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Hello! I am still fairly new to witchcraft, and have only ever practiced on my own before. Some friends invited me to a Beltane celebration, and I am excited to participate! However, from what I've seen of the traditional practices, it seems to be a very heterosexual- central holiday with many of the traditions celebrating fertility or phallic symbols... do you have any advice for ways a wlw like me can celebrate to the fullest while still feeling like I belong there? Sorry if this makes nosense

It makes total sense and I totally hear where you are coming from.  The Sabbats–from what I understand–are kind of a Wiccan thing (Wicca = a religion, not the whole of witchcraft, which is itself a secular practice).  Wicca tends to be quite heteronormative–that being said there are Wiccans who aren’t so focused on that.  (If any followers want to recommend any resources, please feel free)

From what I understand, Beltane is more than just the heteronormative phallic & fertility thing.  I think of fertility in a general sense–a fertile and creative mind for instance.  Beltane is a great time to focus on reaffirming and nurturing any goals you have for yourself.  I also see a lot about home-making, settling, feasting and comfort.  Of course it is very much about activities of pleasure, love, handfasting etc. etc.  but it doesn’t inherently have to be associated with heterosexuality. It is also a time where The Veil is thin (like Samhain, but with the faefolk instead of ghosts).

Here’s a few relevant posts that I dug up: (I haven’t gone through the links here yet but it seems relevant) (This is my tag for anything witch-community related, including discussions about heteronormativity). (Ideas on how to make neo-wicca more accepting)

I’ve probably reblogged more about this in the past, I just can’t find it right now.  I hope that was helpful?  There’s a lot of people here that actively work against the heavy heterosexual tones in Wicca.  The main reason I decided to not go down the Wiccan path was due to the heteronormativity (and how gendered everything is).  So I can’t really advise you too well on how to belong when I jumped ship lol.  Definitely check the notes on this post later though, because I’m sure some of my followers will recommend some helpful things because they’re awesome.

Thanks for the great question!

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I challenge you to retell any piece of Jack or Bitty's college years as a series of in-universe RPF callout posts

**whispers** dammit this is clever and I’ve never done a real callout post so let’s see how this goes

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of an ex-Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.* 

Here’s a brief coverage of Fall Semester of Year Two: 

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AAAAA I!Naturetale Ara boiii- to much detail oh my gosh what have I done

Naturetale @lavender-sans (no tag bc likeee, eeh)

I guess when he does this stuff, the wholeee new-au-new-look stuff, he gets some new abilities. Like heeeeere he can control vines and stuff


Part 3
Part 1 | Part 2

In the beginning it was hard to progress everything new. You weren’t an orphan. You were a Shadowhunter and your father was actually still alive and you had two half-brothers, a half-sister and an adoptive brother. From one second to the other you had a whole family. Getting warm with your father and his wife was still difficult, but the rest of the family was awesome.

On a daily basic you showed them what a natural talent you were, showing them that you really were a Lightwood.
Now, almost one year into your new life you were known as one of the lethal fighters in the institute and you fighted demoons like you had never done anything else.

“(Y/n)? You’re okay?” You heard the voice of your oldest brother when the last demon was down.
Maybe you should’ve been offended that he and his Parabatai were still following you wherever you went but they were kind of cute when they went on totally-overprotecting-brother-mode.

“Boys of course I’m  fine. Don’t you have better thinks to do, than following me around?”
For a second Jace and Alec were looking at each other confused, clearly not knowing an answer, so all you could do was smile.

Maybe it had all started as a nightmare coming true, but now you knew who you really were and where you belonged. 

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a warm up for a drawing i then proceeded to never actually draw bc i was too frustrated w/ the warm up haha soon tho soon

the design for this amazing terezi belongs to @karkatvantasistrans and their amazing slurpstuck which is basically the best coffee shop!au you will ever lie eyes on so you should totally go check it out

Idk it feels really disrespectful to our Gay and Trans ancestors and elders (by Gay i mean Gay men, Lesbians, and Bisexuals) if we try adding letters to a cause that they fought for and died for

I’m all about reviving old causes and modernizing them but in this case, adding asexuality and aromanticism to the name of the LGBT movement (when purely asexuals and aromantics did not suffer under the same struggles that actual Gay and Trans people did and still face, and if so, it wasn’t even part of the LGBT movement that LGBT people were worried about???) Is EXTREMELY wrong and disrespectful

