is a mess usually


When the place Namjoon took the picture he tweeted is on the way to where you’re going 👌🏼 lol

But at the same time, when, had you gone just half an hour earlier you might have run into them (assuming he posted it right when he took it, who knows) :’)

So my seven year old nephew was messing around with his spiderman action figure today and I usually tune out the weird ramble about who’s winning his imaginary fights but….. all of the sudden I hear

“Spiderman is a top!”

Me: *Whips my head around in horror*….What?

Cause I’m thinking this

Nephew: He’s a top!! He’s spinning like a top on the table! 

And he’s thinking this

Sweet Jesus. 

You can't convince me that every one of Kaede's classmates didn't blush when giving her her gift.

(Except Ouma, he’s too much of a cocky dick and he just kinda drops her gift at her feet and runs off like the little gremlin he is, but on the inside he’s dYiNG.)

(Kiibo, bless his poor robo-soul, is stuttering so badly that Kaede asks if his software is malfunctioning, which just makes it worse.)

(And Maki and Saihara both look as if they’re going to spontaneously combust, with Maki trying to play it cool in her usual tsundere manner, but Saihara’s honestly just a mess.)

(Kaito tries to act like the cool guy™ but slips while leaning against the counter.)

(And then Amami comes in and HE DOESN’T EVEN TRY AND MOMOTA WHY ARE YOU CRYING???)

(Hoshi’s up next and he’s pulled his hat down over nearly his entire face and his voice isn’t as deep as usual and it actually sounds kinda normal and then Kaede’s crouching down so that their eye-level and he’s just like oh-god-it-shouldn’t-be-humanly-possible-for-someone-to-be-this-beautiful.)

(The most normal had been Kirumi who just passes her her gift with a small smile and a slight blush dusting her cheeks.)

(No one can see if Shinguuji is blushing or not underneath his mask, but boi you ain’t foolin anyone. He gives Kaede some box with weird ass markings carved into it and she’s honestly mildly creeped out.)

(Then there’s a blur of yellow and Angie’s leeched onto Kaede.)

(Once they finally manage to pry Angie off Kaede, it’s Tenko’s turn. She’s so nervous that she nearly flips Kaede when she tries to hug her.)

(Himiko’s even worse than Hoshi and you can’t even see her face at all beneath her hat whilst she presents Kaede with her gift with some lame magic trick, then she scurries off and hides behind Tenko.)

(Gonta ends up bowing so low that Kaede’s arms ache the next day from trying to pull him up to prevent him from losing his balance and getting a concussion.)

(Shirogane is cleary nervous bc she’s spewing out so many anime references that no one can keep up. Plus her face’s bright red.)

(Last but definitely not least, it’s Iruma’s turn and the box she drops into Kaede’s hands starts to vibrate and everyone’s just like oh god, not again. Then Iruma just tells Kaede to open it and the mess of wires inside surprisingly doesn’t look like a sex toy, then she goes on to explain that it’s actually a machine that’ll massage her stiff fingers after hours of playing piano (and bc she’s Iruma she tacks on a “and other activities” with a wink). At this stage Kaede’s already tearing up, because who would’ve thought that Miu Walking-Innuendo Iruma would’ve been so thoughtful and pulls her into a tight hug and, well, RIP Iruma.)

for some reason i just got hit with the overwhelming urge to kiss a pretty girl like, specifically. usually im just a gay mess and wanna kiss anyone but no i want to Kiss A Cute Girl


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instructions: fill out the questions about your muse, repost, and tag as many people you want.

1. what does your muse smell like?

mint, flour and now she’s starting to smell like coffee. Occasionally she’ll have the scent of alcohol thanks to her job, or blood. 

2. how often does your muse bath/shower? any habits?

she showers when she gets the time, which means sometimes she goes a few days without it. she has a habit of getting her hair wet and then letting it dry without being brushed, turning it into a mess of curls. she usually has to take a bath, but sometimes she flings herself into the ocean when she’s had enough of feeling gross but doesn’t have any time to take a proper shower/bath

3. does your muse have any tattoos or piercing?

so many. a nose ring & septum piercing, her ears are pierced and there’s at least five on both ears. She’s been thinking of a belly button piercing….. she has a sleeve tattoo on the right arm (the pointing arm) that involves flowers, bands and a starry sky

4. any body movement quirks ( ex.knee shakes )?

she plays with her curls a lot, and sometimes she cracks her knuckles. sometimes she jiggles her leg as well

5. what do they sleep in?

she either goes in only her undies or an oversized shirt. no need for pants when you have no legs!

