is a pretty awesome human being

Michael: Lindsay is a phoenix. Which means she’s immortal, but at the end of the life she’s in she bursts into flames in a huge fireball. It’s pretty awesome. She has a human looking form she uses mostly, but she can turn into the recognizable bird whenever she pleases. I’ve known her for the past 50 years or so. Meg, on the other hand, is a Frankenstein’s monster like creature, but she prefers being called a doll since she’s filled with straw. 

Michael: Most of B-Team, however, is actually made up of humans. There are only so many monsters out there, after all. The others that stand out are Matt B, a human/ghoul hybrid; Mica, a siren; and Treyco, another vampire. Matt being half-ghoul means he has none of the cosmetic effects of being a ghoul, but he has the appetite of one. Mica doesn’t really use her singing powers outside the field since it’s caused some issues since Steffie, Lindsay, and Kdin are the only ones her powers don’t effect. Trevor is much younger than Geoff, as he was only shifted a few years ago, but he doesn’t really attack humans too much and relies on Caleb to supply him with his blood. 

i honestly hate this idea that if you don’t take 10 selfies a day you don’t love yourself.
i love myself i just don’t love my appearance that much. but i do love myself.

anyway i just think this idea is based on the outdated concept that a woman’s worth is her appearance and this is how she’s supposed to value herself as well and nah, i am fun, funny, smart, curious, well-read and kind, my love for myself doesn’t reside in me taking pics of myself and plaster them all over the internet
A Hole in My Soul Chapter 1, a vampire diaries fanfic | FanFiction


Pretty sure everyone has already read this but I had to put it out there anyway because @livingdeadblondequeen is so ridiculously talented and an awesome human being too : ) Check this brilliance out if you haven’t yet, wolf fics are the BEST!!! Just saying!

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I hate when people say that by being nice you’re actually being stupid, or that people will not respect you if you’re nice or something like that. Like being nice is something you should feel ashamed of being. Being nice is awesome. Being nice means that you have a great heart, you feel empathy towards others and you’re a badass at being a good human being. I am nice and I’m proud of it. 

As long as humans are not virtuous beings, desire will always win over the fear of punishment. What’s necessary is not punishment, but to deal with that desire.
—  William Twining
So, here’s the thing Sanctuary peeps

There’s this new web series that needs some love.  And, if you loved Sanctuary, then I’m pretty confident that you’ll love Inhuman Condition too.

For starters, it has Robin Dunne in it:

Who doesn’t love seeing this goober in stuff?

But what’s he do? Well, let me tell you.  Graham (as in, not-Will) works for “The Center.” He helps abnormals supernatural beings adapt to living in a human world. Right now he’s charged with helping Tamar. (Who’s super awesome and amazing, but spoilers)

And this BAMF right here:

Let me just say a few things about Dr. Michelle Kessler (yes that is Torri Higginson from Stargate Atlantis! I knew you’d recognize her you amazing sci-fi nerd!).

Dr. Michelle Kessler is a therapist who helps all of the abnormals supernatural beings cope with their unique positions and the stress that comes from living in a world mal-adapted to them. She does her work at great personal risk because she believes that supernatural beings deserve the same respect as humans.

Sound familiar yet?

Basically Helen and Michelle would be besties (or more). They would get along smashingly - respecting the hell outta each other and fiercely protecting non-humans.

Oh, did I mention that she’s totally bisexual? Because it’s actually a thing.  That is stated.  Right out in the open.  Twice.

Plus, I’m sure you have eyes and can appreciate how gorgeous she is.  But if not, let me just tell you. 


But check it, there’s more:

There’s also two other main female characters (three out of four ain’t bad).

And the solo male main character is also bisexual.

Look at that representation!

The web series has 19 episodes so far, but they release new ones every M,W,F on their YT channel.

Each episode runs between 4-9 minutes.

You should TOTALLY check it out!  If you watch the first episode and don’t like it, you’ve literally wasted only 8 minutes of your life.

Alternatively, you’ll have found a new fandom to flail about with me!