I’m not denying that aces and aros face troubles purely for being ace/aro, but said troubles are entirely different from LGBT struggles and the fact that some people think they can use the LGBT acronym and try to change it to fit themselves in when they really aren’t Gay or Trans is just….so sickening and homophobic and transphobic

Like your whole ‘visibility’ thing? Gay and Trans people are very hypervisible, especially Trans Women. You’re not LGBT, how can you be LGBT and oppressed as an LGBT person if “nobody knows what asexuality is?” Asexuality and by extension aromanticism being “invisible” is literally the result of the asexual community being formed online by a cishet white man. You don’t see that in actual LGBT identities. You don’t see that.

It’s not LGBTQIAP, It’s not LGBTQIA, it’s JUST LGBT! Asexuals and aromantics are NOT included in the acronym that so many Gay and Trans people (especially LGBT people of color, especially twoc) have died and still will die for!! If youre a cisgender, heterosexual or heteroromantic ace or aro, get this through your head, repeat it every day!!! You are literally contributing to the mistreatment of LGBT people if you continue to use OUR acronym, the name of our cause that literally thousands have suffered and died for!!! Believe me, no cishet aces and aros were part of that movement!!! I can say that in complete and total confidence!!!!

Anyone who says otherwise, who tries to tack on letters that don’t belong, is wrong and disrespectful at best and violently homo/transphobic at worst.


“Depravity Standard” Barbisi Barisi Carba Deleted Scene

Please note:

1) the way Sonny grins when Barba laughs at his joke (you can see the crinkles in his eyes, even when Sonny is shown from behind)

2) the way Sonny smiles at Barba in the end, which is totally unnecessary and totally adorable

3) the way Sonny picks up his pen afterwards, presumably to jot down “no morons”

Writing Commissions. 

Yoooo!!! Friendly reminder that you can pay me to write stuff.  

My main strength is Romance. Specially fluffy angst (or angsty fluff). I love deconstructing tropes. The fics I usually write are about: Falling in love, First times (of any kind), Pining, Identity Issues (self, sexuality, belonging), family issues, misunderstandings (especially about family/friends), self-hate/self-acceptance (the process for one to the other). 

I also love Destiny: Soul-mates, Reincarnation, Afterlife. I love to write about Hanahaki Disease (And for that, Unrequited). Strong Platonic Relationships are Really Great and Totally My Thing, even amongst the Romance. Polyamory is one of my favorite topics. 

I’m very good at writing dialogue, and script format it’s on the table. 

Spanish/English. Open to discussion about any kind of request but those above are my thing. Kink-positive, I’m open to discuss smut. 

Pricing is 0.01$ per word, which makes it 10$ for 1000 words. 

Payment is upfront, through paypal. Contact me here on tumblr, please remind message is a safer option, or through

This is a extended list of my fandomsI can work with original characters too, I will need extensive descriptions to do such, but I’m willing to do it. 

Here/here for examples of my writing. I’m quite fond of this ficlet, a victuuri Yuri!!! on Ice one, about a First Kiss. 

Looking forward to work with you! :D


Made a lemonhead lemonkid plushie for a friend!! I’m totally inexperienced when it comes to sewing round things, but I gave it a shot q-q

It’s stupidly soft, and surprisingly durable!! I’m gonna make a few for myself- Probably a big one I can use as a pillow…

I definitely took some artistic liberties, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!!

[Lemonheads/kids belong to @loverofpiggies!!]

{Bonus under the cut}

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Season of giving Part I of IV

Here’s a little gift from me, it’s been sitting pretty in my files for awhile now. So I figured I’ll just do a pose dump, total of 13 poses. Hope you guys enjoy it! 

Shoutout to @audiosims and @simsoksims for the idea and testing.

Non-Poselist (Poselist will be added)

Couple-y Selfie : SimfileShare

Squad Poses : SimfileShare

Codes are included in the zipfile. 

Standard TOU applies, You can tag sweetwilightsims so I can see <3.

**The CCs they are wearing/using belong to their rightful creators.

**Any problems with it please let me know.

The Darkness In Me (Part 2)

Hey guys! Here comes Part 2 of “The Darkness In Me”. Thank you for all your feedback so far. I really appreciate it! Hope you all enjoy! @belleetlabeast THANK YOU, as always for being a sweetheart ♥ and editing this!

