromantic experiences are funny, or because you don’t care when they happen to a-specs, doesn’t matter; any reason is equally as disgusting and you all are terrible human beings.

As a bisexual who has witnessed the root of a lot of aphobia often stemming from biphobia (and often requiring it to be logical,) I find this shit personally offensive and consider anyone who thinks aphobia is a joke to be on par with (if not exactly) a biphobe, as well as an active perpetrator of biphobia, and an abusive, gas lighting, rape apologist.

I’m seeing this problem a lot right now, both in support pages for mental illness, in people, and online, especially on tumblr.


Depression and anxiety are actual problems that are being diagnosed more and more, you can feel alone and scared and isolated. But they are not the only mental illness out there. Depression and anxiety are still stigmatized and the people who have them are still called lazy and liars when it interferes with their daily lives. But it’s also rapidly becoming more socially acceptable to have them. A character or person in the media with anxiety or depression is seen a quirky and unique and someone to be saved with the right person comes along to show them the world and give them a meaning to live. A person with bipolar or schizophrenia or a personality disorder or any other ‘scary’ and misunderstood mental illness is a serial killer and that is clearly why they are commiting horrible acts. Not because they’re terrible human beings, but because they’re ‘dangerously mentally ill’ and can’t help themselves.

You wanna know what would help that problem? Actual education about the illnesses and representation. I’m sick of the focus on commonly accepted mental illnesses and not the ones that are also common and stigmatized. And I’m really sick of being treated like an outcast and criminal because people don’t understand that bipolar ≠ dangerous. More people are becoming educated on such disorders but it’s still a problem. I shouldn’t have to be given 'The Talk’ by my mother when a mass shooting occurs or a bombing takes place about how 'I need to control my emotions and not do something horrible to anyone because of your illness.’

You cannot post things like 'people with depression are v v v cute uwu’ and create lists on how to take care of themselves during a panic attack and then tell people that everyone with Borderline personality disorder is automatically abusive and should be avoided at all costs. You can support anxiety but you cannot compare people with schizophrenia to 'psychos that need to be medicated so they aren’t a danger to society.’ You can’t call people with DID liars about what they experience and ignore their symptoms because you consider it as made up for attention. That’s not how mental illness positivity works.

Mental illnesses that are considered scary and rarer than they are, are being swept under the rug and it isn’t helping it become accepted. It’s hurting the people that don’t see themselves represented and feel so ashamed of themselves that they would rather suffer through years of symptoms than seek help because they believe they will be ridiculed and cast out of their families and cultures. Advocate for mental illness, but make sure you advocate for ALL mental illness, even the ones that aren’t considered 'popular.’