is a ray of sunshine

Taurus aesthetic

Warm rays of sunshine tickling your nose and making colorful spots dancing in front of your eyes. Trees in full, rich green. The smell of the first apple blossoms. Warm and slightly damp soil in your hands. Gardener aprons with a lot of patches. Straw hats lavishly decorated with flowers from the garden. Chocolate brown irises with dark green rims and thick, dark eyelashes. Freckles splattered all over your face. Rich meals with your family. Heavy gold jewelry. Deep but mellow voices. Luxurious but comfortable clothes. The comfort you receive from a close family member or friend. Hot chocolate and marshmallows.

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Could you write a poem about an ex who keeps giving mixed signals saying she loves me and stuff whens she knows that I'm not over her yet

“I love you”
No you don’t
You love when I respond
To your beck and call
When you declare
That there’s love hidden there
In your chest or your eyes
And I rush to soak up
Any rays of sunshine
You might allow me
To feel gracing
This skin of mine

You don’t love me now
Maybe you did before
But before does nothing
To heal the burning, sore
Wounds you kissed
Onto my flesh
Into my spine
When you loved me
When you were mine

Until you up and left
Your lips tasted like wine
So sweet till you sober
Then burns in your throat
Maybe you loved me before
But now we both know

You don’t love me now
You love what I gave
When you opened your heart
Until it became my grave

Tangled: Scene Five

Mother Gothel played by: @ofemeraldandsilverblood

Rapunzel played by: @captofthesswolfstar

GOTHEL: *stands up* Now, wash up for dinner!

RAPUNZEL: *sits with her head low*

GOTHEL:  I really did try, Rapunzel.

GOTHEL: The world is dark and selfish and cruel. If it finds even the slightest ray of sunshine, 

GOTHEL: *leaves*

Rapunzel: Augh! *knocks over a dresser as she realizes…. she is the lost princess*

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 ♓️ February 25, 1943 - ♓️

 Like a morning sunrise, souls light the world with their beauty before disappearing into the darkness of the unknown. Their presence may have gone from the physical world, but their memory never dies. George Harrison is my ray of sunshine that no cloudy day could ever take away. George and the Beatles came into my life during a time when I needed someone by my side. Though he was not physically by my side, he was spiritually by my side and he and his music helped me to face the many challenges that life threw at me in such a dark time. He was my mentor, showing me that even though the world was bitter to me, I did not have to become bitter in return. Instead, I could rise above my challenges and become an even better person. He inspired me to see the wonder of life at work in everything and it became my goal in life to respect everyone to the best of my ability and to see the beauty in every little aspect of the world. In my mind, George is the most perfect person who ever lived, but I know for a fact that no one, not even he, is perfect. What makes him perfect to me is the positive influence that he and his music had on my life. There are so many qualities about George that I admire: his humility, spirituality, divinity, human rights activism, love of gardening, musical abilities, and of course his looks, but what rises above all those in my heart is his ability to love. George’s lyrics touched my heart so deeply and filled my life with so much more love than I ever thought was possible from a musician. The world was truly blessed with an earth angel that cold, February morning in Liverpool when George was born and I am so very lucky to be able to carry him and the Beatles in my heart forever. Happy birthday, George. Thank-you so much for always being by my side and carrying me through life when no one else can. You will always and forever rule my heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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Name: Rewati
Nicknames: Ray Ray, Ray, …apparently Ray of Sunshine and Mama Ray Ray..
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 180 cm or 5′11″
Orientation: Aromantic/Asexual (still….a little nervous about this?)
Favorite Fruit: mango!
Favorite Season: Winter/Fall
Favorite Book: Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Favorite Flower: Marigold
Favorite Scent: Sandalwood/White Gardenia
Favorite Colour: Emerald/Jade
Favorite Animal: Orca
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Hot Cocoa!
Average Sleep Hours: 4-5
Cat or dog person?: Cat/Dog!
Favorite Fictional Character: Currently…Yuuri Katsuki <3 
Number of blankets you sleep with: 3
Dream Trip: Australia!
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MOST OF THE BLOGS I WANT TO RECOMMEND YOU ALREADY KNOW but I figure it’s fine since others can read this as well.

@reversedcross extremely sweet mun with an amazing portrayal like….??? Hot damn. I love Gata’s portrayal and her Kuroro is purely fab. 

@amphiboyus eeeeey this girl I know extremely well and her writing is one of her MANY talents. She’s an angel and I know yall would adore her. I mean, she’s tolerated my ass for eight years, that gotta stand for something. 

@heimxfashi / @nisenokumo is such an amazing person, one of the sweetest you’ll find, and their writing and portrayal is awesome. You won’t regret having this adorable lil ray of sunshine in your life.