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I can't believe you're asking people not to tag you! How dare you be a human being with a life who works hard to create great writing and has a family and friends know, is just generally awesome? I hope you aren't feeling guilty. You have a big heart, and it sucks to feel like you're letting fans down, but you need to take care of you first and that is totally legitimate. I'm removing you from my tags, and I hope you don't mind that I'm still going to stalk your blog occasionally. :)

Wow, thank you. I do actually feel pretty guilty because I always wanted to try and be that blog who like gave feedback to everyone and read every single thing but I just can’t be that person right now and it sucks. A lot. 

Owner post– I know every owner thinks their pet is the greatest in the world, and lemme tell ya, I am no exception. I swear this bundle of kitten knows exactly how I’m feeling and how to make me feel better when I’m down. Animals really do have magic powers and a level of empathy that I’m not convinced humans can match. It’s amazing how a different species can make you feel better without being able to communicate with you to the same degree as those within your own species can. In short, animals are pretty fuckin awesome and my kitten is a blessing.


“But I mean, it’s pretty cool though I mean, I’d just be that annoying human that comes and like..”

“I’d press the button, that sounds awesome!”

(Will You Press The Button #3)


A little late there, Mark.


Well, last night turned out to be a pretty shitty night for me if truth be told. Some guitar performers in a Wolverhampton bar decided to publicly misgender me and my girlfriend for the soul aim of getting a cheap laugh out of their audience. Everyone seemed to find it pretty funny of course; not appearing to appreciate the fact that we’re both human beings with feelings etc.

Anyhow, the rest of the night was amazing, and we did both look pretty awesome (if I do say so).

Photographic evidence of such a claim can be found above. xxx

I-I uh… I planned to make a pretty drawing to celebrate our one-year-long fight, fanbots, but all I have at the moment is a silly thing made in pen because I don’t have my tablet with me. Or pencils. Or… any fancy thing. So, uh, sorry. Sorry and thank you for being awesome and strong and determined. Also, I wanted to thank you for the support you gave me during this year, I can’t find the words to express how grateful I am. I love you all <3

The Signs As Feferi Peixes Quotes


Taurus: Gluuuuuub, I just made myself hungry. 380~

Gemini: Really, you are just t)(e grouc)(iest dude sometimes. (And it’s really cute!)

Cancer: Good point. Maybe I’m feeling it too. What was it? Orca vu?

Leo:  Because, stupid. I’M D——EAD!

Virgo:  )(oly mackerel, looks like SOM-EON-E woke up on t)(e wrong side of t)(e absurd )(uman bed!


Scorpio: Well, thank you! On both counts, of being likened to something other than an obnoxious human, as well as on my exotic looks. For the record, you look pretty awesomely weird too.

Sagittarius:  -Everyt)(ing we are about to do next is exciting. It is always exciting. I’m -EXCIT—————-ED!

Capricorn: Okay, you win. I have officially humbled myself before you. Entirely glubbing peasant-IFICATED for your pleasure. Shall I clip my fins for you as well, your majesty?

Aquarius: Its lords are our slumberbuddies now. 38)

Pisces: Your stupid fis)(y face is w)(at’s odd!


Hey Guys! I’m opening commissions— these are the broad details but anything more specific like colour palettes, icons, multiple characters, simplification, etc can be discussed directly ^_^

I will draw original and pre-existing characters, animals, anthros/furries, humans, and candy/mild gore. I’m also fine with nudity but I will not draw straight up porn or extreme fetishes.

My email is (you can message me first on tumblr though if you want). The best payment method is paypal.

Thanks so much for reading! <3


“Stop calling her pretty. She isn’t ‘pretty’. Pretty doesn’t even begin to describe her. She is so much more than that. She is kind hearted and heartbroken, gentle and dangerous, an angel one day and a she devil the next, intelligent yet silly, hilariously funny yet devastatingly sad, she is passion personified as a human being. Pretty isn’t even close". [insp]

Favorite TV of 2015 – #9 – Mad Men

I’m just mostly sad Mad Men is over, you guys. It was always so smart, so engaging, so funny in unexpected ways, that it was must-see-TV for its entire run. These were characters you cared about, even when they were being awful human beings, and each of them got a surprisingly satisfying ending, especially for a show that can get pretty bleak (RIP, Betty Francis). It felt like that image of Peggy walking down the hall one last time in her cool-guy-shades and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth was almost some sort of meta sendoff to us all – like, Yeah, we’re awesome. And you’re gonna miss us.