6. what’s their favorite piece of clothing?

her necklace. it’s a solomon’s crystal on a simple chain, but she cherishes it. even if things are getting difficult between her and the man who gave it to her…

7. what do they do when they wake up?

put on her legs, drink coffee, and ignore apollo’s chords of steel warmups. 

8. how do they sleep? position?

when she’s alone, she sleeps with her arms sprawled out. sometimes she’s on her stomach and sometimes she’s on her back. when someone else is around, she snuggles up to them. sometimes her head is over their heart and other times she’s spooning or cuddling. 

9. what do their hands feel like?

soft, but her palms are sometimes rough. her nails are well taken care of, usually painted either yellow or purple. 

a page of seijou doodles

fifth harmony in fanfiction (stereotypes)
  • camila: smol bean, clumsy af, loves bananas, innocent af (but great in bed), good with words, 1 ex-boyfriend, gay af
  • lauren: badass mf, green eyes that pierce through ur soul, whipped af, has a soft spot for "camz", even gayer
  • dinah: funny as shit, sometimes dumb, polybeatdown, captain, camila's best friend, always shouts inappropriate stuff
  • normani: sassy as hell, motherly, lauren's best friend, chicken wings, straightforward, usually messing with dinah
  • ally: jesus, bible, troy, did i mention jesus? bless you, mother, sweet sweet sunshine, allysin sometimes
  • sofie: the most intelligent sweet camren shipper kid ever
  • sinu: is always watching
  • alejandro: idk but he's always an asshole
  • ariana: i love camila
  • austin: asshole, fuckboy, dorito
  • shawn: sometimes camila's gay best friend, sometimes another ex-boyfriend
  • clara: best mom ever
  • mike: best dad ever
  • chris: horny teenager but a good brother when he has to be
  • taylor: grumpy teenager or most supportive lil sis
  • keana: usually a mean bitch, but hot as fuck
  • lucy: good friend wtf, or you know, part of the love triangle
  • vero: flirts with camila, very funny and a good friend
  • alexa: gives good advice
  • luis: fuckboy
  • keaton: fuckboy
  • brad: no lips, bread, fuckboy, dumb as shit
  • dinah's siblings: omg that's a lot
  • siope: gtfo norminah is real
  • troy: sweet sweet boy
  • car: runs over camila

a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves

I’m a couple of minutes late for where I am but I hear it’s a certain dog’s bd 👀

When we first met, you and I, you asked me a question,” he said.
“Yes, I did,” she replied with a slight smirk appearing on her face.
“We were at a party. I was throwing up in the bathroom and you stumbled in, drunk and quite crazy looking. You asked me what the point of it all was. You said everything hurt. That everything always got messed up, and it was usually your fault. You were crying, hard, and you looked at me and asked me what the point was. And I didn’t know what to say, because I didn’t know. I still don’t know.”
She let out a small laugh and bumped his leg with her knee. She took a deep breath and spoke.
“You see, when we first met, I was heartbroken. I just got dumped, my mom hated me, I thought I had no one. I didn’t see the point of living, of doing anything anymore,” she told him quietly.
“Well what about now?” he questioned.
“Well now,” she spoke again, louder this time, “now I’m happy. I have you, my best friend. My mom doesn’t hate me. I haven’t fucked anything up in a while. But it won’t stay like this forever. Because I’m going to mess up again and you’ll hate me and I’ll hate you and then we’ll love each other. Maybe we’ll end up together in the long run or maybe I’ll end up wishing you would drop off of the planet. What I’m trying to say is, nothing is permanent. You won’t be happy forever but you also won’t be sad forever. Things are always changing, and you can’t stop them from doing so. The point is, that there is no point. So live however the hell you want to. We’re all destined to the same inevitable ending.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write #8

Sick Boy & Renton ; through the years

We’ll get through this thegither, and he walks into the stair, compelling Renton to follow.
Ah know that, mate, Renton says, almost distracted under the luminosity of the stars, till the heavy door, closing behind them on the spring, extinguishes their light.