is a planet

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

So according to the wiki and Ego’s words: With Ego’s planet gone, Peter loses his immortality which he had possessed before without even knowing it. While he probably will still be slightly more endurable and stronger than an ordinary human, since he is still half-Celestial and their bodies are surely more endurable than a human’s, that means that Peter is now very, very mortal.

And although nobody knew that he was technically immortal before (if one can trust Ego, anyway), there probably will be a moment when the Guardians realize that Peter only could have pulled stunts like touching the Infinity Stone or surviving in space when helping Gamora for so long because he was immortal.

Now that he isn’t, well – suddenly they realize that their reckless, selfless Terran can now very well die if he should pull stunts like that again.

Which leads to the Guardians pretty much clinging to Peter, not letting him out of their sight again. Groot basically stays glued to Peter’s shoulder, Rocket takes up the other shoulder more often than not – something he had not done before – Drax stays close to Peter like a bulky shadow, and Gamora, as much as Peter loves her, suddenly being a whole lot quicker when it comes to pulling out her weapons to protect him from potential danger is slightly unsettling to Peter.

It comes down to Peter giving up – he is bent over the control panel of the Quadrant to chart their course and everyone is basically lying on him again, either literally or figuratively. That’s when he snaps.

“… Okay, guys, what is going on that I’m getting buried under all of you?”

“I am Groot?”

“No, Groot, dude, I don’t have a problem with you sitting up there,” Peter glances at his other shoulder, where Rocket is all but sprawled out, tinkering at whatever little device he has come up with. Right behind him, there is Drax, all but crowding Peter against the panel. “I have more of a problem with the other guys here.”

“Oh, sure, play favorites on the baby tree,” Rocket murmurs without looking up.

“Ain’t about favorites, Rocket - you are very fucking literally breathing my air here.”

“And now he claims the air for himself. Greedy, man.”

“We merely want to keep you safe, Quill,” Drax, states bluntly as ever before the two others can start a fight.

“Oh,” Peter blinks, looking from Drax to Groot, who nods, and to Rocket, who avoids his gaze, which is telling in its own right. “… Um. Thanks, but… why?”

“Because everyone is worried that you could die,” the way Mantis says it is very much too cheerful for the topic they are talking about. It makes Gamora, who sits next to the young girl, rolls her eyes in that Seriously? way of hers. Even Kraglin, who is helping Mantis putting up her hair in a braid, looks a bit uncomfortable.

Peter still doesn’t get what’s going on, and that something is going is very obvious because his friends are the literal opposite of secretive.

The thought that they are being this silly, following him step for step 24/7 just because they are worried, though… It still makes warmth spread through him nonetheless.

Peter relents with a fond sigh. “…Okay, okay. But give me some room to breathe, please, alright?”

“I am Groot!”

“What do you mean I should get down then, you lil’ traitor – I can stay up here all the same! He can breathe fine!”

“Rocket actually likes it up there.”


“Mantis, remember what we told ye about keepin’ things to yerself?”

“Yes, why do you… ? Ooooh, I see.”

“Yep, now ye got it.”

“I’m still surrounded by idiots.”

“These idiots are your family, much like your murderous sister is.”

“One thing doesn’t contradict the other.”

And the whole room erupts in arguments again.

Peter is very, very close to smacking his forehead against the panel in despair, and faintly wonders if the fact that the warmth hasn’t left him and he’s still grinning from ear to ear makes him a hopeless madman.

Then again – he’s always had some issues. He can deal with a few more.

Saturn: 12th house ✨🌊🗝🌊✨

-A strong feeling of loneliness comes with this placement

-This may sound odd but you could personally benefit from serving others(mainly with constructive jobs and tangible work)

-Often work behind the scenes in large organizations and facilities

-Works best in solitude and quiet surroundings

-These people may find it extremely hard to get recognition for their efforts or to receive credit where it may be due

-Despite the loneliness that can come with this placement, these people often feel best in solitude and having time to themselves

-Sometimes this placement can manifest as difficulties of some kind with the father figure (maybe you’re not close, he could’ve left your life early, maybe problems with addiction)

-Possible interest in psychology and how the mind functions

-You may think you have secret enemies but its likely that these enemies are in your head

-Saturn represents limitations and restrictions and the 12th house represents isolation and so this can represent things like prisons, hospitals, etc.

Moon: 4th house ✨🏡🌙🏡✨

-Since the Moon and Cancer rule the 4th house, this a strong position for the Moon

-Natives are strongly influenced by/usually have a close relationship with a parent(usually the mother)

-Very intuitive

-Emotions are strongly influenced by home and family life and maybe the parent(s) whether they know it or not

-Cooking and housekeeping

-Emotional, yet you like to keep these feelings in check and out of public view

-May move alot or redecorate the house quite a bit

-Very nostalgic and subjective

-The home is a place of comfort and security

-Live near water or would like to at least

-Interested in nature/the outdoors, as well as things like family heritage,or even collecting things

-It is said that the other half of life gets easier financially or career-wise with this placement