Summary: From the outside you seem to have everything. Everything other girls want to be. Good looking, beautiful and an amazing singer. But no one sees what really blooms inside you. The darkness is about to consume you every day a little bit more. Can this handsome stranger who was there when you needed him the most also save you from the darkness lurking inside you?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1039

Y/E/C = Your Eye Color       


A bright light makes it hard for me to open my eyes. After giving them some time to adjust to the brightness, I squint against the sun that shines through a large wall of ceiling-high windows. Confused and panicked I look frantically around myself, in order to find out where the hell I am. I find myself lying in a comfy, soft king-sized bed.

The bedroom I’m in right now is huge. It’s almost bigger than my whole apartment. The furniture in the room is modern and stylistically. Whoever lives here must have a lot of money and a very good taste in home decor. I try to recall the events from yesterday, how I got here in the first place, but all that comes to my mind is this horrible smell of whiskey, rough hands all over my body and a hard hit against my head when I got slapped.

Cautiously I touch my left cheek, where his hand hit me. A sharp hiss slips out of my mouth as my fingers make contact with my bruised face. My eyes become teary at the thoughts what could have happened if it wasn’t for him to show up. Just the image of his gorgeous blue eyes are enough to calm me down.

Just like he knew I was thinking of him, the door opens carefully and he steps inside the room with a fully laden tray in his metal hand. Wait what? Metal hand?!

He must have noticed my shocked expression, avoiding looking at me directly as he finally speaks to me. “Good morning. My name is…” “Bucky, yeah I remember that”, I interrupt him instantly as my brain recalls his name. I’m immediately sorry for my outburst, that came out more harsh than I intended. I can feel my cheeks blush scarlet.

Carefully I look up, only to see him staring right into my eyes. Before his damn eyes capture me again, I let my eyes move elsewhere. Taking a deep breath I speak up. “S-sorry for sounding so harsh just now… I-I didn’t mean to. I’m really thankful you saved me yesterday. I don’t even wanna think about what he would have done to me if it wasn’t for you. Thank you, Bucky.”

I literally can feel him gazing at me. “You don’t need to thank me for that. You shouldn’t have to be in such a situation in the first place…”, he says obviously angry. When I look up at him again to make sure his anger isn’t pointed towards me, he watches me with an arched eyebrow. Questioning.

“Oh right, sorry. My name is [Y/N]”, I said quickly, recognizing the reasoning for his quizzical look. I even manage to reach out my hand for him to shake it. It only lasts about a second, but I still caught his nervous glance to his metal hand, that still holds the tray securely.

When our hands finally make contact it’s like every cliche I had ever read about in romance novels, as if they were coming to life. It feels like I had hundreds of butterflies in my stomach. His intense stare only made it worse, as I could feel myself drowning in his ocean blue eyes.

Something must have happened to him too at that very moment, his face showing a confused facial expression. His stare into my [Y/E/C] eyes becomes even more intense, which ultimately gives me the strength to avoid his stare and let go of his right hand. I couldn’t take a chance of letting him see a glimpse of the broken person I was inside.

Bucky coughs in effort to release the tension between us. He places the tray on the nightstand next to the luxurious bed. “I wasn’t sure what you would like for breakfast. So…I kind of arranged different things for you to choose”, he says with an uncomfortable smile, like he’s embarrassed. “Thank you, Bucky.”

“No problem, really. But I should look at your bruise before you eat, if that’s alright with you. Or I can call Dr. Cho, if you want me to. ” Just like moments before, his gaze lingers for only a few seconds on his clenched metal fist.

“I’m not scared, you know”, I burst out in effort to comfort him. Bucky looks at me with a questioning expression. I nod into the direction of his metal arm. “Of your arm. I’m not afraid of it.” He almost seems doubtful of my words, until I send him a small encouraging smile.

Bucky steps forward, cautiously sitting on the edge of the bed. His strong muscular frame towers above me. I can see every muscle flex, every movement of his arm, under his tight dark grey shirt while he turned my face gently to the side. The light of day illuminated my cheek, emphasizing the dark purple of my bruise.

