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AAAAA I!Naturetale Ara boiii- to much detail oh my gosh what have I done

Naturetale @lavender-sans (no tag bc likeee, eeh)

I guess when he does this stuff, the wholeee new-au-new-look stuff, he gets some new abilities. Like heeeeere he can control vines and stuff


Official #BlackoutDay Masterpost (Created: March 29, 2015. Updated: March 6th, 2017)

Welcome to the official #BlackoutDay / #TheBlackout Masterpost.

This post was originally hosted on WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow and is now on @theblackoutofficial.

In this post you’ll find the history of the movement, including important changes to the team and format, and FAQ. 

 Let’s get started…

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“Depravity Standard” Barbisi Barisi Carba Deleted Scene

Please note:

1) the way Sonny grins when Barba laughs at his joke (you can see the crinkles in his eyes, even when Sonny is shown from behind)

2) the way Sonny smiles at Barba in the end, which is totally unnecessary and totally adorable

3) the way Sonny picks up his pen afterwards, presumably to jot down “no morons”


Season of giving Part I of IV

Here’s a little gift from me, it’s been sitting pretty in my files for awhile now. So I figured I’ll just do a pose dump, total of 13 poses. Hope you guys enjoy it! 

Shoutout to @audiosims and @simsoksims for the idea and testing.

Non-Poselist (Poselist will be added)

Couple-y Selfie : SimfileShare

Squad Poses : SimfileShare

Codes are included in the zipfile. 

Standard TOU applies, You can tag sweetwilightsims so I can see <3.

**The CCs they are wearing/using belong to their rightful creators.

**Any problems with it please let me know.

The Darkness In Me (Part 2)

Hey guys! Here comes Part 2 of “The Darkness In Me”. Thank you for all your feedback so far. I really appreciate it! Hope you all enjoy! @belleetlabeast THANK YOU, as always for being a sweetheart ♥ and editing this!

Summary: From the outside you seem to have everything. Everything other girls want to be. Good looking, beautiful and an amazing singer. But no one sees what really blooms inside you. The darkness is about to consume you every day a little bit more. Can this handsome stranger who was there when you needed him the most also save you from the darkness lurking inside you?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1039

Y/E/C = Your Eye Color   

◄••• Part 1          Part 2          Part 3 •••►

A bright light makes it hard for me to open my eyes. After giving them some time to adjust to the brightness, I squint against the sun that shines through a large wall of ceiling-high windows. Confused and panicked I look frantically around myself, in order to find out where the hell I am. I find myself lying in a comfy, soft king-sized bed.

The bedroom I’m in right now is huge. It’s almost bigger than my whole apartment. The furniture in the room is modern and stylistically. Whoever lives here must have a lot of money and a very good taste in home decor. I try to recall the events from yesterday, how I got here in the first place, but all that comes to my mind is this horrible smell of whiskey, rough hands all over my body and a hard hit against my head when I got slapped.

Cautiously I touch my left cheek, where his hand hit me. A sharp hiss slips out of my mouth as my fingers make contact with my bruised face. My eyes become teary at the thoughts what could have happened if it wasn’t for him to show up. Just the image of his gorgeous blue eyes are enough to calm me down.

Just like he knew I was thinking of him, the door opens carefully and he steps inside the room with a fully laden tray in his metal hand. Wait what? Metal hand?!

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Ah, summer, when I lay around doing doodles of my favorite pony and his inspired blogs. I’ve just been making a bunch of the little “paper ponies” like @faunaliciousblog, and I couldn’t resist doing some Tumblrpons. So on top is @ask-king-sombra, who belongs to @ask-wiggles, holding on to him is the fellow from @sombrashy, belonging to @evehlyart, and finally there is @asktyrantsombra.
I need paper ponies to make, so if you’d like one, ask me! (I don’t bite, or say no, mostly)


Oooooo DOODLE TIME! This one’s mostly my Cupsona WC Mocha, but there’s other fabulous Cuphead Ocs in here too!

Fizzy belongs to @popfizzles
Brushy belongs to @cupheadbrushy-12
Harvey belongs to @frizz-art

(Psst if you like Cuphead you should totally follow these peeps, they’re all amazing people!)

Hypothesis: fandom is more enjoyable with friends and constant communication with other people

Observation: artists end up isolated


  1. they spend their fandom time creating art
  2. people in fandom seem to have an uncanny ability to separate the art from the artist.  Fic writers have difficulties with name recognition, but there are secondary fandom constructs that will allow for their work to spread, ie the rec list or the promo.  No such equivalent exists for artists
  3. artists don’t get feedback.  Anecdotal evidence places the existence of tag commentary at between 10% and 6% of total notes, with an estimated skew downward.  More data required.

Secondary hypothesis: tumblr sucks because it feeds into isolation in two factors, separating artist from art and creating fame-level isolation wherein an artist is deemed unapproachable by dint of being “too cool” for normal fans.

Tertiary hypothesis: concentrated effort to befriend artists or at minimum recognize that the artist belongs to the art would be beneficial to the fandom in general

Quaternary hypothesis: more feedback would help

Observation: tests for these hypothesis require social skills and talking to people >.>

Conclusion: … testing would greatly benefit from extroverts

anonymous asked:

Yo my good sir would you be ok with it if we drew the sander sides based off your animal designs and tagged you in them?? Its totally cool if you're not tho!

The designs for Roman, Logan belong to me!