Yes I will, Mad Men. Yes I will.


What bothers me about the Cosplay Community & its relationship to Undertale

As some of you may know, I spent the last weekend at Animuc, an anime convention near Munich. I know this happened in Germany, but I am pretty sure this has happened to Cosplayers overseas as well.

I cosplayed Frisk together with @tachiba-nah as Human!Alphys. Due to @queennati not being able to make it to the Con, we decided to take over the organization of our Undertale meetup. There were many people who gathered on Sunday, and we had an awesome photoshoot with @rainbows-fandoms-stuff. I even had the opportunity to talk to many of the other Cosplayers, each of them had put a lot of effort into their costumes, and their interpretations of the characters were all very original and unique.

Now this is, where my rant begins. I talked to a few people about their Cosplays and told them how much I liked them, and they were so happy to hear that someone actually values their work!! Why? Because everyone they met, including their friends (!!), told them that cosplaying a character from Undertale (esp. Chara or Frisk) isn’t a “real Cosplay” because it’s “too simple” and the characters are “just pixel graphics”.

I don’t get it? Why would it be too simple to make a design from scratch for a character that’s made entirely of pixels, where you have a lot of freedom with the actual design itself because they’re not detailed at all? Why would it be too simple to build actual fursuit heads to cosplay a furry character from the game, like Toriel, Asriel or Asgore? Or build helmets and gear and armor to look like one of the Skelebros? Or use liquid latex and bodypaint to paint on gills for Undyne? Or making a Flowey helmet that looks like he’s actually growing out of the ground when you lay down on it? I haven’t even started talking about cosplaying the leg?! I want to see how you build a fucking MTT armor because it’s so simple, right? It could have never taken more than one day to make it, of course ;) And please, walk 10 hours+ in those pink heels, darling, like some of your “real Cosplayers” do.

We had a humanized Shyren and a female Napstabot who made their Cosplays from scratch, being inspired from either the game or fanart. My own Frisk was a design that took inspiration from the many fanarts I’ve seen, as well as my own interpretations of the character (and looked a bit different from the rest, who mostly sticked to the ingame pixel design.)

Making an Undertale Cosplay just takes as much time to conceptualize and build, sew, and whatever to make it! We don’t poop them out because it’s “sooo simple”. Each of us has put as much time and effort in their Cosplay as they would put into a Cosplay that you’d call a “real Cosplay”, all of us had their problems, that they had to solve somehow. What is even your problem? I don’t get it? Why are Cosplays of other characters from video games, franchises, mangas or animes superior to a Cosplay from Undertale? It’s okay if you don’t like the game, but why the heck would you go and belittle a Cosplayer for their choice of character they want to portray? Do I do the same to you? Belittling you for a character you chose to Cosplay because you really like them a lot and feel connected to them in some way or another? It’s disappointing that people still do this, and it’s also one of the things that make me really angry.

Every Cosplay is valid, no matter the character or franchise, or bought or selfmade. Every Cosplay takes time to make, even when you buy it. Behind each Cosplay, there’s a person with feelings. Get that into your thick, ignorant skulls.

Who am I?

I dunno, just wanted to draw something. I’ve always wanted to see Fiora in shorter, spikier hair.

And then my mind dragged itself into the gutter of angst.

Now all I can think about is these ‘Projects’ struggling to find humanity that they hardly have access to. All they’ve been told is to fight from the moment they opened their eyes.

Surrounded by conflict and the infinite amount of fog that clouds their past as a mystery..

Idk, it’s pretty harsh and horrible to think about. After all, a human being is who they are based on their past/memories. And I think I correlate this experience to Remember Me, which is an AWESOME game in terms of thinking about how memories function, and what the human race would be like if we could freely alter it, or feed off of the experience in of itself.

It would certainly be scary in all retrospect.

One moment you’re one person, next you are not. Your self-identification is completely stripped from you and I just. Ugh, that pulls on so many strings of mine.