“You were lucky. Could have been worse. In a couple of days it should be gone. Your head injury was worse. You had a severe concussion, that’s why you passed out back in the alley. You almost gave me a heart attack back there. First I thought it had been shock, cause I couldn’t see anything. But I didn’t want to risk it, so I brought you here to the tower. You are invited to stay here till we all can be sure you’re fully recovered. Stark doesn’t mind, we already talked about it.”

For a moment there I was utterly confused before my brain decided to operate properly. “Stark?! As in TONY STARK?!”, I nearly screamed. I didn’t give Bucky the slightest chance to answer me. “Oh my god! Then you’re the Bucky!? James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes? Best friend of Steve Rogers also known as Captain fucking America?!”

There it was! His first sincere smile, and here I thought his eyes were the most beautiful thing. His smile totally took me by surprise, blowing me away at once.

A cocky smirk clearly evident, decorates his delicately chiselled features. “Don’t let Steve hear you talking like that. He doesn’t like cursing. And to answer your question. Yes, I am the Bucky. The one and only, doll”, he states with a wink at me.             


Well, I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think about it. Feel free to message me anytime!



part of Keith’s character is that he relies heavily on instinct to get through a situation. And his agility is a big help in getting through said situations. We’ve seen the team send Keith out in a dangerous situation because of his reliable instinct and speed, who’s to say it wont happen again?

They split up into three groups; Shiro by himself, Pidge with Lance, and Hunk with Keith. Keith and Lance are there to keep Hunk and Pidge covered while they work together to set something up that need to be activated at the same time. Hunk keeps telling Keith to stay back and just cover the entrance and immediate surrounding but Keith just wont listen to him, he has to listen to his instinct, its who he is. Keith can hear a large group of soldiers coming and jumps into immediate reaction. Hunk can’t pull away from his work or else it will reset their progress but they’ve come too far to stop now so Hunk stays, hoping Keith is smart enough to not get himself killed out there. 

Hunk finishes up his part of the set up and realizes it’s eerily silent where he is; no gunfire, no stomping from running soldiers, not even Keith’s angry yells of determination. Hunk grabs his bayard and tells the other’s through the comm he’s going to be a while, he has to look for Keith. He searches the halls cautiously, ready to fight anything he runs into, but its all just corpses of galra soldiers. Did Keith do all of this? its baffling.

Hunk’s comm crackles a bit and then a rough, brittle voice comes through the static. “I’m down, I don’t think I can make it back, I don’t know where I am, I’m scared.” The voice belongs to Keith. 

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Did you realize that TD tag belongs to Total Drama fandom tag. I am also in that fandom except there not on anymore which it's sad but still love and watch my childhood tv show on Cartoon Network well used to be until the stupid cartoons showed up

Heather was a biiitch.

Ah, summer, when I lay around doing doodles of my favorite pony and his inspired blogs. I’ve just been making a bunch of the little “paper ponies” like @faunaliciousblog, and I couldn’t resist doing some Tumblrpons. So on top is @ask-king-sombra, who belongs to @ask-wiggles, holding on to him is the fellow from @sombrashy, belonging to @evehlyart, and finally there is @asktyrantsombra.
I need paper ponies to make, so if you’d like one, ask me! (I don’t bite, or say no, mostly)

But consider this; Allison convincing Neil to let her dye his hair.
(I brought this up to @minyardt and glitter was mentioned and yes)

