is a plane ticket to somewhere

Hello ARMY!

Please take your time and read.
I just found out that BTS is really struggling with sasaeng fans at the airport. The sasaengs would buy the same plane ticket as them and take pictures of them in the part of the airport where you only can go in if you have a ticket.

So I want to ask you to please not share those kind of pictures if you happen to see them! It’s not respectable to admire someone’s fashion or visuals if the photo has been taking without any care of their privacy

I know that I have probably accidentally uploaded a picture like that somewhere, but I’ll delete whatever picture I find that I have uploaded. If you see a picture on my blog that is like that, then please feel free to tell me.

And please share this to other fans, it’s extremely important!

You may share this on twitter if you want, some Korean people started doing it in July or so but they stopped


lets rewrite the entire recent stevenbomb

(Long post, cropped for space)

This recent bomb was pretty terrible imho so I’ve decided to re write it with the materials I was given. If i sat down with a cohesive crew i could come up with something even more solid, but I really do believe that what I came up with has better drama, pacing, and character development, it stays on message, and has lots to look forward to at the end that leaves the viewer excited for the promise of more

  • Lets have this be heavily Amethyst centric. Steven starts with those dreams, and at first the gems are reluctant to let Steven go figure out what he’s seeing. But the one who eventually says it would be a good idea is Amethyst. “If the rest of you won’t take him I will. Sounds kind of fun.”  

  • if you’re gonna have the pink palanquin be somewhere that needs to be traveled to, please use anyone else besides uncle racist. You have greg who could easily buy plane tickets. you have Lion. You have Lapis.

  • greg gets abducted still, just do it with the blue diamond we were promised not the one we were given. you expect me to to just accept that she looks like that now? shut up

  • have amethyst be terrified in the presence of Blue Diamond. Amethyst says “Stop.” and Blue diamond, instead of treating her like an actual threat, insults her. Calls her defective, and weak, and considers it an insult that Amethyst would even think it’s okay to speak to her. You can feel the immense power radiating off of her. Amethyst feels like she’s so weak that even if she tried to rescue greg she’d fail immediately. So she panics and stiffens up until it’s too late. It’s her first real exposure to the diamonds (a call on the diamond line doesn’t count) and she knows what she’s up against now and it’s really scary

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What I really want

Let’s go out on a random adventure. Let’s say fuck it, buy a plane ticket to somewhere rad, and have the time of our lives. Let’s go grocery shopping and get what we need, but have fun doing it. Let’s wash the truck and spray each other with the water hose while we run and laugh. Let’s watch funny movies and we have a relaxing night in. Let’s jam out to songs and sing our lungs out. Let’s sit around a bonfire with friends, talking about life and all the good times, and you have your legs laying across mine. Let’s be together but homies and best friends at the same time. You and I, just having fun, enjoying each other’s company and happiness, and knowing that we have something most would dream of

Blushing Beckham

Requested By- Anon

Request- Hi love, can I request a Brooklyn Beckham imagine please? Lots of fluff, like where you come to visit him and he’s all excited and you can see the pure happiness radiating off of him! Please and thank you, you can choose he rest❤️

Person- Brooklyn Beckham

Warnings- None?

A/N- Sorry it took a thousand years

I was currently on Skype with my boyfriend, Brooklyn. It wasn’t a new thing that we did, especially since he’s been away working on his modeling, but today is different. Today I am surprising him with the fact that I have a plane ticket for a flight to see him this weekend. He is currently talking about one of his newest shoots. His newest shoot was a beachwear line that he was excited for. After he was finished he asked, “how about you? Any new exciting thing coming up?” “Umm… Well this weekend I am going somewhere.” “Oh really? Where?” “I am actually… I’m going to visit you.” I say pulling out the plane ticket to show him. His face goes from confused to shocked to smiling like an idiot. “No way! Really?” “Yeah, I board late on Friday night and I should land Saturday morning.” “Can’t wait!” We talk for a little while longer then we decided to sign off. I still have a little time before I need to head to bed so I decided to start packing some things. I only had my bath things to pack when I decided to go to bed.

*Saturday* Still Y/n’s POV

The plane was about to land soon so I started to gather my stuff together a bit better than it was. Finally the flight attendant announced we had landed and we start to head for the exit. After I get off I head to get my suitcase. After that is gathered I start for the when I see Brooklyn holding a sign with my name on it. “Brooklyn!” I say and he turns towards me and a smile covers his face. He runs over and picks me up in a hug. “Y/n, you’re here. Not on a screen, in person.” He says as he sets me down then pecks me on the cheek. I let a small giggle and reply with, “Well yeah, gotta keep you in line, can’t do that while being a thousand miles away.” Next thing I know Victoria walks up to us. “He has me to keep him in line, but I appreciate the help. Hello y/n.” I knew Victoria was with him while he was down here working on the shoots. “Hello Victoria, hope he isn’t too much of a handful.” “Oh you should have seen him for the past few days, every since you told him you were coming he’s been cleaning like crazy. Maybe you should stick around for awhile.” Brooklyn blushes at his mom’s comment and I smile and we head back to his rented apartment. That weekend was amazing, I didn’t realize how much I missed him until he was standing there.

