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. ユーリ!!! on STAGE / musicianAU - read from right to left

sooo i started a little “doujinshi” as i can’t get over my love for these two XD the  whole story was inspired by this song (this will be the one what yuuri is going to play later :3) so get ready for more pages~ i don’t know how often i’ll able to update as i have to work, but i’ll try my best :)

2nd part

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AU where Yuuri is actually a pianist/composer and he specifically likes to compose for figure skating competitions because he has always loved this one skater (hint hint guess who) and one day he is ordered to compose a song for "you know who" *cough*victor*cough* and he creates such a beautiful song that victor actually manages to fall in love with the song so much he goes hunting for yuuri.

y e s


lunch at the library ;; for my high school, we have the whole month as the exam month and as a music major, this week will be filled with techniques, studies and jazz performances. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

How to be a successful professional musician

  • Be AMAZING at sightreading
  • Be 5 minutes early
  • Have your music with you
  • Have two pencils with you
  • Have water and a snack with you
  • Keep your calendar current
  • Check your calendar often
  • Show up with your part learned
  • Stay engaged until rehearsal is done
  • Fix your own mistake before the conductor has to address it
  • Smile and say “thank you” often
  • Be proactively friendly to conductors, ensemble members, and audience members
  • Have an exceptional work ethic
  • Learn to drink with other musicians until two on Friday night and still rock that wedding gig Saturday morning at ten
  • Make beautiful music every time you open your face or touch your instrument. Every. Single. Time
  • Be reliable
  • Pay attention
  • Kick ass at sightreading. If you can sightread you can pay rent