  • Because whether he will ever admit it or not, he hates his natural shade.
  • That color that belonged to Nathaniel not Neil.
  • That color of his past.
  • That color he had been avoiding for most of his life.
  • So when Allison offers he doesn’t hesitate,
  • it would be interesting to do something he had done out of necessity for fun.
  • But they don’t tell the other foxes their plans,
  • rather when Allison and Renee go to touch up Renee’s hair Neil tags along.
  • (listen Allison & Renee are a thing, and they totally dye each other’s hair, fight me)
  • So at first they don’t do anything drastic,
  • perhaps throwing some orange into the red of Neil’s locks,
  • But when he stares into the mirror he is at a loss.
  • The face that stare’s back at him is still Nathen’s
  • it’s still his father’s.
  • But at the same time it’s not
  • It’s not Nathen, and it’s not Nathaniel’s
  • It’s Neil’s
  • He’s Neil
  • And he doesn’t know how to put that feeling into words
  • so he doesn’t
  • He just stares for a long moment
  • “What do you think?” Allison asks, she sounded impatient but Neil knew better. 
  • She was worried. 
  • he did freeze after all
  • It’s perfect.”
  • “Good, now I got to do Renee. So move.”
  • What Neil didn’t notice was the slight glitter that Allison had added to the orange dye
  • Andrew does
  • Andrew notices as soon as Neil, Renee, and Allison get back to Fox Tower
  • he notices the orange color right off the bat when it takes the other Foxes a moment longer
  • Nicky is excited
  • (Nicky is always excited)
  • Aaron doesn’t care
  • Kevin pretends not to care, while also admiring how handsome nice Neil looks
  • Dan comments on how young he looks
  • and Matt actively voices how cute Neil looks
  • Allison is very smug
  • Everyone is toying and playing with Neil’s hair
  • Andrew is very pissed
  • They are touching his things
  • ogling over his things
  • Not okay
  • Who said Neil could dye his hair anyway?
  • Not Andrew
  • and orange of all colors!
  • The boy truly is a junkie
  • but not even Andrew can be mad when Neil looks like that
  • Happy
  • Content
  • By God does orange bring out that blue to his eyes
  • And that glitter
  • Not o k a y 
  • Andrew makes sure to voice his *ahem* concern later
  • Glitter, Josten?” He gives Neil a rough tug to which Neil responds by sucking on Andrew’s neck
  • “You like it?”
  • “No, I hate it.” The kiss Andrew gives Neil is sloppy at best, “Just like I hate you.”
  • Neil smiles into his mouth
  • “You like it.” He repeats, this time as a statement
  • “390%”
  • And Neil only gets bolder from there
  • first with more solid pastels (causes that’s what Allison has for Renee)
  • But gradually he graduates to bright colors
  • Bright pink makes him stand out
  • But when he looks in the mirror he doesn’t hate it
  • Blues clash with his eyes oddly, although they also make them pop
  • He finds that when he puts glitter in his hair Andrew tugs on it more
  • pulls on it
  • Plays with it
  • In the early hours of the morning
  • watching it sparkle in the sunlight
  • Andrew catches him watching
  • “I hate you.” He whispers, but his voice lacks any edge
  • he hadn’t planed on Neil waking up
  • and some that makes Neil smile more
  • Who Knew dying your hair could be so enjoyable

Class 1-C is done! looks like error is starting to cause trouble already! (yes i know hes not in this class hes watching everything from class 1-A )

i wanted to show what i thought gpaps is kinda like he can be calm in any situation but when he gets angry he doesint yell but emits a scary evil aura XD

cantaloupe papyrus belongs to @missladytale

paint papyrus belongs to @7goodangel

undertone sans belongs to @articray200

westy belongs to @livingsnapplecap

dancetale sans belongs to @dancetale

the human sans and papyrus are based on @lazuen93 design (i was unable to ask for use so they might be removed at some point )

fellswap outerfell splatter outerink gradent and serif (i think) belong to @askcomboclub @roseworks

swinkers belongs to the amazing chat uncle i love dearly (and totally didint forget to tag) @chuubifrog @halfbakedsans

gaster papyrus belongs to @borurou

sugar sans belongs to @sugartalesans (sugar sans will be moved to class 1-b to replace highway and underfell papyrus will take his seat in this class)

underfell papyrus belongs to @underfell

error belongs to @loverofpiggies

and auh papyrus and undyne belong to me!

It’s really annoying that people start to tag their Pro-Lunyx posts as “Noctuna”. The reason why Lunyx didn’t happen is because she WASN’T in love with Nyx and no, it was NOT more realistic than Noctluna. If Noctluna is shallow and unrealistic, then so is Lunyx because it totally doesn’t make sense that she would fall for a stranger just because they had a firework scene together and he saved her. Just because you save a woman’s life, doesn’t mean she will end up falling for you. Her heart doesn’t belong to anyone and you can’t earn her love like as if it’s an object. Please stop with this nonsense. Luna loves Noctis and she stayed true to her feelings until the very end. If you don’t like Noctluna and prefer Lunyx, then please be polite enough to not crosstag. I like Lunyx too, but it’s really annoying when I see people spamming the Noctuna tag with Lunyx and claiming it was more “realistic”. Don’t ruin Lunyx for me please.