I really just want to pack everything I have and buy a plane ticket to another city.

I want to get a new job and have a really cool roommate that I can actually be friends with and go out to eat with.

I want friends that I never have to worry about if they actually like me, I want friends that JUST want to be my friend and aren’t sexually attracted to me or want a relationship because im so tired of that.

I want to start making art again because somewhere down the line I lost interest and motivation and I really want that back.

Im tired of feeling like im not good enough. Im tired of crying and being lonely.

I want to just move to another city and start all over.

I have worked out 6 days this week- goals people.

We are supposed to get up to two feet of snow tomorrow. TWO FUCKING FEET. I’m over winter. Who lives somewhere tropical I can come visit. Fuck!!! Than we are supposed to get another shit storm on Thursday. I’m buying a fucking plane ticket someone do up a room for me.

Valentines Day is coming. Fuck you.

That’s all. I don’t have 6.


Jeffayette stuffs

@fanciful-follies So, here it is! The Jeffayette one-shot that I promised a week ago, but was distracted from writing by Steven Universe. Since it’s your birthday today, I decided to sit down and finally finish this thing. I hope you enjoy!

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idk some more otp au scenarios
  • i’m a twin and you don’t realize it, but have my twin in a class with you and when you see me on campus come up and start talking to me and I don’t have the heart to tell you otherwise because hey, you’re cute
  • I completely bought the wrong ticket for a concert so instead of sitting next to my friend I’m sitting next to a stranger but you turn out to be v cute and by the second song in we’re screaming each other the lyrics
  • I got off the plane somewhere cold and completely forgot to pack a jacket because I’m an idiot and you offer me your extra one and when I get to my hotel/new apartment I find your phone in the pocket oops
  • you’re baby-sitting your niece or nephew and the kid won’t stop talking to me in the park and you’re a little pissed off because the kid likes me better than you, but you also think it’s kinda cute
  • I go to your book signing and pretty much make a fool out of myself but then i see you at a coffee shop later and you insist on buying me coffee and let it slip that you think I’m adorable and holy shit I’m still holding your book in my hand
  • I just left my significant other at the altar and went to a bar and you’re sitting there just having a beer and want to talk to me about what’s wrong/why I did it as I do a lot of shots 
  • you’re famous and always seem to answer my questions during twitter q&a’s and it’s actually because you think I’m cute from my profile photo and when I go to your m&g your eyes light up and you know my name oh my goD
Go for walks. Take your medicine. Sing in the car, in the shower, in the middle of the grocery store. Hold hands with your mother. Smile at stray animals. Paint your nails. Get tattoos. Choose a new favorite color. Plant a garden full of seeds you can’t pronounce. Rip off band aids all at once. Just once, buy a plane ticket to somewhere you never thought you’d go. Then do it again if you can. Talk to strangers. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you. Take naps. Build something with your hands. Drive to another city just to get ice cream. Dance on the sidewalks. Fall in love. Fall in love.
—  This one’s for you, Elizabeth McNamara
02.05 am: What if trains, and plane tickets and airports never existed, the empty sad chairs, the unpacked suitcases and the unpacked souls, what if it all never existed, you wake up and there are no maps no more, I can reach out to you and give you my hand to hold and our fingers would kiss-meet halfway, somewhere in Europe, inbetween a little town in Rome and the purple blue veins of your bare arm

MBTI Aesthetic Series: The ESTP

“Driving with no exact destination in mind. The sensation of wind blowing through your hair as you skate down a hill. Asking for opinions on varying types of literature. Fear of someone asking what you want to do with your life. Feeling at home in an art museum. No shoes is the best kind, in your opinion. Listening to music, not as an escape, but to amplify how you’re feeling. Making connections everywhere you step foot. They say you’re often thinking outside the box. “Take a chill pill, will ya?” Scribbling down your bucket-list on a pocket notepad. Where’d you go? You can’t see the bigger picture, but it’s there. Plane tickets taped to your wall of all your recent journeys. The sound of your favorite song on vinyl, echoing throughout your house. You’re going somewhere; I don’t know where, but be sure to send a postcard once you get there. I can’t wait to hear all about it.”

emotional intimacy terrifies me even if it is something i have been chasing for months so when he sent me that song i almost booked a one-way plane ticket to somewhere that is Decidedly Not Here so i never had to see him again

mellinth  asked:

6 26 29 34 53

SO MANY ; 0 ;

6. When you looked in the mirror this morning what was the first thing you thought?

“hrrblgl slep… the fcuk my hair???” same as always

26. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, but you have to leave immediately. Where are you going to go? 

Since I don’t have time to prepare, it needs to be somewhere in the U.S., so definitely Portland. I miss it so much still. 

29. What is your favorite expletive?

“Shit” is only barely a word, all consonant - it can be uttered quietly while still retaining its viciousness. You can keep your teeth closed and bare them. Also very fun to combine with other words. ‘Shitstain’ I almost never use, it’s so mean! But very powerful. 

