is a precious cupcake

  • alec: did you sit in a pile of sugar?
  • magnus: ? ? ?
  • alec: 'cause you have a pretty sweet ass.
  • magnus: :) :) :)

Tony Padilla : a summary : B E A U  T I F U L  (◠‿◠✿)

- beautiful voice  (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful hair (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful face (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful outfits (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful tattoos (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful car (◡‿◡✿)

-beautiful boyfriend (◡‿◡✿)

- beautiful soul (◡‿◡✿)


“You always bring tears to my eyes, but tears of joy. I’m so grateful to have you all, your support and your love, your beautiful comments daily, so thank you.”

Felicity and Friends

Yes, you read that correctly~ Felicity and Friends. 

I recently reblogged a very cute Felicity and Friends gif set, as it brought a smile to my face.  I then received a lovely anon message stating  “it is people like you that have made Arrow suck.”  Well, I’m pretty much a live and let live kind of person so I was going to just ignore it.  But then I thought no way, I would watch the HELL out of that!  So, let’s take a look at Felicity and Friends!!

We’‘l start with Oliver Queen.  Their friendship has always been at the core of their relationship~ romantic or not:

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Then there’s John Diggle.

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How about Roy Harper?!

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And let’s not forget Barry!

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Now, let’s add some female power!

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So, in conclusion Felicity Smoak is my Precious Badass Cupcake and I would happily tune in for this 24/7!!

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     There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I’m just remembering.

                  Weapons left in the field…dangers I can still prevent.

                                I think maybe that’s the path

                                         a way to the redemption I’ve been looking for.

Felicity Smoak Being Badass

In honour of 5x18 where I have no doubt we will see Felicity Smoak being an awesome precious badass cupcake - I thought it might be fun to look at other occasion when this happened.

1) When she took on Slade Wilson - he never saw it coming!

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2) When she brought down Cooper!

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3) When she organized Oliver’s escape from Nanda Parbat

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4) When she rescued Oliver in the Atom Suit

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5) When we got a glimpse back to her goth days

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6) When she totally took “Laurel’s” DNA to confirm it was her

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7) When she swore - not badass but totally cute!

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8) When she took her anger out on a punching bag, totally impressing Oliver

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9) When she punched Laure…err I mean Black Siren!

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10) When she pointed out she was a grown woman and could make her decisions to do illegal things if so desired.

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Leading to this: Fingers crossed, Felicity using Helix to inflict REAL pain on Adrian Chase for daring to hurt her man. Felicity will be having NONE OF THAT.

Thanks to all those who made the gifs!

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Nicknames for the Night Court Squad
  • Rhys: Little nugget of darkness
  • Cassian: Precious tall bean.
  • Azriel: Cupcake of purity
  • Mor: One who is always on fleek
  • Amren: Approach with care and lambs blood
  • Feyre: Wall sex kink person
  • Nesta: Main hoe.
  • Elaine: Azriel's bae
  • Suriel: Gossip Girl
  • Clearly I have no clue that nicknames are meant to be short and sweet.
Fell Goth has some problems he should probably take care of

So uh, I’m a shy bean and I don’t really write hard nsfw [and I kinda don’t want to post this on my blog] but this is a little nsfwish, and I really just needed to get this out and wanted you to see it so have some Fell Goth/Palette I guess


The original Palette was a fucking crybaby.

After hearing from Fell Goth how the original Goth was most likely half dead in Fell Palette’s basement, he had come to the conclusion that Palette was a fucking crybaby.

He’d burst into tears, pleading with him to do something, like he was the only one who was feeling hurt.

“Your pissy little Goth ruined what my Palette and I had. Why the fuck should I do shit for you?” He’d snapped, teleporting away before Palette could speak again.

But now that he was really thinking about it, Fell Palette and he hadn’t really had much. A fling every so often, drunk sex, Fell Palette’s masochistic tendencies, and the fact that Fell Palette treated him like shit. Those were all the things he’d ‘had’. That they’d ‘had together’.

Looking back on it, it didn’t seem so bad then. But Fell Goth could count the original Goth as a blessing, because now he was away from the poison that was what he used to have, that was Fell Palette.

So if Fell Palette could take Goth, Fell Goth didn’t mind having Palette.

This explained why he had Palette pressed up against a wall, writhing against him.

Palette was crying again, breaths hitching and his voice slipping with little moans and whimpers he didn’t want to make. Fell Goth ignored the tears and latched onto his neck, sucking and biting and forcing Palette to let out those pretty moans that only made him want to continue.

“G-Goth, Goth, please, s-stop!”

Fell Goth stopped. But Palette barely even let out a sigh before Fell Goth was back on him, pulling open his shirt and leaving sharp bites on his ribcage.

“How funny it is to hear you beg… And to beg me of all people, to stop?”

Maybe he was projecting a little. But the sound of Palette’s voice was similar to Fell Palette’s voice, and it was full of tears and laced with terror. And he was absolutely squirming with the thoughts of what exactly he could do to make that voice scream out in pain, in pleasure, to beg him and plead with him to stop.

But he wouldn’t, he wouldn’t stop, because when had Fell Palette ever stopped for him?

This was going to be done his way.

He was going to use this Palette as a toy, the same way his Palette had used him.

No whiny little crybaby was going to stop him.

fanfic by Fae