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[trans] K-BOY Paradise vol.20 (161125) - part 4: crosstalks (b.i x donghyuk, 2/7)

[intro & survey | group interview 1 2 | solo interviews bobby b.i donghyuk yunhyeong chanwoo jinhwan junhoe | cross talks b.i x bobby donghyuk x b.i yunhyeong x donghyuk]

“Donghyuk’s jawline is amazing!” (B.I) “But today you can’t really see it (laughs)” (Donghyuk)


They’re roommates so they have no secrets!!

The two of them have been like brothers since they were trainees. The usually obedient Donghyuk keeps messing with B.I!

Yunhyeong tells all!
When do you think B.I and Donghyuk look close?

Donghyuk accepts B.I’s moody side like a younger brother. He listens to what B.I says well, and he seems to idolize B.I. But they’re never really alone together (laughs).

Please tell us your first impressions of each other and each other’s charms.

B.I: When I first met Donghyuk, he was fatter (laughs).
Donghyuk: I was fat back then… I lost about ten kilos during the Mnet survival show WIN: Who Is Next?. Anyway, my first impression of B.I-hyung was that he was really funny. Also that he’s gotta be a rapper for sure (laughs).

B.I has a funny personality, doesn’t he?
B.I: No, no, I’m not that funny.
Donghyuk: B.I-hyung just doesn’t realize he’s funny (laughs). That makes him even funnier. I’m sure he has absolutely no idea what he’s saying ever. That’s why you can laugh at him (laughs).

So B.I’s funny side is something that has to grow on you (laughs).

B.I: I have to grow on you. I’ll remember that.

Now then, please tell us each other’s charms.

B.I: First of all, Donghyuk has good fashion sense. Also, he has a beautiful voice. He’s gotten better at singing. Plus–though it’s not as obvious anymore–his jawline is quite lovely.
Donghyuk: Ahaha (laughs).

Why isn’t it as obvious anymore?

Donghyuk: (sounds extremely sad) I gained weight…… From eating so much.
B.I: Donghyuk gains weight easily.
Donghyuk: I do. The other members never gain weight; it’s just me…… It’s really a shame. Anyway, B.I’s charm is that he’s the most leaderly of all the leaders I’ve ever seen. I still remember everything B.I’s told me since our trainee days. Also, the fact that hyung is completely different in work and life is also charming.

He’s completely different when he’s on and off, isn’t he?

Donghyuk: That is correct. When he’s working he’s 100% in work mode, but when he’s done with work, he really turns into a doofus. But he definitely has no idea that he’s being dumb (laughs).

If the two of you were to form a unit, what kind of concept and name would you have?

B.I: We’ve never really talked much about unit activities, but I think it would be a good unit. Donghyuk and I are a singer and rapper, so I think we could do something hip hop.
Donghyuk: I love dancing, so if I worked with B.I-hyung then I think it would be good to add more performative aspects.

And your unit name?

Donghyuk: How’s B.D?
B.I: B.D huh (laughs).
Donghyuk: B.I and Donghyuk are B.D!

You two have been like brothers since you were trainees. Please tell us what about B.I makes him seem like an older brother and what about Donghyuk makes him seem like a younger brother.

B.I: When we were doing the survival battle show MIX & MATCH, there was a time when I got worried about Donghyuk. Like I even cried…… If I really think about it, it wasn’t something I had to cry about, but Donghyuk was still young and naïve, so I got worried. Donghyuk always listened to me the best out of all the younger members, so I think that’s probably why my love just burst out and turned into worry.

And what about B.I is most like an older brother?

Donghyuk: B.I-hyung was more like an older brother when we were trainees. He taught me a lot of things and scolded me and stuff. But after we debuted, he became a different kind of older brother. I think we can discuss our problems together now. So I think the distance between us has gotten smaller.

Trans by Shino @ iKON GLOBAL | take out with full credits.
© K-BOY Paradise

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3 and 20 for Feysand

3. Injured here

20. Farewells

  • Rhys and Feyre are the absolute worst at saying goodbye. 
  • They both honestly become blubbering babies when the other one has to be gone for longer than a few days. (Mor is usually left to deal with the mess). 
  • Feyre is a bit better at concealing her misery when Rhys leaves, but she gets just as angsty as him when anyone says anything that reminds her of Rhys. (”Hey can you pass the butter?” “Sigh..Rhys likes butter on his toast, too…” “Oh gods.”)
  • Rhys takes a caretaker approach when saying goodbye to Feyre. He makes sure she has all the things she needs and checks and double checks the list he made twice. When she leaves, he says “Goodbye” at least 3 times, giving her longer and longer kisses. (Feyre is almost always late because of this).
  • Whenever the other leaves they both make sure the other will send a message down the bond when they arrive. Each are inconsolable until they receive the message. (”Do you think she’s there Mor? Do you think something’s happened? Why hasn’t she said anything?” “Rhys, it’s been five minutes.”)
  • But although they both miss each other greatly, they’re obviously very self-sufficient when the other is gone. Feyre continues her training with Azriel and Cassian, and she does magic training with Amren. Rhys always works on his painting and sketching skills when Feyre is gone so he can have something to surprise her with when she gets back. 
  • And whenever the other one returns from wherever they went, the “Thank The Gods You’re Back” sex begins almost immediately.

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the first song taehyung confidently released and produced along with namjoon and i couldn’t be more proud of how talented they both are and how beautiful and soothing taehyung’s voice sound and how powerful namjoon’s rap is and the amazing vocal ability he has. legends. namjoon and taehyung are kings who have amazing chemistry and work impressively well together.


Freshuary Day 26 — CPAU: Fresh hanging with the CP gang.

Figured I’d try to fit the ‘why the heck???’ mood of the original! :D

The challenge itself is here

Fresh, Geno and CPAU belong to @loverofpiggies

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Um this isn’t a fandom blog or any kind of blog really but I had this conversation with fellow fannibal @franicie about murder husbands on social media and I. I had to. And then she suggested I put it on here, so. Just a little sketch thing, used references but drew it quickly so excuse my lazy handwriting/general sloppiness!!

Blood rush in the hazy glow, my hands, your bones

Sort of continuation of this one (x), and Hawke is a dumb dope

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

SKAM S04E03 Clip 4 - Didn’t Talk About Him

[MOM: Are you gonna serve anything to your guests on Friday? Dad and I are going to be home late, but I could make something to heat up?]
[SARA: It’s ok with alcohol at the bus meeting, right?]
EVEN: Hey.
EVEN: How are you?
SANA: Yeah.
EVEN: I heard you and Isak have been talking about Mikael.
SANA: Oh, yeah. He saw a picture of Mikael on my Facebook.
EVEN: Okay.
SANA: We didn’t talk about him or anything.
EVEN: How are the boys doing?
SANA: Good.
EVEN: What is Elias doing these days?
SANA: Elias is taking a gap year. Just messing around, as usual. Living off of mom and dad.
EVEN: You have to say hi to your mom from me and say that I miss her shish barak.
SANA: I’ll do that.
ISAK: Hey.
EVEN: Hi! I was just asking Sana where you were.
ISAK: Yeah, I’m here. You joining McDonalds with Jonas and I?
EVEN: Of course.
ISAK: Lovely. You joining?
SANA: No thanks.
ISAK: Okay. Wanna bail?
EVEN: Yeah.
ISAK: Good bye.
SANA: Bye.
EVEN: Talk to you later.