34. What was your last dream about?

I had a very awkward date with a young Vladimir Putin. 

53. What has been you worst haircut/style?

oh lordy…

circa 2011

imagine haru going for the olympics and winning, his family is there but not all of his friends (because it’s taking place ~somewhere, and plane tickets are expensive and not all of his friends can afford it. rin would be there competing too i guess for another category idk i’m not too sure. anyway). makoto isn’t there because makoto is studying hard for his finals

so after getting the medal some japanese tv reporter comes up to haru and asks, nanase-kun how does it feel to win? standard questions, etc, then they go: “any messages for your friends back home? or maybe a girlfriend?” (because lbr haru would be like in the top 10 hottest guys in glorious nippon after getting that spotlight. this question is unavoidable)

and like, haru’s been thinking of makoto, right, how he’s doing at school. so he just goes “makoto… my dream came true, so make sure you work hard to reach yours too”

and “makoto” is a girl’s name! so the reporter just assumes that “oh, that’s so sweet of nanase-kun, i bet his girlfriend makoto would be very happy!”

haru just goes “?” at “girlfriend” but he shrugs it off because w/e, his message got through. he just wants to go home to makoto

meanwhile, in tokyo (or iwatobi) the “girlfriend” in question is watching the match live on tv with his friends and they tease makoto endlessly and only stop after seeing that his face is so red it could probably burn down a house

anonymous asked:

I don't really care about them getting "back together" but is anybody else wondering why she's always driving somewhere? Like girl you better tell him to get you a plane ticket or I at least hope his offering gas money 🤔.

😂😂 I just choked

somesayq  asked:

If you were told that next plane ticket you buy would be the last, meaning wherever you choose to go you'd have to stay there. Where would be your final destination?

I’m always thinking about traveling somewhere far away, but it’s hard to pick a final destination. I guess it’s because I’m always thinking about escaping and not staying. Plus in this world there’s not many places I feel safe going as a black woman. Can a choose a private island? lol

petit-dingue  asked:

11, 26, 40, 47, 55

11. Favorite age you’ve been so far?

well, i’m 17 right now and i think this could qualify for my favorite age because after my 17th birthday, i moved back to my home state/hometown and somehow escaped my parents and started living with my friend’s family, and re-enrolled in my high school and shtuff. also, there’s been a lot of  hashtag character development going on and i think where i am right now, like - literally and just who i am as a person is the best its been– ever. so… 17 !

26. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, but you have to leave immediately. Where are you going to go?

i kind of want to say new york city ? but i don’t even know if i . .  KNOW anyone there so that’d be really scary ! or maybe somewhere up in canada. probably the former though. 

40. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

good question… good question ! ummm… i think sunrises, because i actually enjoy early mornings (not TOO EARLY which is when actual sunrise occurs but.) and the sun in general, and like, the feeling of having a whole day ahead of you. sunsets are not too good imo because its like… you have limited time in the day left and for me personally i’m like UH OH i haven’t done my schoolwork and its nighttime … FUCK ! like time is running out ? and i hate that 😤 

47. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

alright not to be corny or anything but honestly, truly, “are you happy?” 

55. Can you do any accents other than your own?

i know this isn’t a legitimate accent, but i have the “indie voice” DOWN … it always makes people crack up and i love that so much asdhjehwdf


There was very little in this universe that could ruffle Marina Andrieski. From cradle to adulthood, she’d been passed off to one foster family after another, and with that rocky territory came bad habits, unsavory crowds, and recreational mischief. But when her students had directed her attention to an obituary for one Abigail Hobbs, she’d nearly skyrocketed out of her seat. That was her face. That was her fucking face, and she’d dabbled in magic long enough to know that it wasn’t just a coincidence. Either someone was baiting her, or there was a deeper reason for this connection.

Regardless of the true intent, Marina had purchased a plane ticket and flown down to Baltimore, Maryland the moment she was able. Abigail had been attacked by her father – quite heinously, too – and somewhere down the line, one of her guardians had finished the job. As Marina stood milling around the throes of curious onlookers (there was no way this group of people knew the deceased), she found herself seeking out the only remaining guardian. Hannibal Lecter had fled (good thing too, because she had half the mind to set his ass on fire). Will Graham had also been attacked that night, but not nearly to the extent that any of the others had suffered. According to the tabloids, the attack had been almost surgical. Perhaps Dr. Lecter had wanted Will to attend Abigail’s funeral as a punishment of sorts.

Fortunately, the man was not difficult to find. He kept to himself in the back of the room, closed-off and reclusive, so Marina easily sidled up to him despite the occasional gawker. Apparently she wasn’t the only one who noticed her similarities to Abigail.

“Will Graham?” she asked, arching a finely shaped brow. When she garnered his attention, she batted her lashes, enjoying the fact that she had to be causing pain by her appearance. She may not know this man – hell, she may not know Abigail – but as the girl’s doppelganger of sorts, she felt it her duty to acquaint herself with the locals. “Is there a place we can speak privately?” Shifting her weight to her hips, she clasped her hands demurely in front of her and canted her head, still smiling in that smug little way that had earned her both respect and hatred.