is a miracle tonic

Out in the Open - A Behind Closed Doors Sequel (Bard the Bowman x Reader)

Authors Note: So I noticed that a few people requested a sequel to my original Bard one shot where the reader is the daughter of the Master of Laketown and in a secret relationship with Bard, in particular where they tell the Master and Alfrid. So I did that, mostly because I wanted to go more in depth about how they met. Anyways I also tried to combine it with this imagine from imaginexhobbit so I could submit it there again. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as the first one. Again, sorry if it is terrible.

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“I think I’m going to be sick,” you announce, pacing the floors just outside your father’s office.  The day you dreaded most had finally come.  Today you and Bard were telling your father that you were marrying Bard, not Alfrid.  Bard didn’t want to tell them at all.  He would have rather you marry first, then deal with them after the fact, but it was important to you.  He was your father after all.

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Girl’s Night

Caroline and Bonnie have a girl’s night.  Bonnie has a little fun with her magic.  Baroline fic.  Brief mention of Steroline.  Just mindless fun because that’s what these girls need. :P

“Wanted Red or Alive or I Heard It Through the Grapevine?” Caroline asked, holding up two bottles of nail polish.

“Ummm…the purple one,” Bonnie answered, digging out a handful of popcorn and shoving it into her mouth, giggling as most of it fell out onto her lap.

Caroline took another long drink from the bottle of vodka on the table in front of her before taking Bonnie’s foot into her lap purposefully and twisting the lid off the nail polish.  She pursed her lips and nodded her head to the pop music floating from the radio.

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420 - Leap of Faith

The Apple clan is headed into town one day to some shocking news: The Flim-Flam Brothers, once cast out for trying to run the Apple Family out of town, have returned.

This time, they come bearing peace…and cure all tonic. One spoonful will cure whatever ails you!

Yes, and I’m the Queen of Switzerland.

Applejack is just as skeptical…until Granny Smith tries some and it seems to cure what ails her, just as the Brothers claimed. 

But upon further investigation, Applejack realizes not only is the tonic the snake oil she feared it was, but Granny Smith’s life is now in danger. Applejack is thus at the greatest crossroads of her life: tell Granny Smith the truth and risk ruining her happiness, or hide the deception and potentially kill her.