@salyourtations designed Patton and Virgil!!! So you have to ask them about that, but you can go ahead and draw Logan and Roman from me and tag me I don’t mind!! :D

anonymous asked:

Hello there, I just have a couple of questions. What is your favorite Carlos moment and quote? ( From the book or the movie. )

Hey, anon!  I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to answering this.  I’ve been super busy these past couple of months and haven’t really had any time to get on tumblr.  It’s been a while since I last watched the movie or read the book, so my memory is kind of fuzzy on the quotes.  But I can definitely do my favorite moment from both mediums!

Favorite Book Moment: My favorite book moment is when the VKs are on their way to the Forbidden Fortress and Carlos gets a little sassy with Evie about her usage of “literally,” which leads to this this line: “Jay laughed again, which made Carlos feel good, though he couldn’t exactly explain why, not even to himself.

I think this is really important to Carlos’ development as a character because it shows that he’s finally learning what it’s like to have real friends and make genuine connections with others.  Before the VKs became the Rotten Four we’ve all come to know and love, Carlos seemed to pretty much be on his own. His own mother cares more about her furs than her own son (the scene where Carlos has to admit this out loud hit me right in the feels, btdubs), and the only “friends” he had before weren’t even really his friends and were more or less forced upon him.  Not to mention everyone else seems to either ignore him entirely or bully him.  So to see him have this sort of reaction towards someone else, I think, lets us know that he’s starting to form real emotional bonds with others and that he’s no longer alone.

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jonbaernthal replied to your post: not even from a total 100% shippers pov, but like,…

i honestly read someone on the karen tag say that they were establishing frank and dinah because karen belonged with m*tt but would probably get killed off because that’s CB canon… i never wished to clean my eyes out with acid

Sam it’s TUESDAY and I’ve been mansplained Karen’s comicbook storyline at least seven times. 

I’m about to burst im so tied and annoyed asgsadg???

like I don’t think these people really understand anything and how tv shows work


Meet the Man Who Owns 1,373 Copies of the Beatles’ ‘White Album’

To see more from Rutherford’s “White Album” collection, check out @webuywhitealbums on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

The Beatles self-titled 1968 record, known affectionately as the “White Album,” is their most idiosyncratic. It had a mix of everything — the Cold War, a backwoods raccoon, drugs, whatever the hell “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” meant. Fittingly, its cover, a piece of white cardboard designed by Richard Hamilton, was just as interpretive. People would write love letters on it, put their addresses on it, paint it. Eventually the art would begin to age, and develop a dull gray ring on the outside, molded after the shape of the wax.

“The cover, being entirely white, it picked up all kinds of stains and drawings,” New York-based artist Rutherford Chang (@webuywhitealbums) tells @music. “That’s when I realized all of them would be unique objects. And that’s when I started collecting them with the purpose of getting as many as possible.”

Today Rutherford owns 1,373 copies (and counting) of the “White Album.” What first began as a mild fascination, picking up a copy here and there on eBay, soon turned into a full-fledged art project.

“I had an aim to make something with it,” he says. “I didn’t know exactly what, but I knew it was interesting material. And I just kept going.”

The project eventually turned into an exhibit — a record store set up in SoHo called We Buy White Albums. It looked exactly like your typical record store, except instead of selling music, Rutherford was there to buy more first editions to add to his collection. His own copies were also on display, each arranged by serial number.

In an added twist, Rutherford created a one-of-a-kind soundtrack for the event’s duration: one long track made up of every single copy of the “White Album” he owned playing at the exact same time (check it out here). He did it with the covers too, superimposing every one on top of each other then printing the results.

“When you layer 100 different tracks, they’ll start together, but they’ll actually change over the course of each set,” he says. “So it’ll start sounding like just a f—ed up Beatles record. And it’ll just gradually drift into like a noise, like totally psychedelic.”

Rutherford’s next move is to take the “White Album” exhibit on the road to Europe — and, in the meantime, look for more copies. The lowest numbered (aka the oldest) version he owns right now is 0003067 — though he’s been offered lowered, but declined due to the expensive price tag. That probably means that number 0000001, which previously belonged to Ringo Starr (he sold it this past December for $790,000 at auction), is off-limits. No matter. Rutherford may not end up with all 3 million first editions, but that won’t stop him from collecting what he can.

“I mean I don’t think it would work as well with any other album,” he says. “It’s the ultimate record to collect.”

—Instagram @music

– NaruSaku Week (July 13th-19th) –

Day 1: Gender-swapped

Day 2: Flashback

Day 3: First Date

Day 4: Formal Wear

Day 5: Birthday Gift

Day 6: Family Holiday

Day 7: Growing Old Together


1. Ignore the haters- this week is all about love!

2. No cross-tagging- don’t be that guy.

3. Don’t post something that doesn’t belong to you without giving the artist credit.

4. Have fun drawing these lovelies!

Awesome people who should totally join:

anonymous asked:

Hi Nissi! I'm really sorry to bother you but btfr ask isn't open and I'm seriously desperate!:( I'm trying to find a tae kook fic I read, it was high school au, with homophobia (+internalised), and they lived next door to each other and would text each other while looking at each other's reactions through the window?? One of them (jungkook i think?) gets a girlfriend but she's a total bitch! In the end they like get together, but I have no idea where to find it again! Please help me<3<3<3<3

pt.2: HI NISSI!!!! I think I found it!!!!^-^ archiveofourown(.)org/works/5806987 sorry for bothering you ! <3 <3 also thank you for being such a super cool person, not relevant but totally mentionable bc ur really nice and make me love army fans even more!!!

i’m so glad u found it! i’ll tag the fic on btfr (shinyone’s you belong with me) so u can find it again in the future <3