is a pure smile


James: I simply had to take down that pure smile forever, you scowl too much! It’s so nice to see you so happy while you help everyone out-

Atter: Yeah, yeah. I’ve been unloading boxes of supplies all day, and what have you been doing? This isn’t something to be praised over-It’s my job to help people and it’s suppose to be your job too. 

Stop being ridiculous and get back too work.

tdoj  asked:

sometimes when louis is sad, harry acts all dramatic and closes the curtains and keeps the rooms dim and sulks around and louis is always like "what why are u doing that" and harry's like ":( because the sun isn't out :( :( :(" and louis smiles and his heart beats a lil faster because even though he's been with harry for seven years, he still manages to get butterflies in his tummy when harry so much as smiles at him ❤💗💞💖💓♥


No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.


hkeemofficial THANK YOU SKAM for having mine and @temurahmed song “Fy Faen” on SKAM!!!!!! #SKAM#FYFAEN #Sana #ChazeEnt

this is so cool and precious, the guys who made the song fy faen were so happy that it was featured in the show :))


he just wanted to see genji’s smile